Top Hat & Tails (Part 6)

The escape Room (Part 2)

A voice Elle had never heard before came over the loud speaker.

‘Let the game begin… in 5…4…3…2…1’

The timer on the wall began to count down in bright red numbers… 59.59

‘Walk to the desk and open the notebook. Your first clue is written on one of the pages…’

Elle walked as quickly as she dared with the clamps tugging at her nipples and clit with every movement sending delicious shivers of painful pleasure through her body, her pussy already drenched from the attention he had given her, her arousal humming just beneath the surface. She arrived at the desk and picked up the notebook. Flicking through blank page after blank page, Elle wondered if she had been given a red herring, the book was empty! She felt tension begin to creep into her shoulders and neck, she had thought this would be easy. She rolled the tension out, stretching her neck to loosen it, ‘it’s just a game Elle.’ she whispered to herself shaking the book to see if there was a loose page, again nothing. Then she noticed the ribbon sticking out at the bottom of the page. Book mark! Yes! She quickly flipped to the marked page and found her first clue.

‘Pick a book that is wearing your collar, find a page that tells you her name. Find the four numbers associated with her name there you will find your code.’

Elle leaned across the desk to rummage through the row of books along the back, there were at least 30, all different kinds of notebooks stuffed between hardback novels and some tatty paperbacks a la 50 shades of drivel too, all of them were a variation on a theme. Collars! Or with reference to collars at least.
She realised she didn’t know what her own collar actually looked like, Thorn had slipped it around her neck so quickly she had only glimpsed it! She scanned the room looking for a mirror or reflective surface, a small blacked out glass pane was the best she could come up with across the other side of the room and she walked steadily so as not to jar tender areas. Crouching down in front of the little window she peered at the collar around her neck. It was a medium depth solid metal collar silver in colour with a D ring attached centrally. She ran her fingers over the locking mechanism at the back and noted that it would require a smooth stick key to release her from it. She wondered idly as she headed back to the books as quickly as possible whether Thorn would remove it at the end of this task. There was always a chance he might decide he liked her in it! Her tummy turned over with a mix of anticipation and dread, she didn’t want to be that submissive to him!

She dragged her thoughts back to the task at hand and resumed her search of the books finding just one with a photograph of a girl wearing a silver collar. She opened it at the first page hoping that the girl’s name would be presented to her straight away. Of course not, it couldn’t possibly be that simple, she thought snarkily. Her mind was losing focus as the throbbing in her clit and nipples ramped up a notch. She glanced at the timer, shit, she had used 3 minutes already! Her focus became sharper now, as she checked first for a bookmark and then scanned each page carefully searching for a girl’s name. Page 35 turned up a highlighted name. SIAN.

Elle picked up the notebook and pencil and scribbled the name on the first page. She re-read the clue. Find four numbers associated with her name.

She went back to the highlighted page and searched through the words for any numbers, the only number she could find was the page number and that wasn’t 4 digits! Her frustration ramped up along with the tension and she had to take a deep breath to calm her thoughts. She glanced at the clock, bloody hell, she had lost another minute! Refocusing her efforts she carefully read through the information on the page. Periodically she noticed a pencilled in # sign under each letter of the alphabet. Finally the penny dropped, ‘Come ON Elle! Get with it!’ she muttered cross with herself for taking so long to work this out! She quickly scribbled the alphabet in her book and numbered each letter.

She then numbered SIAN’s name:

S = 19 I = 9 A = 1 N = 14

What?? She still had too many numbers for a 4 digit code! SHIT!! Her nipples were screaming at her with the weight of the chain pulling against them and she hurriedly lifted it to take the pressure off, this in turn pulled sharply on her clit and she howled in shocked pain. She danced on the spot, not daring to touch her heavily throbbing clit now for fear of pushing herself over the edge. Her juices were soaking the tops of her thighs as they oozed from her pussy. She groaned and wondered distractedly why she got so turned on by this level of pain! She could smell the sweet scent of her own arousal. What the hell was wrong with her?

In frustration she once again resumed her reading of the page, periodically rotating her hips to try to relieve the pressure from the clamp but to no avail. Sighing deeply she allowed her finger to gently stroke the slick skin around her trapped clit, warmth spread through her pussy at the minimal contact and she hurriedly removed her fingers, continuing to speed read the boring text on the page. Everything was collar related until she got to the very last sentence. ‘Add doubles together until you find a single, your code will be revealed.’

‘No shit Sherlock!’ She muttered ungraciously as she added 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1. 9 + 0 = 9. 1 + 0 = 1. 1 + 4 = 5.

1915 Thank goodness for that!! She grabbed the chain and her notebook and pencil and hurried over to the trunks on the far wall. She crouched in front of the first trunk and quickly spun the barrels on the lock to read 1915. The lock sprang open, a buzzer sounded loudly in the room. Elle jumped and jarred her clamps swearing loudly.

A man’s voice filled the room. ‘Remove the clamps.’

Elle looked around at the clock, 54.29 seconds she had used 5 minutes already and gone 30 seconds over for her clamp removal. She seriously needed to speed up her thought processes. She gingerly pressed the clips on the nipple clamps and removed them both at the same time, dancing on the spot, trying desperately not to rub her poor throbbing nipples as the blood rushed back into them, making them unbearably hard and aching and zinging messages straight to her clit. She bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut as she removed the clamp from her clit howling like a banshee at the pain rushing through her body on a tidal wave of heated sensations. OH godddddd…. she wanted to cum so baddd!!!

The man spoke again, ‘Re-apply clamps in 5 minutes.’

‘Oh fuck off!’ Elle whispered under her breath, his voice had refocused her, she dropped to her knees in front of the trunk and threw the lid back. Inside she found a large bottle of lube and a corded vibrating wand, a blindfold and stuck to the bottom of the trunk a piece of paper. She leaned down to read it, completely aware of her nakedness now that he’d spoken to her, and the view she was presenting to whoever else was there with him! A fine rash of tiny bumps spread across her skin prickling her as she acknowledged her exposure to an unknown number of people.

She read the clue out, ”If you’ve been smart you will have 58 minutes left.’ She barked out a short laugh at that, ‘You have two items, one of them holds your next clue.’ She looked at the clock knowing she was nowhere near 58 minutes, nope, 54 minutes and ticking. Shit! She looked at the vibrator, nothing on there, turning the bottle of lube towards the dim light in the room she saw four colours in a row on the back of the bottle. She stood up and hurried to the next trunk. She quickly spun the dial in the order of the colours, for a whole second she couldn’t understand why the lock hadn’t opened.

Elle sat back on her heels and blew out a long breath. ‘Think… ‘ she said out loud, she tried the colours in a different order, nothing. She spun them again and again until an alarm went off in the room and she froze looking like a startled rabbit in the headlights. Had she…?

She checked the clock 49.29 seconds! Shit, the clamps! She needed to put them back on! How the hell had she just used up 5 minutes?! She quickly reattached the clamps to her nipples and squealed loudly at the newly applied pressure to her oversensitive buds. She crouched down and very carefully reapplied the clit clamp. Her nipples could take a beating, her clit was traumatised right now and she was desperate to allow it some relief by giving in to her rolling climax that was just beneath the surface continually. She resisted but it was a hard won battle with herself. She was so damned wet and hot right now it wasn’t even funny! Her frustration levels raised along with the tension in her neck and shoulders. She wished fervently that she’d never agreed to this stupid game!

Finally clit clamp in place and orgasm under control again, she returned her attention to the lock. The man’s voice filled the room once more. ‘You were 3 seconds out of time reapplying the clamps. You have been given a pass this time, you will be punished if you fail to follow your instructions to the second again.’ Elle flipped the bird randomly towards the ceiling and muttered, ‘fuck you’ under her breath. Her language had deteriorated so badly in the last 10 minutes even she was shocked at herself. She fiddled with the lock, the combination of four colours should not have been so difficult to break, her mind was foggy with sexual cravings, her body aching unbearably and her pussy was drenched in juices and hungry for attention.

Elle focused her attention on the colours, she spun the wheels again, as she landed the final one a buzzer sounded. She froze and looked around, the clock had stopped on 48.25 seconds. A woman’s voice came over the speaker.

‘This is Voyeur number 1 and this is your first task. Take the items you found in the first trunk to the cage. Once there you will see a flap on the floor, lift it, and plug in the vibrating wand. Slot the wand into the cradle attached to the cage bars. Lubricate the head of the wand. Back against the cage and position your pussy over the wand, find and fasten the leather strap around your waist, then place your wrists and ankles into the metal cuffs. Your timer has been paused and will resume its countdown in 5 minutes exactly.’
Elle groaned, this did not sound good at all, she stood up, grabbing her chain, the lube the wand the blindfold and her notebook and pencil and walked carefully to the other side of the room and the cage. She saw the metal flap on the floor and flipped it back, inside she saw the obvious socket for the plug but also on the back of the flap the colours she was struggling with. Orange blue black white. She quickly scribbled them in order in her notebook as she bent to plug the wand in. She stood and saw the cradle resting on the bars, she placed the wand handle into the cradle and flipped the catch closed over it as she lubed the head liberally.

She backed onto the cage and positioned herself over the wand, it settled between her pussy lips, the coolness of the lube sending her poor aching clit into a frenzy, she bit her lip at the realisation she had not been told to remove her clamps. This was going to end badly, she just knew it. Finally, belt fastened securely, she stretched her arms and legs and placed ankles and wrists into the cuffs. They clicked shut automatically and Elle knew a moment of absolute panic as she fought down the urge to beg to be released immediately.

Taking a deep calming breath she controlled her panic. She could do this, Thorn had played with her like this many times before, she could do it now. Her brain kept screaming, ‘But not with the clamps on!’ She pushed the thought away and focused on the room.

As soon as she began to relax into her position the vibrator sprang into action sending a pulsing vibration against her over sensitised clit jarring the clamp painfully until Elle was squealing at the insistent pressure that was building inside her. Oh god! This was pure torture! The pulsing vibration ran through her body creating shudders of pure pleasure that threatened to spin her off into orgasmic bliss. ‘NO!!’ she shouted loudly, shaking her head to clear it of the sexual fog that had draped itself over her rational brain. She wouldn’t give in.

After the first minute of 7 small pulses and 1 long pulse The vibration ramped up to full power and Elle screamed at the intensity against her clit. The voyeur chuckled over the loud speaker, ‘Calm down girl, you still have 4 minutes to go. ‘ Elle swore profusely at her and snapped her eyes open wide. She began to count and mentally log everything she could see in the room, twice. Who knew, it might come in useful. By the end of the fourth minute she was teetering on the edge of climax, her whole body was trembling, soaked in sweat, her insides were shaking with suppressed need, her mind was screaming and begging her to release her orgasm, she was checking the clock trying to work out if she could afford to lose 15 minutes this early on in the game. No! It had taken her ten minutes to find two clues she had 8 more to find!

Doubt started to creep in, she wasn’t going to pull this off without losing control of her orgasm, she would lose 15 minutes and lose the game. This was just her first task and who knew what the sadistic bastards had in store for her? There were another 9 of these tasks to complete too! No! she couldn’t afford the 15 minute penalty. She allowed her tears to fall, her frustration lowered minimally at the release of pent up emotions, without warning, the vibration stopped. The room fell silent and her wrists and ankles were unlocked from the restraints. She quickly released herself from the belt at her waist and fell forward onto her hands and knees away from the vile, evil vibrator. She quickly unclamped her aching nubs. That almost undid her and a moan from deep inside her came up and she growled loudly and for a whole 10 seconds she writhed on the floor trying to calm her body’s response to too much stimulation.

The clock ticking reached inside Elle’s head and registered. She jerked her head up and looked at it. 48.15. She couldn’t afford any more time wasted, she had to get on with this! She grabbed her book and pencil and ran back to the trunk. She quickly locked the colours in and the lock sprang open. She sobbed in relief. She threw back the lid and inside the chest were 4 wooden shapes. She wrote down the order they were presented in and then picked them up. She looked closely at each one to see if anything was written on them but there was nothing. She checked the lid to see if anything was written there and once again came up empty. She stood and examined the blocks under the light. They were the same as the floor panels. She ran to the farthest corner and then methodically worked her way around the room. She found 4 holes lined up underneath the desk and she dropped the shapes into place.

A drawer on the desk clicked open and she pulled it out. She found a piece of paper with 4, 3, 2,1 written on it. She ran across to the third trunk and entered the code. The lock opened, she was on a roll now, her lack of clamps completely forgotten about. The contents of the chest threw her slightly, paddles of all shapes and sizes, whips, floggers and crops were all stacked up neatly inside. Removing them one by one creating a separate pile for each different implement, Elle systematically began emptying the trunk. Mid way through she remembered her clamps, she glanced at the clock, 43.58 Oh god, she had just 3 seconds to get them back on! Grabbing the loose clamps she attached the two nipple clamps at the same time, hissing at the pain as it erupted and ran amok through her already stressed out body straight down to her clit. She picked up the clit clamp and a buzzer went off. She attached the clamp and glanced at the clock thinking she had another task, the clock continued to count down.

The man spoke again. ‘You are 2 seconds outside of your time for reapplying your clamps. You will now take the top paddle from the pile you’ve made and head to the spanking bench. You will attach the paddle to the arm of the spanking machine and you shall position yourself on the bench for a spanking. Set the timer for 2 minutes. The clock will continue to count down.’

Elle looked up at the blacked out windows, ‘It was 2 seconds for goodness sake!’

He responded immediately, ‘Set the timer for 3 minutes. Your spanking will increase if you insist on arguing and wasting time.’

Elle swore profusely under her breath and grabbed the top wooden paddle, she hurried across to the spanking machine and ignoring the renewed throbbing in her clit and nipples she rushed to fit the paddle, the timer counted down, her nerves were fraying. She set the timer and positioned herself on the spanking bench, memories of the bench in Mr Crossley’s office came back to haunt her and her face coloured at her remembered shame over the exposure of her obvious dripping pussy. The shame felt almost identical but she was so much more aroused this time around.

The machine started automatically as soon as she was in position. The paddle landed fully across both cheeks and she inhaled sharply at the feel of the dry wood against her bottom. The spanking arm drew back and quickly released and before Elle could catch her breath she was being paddled hard! The spanks were landing in exactly the same place and she began to wince and yelp at the burning sensation in twin spots on her cheeks. She moved her bottom slightly to ease the painful throbbing that had set up in her bottom, it wasn’t being given time to bloom between spanks and she was quite thankful for that. That was when a spanking became highly sexual for her and she wasn’t sure she could withstand that assault on her senses right now.

She yelped and oww’ed a few times, but she was not going to give them the satisfaction of seeing her howl in pain or worse, cry again. The arm stopped, the timer on the spanking machine clicked off and Elle removed herself and the paddle from the machine. Her bottom glowed bright red and was a mass of burning and throbbing sensations. She rubbed frantically at each cheek to soften up the identical twin hard spots in the centre of each tender globe. She ran back across to the trunk and began stacking the spanking implements again. Eventually she had 7 paddles, 6 canes, 5 whips, and 4 floggers. She searched the trunk for a written clue, nothing there, then she turned over each paddle to see if there was anything written. She found her next clue on the back of the paddle she had just used. The message was smudged but readable.

It simply said, ‘Count me.’ ‘Oh for god’s sake!’ she groused, she counted the implements again and wrote down the number of each. She ran to the next trunk and put in the number 7,6,5,4. The lock sprang open. She punched the air and threw back the lid. The buzzer sounded and the clock stopped ticking.

‘This is Voyeur number 2.’ A man’s voice came over the speaker. ‘Pain or Pleasure? Choose, you have 3 seconds.’

Elle cringed. ‘Pain.’ She answered immediately.

‘Pleasure it is.’ He said in return.

‘Go to the cage, kneel on the floor in front of the door and face into the main room. You will see 4 blocks on the floor, place your ankles and arms on the blocks put the blindfold on and wait. ‘

Elle did as she was told, fully aware of her clamps once again as the chain attached to them swung low between her breasts and pulled at her distraught nipples! She positioned herself as instructed and pulled the blindfold down over her eyes. She felt restraints close around her ankles and wrists much the same way as the cage restraints had. She heard a door slide open to her left and heard footsteps walking towards her. Another sound filled her ears, it sounded like the cage was rattling? It was, the front of the cage slid on runners into the side wall and she was completely exposed once more to the voyeurs lecherous gaze. She was blissfully unaware of her new predicament and quickly stopped worrying about the noise when she felt the cold lube being liberally applied to her tight little ass. Oh fuck! No! Then she heard something heavy being dragged across the floor and it stopped behind her.

Her heart was pounding, she heard the chuckle over the speaker from the voyeur as he giggled and said, ‘Now please!’ The tip of a dildo pressed against her tight little bud and she jumped, it continued to press in lodging just inside her ass and forcing her to relax and open up to it to stop the painful ache, just as she opened up to its thrusting it withdrew from her ass slowly, only to return a little faster and go deeper each time. The pressure inside her ass built and her pussy hummed with excitement at the large intrusion next to its sensitive walls.

‘Increase the speed!’ The voyeur shouted over the speaker. The machine was turned up and Elle was suddenly being ass fucked hard and fast by a machine. The dildo was huge and she moaned deeply. This was too much, she was going to cum she couldn’t fight against this and the clamps. Her pussy was contracting tightly with every thrust, her nipples throbbed heavily and her clit felt like it might explode this time. She had to do something to distract herself, anything! She forced her eyes open beneath the blindfold and dragged horrid images from her time with her ex-husband and she imagined it was him fucking her. She killed her orgasm stone dead in a heartbeat and rode out that ass fucking until the timer went off and the machine was removed. She breathed a sigh of relief as she felt her punisher wipe her clean with a wet wipe and she was stupidly grateful for the small gesture.

She was still attached to the floor and blindfolded.

‘Brace yourself darling, it’s time for the pain you requested!’ The voyeur giggled over the speaker. ‘Now!’ he commanded her unknown torturer.

The crack of the bull whip sang behind her and she spun her head around towards the sound, before she could process what she was hearing, the first lash hit its mark straight across her bottom. She screamed as the whip bit into her bruised flesh and heat sprang up everywhere at once. The second lash landed across her sit spot and she howled loudly, swearing profusely, her pussy lips caught the tip of the whip and the pain exploded deep inside her pushing her completely over the edge. Her orgasm spiralled out of control and rushed through her on a hot tidal wave of sensations and she groaned deeply as her whole body shuddered and rocked, as the third lash landed she squealed and came so hard she felt her juices rush forcefully from her pussy and down between her legs, she was mortified. Thorn was right about her, she was a pain slut!

Quite suddenly everything stopped, she heard the machine being dragged across the room and she heard the door slide shut. She heard the rattle of the cage again finishing with a bang.

Her restraints clicked open and she pulled her blindfold off immediately and then removed her clamps. She looked at the clock through her tears and noted without surprise that she had lost 15 minutes from her time. She was royally fucked and her ass was now throbbing along with her bottom and clit and nipples. Her pussy lips stung where the whip had caught them. She was in a world of pain, covered in sweat, aching everywhere and still had 6 trunks to unlock and 8 tasks to get through… and only 25.28 on the clock…

To be continued…

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

17 thoughts on “Top Hat & Tails (Part 6)

  1. Oh Gemma, now you drop your mask.
    Until now I thought you were a special British woman with a certain affection for pain and spanking.
    Now I realize, and I’m glad to say, that you are a real pervert. With a love for perversion, exhibitionism, pornography and sadism.
    this is the perfect script for an Oscar winning love movie.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Oh this comment made me laugh out loud Christian! So nice of you to notice all of my wonderful attributes all in one comment! Including the script comment, I am a script writer in my vanilla writings! LOL
      Can I safely assume you enjoyed this chapter Christian? Perhaps you and Pia could do an escape room along similar lines? That would be so much fun for Pia! 😈💋💎

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I will talk to Pia about it.
        But before that, I must get permission from my goddess Anna. Pia will definitely leave marks on my body.
        This is only possible with the consent of my beautiful wife.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL Storm, I’m not sure I know where my mind goes, but I do like it a lot when it gets there! Our girl is in a world of trouble where I’ve left her, I can promise you a lot more goes down before the end of her time in the room… 😛 xxx Glad you enjoyed it Storm! xx

      Liked by 3 people

  2. You are a GENIUS, my wildly naughty friend! No one could come up with something like this but you. I am so impressed by your talent and your wicked imagination. And I must say… I wouldn’t last five minutes in something like this! I’d have already given up on the game and still be pleasuring myself on the wand! XOXO

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah that wand… anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this series so far, so I can’t see it ending any time soon. There are so many rooms to play in! So many ways for Elle to learn new aspects of her personality, so many ways for Thorn to explore her curiosity… Glad you’re enjoying it Nora 😀 xxx

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Now that’s an idea… I’m sure I could come up with something, but I would be coming to you for background information. A D/s setup is not in my wheelhouse on a personal level, I’ve dipped a toe in but took it straight back out again lol. I’m far too opinionated to be submissive on a day to day basis! Once I have the basics though, I’ll be letting my imagination loose and we’ll see where we end up! 😛 xx

      Liked by 2 people

      1. TH & Ts is D/s in it’s makeup, it’s as far as I can go drawing on my own experience, which is why Elle pops out of submission frequently lol. I can’t keep her in there because it jars with my own thought processes.
        A BDSM escape room story is more doable because of the pain/pleasure principle, not to mention all the bondage stuff, I want to play the mind fuck game with the characters too which would make it very confusing, very very hot, as well as painful for the escapee. Most escape rooms I looked into seem to be single rooms, but I have this idea brewing in the back of my mind that is taking root. Watch this space, if it does come to fruition, it will be password protected and only my most loyal friends and commenters will have access unless people sign up for access to it.

        I had over 300 visitors reading this series yesterday and just 3 likes? Thankfully 3 from my die hard loyal people and personal fan club lol, (I love you all for that wonderful consistency of support.)
        I’m not ‘like’ hungry, but just a thumbs up would be appreciated from the rest of the readers! Especially when I know so many people are visiting and reading! Normally this stuff doesn’t bother me, I write for my own enjoyment on WP but I think I may have the workings of a novel here and I need feedback from the people who are reading as to whether they would buy the book or whether I would be wasting my time. I suppose based on visits and views alone, I could take that as positive feedback albeit a silent one. I guess I would just like to hear from at least some of them what it is that keeps them coming back for more. If in fact it is them coming back! It’s just very frustrating sometimes.
        Meh, I woke up on the wrong side of an empty bed this morning and found it jarring. I was needy and couldn’t play because someone has gone off to work early! Funny how quickly one gets used to not sleeping alone!
        Anyway! Back to your comment briefly, in my head there is only a very thin line that separates D/s from BDSM, it’s all interconnected dependant on levels of need, what drives a submissive into subspace, what keeps the submissive in subspace and what they can handle in terms of accepting punishments. In a lot of cases people have said that full on BDSM is a hard limit and spanking is their end limit. Other submissives I’ve spoken to will take things a lot further and like the idea of being tied up, caged, called names etc to get them into subspace. where do the Dom’s/Dommes want their kink to end, where are their hard limits set, they have to be completely comfortable with the state of play because they are obviously charged with the continual supply of domination to feed their submissive’s needs. It has to be a cohesive fit between partners, that’s when writing about it gets sticky for me. My imagination will have them doing all kinds of things, pushing boundaries and so on where in real terms that just simply would not happen. It’s some very thin lines that separate, and deciding where one kink ends and another begins can be confusing for a writer who doesn’t subscribe to either kink in full lol. I would describe myself as a hedonist so basically I am without borders. I will cross over where my curiosity takes me and come running back to safety if I don’t like it too lol.
        It doesn’t really help me here because I am always aware that I could be upsetting someone in either the D/s or the BDSM community by depicting their kink in a certain light that just doesn’t fit.
        I’m rambling, I needed sex this morning and had to settle for coffee… I’m gonna stop talking now lol
        Love you Nora 💋😈💖

        Liked by 3 people

      2. LOL… I had to read this a few times…there is a lot going on in this comment! First, don’t let the lack of likes get you down. I totally hear you on that. While I have some regular commenters too (thank you, my sexy friend!), it is nothing in comparison to the actual foot traffic to my blog. As kink bloggers, we have to respect that most people feel more comfortable remaining anonymous when viewing our salacious content…that’s just the way it is. Second, you absolutely have a book idea here, Gemma! Personally, I would stop sharing it here on WordPress for free and lock it up (but please please please let me be one of your testers!). What you have already shared here can be the teaser once you have published it. Third, how dare he leave you this morning without sex AND coffee. Girls like us need both! LOL. Make him pay for that when he returns 🙂 I love you, sexy Gemma! You ROCK, girl! XOXO

        Liked by 1 person

      3. LMAO I was in a grumpy mood this morning Nora, so sorry, I went off on one mid way through my thought process! Trust me payment will be extracted when he returns! Such a rude awakening this morning! I was not a happy bunny lol.
        I am seriously considering locking up the rest of this series, of course you will be one of my test readers. I couldn’t leave you hanging like that!
        I know lots of people are leary of admitting they read our stuff, I get that, it doesn’t normally bother me at all. I get the views and count those. I’m putting it down to, this girl was NEEDY this morning and had no one to play with. It causes all kinds of misfires with the delicate balance of my fighter brain LOL I have been a little snappy and snarly all day! Oops. As far as I’m aware, I left no trail of bodies in my wake though! 💋💋💋💎

        Liked by 1 person

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So, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself hard, I have spanked others even harder! I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the hot steamy bits, and plenty of spanking still to be had! But this time I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one...

Life of a Kinky Wife

Marriage with a Twist

E J Frost

Love in the Margins

Rope & Roses

- A Journey of a Kinky Nature! Adult Content

Jaye Peaches

Enticingly kinky - BDSM Erotic Romance

Flicker of Thoughts

Love to write!

The Poet's Love Letter

Expressions of love and hope

Finding Strength in my Submission

Sharing my authentic self (for mature audiences only, NSFW)

Nude Alexis

My Journey To Experience The Naked Life


4 out of 5 dentists recommend this site

Liz BlackX

Author of Anything Erotic

Succulent Savage Says...

Tales from a collared babygirl

Erica Scott: Life, Love and Spanking

Ruminations, opinionated observations, darkly humorous blathering and the occasional rant from an outspoken spanko and unapologetic attention wh--, um, hog.

A Submissive Wife

Exploring Kink as a Monogamous Married Couple

slave shae

My Submissive Journey in a Life of D/s Slavery


Alles dat je ooit wilde weten over billenkoek...

Pandora Spocks

Author of Erotic Romance

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