Tom – Day 6 of 7 (part 3)

Graham’s 50th Celebrations! Party #1. (cont)

The party was in full swing, I had had two glasses of red, and I was relaxed! Who knew I could do that? Go me! Yeah, yeah, I know two very large glasses of red wine will do that for you. I didn’t care, the adrenalin rush I had every time someone new arrived was enough to scare the effects of the alcohol away! I was stone cold sober AND I was relaxed. I hate parties!

Anyway, a noisy debate between 4 of Graham’s exes was currently occupying everyone’s attention in the room . The subject was who had taken the harshest/longest caning from Graham in one session. They were batting numbers back and forth and I was laughing at them trying to out do each other. Tom and Todd (Gray’s partner) were grimacing at the numbers they were throwing around like gold medals! Graham chose that moment to come in from mingling in the other room, he leaned down and kissed Todd briefly before he sat down and joined in with the debate.

‘You’re all wrong you know.’ He said as they tried to one up each other. They fell silent and I chuckled, I knew that tone of voice, it could strike fear in the heart of the fearless, even Tom broke off from his conversation with Todd to listen.

Jason jumped up and waded in bravely, ‘No I’m not Gray! I took 24 full strength no holds barred strokes in one session from you and a paddle spanking that lasted for 15 minutes! I could barely sit down for two weeks! Everyone else is max 20!’ Jason is a pouter, and he pouted beautifully as he stood there, hip cocked, arms folded and lips pouting. In someone’s world, that look may have got him away with murder, in Graham’s world, it was more likely to earn him a swift caning! Everyone held there breath waiting to see what Graham would do next.

He laughed out loud at Jason’s posturing and then quite suddenly turned it off and said sternly, ‘Sit down Jason, you have no claim. None of you do. There is one person in this room that outranks all of you, and let me tell you, I spanked and caned her on two consecutive nights, full force, no holds barred. And just so we are clear, she took 24 strokes the first night and 30 the second night plus a strapping and a 45 minute spanking with a number of different implements!’

See me? I’m sitting there innocently scanning the bloody room for this awe inspiring woman with a no limits pain threshold! I was having flashbacks to the many canings and spankings I had taken from Graham over the past few years and my bottom was tingling with remembered pain!

Everyone was looking around for her! Tom burst out laughing as he caught Gray’s eye!

‘What’s tickled you?’ I said surprised.

‘Oh Gem you are priceless baby! He’s talking about you and you’re sitting here looking for the woman he’s talking about!’

‘Me?’ I squeaked! yeah it’s a thing, I squeak sometimes. I don’t know what that’s about, but it’s the only way to describe how I sound. And then I remembered! (See : An explanation (of sorts) and a shock! and Two Alpha Males, One Spanking Machine and One Very Sore Bottom.)

Graham was laughing now too. He came over and pulled me up to my feet and presented me like a prize fighter at a heavy weight boxing championship fight! ‘I present the winner of the Highest pain threshold in Graham’s stable! Gemma, darling, take a bow.’

I was crimson with embarrasment as I looked around at the four men staring at me in open mouthed shock.

I mumbled something and then immediately sat down so close to Tom I looked like I was trying to climb inside him. His big arm came around me and hugged me to him.

‘Not doing well under the microscope baby?’ He muttered, as he hugged me.

‘I’m just bloody embarrassed is all.’ I said a little sulkily. Tom twisted a little so he could see me properly, ‘Look at me’ he said quietly.

I raised my eyes to his. ‘do not go into a sulk lady, or we will be having a chat with you over my knee in the other room.’ His voice was stern enough that I snapped out of my sulk and smiled at him. ‘Sorry baby.’ Yeah, I know, submissive aren’t I? Ha! I just know when to quit sometimes is all!

Jason and the others changed the conversation to other things and the room resumed its general babble. I relaxed again. It was a good party, there was a room for every different kind of person to be in and have a good time. Those who wanted to be raucous were encouraged to go out on the deck and party wildly out there with the music cranked up high. The rest of us had the run of the house, there were at least 150 people there so there was plenty going on. A large group of people joined us in the main lounge and suddenly I was being squashed between Tom and a very large lady who had taken up two cushions on the sofa!

Within minutes she was patting her hand on my thigh and stroking my leg. I stared at her meaty paw as she stroked my thigh. ‘I saw you earlier when you arrived with the beefcake. You look gorgeous darling, that dress hugs your bottom beautifully! Just ripe for a firm spanking!’

Oh fuck!! Not a chance in hell!

I tugged Tom’s arm, ‘I want to sit on your lap baby,’ I whispered, I’m getting crushed and propositioned!’ He looked down at me laughing at my wide eyed scared bunny stare.

‘You want Gem?’ He said with a raised eyebrow. I caught his meaning and swallowed my pride, ‘I mean please may I?’ I stammered out hurriedly, the woman’s paw was now groping my behind and squeezing my right cheek hard! He smirked a little at my immediate capitulation and he nodded. I hastily stood and he parted his long legs, I chose the leg furthest away from the meaty pawed lady with the lewd suggestions and groping hands!

I sat down with my legs dangling between his and my hip and thigh resting along his groin. I was far enough away from her now and was happy! She less so but she smiled at me and winked, ‘I don’t mind a threesome gorgeous, he looks like he can handle himself too.’
My face must have been an absolute picture because Tom burst out laughing as he turned to her and said, ‘Come on Gloria, behave yourself, you’re frightening my lady!’ She grinned at him, leaned across and planted a big smacker of a kiss on his mouth and then got up and did the same to me!

‘It’s the red under the dress gorgeous! It’s like a written invitation to do naughty things with you and lord knows I would be happy to do Tom too, anytime he wanted!’ With that she walked away laughing, hopefully onto her next unwitting victim!
‘That was all your fault you know!’ I said as I poked him lightly in the chest. He raised that infernal eyebrow at me again ‘How’s that?’ he said.

‘You told me to wear the red under the dress! You knew this would happen!’ I feigned a pout.

He grinned unrepentantly as his fingers brushed the side of my breast in slow strokes. ‘Got you on my knee though didn’t it?’

I laughed and wriggled a little on his lap, pussy was definitely awake now and Tom growled as he buried his face against the side of my neck nipping the sensitive skin there. ‘Keep still woman!’ He muttered as he wrapped his big arms around me. I smiled a wicked little smile that made his voice turn husky.

You’ll pay for it later baby, I promise.’ His eyes were predatory again and I revelled in his hot stare. His gloriously hard cock was now throbbing beneath my butt cheek and pussy was singing along to the beat. Things were definitely looking up!

And then Stuart came in. I froze like a rabbit caught in the headlights! I had convinced myself he wasn’t coming. It was after 9pm, I figured he would come tomorrow night with his wife instead.

He stood in the doorway and cast a lazy glance around the room until his eyes rested on me.

‘Gemma!’ He boomed across the room. Tom’s head snapped up from my neck and I could feel every muscle in his body tense.

‘It’s just Stuart’ I said, much more calmly than I felt.

‘I know, I met him earlier this afternoon.’ He said tightly. He didn’t miss my look of surprise. I had no idea they had met each other, which led me to wonder what the hell had been said that had obviously resulted in keeping Stuart away from me for the past 2 plus hours!

Stuart strode over to us and pulled me from Tom’s lap into a giant bear hug. ‘How are you darling?’ He asked pulling away a little to look at me. ‘You look good enough to eat in this dress! Very daring style for you!’

I extracted myself from his hold and sat back down on Tom’s knee. I ignored his comment about the dress and answered with a very polite, ‘I’m good, how are you?’ My insides were doing somersaults and I could feel myself trembling. Tom sat up straighter and loosely wrapped his body around me protectively,

Stuart’s eyes narrowed at Tom’s possession of me but he kept it surface. ‘I’m great darling, are you here tomorrow night too? I’ll be bringing my wife with me to that party. You’ll love her! She reminds me a lot of you except she’s probably better behaved.’ He said laughing at his own snide remark. He thought he’d scored a hit. I could see it in his face, he thought he could upset me. Callous bastard was in for a shock!

I smiled a huge relaxed smile and said, ‘I’m so happy I finally get to meet her! I confess I did wonder why there was no invite to the wedding after 25 years of friendship, but hey I understand, you obviously took the easy road out! I believe you’ve met my partner, Tom?’ I looked between the two men and continued smiling.

Fuck you Stuart! I thought. and I wondered when he had gotten that mean streak. Tom sat back and pulled me with him so I was almost laying on his big chest. My trembling stopped and I suddenly realised I didn’t have anything to worry about. I leaned in and kissed Tom full on the lips and he responded beautifully. By the time we had broken the kiss Stuart had left the room.

The rest of the evening went by in a blur of laughter and recounting of spanking stories, as one by one each of Graham’s exes gathered around Tom and myself to ask about that spanking and caning session. Graham happily filled in the missing details from my account and then held court as he regaled us all with his many spanking and caning stories. He stopped short of talking about Tom’s brief but painful experience with him. I think we were both relieved about that.

By 1am I was dropping asleep on Tom’s chest and he rumbled something to Gray about taking me home. I barely remember getting back to my house but I do remember, in glorious detail, what happened once we closed our own front door.

But, that’s for part 4.

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So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

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