Spanking Aaron.

Spanking Aaron.

So after that first internet spanking with Aaron there were 3 more sessions or appointments as he liked to call them. He usually came online once a week and the discipline session would begin with him instructing me to tell him what I had been up to. Then he would follow the same pattern of discipline he had that first time. The spankings were marginally longer now but not by much. I confess I was getting bored with it. The other thing about Aaron was he is big into extra-punishments, so I found myself having to write lines a lot! 500 at a bloody time! Seriously, it takes forever to do that shit! It’s why computers were invented! Copy and paste for goodness sake! The repetitiveness is a bore and I kept getting distracted from the task so it took longer! Another of Aaron’s favourite extra-punishments was orgasm bans. Now, call me over sexed if you want but I do not like being told I can’t have a play after a hard spanking and no play for a WEEK? Really?

Type it! Copy and paste it!

Over the course of the past month we have gotten to chatting quite frequently in between spanking appointments. He had begun to open up to me, I’m not too comfortable with that to be honest, I would rather he just kept things surface, spanking, kink chat that kind of thing. I don’t want someone confessing all their sins to me. Do I sound like a vicar to anyone? At all? Ever? Nope I spank Vicars. (Well, one to date, but I would be happy to spank another, I did enjoy hearing him squeal!)

Anyway the upshot is, he wants to branch out. He wants to be the spankee he doesn’t want to keep spanking me, he wants to be spanked by me because he trusts me. That’s what he has always wanted.

Erm… Not part of the agreement? I can’t honestly say I have ever really had an urge to spank anyone, although now that I think about it, his voice is annoying as all get out, and he has banned me twice from orgasm playtime, so that’s two weeks worth of frustration right there. He’s also big on this chilli rub application and he has lied to me big time, I can feel a payback spanking coming on…

I thought about it for a good while before I agreed to spank him (virtually of course) but I figured he could spank himself harder than I could have ever spanked him anyway. For me it was a bit like when the Vicar got his spanking from the machine. I was in control but I wasn’t physically spanking him. I’ve got to stop talking about the Vicar, I keep getting flashbacks to his hairy bottom. Not good, not good at all.

I was sneeped with him, (pissed off for those who don’t understand Mancunian) because he was supposed to be my disciplinarian, he was supposed to be the person who could bring me into line when no one else could. I was supposed to be able to respect him. I could no more see Graham or Stuart acting the way Aaron was doing than I could see pigs fly. I felt duped. Bad move for Aaron, that really made me take my opportunity for a payback spanking a lot more seriously. I don’t like being conned by anyone. Aaron, in my opinion had conned me. He had come at it via he would provide me with what I was looking for and then later on turn the tables to get what he wanted. Had he said all this in the beginning I might have explored the possibilities with him, but as it was I was sneeped. That is a bad place to find yourself.

So the first thing I asked Aaron was, ‘Do you have a hairy bottom?’

I laughed my head off at his expression! He was shocked by the question. I thought it was a reasonable question under the circumstances. The Vicar conversation had come up a number of times during our chats. I was beginning to see why now.

When he realised I was serious, he blushed furiously and admitted that his bottom was indeed hairy, then he went all submissive on me and pleaded with me not to make him shave it. Of course I made him shave it. All that hair was a layer of protection as far as I was concerned and it had to go, he wanted a spanking? He was going to get one he would feel for a month! Besides, I could not look at another hairy bottom.

He pleaded and whined and in the end I got so cross with him I told him to drop his trousers and underpants and spank himself hard with his wooden hairbrush. No warm up, no breaks. Just keep spanking until I said he could stop.

He stood up, dropped his pants and underwear and bent over right in front of the screen. His bottom wasn’t that hairy I thought, but hey, I have been exposed to a severely hairy one so who am I to say?

He peered over his shoulder at the screen and I told him to get on with it. I don’t have all the stern chatter most spankers come at me with, I’m more in tune with the yelping, howling, squealing and sobbing side of things to be fair. So, perhaps I came across as a lot more strict than I had intended when I told him I wanted his backside purple and then he could damn well shave that hairy arse and cover it in a liberal coating of chilli rub or he would receive 24 strokes of the cane!

He took me at my word and he spanked his bottom as hard as he could with a very wide flat wooden hairbrush. It was a beautiful implement and I imagined Stuart delivering it across my bottom a few times as I watched Aaron jump about and squeal like a little stuck pig each time it connected with his cheeks. I instructed him to spank his thighs hard, I made him bend over the chair so he caught the sit spots flush with that wood. I wanted his backside and thighs as hot as he could get them. Oh dear, I was actually quite furious with him. He had played me.

The bad part about internet spanking is this, it feels like you are watching a really slow video and you want to fast forward to see the end results. This wasn’t going fast enough for me, short attention span and all that, so as soon as he had been spanking himself for 20 minutes, I gave him 15 minutes to shave his bottom and told him to come back online with his pants around his ankles and his bare bottom close to the screen for an inspection. I also said if he was late appearing or he hadn’t done the shave properly, he would receive those cane strokes plus 6 extra for wasting my time.

15 minutes later I was sat by my laptop waiting when a very bright red bottom appeared front and centre of my screen! I nearly choked on my coffee. Sheesh, I thought he might warn me first that he was there!

I saw shaving cuts covered in bits of toilet paper, I saw very mottled red bruising all over his bottom and thighs and if I wasn’t mistaken, there were one or two small blisters appearing too. Good. He deserved it.

I spent the next 30 minutes haranguing him for his deception while he spanked himself with a large slipper and apologised to me constantly. I told him his apology was pathetic, he was pathetic and he should be ashamed of himself. He was no better than the Vicar.

I made him stand in the corner of his room for 10 minutes reciting the last lot of 500 lines he had given me, ‘I am very naughty and I need a good hard spanking.’

Finally I told him to come and stand before me with his pants around his ankles. He was crying. I asked him what he was crying for and he said he was very naughty and he felt he still needed a good hard spanking for deceiving me. I told him to get his cane and bring it over to the laptop.

He brought it and placed it in front of the screen so I could see it. It wasn’t a big cane, but it was thin and whippy and would do the job.

‘Look at me and stop snivelling.’ I demanded.

‘Yes Miss, sorry Miss.’ He stammered and did that suck it up thing a child does when they are catching their first breath after crying. Damn he made me so bloody cross! I went to town on his arse.

‘Bend over the arm of the chair Aaron and deliver 30 strokes with the cane. 15 with each hand. Do not stop until they are all delivered and I want to hear that cane cut through the air with a whistle and I want to hear it crack on your ass. You will count each stroke out loud and you will thank me and then demand another stroke. Start now.’

I don’t know if I went overboard on him that day, he was crying like a baby his backside was striped, red and very sore, oh and hot, I can attest to hot. That chilli rub is evil and it burns like hell and that’s just a thin smear. He had a good amount covering every part of his bottom and thighs. He must have felt like he was sat in a fire! Serves him right.

After the caning was over, I told him I didn’t want to hear from him again as I refuse to deal with liars and con men. I left him looking very shamefaced and still apologising to an empty screen. I had logged off. I went online and deleted all of the websites I had joined and decided if I wasn’t getting anything from spanking myself, I might as well just leave it for a while until the urge came back again.

I just hope it comes back soon…

All images are courtesy of the internet

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

11 thoughts on “Spanking Aaron.

  1. Trust me when I say, the image I use from the internet is much preferable to the real one the vicar has hidden under his trousers! Maybe I could ask him for a photograph? And permission to use it of course lol Let you see what I saw? LMAO You would need your eyes bleaching for sure!


    1. It completely weirded me out, but I do like to give a spanking every now and then, so once I had worked through the EWWW factor of him revealing his true intentions all along, I decided he could pay the price for it big time. I will say, it was decidedly boring though. Or maybe he was? He was so weak and pathetic it really made me angry. I dislike manipulative people intensely. He definitely got what he deserved.
      I found this situation seemed to come around quite a lot during my foray into the online world of spanking. Men would come running from all quarters with the promise of strictness, accountability, set boundaries, etc and then turn it all on its head and beg me to spank them, or do other nasties to them. It is a huge turn off to have a man profess to be dominant only to turn out to be completely submissive and so bloody manipulative about it all too. One of them actually blamed me and said it was because my personality was so dominant I made him feel submissive! Narcissists R Us I believe, blame anyone but themselves! Sheesh!

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      1. I know I didn’t write about it in my post, but I came across quite a few fake Doms as well. As I intended to be ridiculously choosy, I may have stopped talking to quite a few people prematurely….but, I wasn’t going to settle. The first red flag or just something that I didn’t care for and I was out of there. One guy wrote to me and didn’t capitalize “Hello” and I ended it, LOL. But, I am glad I did… as the song goes, “I don’t want no scrubs”! A lady has got to be choosy about who is spanking her bare bottom for her naughtiness πŸ™‚

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      2. That makes sense. I hadn’t really thought this through, but I guess it does feel a little creepy thinking they might have made a video of you. That would bother me. Mental note to NEVER do this with anyone!

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