Part 14: Laura’s Story: Three Months Later…Troubled Waters…

After their experience with Eileen, Laura and Ian had talked long into the night every evening for a full two weeks about their situation. They discussed at great length what each of them wanted from this new union. Their FLR contract had been written up and signed by both and witnessed by Eileen and George. The ink was now well and truly dry on the agreement. Ian’s whining was not part of that agreement and Laura was tired of having to keep reminding him about it. In fact over the past month, Ian had begun to purposely go out of his way to get himself into trouble. Jobs were being left around the house, he had begun drinking with his friends after work again, he knew these things would earn him a severe caning, it had, Laura had increased his punishment sessions to twice a week, in spite of this he continually moaned about wearing the cage, his language course and blunt, he would babble on about wanting to wank off when he was at work and how frustrating it was not to have that freedom, even though he knew it would bring about the opposite and he would not be freed. Laura was sick and tired of his stupid games.

‘Ian! For goodness sake stop whining and assume the bloody position! Let’s just get this over with!’ Laura ordered Ian into position for his twice weekly caning session.

‘It’s not fair Laura, I haven’t done anything to deserve a fucking caning! It HURTS!’ He whined as he reluctantly assumed the position over the arm of the sofa. His face a picture in petulance, his bare ass easily available due to his recently purchased new ‘home’ outfit. Not quite as embarrassing as wearing the heart shaped apron with the frills, but equally short and useless, he was now sporting his maid’s outfit, short frilly and entirely exposing both at front and back. He hated it of course, or he said he did, but he was always dressed in it when she came home from work.

Laura stepped up beside him, her thin whippy cane in hand, a look of utter boredom on her face. She was getting nothing from treating him this way, he on the other hand appeared to be enjoying himself immensely. He may well be moaning and grousing all the time, but Laura had long since cottoned on to the fact that he was trying to earn himself more spankings and canings. Plain and simple, Ian was a masochist and loved his new submissive role in their lives to the point he had become obsessed with it. She lifted the cane and swiped his backside hard once across both cheeks. He hissed and clenched his cheeks tightly against the sting and burn of the first stroke. Laura normally waited until he had unclenched before she gave him the next stroke. Not tonight, tonight she came straight in with a second, then a third and then a fourth, the cane whipping through the air on a whistle as it connected with tense muscles. Ian squealed so loudly she wondered whether the neighbours could hear him. She reached across and tugged at his ear. ‘A little less drama please Ian, we wouldn’t want the neighbours to find out you like to wear a maids outfit and have your ass fucked, spanked and caned twice a week now would we?’

Ian shot her an alarmed look, ‘No, S…Sorry, I will try and keep it down.’ Laura leaned over him and grabbed the throw cushion, she tossed it to him and he buried his face in it. She immediately resumed with the caning, coming in thick and fast with the strokes, Ian did his best to unclench between each stroke but most of the time he barely managed it before the next one landed. After 30 strokes he begged her to stop. ‘Please Laura, please stop, we were supposed to only be doing 20, you’ve done 30 now’

‘Were you counting Ian? I didn’t hear you. I wasn’t counting, it’s not my job is it? You count I cane. That’s how we do it. If I can’t hear you I keep on caning until I can hear you. Simple!’ She continued to cane him throughout her explanation until he hurriedly began counting loudly. His bottom was a mass of criss-crosses, thin blood red welts popping up all over, normally Laura would take her time and try and make neat rows down his backside, tonight she had unleashed all her pent up frustration and disdain on his sorry ass. Once he reached 10 she placed the cane across his butt and left the room, the sound of his caterwauling chasing her up the stairs.

Laura sat on their bed, knees pulled up to her chest, head down, tears streaming down her face, sadness written in every line of her body. She hated all this, just hated it. She hated who she had become when she was with him. Worse than that, she hated who her husband had become. This was a lot worse than the uncouth macho man she had been married to before all this had started. This masochist Ian was such a wimp! He snivelled and grovelled constantly, whined and moaned and continually begged for her attention. He had taken to sitting on the floor by her feet and stroking her legs. It drove her insane and she would literally push him away with her foot and send him to a corner. It was like owning Dobbie the House Elf from Harry Potter. Dobbie had more about him than Ian though. At least he knew he could escape if he was given an item of clothing.

Ian was constantly asking for more outfits to wear so he could feel the humiliation of wearing women’s clothes. It made Laura feel sick when she looked at him getting excited over each new arrival. He had purchased a number of different service style outfits, nurse, waitress, maid with his allowance, and he pranced around the bedroom in each one when it arrived, turning this way and that, checking himself out in the mirror, bending over to see if it showed all or just some of his flabby ass. He always ended each session by bending over the armoire at the end of the bed begging her to fuck him with the strap on. Laura had obliged once or twice just to shut him up but she detested the act. Instead she purchased a very large butt plug and instructed him to insert it each evening from the moment he came home until she sent him to bed. He was in seventh heaven but at least she didn’t have to peg him again. Her stomach roiled at the memories as they shifted through her mind. The tears continued to fall unabated until she heard him coming up the stairs and she wiped her face with her hands and slid off the bed. When he came into the bedroom she was in the middle of stripping off for a shower and he sat down in the corner of the room to watch her.

Laura turned to him, her gorgeous naked body on display to him. He devoured every centimetre of her with his eyes. She walked over to him and tugged his hair, pulling his face up so she could look down at him.

She held her hand out to him, ‘Open your hand Ian,’ she murmured. He looked at her slightly confused, but opened his hand anyway. She dropped his key into it and closed his fingers around it.

‘Do what the fuck you want Ian, take the cage off, wank, fuck yourself with a dildo, I don’t care. I’m done. Wear whatever fucking silly little outfit you want, I couldn’t care less. I am through with this. I am through with us. I am filing for divorce first thing tomorrow morning. I cannot and will not stay another minute with a man who does nothing but whine and complain even while he is being given everything he ever wanted and as usual, I get absolutely nothing back in return. I told you last week, quit the whining or we would be in trouble. You didn’t listen, you never do. You have your key for your cock now Ian, do what the fuck you want with it. I’m having a shower, and then I’m leaving.’ She let go of his hair and walked calmly away from him to the bathroom.

Ian stared after her, mouth hanging open in shock, fingers still closed tightly around the key in his palm. What the fuck had just happened here? he thought, stunned. He sprang to his feet and ran after her only to find the bathroom door locked against him. He banged on it, ‘Laura, babe. Please open the door, we need to talk about this, I don’t want a divorce Laura, I want you. I need you. I can’t live without you…’ He wailed as he slid down the door and sat leaning against it crying.

Laura showered, allowing her tears to mix in with the water spraying on her face until the water ran cold. She was over this, so very over it all. He hadn’t even realised she had packed all her belongings the night before when he had been out at his five a side football training. He had come in drunk and had fallen into bed, waking her to plead for his cage to be removed so he could have a wank. He didn’t want to fuck her he said, he just wanted to wank over her. He knew she didn’t like his cock. She had gone and slept in the guest room and had left for work this morning with all her cases before he had even woken up. She had checked into the hotel by the station and paid up front for a month. All she had left to do was come home this evening and tell him to his face. She was done. This morning she was smiling properly for the first time in a long time. She hurried to the station, the early train would be arriving at the platform in 10 minutes and he would be on it.

She had taken to catching the early train for the past few weeks in order to spend an hour extra with her stranger, in return, he had booked them into first class travel in a closed carriage and invited her to join him every day when she stepped onto the train. They still remained nameless to each other and she freely discussed her whole life with him, he never judged her, had never asked her for anything in the three months they had been talking. Until this evening. This evening he had made his move, he had said things to her that had made her insides twist tightly with desire, her pussy clamour for attention, her nipples harden into twin peaks desperate to be tweaked, twisted, suckled on. God she wanted him so badly right now she physically hurt from it as she remembered every look, every word, every touch. He had sat, long leg crossed, utterly relaxed, arms loosely folded, not blocking her, more commanding her attention, and then he had spoken in that beautiful rich dark tone of his. His eyes piercing hers with their heat.

‘When was the last time you looked at your husband and felt that twist of desire that made you want to rip his clothes off and fuck him until you couldn’t see straight?’

Laura had stared at him dumbfounded. ‘Never.’ She had whispered.

‘When was the last time you felt that way with me?’

‘Every time I see you, and right now.’ she responded quietly.

‘Slide your skirt up over your hips and open your legs for me.’ he ordered softly, and she complied, her eyes wide with surprise and heavy with desire.

She lifted her hips and pulled her skirt up her thighs, over her bottom and left it bunched around the top of her hips. She spread her legs hesitantly.

‘Good girl’ he murmured as he let his eyes roam freely over her sex, clearly defined by her soaked panties.

‘Take those off and give them to me.’ he pointed to her panties.

Laura slid them off and down her long legs bending to remove them and pick them up. As she straightened he leaned across to her and tugged her off balance from her seat and on to her knees before him. He plucked the panties from her fingers and put them in his jacket pocket.

He brushed the back of his fingers across her cheek as he spoke. ‘Dear girl, it is time you knew the taste of a real man. Not a snivelling wimp or bullish oaf. Unfasten my trousers and take my cock in your hands.’

Laura didn’t even think to hesitate, or deny him, instead she fumbled a little as her shaking fingers struggled with his belt, finally unfastening it, she flicked the button on his waist band and slid down the zipper. Pushing her fingers into the band of his shorts she tugged them down and gasped as the largest cock she had ever seen was released before her. His cock hung down, long and thick, and so very hard and she moaned quietly licking her lips in anticipation.

‘Take it my beautiful stranger, taste it, make it yours. Worship it, but before you do, you will tell me your name.’ He held her chin between thumb and forefinger, lifting her face to look up at him.

She raised her eyes to his as she hefted his cock between two hands. ‘Laura’ she whispered as she slid her lips around the beautifully shaped head and slipped him into the waiting warmth of her mouth.

‘Slide your fingers into your pussy Laura, rub your clit slowly with your thumb, imagine you are naked in front of a carriage full of people and you are fucking yourself as you suck a complete stranger’s cock for him, just because he asked you to.’ He instructed slowly as he gripped her head firmly and held her in place on his cock. Her mind flipped, her pussy throbbed with need, her juices soaking her fingers as she did as she was told. Her imagination spewed images out thick and fast and she tripped over into the fantasy easily.

She imagined watching herself sliding her fingers deep inside her, imagining the carriage to be full of people staring at her aghast as she let him fuck her mouth steadily. She should have felt ashamed at her wanton behaviour, but she didn’t she felt alive and free. Desire, sharp and insistent shot through her, soaking her fingers, as she filled her mouth with his cock, taking it in as far as she could. Pulling back to the tip only to plunge him deep down her throat as her fingers plunged inside her pussy. She grazed her thumb back and forth over her clit, it throbbed and she gasped, she had never felt so hot, horny, out of control and she loved it, she worked her mouth harder on his cock, her fingers harder in her pussy until she was grinding down on them, hooking her finger inside tapping her g spot. Everything tightened as her orgasm spiralled through her, unfurling deep in her belly and tearing down like lightening as her whole being warmed and became flooded with juices as she fell over the edge into the most amazing orgasm of her life. She rocked hard on her fingers as she gagged on his cock.

He held her head fast, not tightly, just firmly enough, the rocking of the carriage allowing him to fuck her mouth slowly and deliberately. She saw flashing images of every word he spoke and it drove her on to another orgasm, as the last one subsided, so the new one rose up to take its place. Her mind shattered with ecstasy as he continued to murmur instructions to her

‘You have exactly 3 minutes to make me cum before the guard arrives for our tickets Laura. If I have not cum you will remain on your knees with my cock in your mouth while I tend to the guard. I may invite him in to watch if you haven’t managed to comply with my request. Work faster beautiful, and keep riding your fingers. Imagine it is my cock inside you. Thick, long, incredibly hard, pounding that beautiful soft pussy. Imagine it Laura.’

Laura’s mind exploded with the images, her mouth ached from being stretched so wide but she didn’t care, she fucked her pussy with one hand and stroked him with the other while she suckled his balls licking, flicking them, tracing the thick throbbing vein underneath that ran the length of his cock and then she sucked and twisted his cock in a spiral motion until he grunted in surprise and then growled and thrust his hips hard as his cum exploded deep in her throat and she swallowed and smiled and licked her way back to the tip as he thrust again and filled her mouth once more with a second load and then some more until it spilled out of her mouth and down her chin. He caught it with a finger and scooped it as she swallowed and then held his finger out for her to clean it. She raised her eyes to his as she reached forward and sucked it into her mouth and cleaned it properly.

The guard could be heard next door asking for tickets, and the stranger tucked his cock back inside his trousers, fastened himself up and sat down again. Laura slid backwards onto her seat, pulled her skirt down and crossed her long legs. The stranger indicated she had a drip of his cum still at the corner of her mouth and she flicked the tip of her tongue gathering up the stray fleck, allowing the salty flavour of him to melt into her tongue, ‘Good girl.’ he murmured as the guard knocked and the stranger bade him enter.

‘Good evening Mr Thorn, tickets please Sir.’ the guard was new, and he wanted to make a good impression on any first class travellers so he made sure he knew all of their names. Laura looked at him slightly surprised at the reveal. Then embarrassment caused her face to flush as she realised he knew more about her stranger than she did, and she had just worshipped his cock, kneeling before him, submitting to him without question or hesitation. He was masterful and she was putty in his hands. She wanted to feel him buried deep inside her, and she groaned quietly and bit her lip. The guard cast her a cursory glance and she smiled brightly at him. ‘Sorry she babbled inanely, ‘I just remembered I’ve forgotten something!’ The guard nodded and returned his attention to his task.

The train approached her station as the guard left their carriage and closed the door.

Thorn smiled lazily at her, ‘Tomorrow morning I shall take you over my knee and spank you properly for cutting that so finely Laura and for telling the guard an outright lie.’

‘How do you know I was lying?’ she asked cheekily.

He chuckled at her bold tone, ‘because you were imagining me thrusting inside your soft wet pussy, you haven’t had that yet, you couldn’t have forgotten it. Ergo you lied. You will be spanked thoroughly for it too.’ He grinned.

Laura felt her bottom tingle and her pussy throb at the wonderful mixture of apprehension and excitement that coursed through her at his words.

‘Yes Mr Thorn,’ she mimicked the guard with a naughty expression on her face, curtseying as she stood before him. He stood and pulled her against him, delivering a swift swat to her bottom as he took her mouth with his own and proceeded to reduce her to a quivering mass of need.

‘You’ve been on your knees worshipping my cock for the last twenty minutes Laura, Mr Thorn is far too formal. Call me Evan or Thorn.’ He grazed her lips with his thumb then turned her towards the door as the train pulled into the station.

She turned back quickly, ‘Which do you prefer? Evan or Thorn? she asked.

‘Thorn.’ he replied quietly.

‘See you tomorrow morning Thorn.’ She said as she stepped out of the carriage and off the train. A scant few moments later she was blowing him a kiss as she walked slowly towards the exit and home to a wimp who was in for the shock of his life. There had been no chance before this evening had happened, now there was no contest at all.

Laura stepped from the shower and dried herself off. She picked up the clothes she had hung on the back of the door and dressed slowly. She re-applied her make up and dried her hair. Finally she was ready. Slipping her feet into her stilettos she opened the bathroom door and stepped around a weeping Ian, still sat curled up on the floor.

She walked down the stairs and gathered her coat, purse and briefcase and quietly let herself out, she was smiling.

Ian ran down the stairs and skidded to a halt at the hall table, her wedding ring, engagement ring and house keys were all there along with a brief note.

‘Well, you got your extra caning, I hope it was worth what you paid for it.

Goodbye Ian.


Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

17 thoughts on “Part 14: Laura’s Story: Three Months Later…Troubled Waters…

  1. This was amazing. I’ve read every chapter and this is one of the best. I’m glad she finally left Ian. He always got on my nerves. The ending was just delicious. I’m so excited for the next chapter.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment Grace, I confess, I enjoyed writing this chapter the most. It was such a pleasure to finally be rid of Ian! I didn’t know I could write such an obnoxious character who has no redeeming qualities at all! Thorn and Laura will be a spin off from this story line I think. I have an idea for a new direction to take them in and the other characters (minus Ian) will only appear briefly at the beginning before we step into Thorn’s world! Watch this space … 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. There is always a danger in coming out as submissive to your wife. But it is so important that you discuss everything well.
    The worst is when it is operated with topping from the bottom.
    I am glad that Ian is out of the game.
    And Gemma, once again, you can do porn.
    It’s wonderful.
    Thank you.


    1. Phew! I was a little worried that you might not like this section Christian, I know you mentioned that of all the characters in play you found you identified mainly with the Ian character in his submissive position, I was acutely aware of that consideration as I was writing. The obvious and telling difference between you and this character is I am absolutely sure you are a lovely person!
      Ian’s character has always been about his ‘self’ personality. He manipulates through bullying, creating guilt, and fear. Once he assumed the submissive role in the relationship, he manipulated Laura by continually breaking the rules to their agreement and whining and complaining constantly. Essentially he has no redeeming quality at all to save him. It was a pleasure trip for me to write Laura’s eventual victory over him. She used his greed against him.
      I have known many men who treat women just like Ian treated Laura, I wanted to show how easy it is to get caught up in that situation, but more importantly, how you can recognise it, and then extricate yourself from that situation too.
      I have no issue with a man being genuinely submissive, nor would I demean him if he came out to me. Everyone has a right to be themselves and that should always be supported and encouraged as much as possible.
      I am so relieved right now that my portrayal of this situation did not offend you in any way! I should have known better, but there is always that small doubt that I may have unwittingly portrayed it badly.
      Thank you for your lovely comments as always Christian, I always look forward to your reactions to my stories! 💋😍

      Liked by 1 person

  3. By far your best!!! So long good bye and good riddance Ian. Still a manipulative prick to the end. But Thorn, holy hell I just melted into my chair at work, I’m sorry but I’m a sucker for a “good girl” comment, makes me miss being called that. ::::sigh:::: one day, one day I’ll have me a Mr Thorn.


    1. Yup I’m liking this Thorn character more and more as he steps forward into the story line. I think I’m going to write a break away series on Thorn and Laura and phase out the other characters for now. I may do a mini series on Eileen and Mr Crossley too, some ideas have been popping today, I don’t think the two sets are suited to run side by side anymore. Thorn and Laura are stepping into Thorn’s world. I want to explore his personality and fit Laura in to it. Should be fun and very, very NSFW level of hot, just sayin’ Storm LOL glad you enjoyed it though. Everyone appears to be of the same mind about the Ian character though, he got what he deserved in the end! 😀


  4. Whew Gem, this was a hot read, along with all your sexy works 🔥I need to go back and catch up on this one. I suspect there will be some aspects of Ian’s desires that find quite arousing but, like any kink, things can go too far. Your story drives home how important it is that both partners are connecting with each other and are both enjoying the exploration of a shared fantasy. Now it looks like Laura get to explore hers. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michael!! I have missed your beautiful sexy mind, darling man! Of course Ian did over step and try and coerce Laura into performing acts that she was not comfortable with, but as you say, she now gets to explore her own desires. Part 15 will reveal an awful lot more.
      So good to see you here again gorgeous! 😘💫

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sexy Gem! 🤗😘I have missed your electric energy and so happy you are still here 💫 I see that Part 15 is up and anticipating that read over the weekend 🔥 I have missed you. 💖


      2. Ahh Michael, I have missed you too! We always had such a sexy, fun connection, I’m delighted that you came calling again! None of your comments appear in the notifications, I clicked into the comments tag on my main site thing and there you were! I am looking forward to your comments (now I know where to find them!) and seeing your reactions. Its a mark of this woman’s writing if she can inspire a very naughty man to tribute! Just sayin…💫💦💋😈💖


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