Royally Screwed.

Stuart had left me this morning with his little note, he had been crystal clear about what he wanted from me and I in return was now buzzing because I had a proper disciplinarian and more than that, from a man I trusted completely.

I may not be ready or willing to take a lover, highly sexed and spank needy or not, but taking on a Disciplinarian was the answer to all of my problems with my discipline. It meant that the spankings I gave to myself (yes I am definitely going to continue with self-spanking, look what it’s brought me through the door thus far?) I could relax and enjoy the sexual frision they created and I could play as much as I wanted after them. My reward to myself. Hedonistic? Maybe, but it was now going to be balanced out with a very severe discipline weekend once a month with Stuart.

I have always been in awe of the way Stuart coaches at the club, he’s firm but fair, exceptionally knowledgeable, down to earth and approachable but if you piss him off you are benched and your ass will be in a sling for a week. I don’t mean that in the truest sense of the word, although my ass might end up that way, he just had a way of handing out discipline that made the players respect him and want to get it right for him without him having to play the heavy hand too often.

In short, I knew I was in good hands, and I knew that my wayward behaviour was about to be culled to more maneagable levels. If I based my discipline from him on the hand spanking I had already received which was now throbbing wonderfully I would be more than able to cope with it a few times over a weekend. It sounded like the perfect solution as far as I was concerned.

All I had to do now was take Graham’s spanking tonight and check my emails for a list from Stuart for tomorrow’s spanking.

spanking machine set up and ready to go

With that in mind I brought the spanking machine upstairs and attached it to an old table from the spare room. I had thought about setting it up in there but to be fair there wasn’t enough room to swing a cat never mind a cane! I carried the old table into my bedroom and placed it at the end of the bed, I bent over the bed, checked the height and distance of my bottom and adjusted the machine’s height arm accordingly. It was now perfectly set to deliver a good hard spanking to my sit spot and if I moved slightly, it would connect with the full roundness of my bottom, if I stood on tiptoe, it would spank my thighs. All areas covered. I realised I was excited at the prospect of trying the machine out and once again I wondered at who I had become. My whole life seemed to be focused around spanking! It felt a little surreal to say the least. Prior to me beginning this, men didn’t notice me, women were distant with me and I basically kept myself to myself with the exception of my work at the club. Even Stuart, prior to last night, I could have sworn he was only ever polite and professionally friendly toward me. Who knew? Certainly not me!

And then there was Graham! Right out of the blue, my new neighbour is a spanker, wants to spank me and is chasing me down with texts to make sure it happens! Now that is surreal! If I’m honest, it’s the kind of surreal I like though. I don’t really care why it’s suddenly all happening at once, I am just having a great time enjoying it while it lasts!
I am looking forward to my spanking with Graham tonight, I’ve waited long enough for it, so I gave myself a lovely pampering session first in the hot tub, then in the bath with lots of soothing bubbles and lotions. My bottom was more pink than red now with only two small twin bruises in the centre of each cheek. I’m sure Graham would overlook those in favour of getting this spanking underway.

I shaved my legs, under my arms, my pussy got a trim, I did my hair and I painted my toe nails and finger nails. I never, ever do this and to be honest by the time I was finished I was really pleased with the way I looked, it didn’t matter to me that Graham was gay. I was doing this for myself and I felt fabulous. It was almost time to go, just over an hour now and a little coil of excitement was beginning to unfurl in my tummy at the thought of another spanking tonight, and by someone different to last night. THAT was the thing that appeared to be exciting me the most. Two different men, two different nights, probably two different styles of spanking and both of them more than happy to take on the role of my spanker! I checked my watch, I still had an hour. I checked my emails and sure enough there was the promised email from Stuart.

I lit a cigarette and clicked on the email. The screen opened up and the message from Stuart appeared, it read.

Hey Gemma, first of all, let me thank you for putting me up last night and also for a wonderful night spanking your delightful bottom. Now, you must understand Gem, in order for me to be your Disciplinarian we will have to set some ground rules. These rules must not be broken or you will be punished most severely for it.

I’m sure you understand the need for the rules, you are very adroit at breaking them, I know, I have been witness to a number of examples over the years. You really are quite feral sometimes and I do believe I will have to be very firm with you in order to bring you into line. It isn’t pleasant, but it is necessary. So, without further ado, these are my rules. You must read them, remember them and live by them from now on. Any breech will bring about a most severe set of punishments that you will not forget.

1. You must not ever leave the house without wearing your panties. Failure to comply will earn you 12 strokes with the cane.

2. You must not accept spankings from anyone other than myself and the instructions I send for the spanking machine. Failure to comply will earn you 30 strokes of the brown leather strap and 24 strokes of the cane.

3. You must deliver any and all stats that are outstanding by their original due date, three months stats in one go will no longer be tolerated. I require these figures monthly. Failure to comply will put you over the arm of the sofa to receive a good sound thrashing with the belt, followed by a very hard paddling over my knee.

4. You will not smoke cigarettes in my presence, at all, ever. It is a terrible habit Gemma and one you will learn to live without. Failure to comply with this rule will earn you a very severe over the knee hand spanking for 20 minutes, followed by 20 minutes with the hairbrush, followed by a severe caning for 10 minutes.

5. You will not be late for our appointments. You will no longer be allowed to breeze in at the last possible minute for a meeting, you will arrive in a timely fashion both to the club meetings and any private meetings we may require, this includes arrival at my home for your discipline weekend. Failure to comply will bring you a caning, a strapping and a hairbrush paddling, amounts to be decided on the day and set by how late you are or have been.

6. You will not use foul language. You are prohibited from midnight tonight, from using any swear word in your daily life. It will not be tolerated. Failure to comply will earn you a good hard thrashing with the hairbrush followed by a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 50 strokes with the belt while strapped to the spanking bench. This punishment is subject to change dependent on how often you have cursed. I will require a monthly list. Remember, I know you, so if you lie to me it won’t take me long to get the truth out of you.

7. You will not consume alcohol in my presence. Failure to comply will bring you over my knee for a very sound hand spanking, a wet spanking with the wooden hairbrush and a good dose of chili rub applied to your bottom.

All of the above rules are to help you correct your behaviour Gemma and I hope to see a vast improvement immediately. Failure to comply with the above rules as you can see will bring about some severe punishments. You must understand that what I am setting out here is for your own good and those punishments will be meted out twice each day for the two nights and three days you will be present in my home. Your first punishment will take place immediately upon your arrival and your last one will take place an hour before you are due to leave for home. The rest will be spread out over the weekend.

Be aware please that any and all transgressions that occur over the weekend will be dealt with there and then and these punishments will be delivered seperately from the others.

Please remember to bring with you all of the implements you had scattered around your bedroom and also the spanking machine, we may yet make use of it. May I also remind you of the 18 strokes of the cane you have already accrued from last night. 12 for not responding and calling me Sir when I addressed you and 6 for not informing me of the array of spanking implements you have in your possession. These will be carried out immediately upon your arrival for your first session at the end of the month

One last thing Gemma, from now on, on your discipline weekend, you will always refer to me as Sir. This is so we have a clear distinction of who is in charge when you are here. I will not allow any personal feelings to cloud my judgement as to the strength of punishment you shall receive and you in return will not try to use our friendship to manipulate me in any way. If you do, you will be severely punished for it.

I know this list of rules is going to make you angry, and I also expect you to swear your head off when you read it, not to mention smoke at least a dozen cigarettes just to spite my instructions. Feel free, until midnight tonight you are still under your own rules, or lack thereoff. From 12.01am, you can consider yourself in the punishment zone and any and all transgressions must be written down in a diary and brought to me to assess when I see you next.

Don’t fight too hard against this Gemma, we both know it is what you need, and you have failed miserably in your own attempts to reign in your wayward behaviour.

Regards, Stuart.

I was stunned.

I was speechless and stunned.

I was absolutely fucking furious actually, and he was quite right, I was now on my 4th cigarette and I had been swearing like a trouper for the duration of the reading of the email. Fucking hell! This was worse than being married to fuck face, and I didn’t think that was possible!

Fuck him. I was still under my own rules until 12.01am and I was going to see Graham for my spanking and I intend to get rip roaring fucking drunk and smoke as many cigarettes as I damn well wanted and I won’t be bothering with panties when I go out this evening as I won’t be fucking needing them! What a damn shame Graham was gay, because the way I feel right now, I might just have let him fuck me senseless if he had been straight!

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So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

4 thoughts on “Royally Screwed.

  1. DAMN! I sure love Stuart, but the man is STRICT!!! How will you possibly sit down after a discipline weekend? I suppose that is the point, but you and I both know….as soon as the discomfort from those spankings fades a bit…. you will be right back to your naughty antics. He should have planned to spank you on a regular basis rather than one weekend per month…. that MIGHT keep you in line 🙂

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