My Spanking Journey.


If you read further, you are acknowledging that the content in this blog is adult in nature and is expressly discussing kinks and sexual exploration. Enter at your own risk, if you are shocked by the act of spanking don’t read any further. Run away, scram, remain in the dark and just wonder about the pleasures you could be missing out on… or just leave. I won’t hold it against you. Each to their own. You should definitely be 18+ though, things get a bit hot sometimes (and I don’t just mean bottoms) in the retelling of an event…Just sayin’

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So this is about me, Gemma, my wants, wishes and desires. Spanking makes me feel real. It is cathartic, it reduces the poisonous anger that runs through my veins. I have been a wounded animal, I carry a lot of residual anger, so to combat all the vileness around me, I create a bigger, stronger pain to live with and that cleanses the wounds and helps me to feel healed. Pain given to me by others without my permission almost broke me, my spirit, my mind. Pain I take upon me for myself is helping to fix those deep, dangerous wounds. I will become whole again one day, you are embarking on my journey to that day. Try not to judge me by what you would wish for yourself.

If you do want to jump in and read, be nice, leave a like or a comment or you could even rate my posts! I won’t mind and at least I will know you have taken a peek at my bottom adventures! Everything you read follows the ‘safe, sane, consensual’ process and I am a completely willing participant in all of the events you read about in the spanking posts.

One more thing. In my opinion, spankings are for adults, NOT for children.

Most if not all of the posts use mildly erotic but tasteful photographs/images, and are courtesy of the internet unless otherwise stated. If I have used your photograph/image and you wish me to take it down please do contact me and I will remove it or add your credit to it, no offense intended.

Just a few thoughts

We are in the only minute of our lives. Live it, don’t waste it.

Gemma Strong.

I am Strong and I am Free. I am me.

Gemma Strong.

When you are out of the usual options – Do It Yourself!

Gemma Strong.

I am open to discussion but not to counselling

And I really do enjoy it!

Journal of Self Discovery – Gemma