The spanking bus is back in town and June is driving!

Seriously, I really do believe Spankers are like buses, they are either all missing in action or they all arrive at the same time!

Spanking Bus is full of Spankers again!

I have gone through a 40 day spank free period with no hint of a spanker in sight! Graham spanked and caned me yesterday till I couldn’t sit down and could barely pull my jeans on over my very hot, sore bottom to get home, and he’s also insistent that this will now become a regular weekly occurrence because he’s back home full time. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about this development! In the grand scheme of things, it’s good to have my spanker back on board, I do need the discipline, no doubt about it, but on the other hand, a spanking/caning from Graham is purely about punishment and discipline, to the point where at the end of the spanking, all sexual release is banned for a minimum of three days! Three days, no orgasms? I don’t think that’s fair, or necessary, or doable to be honest! Guess I will have to roll with the extra spankings for breaking that particular rule on a regular basis, spanking is ultra sexual for me it always has been!

Now, as if that wasn’t enough to be dealing with, June has just texted me. Remember June? The Alpha female ball breaker who was desperate for a spanking from me? Yeah, that one. Apparently her one and only spanking has given her an epiphany of sorts. She is now seriously into all things spanking and wants to return the favour. Apparently she has always wanted to get to grips with my bottom and spank it till its bruised and red and very hot and tender. She shared that information as if it was a golden opportunity for me? Jeez… these people who want to get to grips with my bottom…

I’ve created a monster…

She would like me to ‘volunteer’ to take a ‘good hard spanking’ from her. If I won’t volunteer she is sure she will find at least three transgressions that she believes will give her the necessary permission she requires to deliver a spanking as a punishment. She was quite firm in her assertion that she was more than up to the job as she had been practising on a young lady she met who sounds very much like she may be June’s new girlfriend. I thought June was straight, who knew? This could be more fun than I had imagined.

I’ve definitely created a monster…

I of course informed her of my very recent and very lively spanking from Graham and insisted I was in no fit state to take another one just yet, she pooh-poohed that idea and blithely said ‘nonsense! You could take a spanking from Graham today and I would still be coming over to give you another one. We need to keep that bottom as hot as possible Gem, I’ll be arriving in an hour. Bye xx’

Oh F*@K! have I ever created a monster!!

An hour later and my doorbell rang, I opened the door and there she stood, looking absolutely fabulous I might add, (She is yummy, I confess to a girl crush, happily not unrequited, ) I invited her in and we made our way to the lounge where I had laid out wine glasses, a couple of bottles of red and a few snacks etc. It wasn’t often I had the opportunity to have June here especially for a whole evening and from what she was saying, possibly an overnight stay, so I was making the most of it. Just in case anyone is wondering the Boy was staying at his friend’s house for the weekend which was another rarity and a new trial thing. Having June here would stop me from climbing the walls and checking my phone every five minutes to see if he had texted me.

As the evening progressed I noticed she wasn’t drinking very much at all, I decided I had better pace myself. I needed to keep my wits about me with June, she was definitely edging towards the spanking conversation with every other sentence.

I steered well away from it, if she wanted to bring it up then she could do the work. I was not biting, but, I confess I was very curious and getting more and more curious as she steered the spanking bus into its depot with a foray into tales about the woman she was now spanking on a regular basis.

‘Gem, you have no idea what you’ve done for me! Since you spanked me that first time I have finally come to terms with my sexuality and my spanking kink! I love all things women these days and I am having the time of my life spanking Stacey who is a friend with benefits, nothing serious of course, just the two of us getting together occasionally for a mutually beneficial evening of fun and games! I feel liberated!’ June was positively glowing with her new found sexuality and apparently, very healthy libido!

‘I’m really pleased for you Junie, I never had a clue you were into women. As for the spanking, I think that’s addictive actually!’ I grinned at her and lifted my wine glass to take a sip.

Then, she dropped the bomb. ‘Have you met Stuart’s fiance yet?’

The words exploded in my head and my wine glass never made it to my mouth, I sat there staring at her open mouthed with shock. ‘Fiance?’ I squeaked.

‘Oh darling, you didn’t know, I’m so sorry.’ She shot across the room to the sofa and pulled me into a huge hug which I gratefully sank in to. ‘I knew he was dating someone,’ I mumbled, ‘Gray told me yesterday, but fiance? Damn that was fast!’

June pulled back from me a little and studied my face intently. ‘You have feelings for him still? she asked.

‘I have feelings, they are under control and not up for discussion.’

The words came out harshly, BANG! the door to my emotional state was instantly slammed shut and June recoiled slightly at the force of it. It didn’t force her to let me out of the hug though, if anything she came back for round two of giant hug scene and I all but disappeared into her magnificent breasts and got swallowed up whole. I have decided I really don’t have boundaries where my sexuality is concerned, sexy is sexy, hot is hot, doesn’t matter whether the person is male or female, if I connect with them, and they pull me in, I go in all the way. I understand June’s feelings of liberation. No limits. Wonderful opportunities just waiting to be experienced. No regrets.

We sat cuddled up together for a while. She told me all about bumping into Stuart and the girlfriend at an Awards ceremony, it was one I should have attended and had cried off and sent the secretary of the club in my absence. I was kind of glad I hadn’t gone now.

Apparently, the girlfriend wasted no time in flashing the huge diamond under June’s nose and announced they would be getting married at the end of September, but they were going to do the deed on a Mediterranean cruise. June rambled on and on and on and I drank and drank, still with my face pressed perilously close to her wonderful breasts. In the end I blanked out June’s rambling, downed the last of my wine and proceeded to flick open her blouse buttons and release her breasts for closer inspection. I don’t know when June stopped talking, I do know when she joined in, that would have been around the time my fingers were circling her left nipple and after she had smacked my hand away and told me off for being naughty!

‘You are in trouble Missy, over my knee now and take your punishment. How dare you assume you can fondle my breasts!’ Damn she sounded stern! I was of course, instantly apologetic and my head went down submissively. I think the alcohol helped enormously with the transition from stroppy me to submissive me.

She then took control of the situation completely and literally pulled me bodily over her knees and began spanking me I was a little steamed on alcohol and I mumbled some kind of apology again but obviously she wasn’t listening to me because the next thing I registered was a flurry of sharp spanks landing firmly on my bottom! I could feel the sting through the flimsy material of my dress which did nothing as protection went. The heat bloomed quickly because my bottom was already very tender from Gray’s spanking and caning yesterday! The second set of spanks landed and I wriggled a little. June pulled me higher up her thighs and began spanking me on alternate cheeks hard and fast, all the while remonstrating with me for taking such liberties with her. After roughly five minutes I felt my dress being slid up the back of my thighs, over my bottom and then tucked into the belt at my waist. As is my norm, I was not wearing panties and June immediately spanked both cheeks very hard.

‘You are very naughty Gemma, where are your panties?’ Smack, smack, smack, smack. My bottom was stinging now, my fuzzy brain was just beginning to register the growing heat in my cheeks and I began to groan a little more with each spank delivered. I didn’t answer her question immediately. That was a mistake, ‘Where – smack – are – smack – your – smack – panties?’ – Smack, smack, smack, smack!

Damn it, they really stung! ‘In the drawer upstairs, I don’t wear any when I’m in the house alone!’

‘But you aren’t alone Gemma! I am here, so now I am going to punish you properly for not wearing panties, and for not acknowledging my presence by putting a pair of panties on!’ June sounded furious!

My god! She went to town on my tender cheeks and thighs, the spanks came thick and fast, I howled, they bit into the already tender flesh and I yelped, I kicked my legs out and she pulled me more firmly to her and wrapped her leg over both of mine and it was like being trapped in a vice! I couldn’t move an inch! She spanked and spanked for what seemed like forever, my cheeks were on fire, my thighs were burning, my eyes were watering, I had bitten my lip rather than call her the biggest bitch in the world. I wriggled and moaned and finally the spanking stopped.

‘Stand up Gemma.’ She ordered brusquely. I stood up and went to rub my bottom while I scowled at her. ‘Don’t you dare Missy!’ she ordered me and pointed to my hands. ‘We are not done yet, go and get your jokari paddle and your cane and bring them to me immediately.’

Wow. What? I blinked at her in surprise, she was really into the strict Mistress thing and no mistake. I was actually beginning to feel really submissive at this point, I could feel those vibes oozing like liquid over my fighter brain and subduing my natural instinct to tell her to f*@k right off with her orders. Instead, I ran upstairs retrieved the paddle and my short whippy cane and came back down the stairs as quickly as my drunken state would allow. Apparently it wasn’t fast enough for June. She was waiting for me at the bottom of the staircase, arms folded across her magnificent breasts, which were still on show from my searching fingers earlier and my eyes rested on them for a second too long. She was instantly furious with me again.

She grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into the kitchen. She pulled out one of the kitchen bar stools and said ‘Bend over the seat, spread your legs and I want you gripping the bottom of the stool legs. If you let go it will be taken out on your bottom and thighs. Remember we have all evening and I have an amazing amount of stamina. I can spank for hours, especially now it’s your bottom I’m spanking. I have waited such a long time for this. I am really going to enjoy it! Now bend over!’

You know that monster I have been talking about? F*@king hell, never in my wildest did I imagine it could be this big and scary!!

I assumed the position and immediately felt humiliation flood me as the position fully exposed my very wet pussy. It also spread my butt cheeks so that they were taught. This was gonna hurt like blazes and I tensed up everywhere waiting for that first stroke. I didn’t know which she would do first, paddle or cane. Either way, my bottom was in for a roasting and it was already red hot and throbbing, and it was stinging like mad where Gray’s cane marks were still quite raised.

The first spank landed with such a thwack I howled and let go of the legs of the stool automatically reaching behind to grab my stinging rear. June grabbed my hand and smacked it hard with the paddle. If you move again I will tie your wrists to the legs of the stool! I muttered something under my breath that was less than polite and she heard me. Jeez! Junie unloaded her wrath on my ass after that and I was genuinely crying my eyes out and squealing and howling at the top of my voice, begging for her to stop, pleading with her to stop. Promising her I had learned my lesson, I was so sorry for taking liberties, I was so sorry for moving my hands, I was just F*@KING SORRY!! It was all to no avail as the jokari paddle landed again and again across my cheeks and thighs in flurries of heavy spanks, light spanks, slow deliberate hard spanks, everywhere copped it. My pussy lips were throbbing wildly as the tip of the paddle caught them again and again, despite the pain I was beginning to moan and groan and I could feel a huge orgasm building, Junie hadn’t said I couldn’t cum either so I let that puppy build and distract me from the continuing torture of my poor bottom and thighs.

Without a word she suddenly stopped spanking with the paddle. ‘Hold position Gemma, we are not done.’ I waited for the cane to land, it didn’t, her fingers began to stroke my heated, tender globes, she ran fingernails over the bruised skin and they created such crazy sensations inside me I could feel myself losing control, I was trying desperately hard not to push up against her hands but when her fingers slid along the wet crease of my throbbing centre and found my clit, I exploded. I jerked and bucked under the onslaught of her probing fingers and I can honestly say I have never experienced an orgasm like it. It was mind blowing!

June was not finished, she brought her fingers around to my mouth and made me suck them clean. Submission complete. I was entirely under her control and would fulfil her every whim and she knew it. She smiled a knowing smile and reached across the back of me to retrieve the cane from the table.

She held it in front of my face and crouched down so she was eye to eye with me and she spoke softly, almost lovingly. ‘If you are a very good girl and take your punishment well, I will love the throbbing into oblivion for you afterwards. If you beg for me to stop you will be sent to bed alone, along with an orgasm ban for a whole week. I know how you work lady, you are driven by your desires. I will be controlling those desires from now on. Do you agree to my instructions Gemma?’ I mutely nodded my agreement and Junie laughed. ‘Oh no darling, you will tell me exactly what it is you are agreeing to or we shall jump to the caning and no orgasms for a week.’

I was utterly humiliated as I verbally agreed to all of her demands, I hung my head down in shame, I could feel my face burning with embarrassment as I uttered every single word she wanted to hear. I could not have done anything else. I couldn’t even blame the alcohol for any of it either, I was completely sober now, a beast of a spanking will do that for you!

Finally satisfied that she had me completely under her control she stepped behind me and the first of 20 strokes landed across my destroyed cheeks. I screamed, she held nothing back, the second stroke whipped through the air and landed across my sit spot and pussy lips. I squealed louder than I have ever done before. By the time the final stroke landed I was beyond caring what happened I just wanted it to stop.

Finally, finally, finally, I cried out 20 as loud as I could and the cane landed on the table at the side of me. I remained in my position and sobbed and sobbed, I was absolutely sure she had taken the skin off my backside and thighs. They felt raw and burnt. The heat was searing across them and I desperately wanted to sooth them with cold cream.

Before I could finish the thought I felt Junie stand close to my bottom and then miraculously I felt that soothing cold cream as she worked it lovingly into my skin. She helped me up from the stool and guided me up the stairs to the bedroom.

She kept her part of the bargain and she was stunning…

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So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

6 thoughts on “The spanking bus is back in town and June is driving!

    1. Haha… eventually… it just took a little time for me to adjust to the new dynamic between us. πŸ˜€ but it was always fun and it wasn’t until a good few years later that I realised how every crisis I faced be it emotional, professional or personal, these people both seemed to know instinctively exactly what I needed to break through the numbness that would settle. Neither June nor Graham would allow me to slide backward in that respect. Most of my spankings around that time were linked to big events or past traumas coming back to haunt me, and even new ones messing with my head. Both June and Graham were included in my ‘inner sanctum’ if you like so were privy to the day to day disaster area that was my life at that time. I love them both equally! My bottom would probably tell a different story if it could speak! It was very sore quite a lot of the time! πŸ‘πŸ’₯πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’–

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