Payment in Full!

(A Stranger Spanking Story.)

“Will you tell her?” Sasha nudged Erica and nodded at Mandy.

“Not a chance in hell I’m telling her.” Erica huffed. “She wouldn’t believe me anyway!”

“Well she isn’t going to believe me, she doesn’t even like me!” Sasha countered.

“She just takes a while to get used to new people that’s all Sash,” Erica defended Mandy, “anyway, if I tell her, she will have a monumental shit fit on my head and I can’t deal with that right now!” Erica was adamant.

“Fine!” Sasha rounded on her, “I’ll tell her, but don’t ever ask me to do anything for you!” She groused and stomped over to Mandy.

Mandy was literally hanging off Eddie making cow eyes at him and laughing at everything he said as he leaned nonchalantly against the bar. Sasha approached them and watched him undress her with his eyes. She shivered, no mistake he was a fine piece of ass, but he was a complete slime ball and he was going to pay for cheating on her new friend.

“Mandy? You got a minute sweetheart?” Sasha asked her, smiling coldly at Eddie.

“Sure, what is it?” Mandy asked disinterestedly, still wrapped around Eddie’s magnificently sculpted body.

“Umm, privately please?” Sasha caught Mandy’s eye with her own and nodded to the far corner of the room where Erica was sat watching them.

She sighed heavily but peeled herself off Eddie’s frame. “Be back in a minute sweetheart,” she murmured against his lips. He smiled and made a deliberate show of ownership by catching her chin with his thumb and forefinger and pulling her back to him for a full kiss.

“Take your time babe, I’ll be waiting.” He said as he released her. He cast a scorching look at Sasha who was watching the interaction closely with a mix of jealousy and wanting clearly etched on her face. He smiled knowingly at her behind Mandy’s back, his eyes laughing at her, he knew she wanted him.

“So what do you need to talk to me about that is so secret Eddie can’t be part of the conversation?” Mandy drew Sasha’s attention back to her as they walked over to Erica’s table.

Sasha’s mouth went dry at the prospect of telling her what was going on, but she was committed now, she had no choice and no back up plan to suddenly switch to something less explosive.

“I don’t know how to tell you this so I’m just gonna say it, Eddie’s cheating on you.” She blurted out and then waited for Mandy’s reaction. It didn’t take long.

“What?” She stopped dead in her tracks as she stared at Sasha. A moment was all it took for the shock to be replaced by outrage as denial kicked in. “That’s a terrible thing to say! How could you? He wouldn’t cheat on me!” Her face had gone pale and she looked like she might burst into tears at any second and suddenly Sasha felt awful.

“I saw him with another woman at Catz club last night. She was draped all over him for most of the night. I’m really sorry, I just thought you should know. I’m so sorry…” Sasha mumbled.

Mandy stared at her, anger etched into her face, “What did she look like?” she demanded.

“Why does that matter?” Sasha asked surprised by the question.

“Because it could have been a family member or an old school friend or something, and not what you think! Eddie knows lots of people!” Mandy shouted, she was grasping at straws and she was going to grip them all until the last one broke.

“Blond, huge tits, tiny waist, so slim you have to hate her, long legs, tanned and buff. What else do you need to know? What colour lipstick she was wearing? For fucksake Mand, I wouldn’t stand here and tell you he was cheating if I thought there might be another explanation! By the way she had her tongue thrust down his throat, and he had his hand up her skirt! If she’s a relative then just EWWW it is so wrong on every level I can’t even begin….” Sasha drove her point home coldly.

“STOP IT! I get the picture, no need to ram the details down my throat!” Mandy shouted.

Sasha was frazzled, “You bloody asked for them!” She snarled back and turning on her heel she stalked off to the ladies room to compose herself. Shit that was so bad, she felt like such a bitch but it had to be done.

A moment later Erica ran into the ladies room, “Sash, you gotta come see this, Mandy just went fucking postal on Eddie. She kneed him in the bollocks and he’s wailing like a baby on the floor. She’s dumped his pint on him too!”

Sasha ran from the ladies room just in time to see Mandy storm from the pub and Eddie struggle to his feet with the help of two of his mates. He saw Sasha and snarled at her, pointing a finger at her, “You’ll pay for this you fucking bitch! You should have left it alone!”

Sasha flipped him the bird and calmly walked out of the pub after Mandy, with Erica running behind her trying to catch up.

“Oh my god Sash, you better stay well out of his way he’s fuming!” Erica chattered as she ran to catch up with Sasha’s long legged stride. Sasha stayed silent, the thunderous roar of adrenalin running through her head was too loud for her to hear what Erica was whittering on about and she tuned her out.

Sasha sped up to catch up to Mandy. Erica wailed for her to slow down, teetering on her impossibly high heels she finally gave up and stopped to take them off. Suddenly she was at Sasha’s side and passing her, “Thanks for nothing, you know I can’t walk fast in these!” She waved her shoes at her, Sasha shrugged and continued her speed walk. Erica caught up to Mandy first as she ran the last of the distance in bare feet.

“Mandy, wait up!” She panted, as she drew closer to her and the other woman slowed down enough for Erica to draw level with her.

Mandy was sobbing, tears mixed with mascara ran down her face creating an ugly clownish look, and Erica pulled her in for a giant hug. “Oh Mand, I’m so sorry, I told Sash she should leave it alone but she was insistent that you should know.”

Mandy let out a fresh stream of tears on a loud wail, “She should have just kept her big mouth shut for once!”

Wisely Erica remained silent. Mandy was on a roll now. “That bitch just broke my heart and robbed me of Eddie, the only man I ever loved and I will never forgive her! I bet she did it on purpose! I’ve seen the way she looks at him, panting after him like a bitch on heat!” Mandy ranted, extremely unfairly and so loudly that it would have been impossible for Sasha to have not heard every single word.

Sasha lifted her head and stood stock still in the centre of the pavement. Really? This was her fault? Well for fucksake, that’s what you get for trying to save someone the pain of having their man cheat on them!

Sasha squared her shoulders and stormed up to Mandy and Erica and waded straight in. “Y’know, there is only so much shit I am prepared to take over your boyfriend all but fucking some other woman right before my eyes. You can think what you like, but don’t even consider speaking to me again I am done with the pair of you.”

She spun around and stormed off to the taxi rank, climbing into the back of the first cab in the row.

“Catz club please.” She said to the driver and then sat back fuming at the injustice of it all. The driver kept glancing in his rear view mirror at her as he drove. “You okay?” he asked politely.

Yeah she mumbled and then the tears began to fall, silently rolling down her cheeks.
“Wanna talk about it love? It might help!” He said kindly.

She nodded and began talking, more to herself than to him. “It just isn’t fair, Eddie hit on me two weeks ago and I would have done just about anything to get naked with him but my stupid sense of loyalty to my so called friend stopped me from just taking what he was offering! Now I wish I had just gone ahead and fucked him stupid! I couldn’t have come out of this situation any worse than I have already!”

The driver nodded and grunted periodically as she poured out the whole sorry saga to him. He pulled up just short of the club and slid into a parking space on the car park. He turned the engine off and turned in his seat to talk to her.

“Listen, for what it’s worth, you did the right thing, at least you have a clear conscience, and it sounds like this Eddie bloke is a complete tool anyway. Men like him never treat women right. They always think they are entitled to do what they want and will be forgiven for it.”

“Yeah well, that’s because he will, be forgiven, I mean. She will take him back you know, she says he’s the love of her life, god help her. I just don’t get how all this is my fault! I was looking out for her!” Sasha wailed full of self pity and righteous indignation.

She took a breath and looked at her captive audience. He was quite nice looking, not in the Eddie way, rockstar good looks with a killer body, but just kind of nice and easy on the eyes. “Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked out of the blue. More curious as to how he would treat them than for any other reason.

“Ha, my job doesn’t really allow for girlfriends. They get all bent out of shape at all the different perfumes I go home smelling of and I get accused of all kinds, so I don’t really bother with relationships these days.” He grinned at her in a what the hell kind of way that made her grin back and just like that she felt better, not to mention the curl of attraction unfurling in her tummy at his grin.

“I suppose you’re waiting for me to pay you so you can get on to your next fair.” She muttered a little flustered by her reaction to him. God she really needed to get laid! She lowered her eyes and fished around in her purse for his money. “How much do I owe you?” She asked as she pulled some notes out of her wallet.

“Um, that’s the thing,” he grinned sheepishly at her, “I’m not actually a taxi, I had to pull over to take a phone call when you got into the back of my car. You were in such a state I didn’t want to make you feel worse by pointing out the mistake.”

Sasha’s head snapped up, “You’re not a taxi? Oh my god! How stupid can I be? Oh my god… I’m so sorry… I just thought… ” the realisation of what she had done was rushing over her and her embarrassment kicked in on full power! She risked a peek at his face to see if he really meant it and wasn’t just trying to wind her up. She looked on the dash for the meter, there wasn’t one.

“I’m so sorry! I just thought…” She muttered again.

“I know you did,” he said smiling. “It’s fine, don’t worry about it. I want to ask you something though, you said you would have done just about anything to get naked with Eddie, is that right?”

Sasha coloured up immediately and nodded, “Yes, but I promise you I didn’t do it. I admit I fancied him rotten, but he was with Mandy and whether she likes me or not I wouldn’t have cheated with her boyfriend! Why are you asking me that?”

He thought about what she had said for a moment, Sasha waited wondering where he was going with this.

He shrugged, “It just makes me wonder, is that why you told Mandy about the woman at the club?” He was frowning slightly as he spoke.

Sasha’s eyes widened as she thought about what Mandy had said a few minutes ago, almost the exact same thing. Had she done this because she fancied Eddie? No damn it! No she hadn’t.

“That’s not fair,” she defended herself heatedly, “I did what I thought was right, my conscience is clear. I may have fantasized a little… well okay, a lot… about getting it on with him, he is gorgeous after all, but I honestly would never have done that to her. Besides, it’s a mute point, she kneed him in his bollocks and I’m pretty sure he blames me for it. Chances of me ever getting laid in this town again are hitting a big fat zero as we speak. Everyone knows everyone round here, and if you piss of one of them you piss off all of them. I am officially this month’s pariah until someone does something much worse and the heat is off.”

Sasha slumped back in her seat and crossed her arms over her chest and hugged herself.

Her non taxi driver sat watching her for a moment, “Do you feel bad for the way things played out tonight?”

She nodded mutely, she did, she felt awful.

“Why do you feel bad?” He asked.

“Just… because I didn’t really have to say anything at all, Eddie would probably have been caught out by someone else and all of this could have been avoided if I had kept quiet. I wouldn’t be sat in the back of your car pouring my sorry life out to you, I would be sat in the club having a drink and a dance and looking for someone to take home for some fun later. Instead here we are!”

“So this is about you and your missed opportunities. Not about Mandy and her broken heart.” He stated baldly.

She shook her head, “You’re trying to make me sound bad, I am not a bad person. Mandy was always going to have a broken heart, Eddie was and is cheating on her. She was going to find out eventually, better she hear it from a friend!”

“I’m not trying to make you sound like anything… what’s your name anyway?” he smiled.

“Sasha” she mumbled.

“Nice name.” He said, “Mine is Liam. As I was saying, I’m not trying to make you sound like anything, you’re doing that all by yourself. All I’ve heard you say so far is how badly done to you feel and what your losses in this situation are. I admit, you did try to do the right thing, but it seems to me your reasons for doing it are shady at best. You seem to be obsessed with getting laid and have contemplated to the point of fantasized about fucking your girlfriend’s boyfriend, and failing that, picking up a random bloke and taking him home! You need some discipline in your life. You need to realise that there are always consequences for not paying attention to details and not thinking things through properly. Honestly, if you were a friend of mine I would be hauling you over my knee for a damn good spanking right now.”

Sasha’s head shot up and her eyes went wide with shock, “did you just say you would spank me?” she squeaked!

Liam nodded and sat quietly waiting.

“How dare you say I need discipline. I am perfectly capable of paying attention to the details and seeing things through properly! I am very disciplined!” She spat out.

“Is that right?” His eyebrow shot up in a questioning look. “So then, explain to me again, how it is you are sat in the back of a locked car with a perfect stranger who is not and never has been a taxi driver nor is his car a cab?”

Sasha stared at him suddenly mute.

A moment passed before she stammered out, “I… well… I was in a mess, I mistakenly thought you were the front of the cab queue … but you never said you weren’t a taxi and you were parked…”

He shook his head. “No, I wasn’t, I was parked in front of two empty parked cars in the public parking, the taxi rank was three cars back.”

Sasha had the good grace to look suitably embarrassed at her flaky behaviour. “Well okay then, I suppose I didn’t pay enough attention to which car I was getting in to, in my defence I was upset and I just wanted to get away from those two bitches!”

“Bitches they may be, but by your own admission you behaved rather bitchily when you described the woman to Mandy, and now selfishly wish you hadn’t said anything because of how it turned out for you. Can you see why I think you are undisciplined and deserve a spanking?” Liam pushed his point home.

Sasha’s face was a study in embarrassment and humiliation. Liam was right, she had behaved like an utter bitch to Mandy and all because she was jealous of her having Eddie. She raised sorry eyes to Liam, “Oh god, I know you’re right, I do deserve a spanking, but it doesn’t matter anyway because I don’t have anyone who cares enough to take me in hand like that.” she admitted in a quiet voice.

Liam nodded and smiled at her. “Well you do now Sasha, and this is what we are going to do about it. I am going to drive you home and on the way we are going to discuss your wayward behaviour and what I feel would be a fitting punishment for it. As long as you are in full agreement with everything I have said, when we arrive at your home we will get straight on with the business of spanking you. Be prepared for me to spank you until I know you are truly remorseful young lady, and I won’t stop a moment before I know that to be the case. Do you agree?” Liam’s voice was full of authority and Sasha found herself responding to it on a subconscious level. She had always wanted to know what it felt like to be cared about enough that someone would take the time to discipline her, it looked like she was about to find out.

She raised her eyes to his and said, “Yes I agree.”

15 minutes and many, many admissions of misdeeds later, they arrived at Sasha’s house. For the first time she began to feel nervous butterflies in her stomach, she was suddenly very unsure about going through with this and was about to back out when Liam took the initiative and gently assisted her in to the house.

He had read the situation perfectly, “I promise you Sasha, nothing other than what you have agreed to will happen here tonight. You are in control of this situation. You have photographed my drivers license and my ID card for work and you have my address and phone number too. We have discussed your safe word and if you use it I will honour it. Now, are you ready to take your punishment like a good girl?” He asked quietly as he closed the front door behind them and stepped directly into her lounge.

Sasha was trembling from head to foot but something deep inside her pushed her to go for it. Yes he was a stranger, but he had been very open and forthcoming with his information, besides he hadn’t been looking to pick her up, she had climbed into his bloody car. He hadn’t dragged her into it! She had dragged men home with her for rampant sex with less knowledge of who they were than what she knew about Liam now.

Deep down she knew she wanted this, she would never be brave enough to ask for it from anyone else and Liam was offering it to her right here right now. It was probably the most reckless thing she had ever done. Finally she looked him squarely in the eyes, chin lifted bravely, “I need this discipline Liam, I know I do. I’m ready.”

Liam smiled at her, taking his time, he removed his overcoat and top jacket and placed them over the back of the arm chair, Sasha couldn’t help but notice the muscles ripple beneath his plain white shirt, my god! she thought, he is ripped! Her pussy reacted immediately to his maleness and she squirmed a little as she felt her juices soak her panties. Oh boy! He was sure to notice how wet they were… would he spank her for being turned on by his discipline too? She hoped so…

“Remove your coat Sasha and then I want you to come over here and position yourself over my knee.” Liam instructed her as he sat in the centre of the sofa and waited.

Sasha did as she was told, removing her overcoat and placing it next to his on the armchair she turned and walked over to him. With some trepidation she lowered herself down across his knees. Her fingertips touched the floor as she reached out to balance herself. Her toes were pointed and barely skimmed the top of the carpet beneath them. Her tight miniskirt was stretched to its limit with her in this position, her breasts were trying to escape the confines of her balcony bra and blouse, and quite suddenly she felt utterly humiliated and exposed in a way she had never experienced before.

Liam rested his hand on her bottom as he spoke to her. “I will begin over your clothing just to warm your bottom up. This set of spanks is for upsetting Mandy unnecessarily this evening,” He began spanking, slow steady spanks on alternate cheeks, heavy enough that she could feel them through her clothing, but not enough that they had much impact on her, she began to relax into it and was beginning to enjoy the sensations he was creating. She wriggled a little and mewled as her pussy began to wake up, my goodness this was turning her on so much!

Liam noticed immediately and smiling to himself he allowed her a moment longer to enjoy this short pause before the real spanking began. He continued over her skirt for a few more minutes remonstrating with her in his deep modulated tone, Sasha squirmed as his words seeped into her brain and scorched her conscience. She had been horrid this evening, there was no two ways about it. She wriggled and tried to shift her position as her bottom began to feel slightly uncomfortable at the heat building up. Liam tapped her once on the shoulder and said, “stand up and pull your skirt up above your hips then assume the position again.”

Sasha did as she was told and slid her tight skirt up above her hips feeling utterly exposed to his gaze her face as pink with humiliation as her bottom was with spanking, she positioned herself once again over his knee.

Her boyfriend panties did nothing to hide her bottom or protect her rosy cheeks and Liam took a moment to admire the pretty pink glow settling in on those gorgeous globes of creamy skin.

She has a bottom made for spanking, he thought as he took a moment to stroke and cup those lovely rounded globes in his big hands. It had been such a long time since he’d had the opportunity to give a woman a sound spanking. His previous girlfriend had not been interested in this kind of discipline at all and had screamed the house down when he had tried to give her a playful spanking. It wasn’t long afterwards that they had split, and it had been a while since he had bothered trying to find anyone else.

Sasha was a gift he was not about to squander. He took his time, spanking each cheek a little harder as he began his remonstrations about her behaviour, getting into his car, assuming he was a taxi driver, as he spoke his spanks became firmer and she began to cry out as they landed much more sharply now, creating ripple waves where his hand connected with her bottom, accompanied by her yelps and squeals, he felt himself harden in excitement at her glorious reaction to his discipline. My god this woman was made for him. He took a moment to peel her panties down over her bottom and she squealed in protest and made to grab for them. He spanked her bottom hard twice and she gave up the fight before it had begun. “No Sasha,” he said, “I told you this was going to be a bare bottom spanking and that is exactly what I intend to give you. If you try that again I will spank your thighs as well as your bottom. Believe me young lady that will hurt more than you can imagine.”

Sasha sobbed and dropped her head. He was going to know how turned on she was now, there was no way to hide it. He could see everything clearly. Her humiliation was complete. What on earth would he think of her now? It suddenly struck her that she cared very much what he might think and for the first time she felt real remorse for the way she had behaved this evening and with him too.

As he spanked harder and faster she began to cry, honest tears of regret and remorse, mixed with pain as each spank bloomed heavily under her skin and her bottom stung sharply with each smack.

“OWWWWW! OUCH!!! OOOOOHHHHH!!!! I’m sorry Liam, truly OWWW!!! I am very sorry for the way I behaved… OW OW OW OW!!!! Mandy didn’t deserve to be treated so poorly by a friend, and I should be more careful who I take home with me from the club, OWWWW!” She cried out woefully.

Liam slowed his pace a little and began to pat her thighs lightly with his fingertips, she jumped at the contact there, his fingers strayed across her pussy lips and he felt the wetness coating them.

“Oh Sasha, you naughty, naughty girl, is this spanking turning you on? This is supposed to be a discipline spanking young lady, a punishment. Not something for you to get turned on by, we are going to have to spank you a lot harder now because of this.” His tone told her he was very disappointed with her and she hung her head in shame at her own wantonness.

LIam was in his element now and he unloaded a volley of sharp fingertip spanks across her pussy lips coupled with sharp heavy full hand spanks across her creamy thighs until they were a deep red matching her hot red bottom, Poor Sasha yelped and squealed at the new onslaught of hot sharp stinging pain and she howled for him to stop.

“Oh god please Liam I am so …OWWWWWW …that really hurts!!! I am SORRY!!!! Please Sir!!!!” She squealed, and quite suddenly he stopped spanking. He was grinning from ear to ear. He hadn’t been called Sir in so long and his heart soared at the sound of it ringing in his ears.

“Well now young lady, I do believe you have finally learned your lesson and made payment in full for your bad behaviour. Come up now and sit on my lap and let me comfort you for taking your punishment like a good girl should.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir,” she sobbed through hiccups as she scrambled to her feet and quickly dropped herself down into his lap and sobbed loudly, he wrapped his big arms around her tightly and hugged her to him as he soothed her, whispering all sorts of nonsensical endearments in her ear as he dropped gentle kisses on her forehead. She sobbed quietly for a while more and then relaxed completely into his hold as the throbbing in her bottom stopped being unbearable and started to become hot and heavy and intense. She wriggled at the change in the pain and he recognised the moment instantly. Her wriggling brought her bottom directly into contact with his large erection which was very prominently displayed along his thigh under his slacks.

Sasha looked up at him with hungry eyes and saw her own desire reflected back in his eyes. He lowered his mouth and stole a kiss from her, slow, measured, paced, allowing her the opportunity to withdraw, but of course she didn’t. Why would she? He was perfect for her…

As the kiss deepened all thoughts of the Eddie’s of this world melted away and she was filled with only Liam.

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

11 thoughts on “Payment in Full!

    1. This has been in the drafts for the longest time, I had no idea where it was going either until this afternoon. Turns out it was always supposed to be about someone getting a good sound spanking! Who knew! LOL Glad you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 3 people

      1. never a truer word spoken my naughtiest sexy friend! I believe my brain is hotwired to write spanking stories! It’s been a long time since I just focused on spanking alone. I enjoyed it!
        After saying that, the next post is returning to the escape room in Top Hat and Tails and there is so much naughtiness going on in that segment it will make you squirm on your seat! (Hopefully) and you haven’t seen the last of Sasha and Liam yet either, they are going to be linked in to the Club too. Things are going to get interestingly hot this year I promise! πŸ’ŽπŸ’‹

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I will be looking forward to it, my naughtiest friend! Your stories are a GREAT distraction from my life right now. Reading them, feeling turned on…helps me feel like me, if that makes sense. Your writing is such a gift, Gemma ❀


  1. Dearest Gemma, thank you so much for this end of year gift. It makes me feel very hard on the one hand, and on the other hand look confidently into the new year.
    Here’s to a wonderful 2022 for you and your loved ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh Christian, I have missed you my naughty friend! Here’s to you and your loved ones, I hope you have a wonderful 2022 too. There will be plenty more naughty stories for you coming soon… πŸ˜› πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’Ž


  2. I really really really am a masochist lol. Once again reading this at work, all hot and bothered lol. Yeah I’m really going to deserve that waxing on my appointment this afternoon. I so hope there is more to these two in the future

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  3. Hi…
    Sorry, been MIA for ages, sorting bits and pieces out (it’s Woodsy, as I was in my old blog, and still not got round to the new one)…
    This was…
    Beautifully, ouchily written.
    Story that leaves ouchies tingling in its wake.

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