Stuart’s in Town and he brought a new Paddle!

I have officially sworn off all things spanking after the final Graham spanking. My poor bottom is still black and blue and my thighs have pinstripes courtesy of that wicked cane and we are now 4 days after the event!

D I Y again…

Okay, so it feels yummy now the pain has subsided and the throbbing has started and I’ve been hot and horny for days! But y’know this brings about it’s own problems when you don’t have a partner! D I Y spanking, D I Y play time, gotta say peeps, I’m all for it but just sometimes I need something more, my only point of call would have been Stuart and that is a whole load of complicated I really don’t need!

He is hot though, and he does want to… if I could just control the submissive thing around him. Unlikely, besides, he wants the whole relationship thing with a view to a long term future. Never again. Not ever. I would rather play nice with the vicar than do that again… Nooo! wash my mouth out and bleach my eyes, I just pictured that very hairy bottom again!

have to make this very small, hurts m’eyes! Not nice!

See? Spankings leave me in a total mess!

Anyway, I had just about got all my hot and horny stuff under control and back in its box when Stuart texted me and said he was local and was calling round to see me. Stuart knows the boy’s schedule better than I do, and he knew the boy was out all day in college. I couldn’t wriggle out of it. To be fair, I didn’t really want to, I just get so nervous when he’s around. I never know what’s going to happen these days!

I should have realised when I read the text, he was in strict mode. He hadn’t asked if he could come round, he had told me he was coming. He’s usually a lot more polite than that and always asks if I’m busy first. Not this time.

Ten minutes later he was ringing the door bell. I wandered up the hall and opened the door for him. He smiled, kind of, and I stood back to let him in. Once I had closed the door he got straight into it with me.

‘Had a call from Graham, he said he isn’t spanking you anymore?’

I was already walking back to the kitchen so I had my back to him. I just shrugged my shoulders and said ‘yep’.

Stuart walked in behind me and sat down at the table with his legs stretched out and his arms folded across his chest. Damn, did I mention he’s hot?

I turned away from all those muscles and started making a brew.

‘What the hell did you do to make him so adamant he wasn’t going to spank you anymore?’ Stuart sounded cross! What on earth did he have to be cross about?

I turned on him, ‘Now just hang on a minute, why do you always assume it’s going to be something I’ve done?’ I could feel my temper rising.

He raised his eyebrow at me and his lip curled, ‘because it usually is?’

‘Huh, well it wasn’t me this time. Graham’s scared he is gonna hurt me, and quite frankly, so am I, so I’m all good with the fact that he doesn’t want to spank me anymore!’ I popped my own ‘miffed’ bubble. It wasn’t worth getting into an argument with Stuart, I would lose. Hands down!

‘You do know that doesn’t get you out of being spanked, don’t you?’ Damn he was pushing me! My ‘miffed’ bubble was re inflating! I put his cup of tea in front of him and sat facing him at the table with my own drink.

‘You just come here to give me grief, or was there an actual reason for your visit? Besides telling me off for Graham’s defection from your spanking team, that is!’ I can push too. I’m good at it.

Stuart grinned at me, it was the first time he had smiled properly since he had got here and I relaxed a little. Familiar territory at last! ‘What you grinning at?’ I smiled back at him.

‘I bought the most fantastic wood paddle online the other day and I knew I would be in your area today so I brought it with me. Lets face it, there is usually a list as long as my arm of stuff you need taking to task for, so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone and give you a spanking with the new paddle!’ He was GRINNING AT ME!

not the exact one but close enough!

NO to the unexpected spanking! Just NO! Besides, I had already just decided I wasn’t doing the spanking thing anymore, hadn’t I? Not to mention I was still sporting some hefty Graham bruising in all my tender areas!

So, why was my bottom tingling? Jeez! No will power whatsoever! I wriggled on my seat and scowled at Stuart. ‘I don’t want a spanking thank you, I haven’t done anything at all to deserve one, and even if I had, I wouldn’t tell you!’

Stuart laughed out loud at my pouting lip, my sulky attitude and the idea that I thought I might have a say in the matter!

‘Oh Gem, you really are funny! Graham told me about the Vicar and the Wilson’s incident at the supermarket you know. Personally I thought you were right and I wouldn’t have spanked you for it. I would have spanked you for arguing with me about it though. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because I am going to spank you today, call it a maintenance spanking if you want, but it’s going to happen!’

I was fuming! This was just not fair at all! I stood up from the table and refused to speak until I could form words that didn’t involve swear words. I didn’t want to give him a bloody reason to spank me, he was happy enough doing it without one as it was!

I decided to play to his softer side. ‘I still have a lot of bruising from Graham’s spanking, I don’t think I could take another one right now. My thighs are still sore and my bottom is very bruised Stu.’ I glanced at his face with my big sad cow eyes and … nothing. Not even a flicker of sympathy crossed his face! So I begged, kind of, I wheedled and whined but it was all to no avail.

Stuart stood up and came around the table to stand in front of me and smiled silkily at me, ‘Oh come on Gem, we both know you are in the throbbing stages of that spanking now and if I know anything about you at all, I know you will have made full use of the beneficial side effects of it! You should have a spanking just for trying to con me!’

I was losing major ground due to close proximity with all those muscles! My brain was pouring submissive oil all over itself ffs! I would not go down without a fight! I stamped my foot and pouted, (I know, I know, who the hell is that woman?!) ‘I’m sore Stu, I’m bruised, look…’ I pushed him away from me and turned around and lifted my skirt so he could see Graham’s handy work for himself. I’m not conning you…’ I glanced over my shoulder at him and oh oh, I had just made a tactical error for sure.

Stuart reached a hand out and stroked my twin bruised globes, he stepped closer behind me his fingers tracing the cane welts still present on my thighs with something akin to awe on his face.

‘Damn Gem, he branded you baby!’ His breathing had changed and I could feel his erection pressing against my throbbing bottom and my pussy reacted instantly, she was singing that song right back at him! Full chorus! I had lost this fight, we both knew it, and a spanking from him right now would feel like heaven to all my hot throbbing places! His fingers squeezed and stroked my bottom and he turned my head so his mouth covered mine.

Gone! Done for. I had more chance of taking the faith and becoming a fucking nun than I did of refusing him whatever he wanted right now.

He broke the kiss and I leaned into the wall pushing my bottom out and into his stroking hands. He moved to the side of me and spoke quietly, ‘hold the position baby, it’s time.’ He reached for his coat and pulled out the paddle from his inside pocket. It was wide and round and big enough to cover my whole bottom, so both cheeks were going to catch it every single stroke! My bottom thrust itself out a little more as he came back around to my side.

‘Open your mouth Gem,’ I looked confused but I did as he said and opened my mouth. He placed the flat of the paddle between my teeth. ‘Close your mouth and do not drop my new paddle.’ His voice was stern, but his eyes were hot and I did as I was told and brought my teeth together around the edge of the paddle and gripped.

‘Good girl.’ His hand was stroking my bottom and then he lifted it and brought it down flat on my cheek in a light slap, quickly followed by a flurry of small light spanks all over my cheeks and a few on my thighs. My bottom and thighs and pussy were all tingling at the same time, and I moaned as I spread my legs a little for better balance.

Stuart found the edge of my thong and peeled it down over my warm cheeks leaving it stretched between my knees. ‘Don’t let that paddle fall, Gem.’

He began hand spanking me in earnest then, the smacks coming thick and fast all over both cheeks and I bit down on the paddle, I couldn’t yelp! I couldn’t OW! I couldn’t HOWL when he found a tender spot! I could only moan and squirm and bite that damn paddle! I wriggled and swayed my cheeks to try to redirect his spanks but he just chuckled at my paltry efforts and held me fast by the hips as he continued to rain spanks down covering my twin globes of cherry red and my hot thighs! I was in ecstasy and pure agony all at the same time. My brain was oozing pleasure endorphins into my psyche and I was getting perilously close to an orgasm. I pushed up harder against his down stroke and met his hand as it connected sharply, again and again and again.
He stopped then, his hands smoothing over my skin, squeezing, stroking, petting and then his fingers slid along the wet crease of my pussy and pushed between the folds to find my swollen clit and I was lost. A few strokes and I came, hard. He stood so close behind me now I could feel his erection throbbing against my bottom as his fingers worked on me making me moan and wriggle and tremble. My legs were shaking, I had chills running up and down my body and I was in heaven!

Suddenly the paddle was gone from my mouth and was landing flush against my hot throbbing bottom! One, two, three, four…. OW OW OW OW!! I yelped, I danced as that paddle stung, bit, and sent waves of fire right the way across both cheeks! Oh jesus this was so much worse than a hairbrush!

‘You put teeth marks in my paddle Gem, that just earned you a good hard spanking lady!’ That paddle is evil! Personified! I was howling, yelping, the tears spilled and I was sobbing as it came down with crack after crack against my hot tender bruised rear. I pleaded with him, I promised him the earth if he would just stop spanking me, but he kept on, smoothing the paddle against my hot cheeks, rubbing it into them, then lifting and bringing it down sharply over the same spot until I had twin hard spots on my cheeks and the heat bloomed and spread everywhere, my pussy was throbbing in unison now and I was well on the way to my second orgasm, my body was on fire!

Finally he began to slow down and I knew we were getting close to the end of the spanking. I was quieter now, the tears were still flowing freely but my bottom had gone blessedly numb and all I could feel was the low insistent throbbing like a thick band across my cheeks and thighs and pussy.

Stuart put the paddle on the floor and then ran his hands over my cheeks, squeezing them, rubbing them, his fingers went on their own journey of discovery and he found what he was looking for. He pushed two fingers into the edge of my pussy and I pushed back onto them…

An hour later we were sat on the sofa in the lounge, we were both exhausted, utterly and completely spent but beautifully satisfied as I sat cradled on his naked lap with his big arms holding me inside them safely. I was hot and throbbing everywhere and I didn’t run away this time, I soaked it up. This had been a long time coming and I was happy and content now that it had finally happened.

No… A repeat performance was not on the cards. I am adamant, and for once, I kept my promise to myself!

All photographs courtesy of the Internet. Except the wooden paddles, they are now both mine! I kid you not. Both of them πŸ˜€

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

14 thoughts on “Stuart’s in Town and he brought a new Paddle!

  1. I am in need of a cold shower after this one lol hot hot hot hot. I cannot believe though that you do not like the submissive aspect. The letting go a time and just experiencing the sensations brain shut off. That is the true benefit…..and strong alpha women well you already know the picture. Got email. Read it last night and will respond today. I like having time to sit read and respond properly. πŸ™‚


  2. I think the submissive thing with me is because I feel so out of control when it happens. I am not good at that, it makes me very uncomfortable, plus I hate being told to do something, made to do something and Stuart was very, very good at tapping straight into that side of my personality and zooming in on the tiny, minuscule part of me that is submissive and he expanded on it. I was always at war with myself over it. But this particular episode I did give myself over, as you read, and it was mind blowing! I couldn’t go there again, not because I didn’t want to, but because he wanted so much more than I was and still am prepared to give. I don’t ever want another relationship and he really wanted the whole marriage thing. It was a lot of fun while it lasted though! Glad it made you hot, hot, hot though πŸ˜› No bad sex scene award here either then πŸ˜› YAY go me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think at that time I was definitely struggling with the idea of a full on anything, never mind taking a lover. Especially Stuart, he was too clever at manipulating me into doing what he wanted. I was becoming very sexually aware of my own needs but still had huge fears of not being good enough or just found wanting by another man. My ex husband had really worked hard to make sure my sexual confidence was tanked. I had major trust issues in those days, and still do to a certain degree. Stuart would have railroaded me, I would have gotten lost in the whole process and I was only just beginning to learn who I could be post divorce. I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice that freedom.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh.My. God. This was so damn hot, Gemma. I know that you weren’t looking for a spanking that day….but you got one, and a whole lot more! Thank goodness you finally got the relief you were looking for.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I am so glad that you brought these to my attention! I really look forward to the mornings when I have free time…. I sit down, coffee in hand, ready to be greatly aroused reading about your past! And damn girl, you have had some amazing spanking experiences!

        Liked by 1 person

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