On Your Knees

Can you believe that was what he said to me? I mean, I didn’t even know the man and there he was demanding I get on my knees for him! Who the hell did he think he was?

Well, actually, he thought he was a bank robber, black mask, gun, black leather jacket, baggy ass jeans, oh yes he was dressed for the role, he must have felt invincible in that moment when he ordered me, a tiny 38 year old woman to drop to her knees. How powerful was he in that second?

Umm, not. I decided the boy in the mask needed a lesson in instruction giving. He needed to be clearer in my opinion, I mean, it’s one thing to shout ‘on your knees!’ but it’s quite another to have that instruction completely understood without any other thoughts creeping in to muddy the waters.

You see, he smelled very clean. He didn’t smell the way I expected a bank robber to smell, all grimy and sweaty and such. This boy smelled… clean! Lemony fresh, I love a hint of citrus, it has that little after bite that zings your senses when you least expect it. It is such a turn on…. not to mention, I hear those words and all I can think of is I get to suck cock! I confess I’m a cock slut and proud of it.

I took a single step forward and dropped to my knees directly in front of him. Without a seconds thought, I reached for his jeans and gave them a hefty tug, of course, his shorts came down with his jeans! These crass young men that insist on showing their shorts and fasten the waist of their jeans around the hips, well… they can’t really expect anything else can they?

After I tugged I immediately reached for his cock and gave it a little pet, a couple of strokes, a little kiss right on the tip, all the while batting away his hands as he tried and failed to remove me from his growing appendage. Finally in a bid to pull me off him he grabbed a handful of my hair as my mouth sank down the full length of his cock to the base, and that was when I knew he’d forgotten why he was there. His hand came to rest on the back of my head and instead of yanking me off him, he cupped my head and pressed me further down on his lovely hard rod and then I sucked, and he groaned and I had him right where I wanted him. I wrapped my tongue around the length of him, tasting him, sucking his now fully erect and throbbing cock all the way to the back of my throat and I fucked that cock with my mouth. His hand gripped my head tighter, I reached my hand up and removed the gun from the limp fingers of his other hand and tucked it into the back of my jeans waistband and all the while, I continued to worship that long, slim cock, with a huge head… what he lacked in girth on his shaft he made up for with a fat mushroom of a head and I adored the feel of it as it popped every time I slid it in and out of my mouth. Saliva covered every inch of his shaft and I smiled as I noted that saliva sat at the base too. I did so enjoy a good cock worshipping session. The fact that it was in the middle of the bank in the middle of the afternoon of a very busy workday, was to be honest, irrelevant. I figured I was saving lives at this point. I was performing a public service.

I continued to suck deeply and pull on that young man’s rigid manhood as he now grabbed handfuls of my hair with both hands and thrust his hips forcefully against my face and I relished the challenge. I relaxed my throat so he could pump deeper and harder, he drove himself in faster, and I sucked and moaned and wrapped my tongue around that large mushroom head and grazed my teeth gently over its super fine ribbing, precum oozed and I heard someone moan loudly behind me, I wondered whether they were getting it on too, I hoped so, it sure as hell beat getting shot in a bank robbery!

He pumped harder and faster and I knew he was getting ready to unload his cream deep in my mouth and I worked him harder. The police sirens could be heard in the distance and were getting closer, I reached under his balls and ran my finger around his ass hole, he bucked I sucked and sank my finger in just on the rim, and he bucked harder, I sucked harder, his legs trembled his hands tightened their grip and he bucked and fucked my mouth for all he was worth, suddenly he froze as his cum spurted great jets of creamy liquid down my throat and I pulled back and allowed it to drip down my chin as I kept my mouth open and caught his creamy deposit on my tongue. I swallowed and smiled, I leaned down and pulled up his jeans, (all the way up, no half mast baggy ass this time!) I stood up and took off his mask and told him to stand still and not make a sound when the police came through the door.

He looked totally shocked, wiped out, obviously, I’m very good at cock worshipping, but the dazed young man did as he was told and kept completely quiet when the police burst through the door.

They stopped short as they scanned the big room for signs of an armed robbery, but of course, there wasn’t one. Just a handful of people going about their business looking slightly flustered and dishevelled in their dress, but other than that nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

The lead policeman wobbled over to the bank teller’s desk and his counterparts followed. As they approached the teller I took my opportunity to guide the would be robber out of the bank slightly ahead of me, but I made sure to hold onto his arm as we walked at a leisurely pace out of the door and down the road.

At the end of the street I tugged him around the corner and into an alleyway. ‘Now then young man, you have a rather gorgeous cock and I would like some more of it please, but this time, we shall perhaps do it without the audience! Come on, I only live down the block, and I have a king sized bed that needs christening. I haven’t had a good fuck in months!’

With that, I dragged my would be bank robber along the road until we came to my apartment building. Ten minutes later I had dispensed with our clothing and he was willingly allowing me to handcuff him. Obviously he thought he was in for a kinky sex session, but I don’t think he expected it to start with a sound over the knee spanking!

I was still quite cross with him for messing up my day, I had intended on withdrawing a large amount of money from my account today and he had messed up all of my plans. That alone was worthy of a spanking! Not to mention, he had waved a gun in my face! On closer inspection of said gun, it turned out to be a replica, completely harmless but looked the part. He wasn’t even a proper armed robber. Seriously, he was coming across as quite pathetic now, and my dander was definitely up. I grabbed the cuffs around his wrists and pulled him unceremoniously down across my lap. His cute little ass, all creamy and smooth was positioned perfectly in the centre of my lap and I rained down a good dozen very hard hand spanks across both of those pretty cream cheeks. It wasn’t long before he was wriggling and complaining about the heat in his bottom, so I delivered a good dozen more! My hand started to ache and burn and I leaned across to the bedside table and picked up my lovely hard backed wooden hairbrush, about the size of a small paddle it was perfect for the job at hand. I wanted to hear him howl!

Oh how he did howl, he squirmed on my lap as those spanks came down across both cheeks and turned his creamy thighs cherry red to match his lovely glowing bottom. Eventually I heard his wail as he began to sob and squeal and all he kept saying was ‘please missus, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m SORRYYYYY!!!’ Oh dear, was that a genuine apology and real remorse I could hear? Who knows? He was crying so hard it was difficult to tell! Regardless, I continued spanking first one cheek then the other, then his thighs until I felt his rigid cock soaking my thighs with his precum. My goodness me, what a big boy he was! I confess, around this time I became distracted by his cock and decided his spanking had gone on long enough, I had many plans for this young man this afternoon and this evening too. I might let him go tomorrow when I return to the bank for my funds… It depends how much fun I’m having.
I tapped the sobbing young man on his shoulder, ‘get up and lie on your back on the bed.’ I ordered him. He quickly scrambled to his feet and looked like he was ready to bolt, so I pushed him over and down he went, legs spread eagled on the bed and I quickly made sure he was securely bound. After all, he could be dangerous…

So, there he lay, bound up and spreadeagled on my king sized bed. It was time for some fun so I blindfold and gagged him too. Well, I figured he was into role play, given his penchant for dressing up like a bank robber. He did look quite funny all red eyed and runny nosed, (I took a tissue and wiped his nose for him, it wasn’t pleasant for me to look at) with his cock standing fully to attention like a good little soldier. Well, it was too much of an invitation for me to refuse and I quickly straddled his thighs, the fat tip of his mushroom head rubbing against my now very wet pussy. I teased him a little, lowering myself onto the tip, just allowing it to sit inside the edges of my pussy, never lowering just popping in and out, in and out until he began bucking up and thrusting his hips trying to shove his cock inside my moist warm pussy.
Well, it wasn’t like I wasn’t up for it was it? I lowered myself down onto his shaft and leaned forward to tweak his erect little nipples hard, he squealed, I squeezed my pussy walls around his cock and he groaned loudly and began to thrust and pump up into my delightfully hot and wet snatch until I was riding that cock like my life depended on it. There is something to be said for a fat cock head, you can feel it all the way up inside you as it fills you. Oh my, my first orgasm was rushing to meet that mushroom head, I rode harder and faster, tweaked his nipple with one hand, then leaned behind me and cupped his very large heavy balls with the other. He bucked harder, groaning around the ball gag, panting for breath, moaning deeply, and I ground down on his rock hard cock and squeezed those walls tightly as I pulled back up. My god this was the ride of my life and I was loving every minute of it.

I climbed off him quickly and turned around, remounting his cock but now I could play easily with his balls. Jesus they were big… and heavy too. I wet my index finger and allowed it to probe his ass hole just a little, he whimpered and began bucking like a horse, oh yes, this was definitely the way to go with the bank robber wannabee. He liked having his hole played with, so I played a little more, and then as is the way of these things, I decided I like to have my ass filled and played with too! I slid him out of my pussy and positioned him at the edge of my tight little rosebud hole. That mushroom felt amazing as it stretched me wide and then tunneled deeply inside my ass, I came… so damned hard I screamed and I rode him like a bucking bronco, until I felt the telltale tremble in his legs, as he strained and shot his creamy load deep inside my ass, pumping spurt after spurt of hot cum so deep I felt it warm my insides! Oh my goodness, 20 something wannabee bank robbers are definitely the way to go for multiple orgasms! I think I may keep him here a few days more yet….

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end and I did eventually let him leave. All I had to do in the end was release him and give him his clothing back. I had hidden it so he wouldn’t be inclined to just run off as soon as he was released to go to the bathroom. To be fair, he couldn’t have gone far, he was fastened on a long leash to the gorgeous black leather collar I had locked around his neck. His chain was just long enough to allow him to go pee and wash up. I even provided him with some lemon scented soap, just so I could keep inhaling that lovely clean smell.

In the end I let him go, his constant whining every time I spanked him was getting on my nerves. They just don’t make bank robbers like they used to… but what a cock…. oh and an ass just made for spanking … yum. I really did have the most fabulous time… I don’t think he will be robbing anyone any time soon though, I think he may have learned his lesson.

I guess the moral of this story is, if you’re planning on robbing a bank at gunpoint, be careful who you say ‘On your Knees’ to. It might be me who turns around…

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

18 thoughts on “On Your Knees

    1. Oooh I love it when you swear! I know I have you when you swear! 💋
      I was watching TV with my son last night and I heard ‘on your knees’ said on at least 3 different occasions! Well, it set some crazy imagery off in my head and out popped this fun little story. Seemed a shame not to post it and cheer everyone up. 🤣😂😘💋💎

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Oooh sounds fabulous Christian! I do hope Pia has a hard backed wooden hairbrush to hand to give you a hot glowing red bottom and thighs!
      I’m glad you enjoyed my fun little story. It was a nice way to ease myself back into writing. I had a little trouble with writer’s block for a few weeks. Thank goodness for those 3 little words… On Your Knees! So many connotations! So little time to write them all!💋😘💎

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  1. HOLY HELL! I really need to stop reading your work while I’m actually in the office. Now I’m all wound up and I may have to use the ladies room, and I mean that seriously! As always Gemma I am a fan

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Bonjour un petit passage par chez toi
    Agréable Journée
    A Toi qui marches sur la route de ta destinée ! Ce jour est comme un pas de plus que tu fais vers toi-même.
    Tire de ces prochaines 24 heures une leçon de vie, un enseignement de l’existence pour devenir le meilleur de Toi-même
    Bise amicale Bernard
    Avec beaucoup d’avance je te souhaite d’agréable fêtes de fin d’année en famille

    Que c’est beau le sexe quand cela est bien pratiqué


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