Karla’s Journal – Tables Turn

Karla and her two escorts returned to the Institution, Jeff returned Karla to her cell and was immediately relieved of duty by the female warden who was waiting for her inside. Jeff knew better than to question Sharon, she was a first class bitch with all of the male wardens, he didn’t need his life making difficult. He bowed out and walked away whistling tunelessly. Karla sat down on her bed and waited, she hated the woman, she’d had enough run ins with her to know that Sharon always got what she wanted and would take delight in making sure she humiliated Karla completely if she kicked back in any way.

She closed the cell door and turned to Karla. ‘Strip, now!’ She demanded.

Karla stood up and began undressing, she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it slowly, then released the fastener on her skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor and pool at her feet. She bent to retrieve it and then standing slowly she folded the garment and placed it neatly next to her blouse on the corner of the bed. Sharon’s eyes ran over her semi naked body hungrily and Karla shivered in distaste.

‘All of it bitch, don’t think you’re keeping a bra with underwires! Panties too, you wear the regulation ones just like everyone else.’ Sharon’s voice was gleeful as she systematically stripped Karla of her identity and brought her down to drab and dreary in less than a minute. Karla complied without hesitation, it would be futile to argue with this woman.

As she took in every inch of Karla’s naked body displayed before her Sharon made a small grunting sound and moved towards her, taking a pair of latex gloves from her back pocket as she approached. ‘Contraband check, you know the drill, hands against the wall and spread your legs.’ All this was said in time to the sound of latex gloves being snapped into place. Karla positioned herself and let her mind take her somewhere, anywhere else, anywhere except here with this horrible woman.

A moment later she felt rough fingers invade her pussy, four fingers pushing inside her as far as they could reach and Karla bit her lip to stop herself from crying out. She would not give her the satisfaction of knowing she had hurt her. The probing went on and on as the warden warmed to her task, ‘you might as well relax and enjoy the only fuck you’ll probably have in years bitch!’ She pumped her fingers in and out a good few times before she withdrew them completely.

As the fullness disappeared from her insides, Karla let the tension roll from her shoulders and made to move away from the wall.

She was immediately shoved back into position against the wall with a hand between her shoulder blades. ‘Oh no, we aren’t done, you have more than one hole bitch, bend over and touch your toes, keep your legs spread and my advice is, relax your asshole because this is gonna hurt.’

Karla dropped forward and complied with the instructions, this nasty bitch had just gone on Karla’s mental ‘to do’ list. She would never be safe again.

The woman thrust two fingers deep inside her ass without lubrication and she hissed at the stinging and burning sensation the assault had created. Once again the warden took her time probing as deeply as she could with her fingers, taking great pleasure in Karla’s obvious discomfort.

‘You know, all the male wardens want to screw you bitch, they all want 5 minutes with the ‘wonderful Karla’ but you ain’t all that, whining at a couple of fingers in your ass. Now your pet guard dog Kevin is dead, I wonder what noises you’d make if I decided to fuck you proper girl? Maybe we’re gonna find out before too long!’ Sharon laughed loudly against Karla’s ear and sent chills of disgust down her spine.

Karla couldn’t help herself, ‘Fuck you, you ain’t got nothing I haven’t had before and done by better, do your worst, I will remember it I promise you.’

Sharon cackled loudly as she continued her furious probing of her ass until finally she withdrew and wiped her fingers across Karla’s bottom. She removed her gloves and binned them, then turning she grabbed Karla by the back of her hair and pulled her head back roughly. ‘All done sweet cheeks, get dressed, and tie your hair back I don’t want to see it down again, understand?’ She sneered in her ear and shoved her head forward against the wall as she stepped away from her and out of the door.

Karla was manic instantly, undiluted fury washed over her as she stood before the washbasin and filled it with scorching hot water. She dumped a flannel and liquid soap into the water and sank her hands in to it, the pain from the heat counteracted her fury and she felt herself begin to calm down. She lifted the wash cloth and wiped her face, her neck, her breasts, anywhere Sharon’s eyes had touched, Karla scrubbed herself clean with the flannel and hot soapy water until she had scrubbed everywhere except her pussy and ass.

She emptied the sink and refilled it with fresh scorching hot water and began the ritual all over again, first cleaning her pussy inside and out and then scrubbed her cheeks and ass for ten minutes until she knew she was clean again. Her whole body throbbed from the heat of the water and she revelled in the pain as she pulled on her orange jumpsuit, she would not wear those regulations panties, she couldn’t bear the idea of them against her skin. She grabbed the elastic band Sharon had provided and pulled her hair back in a ponytail. She was Karla the inmate once more.

Six weeks later…

Reports had filled the nightly news for weeks about the woman found strangled to death by her husband in her home. As the police deepened their investigation it became apparent that Karla had been his victim too, she had just been able to retaliate and her crimes were now being called self defence by her lawyer.

Doctor Peel saw an opportunity to release himself from the trap he had found himself in with Karla and swore an affidavit to say Karla was of sound mind and her previous attack on her ex-husband had been an isolated moment of insanity borne of the trauma she had been subjected to over her 5 year marriage to Philip Stanton. He neglected to mention the stabbing of a guard with her bra underwire. He erred on the side of caution on that, who knows what Karla would say in her defence? Best to keep quiet.

Karla was being released back into the wilds of civilisation with a huge pay-out for wrongful incarceration. She was on her way, and she had a list, but she had one last thing she had to do before she left this hell hole. Jeff.

He had been kept well away from her since her return from her day trip, he was never on duty on her wing and even Doc Peel had reduced the amount of meetings they had to just one meeting since their return.

None of that mattered anymore, she was getting out, being released, her sentence overturned a clean slate. Oh my goodness, it couldn’t have worked out any better if she had done Philip instead! Every time she thought of him sitting in his prison cell wondering how the hell it had all happened and screaming his innocence from the roof tops she got turned on so hot she wondered if she would cum just from thinking about it.

Sharon had gone on the sick after suffering a bad fall on the stairs on Karla’s landing while escorting isolation inmates downstairs for their daily outdoor time. The fall had left her with a severe concussion and no memory of what had happened. Funny how people could lose their balance on stairs they walked up and down every day. Just goes to show, it could happen to anyone! Jeff would be on the rota this evening.

Karla sat on her bed and watched as the clock turned 7pm behind its protective grill on the wall, she began banging on the door, she knew it wouldn’t take long for a warden to come, if it wasn’t Jeff she would just ask them for bags for her to pack her journals in. A simple enough request.

She heard the keys on the other side of the door and stepped back and sat down on the bed. Jeff appeared in the doorway and grinned goofily at her as he gazed at her glorious breasts popping out of her jump suit.

Karla’s face lit up with pleasure at the sight of him. ‘Jeff! I thought I wouldn’t get to see you again before I leave! I’m so glad you’re on duty this evening!’

He remained by the door but his eyes roamed over her, ‘I was shocked at how quickly it all got turned around for you Karla, I’m right pleased that you get to go home at last although I’m sure you’ll be missed here too.’ He was blushing.

Karla walked over to stand in front of him, she took his arm and pulled him inside the cell, reaching around him she closed the door, ‘they had to switch off the cameras in here since it was decided I was here wrongfully Jeff, and we never did get to finish your education before we got back from the hospital visit.’ She tugged at the ties on his scrubs and watched his eyes go wide as her fingers grasped his cock and began stroking him slowly. She smiled a cat like smile as she lifted his hand and placed it on her breast. He needed no further prompting, he groaned and dropped his mouth to her waiting nipple and sucked it between his lips clamping his teeth around the hard little nub.

Karla smiled at Jeff’s willingness to forget his upbringing and religious teachings when presented with a nipple he could play with. She continued to stroke his cock for a few moments until precum glistened on it’s head, dropping to her knees she took his thick cock into her mouth and lavished attention to it’s length, sucking it in to the back of her throat and letting it sit there as she fondled his balls, he groaned and bucked against her shoving his cock further down her throat then grabbed the back of her head and held her there until she gagged. He released her momentarily, and she pulled back, she raised her eyes to his and what she saw almost stopped her dead in her tracks, he had a small smile playing across his lips but his eyes told their own story, he was dominating her.

Apparently her virgin boy had been doing his homework, she gasped as he grasped her hair and began fucking her mouth, forcing himself as far down her throat as he could before she gagged only to withdraw and then thrust forward again. Her eyes streamed, her face was red from choking, her mouth dripped spittle and he laughed as he fucked her on and on.

She felt his muscles tense and his concentration deepen, he pumped harder and faster until he groaned loudly and shot his load in her waiting mouth, filling it, forcing it down her throat, she swallowed, he gave her more, still pumping, still groaning, hips grinding against her mouth as she dribbled his cum down her chin, her eyes streamed tears and she coughed and swallowed some more and still he pumped.

Finally he was spent and he pulled out of her mouth, yanking her to her feet by her hair with one hand while the other tugged at her jump suit, she assisted and dropped the ugly garment down her body until she stood naked before him. He grunted as he grabbed a handful of her breast and squeezed, he smiled at her and leaned down to kiss her, Karla turned her head away and he caught the side of her mouth. The move shocked him and he pulled back.

‘What’s wrong, am I being too aggressive?’ He asked, suddenly hugely unsure of himself again.

Karla rushed to reassure him, ‘No, Kissing’s for you and your girl Jeff, not for me. That way you can be honest and say you’ve never kissed another girl except her.’ Karla let him down with a reasonable excuse. The reality was, she didn’t want to kiss him, she wanted to fuck him.

Jeff nodded and then looking sheepish suddenly he grinned, ‘so you don’t mind me being forceful with you?’ He questioned her as his fingers stroked her clit back and forth making her mewl with pleasure. She shook her head, ‘be as forceful as you want Jeff, try it all out on me before you introduce it to your girl.’

Jeff laughed a little, ‘Oh she’ll take forceful, she believes that her husband is to be obeyed in all things. If she doesn’t obey, she will be punished. We will be following a Domestic discipline lifestyle. That’s our teaching from our parents and the Church. I just want to practise a little bit first… do you mind Karla?’ Once again he was the hesitant unsure virgin boy and his inexperience turned her on massively.

Karla shook her head, ‘Start as you mean to go on honey and stop asking me, start doing what you think is right, if you go too far I will call red. You must stop if I say red, okay?’

He nodded and quite suddenly she was being upended over his knee and his big hand landed full against her creamy bottom. She yelped and began to wriggle. ‘Why am I being spanked?’ She demanded.

‘Because my new wife will receive spankings from me when she does something wrong. I need to practice.’ Jeff was spanking in time to his words and Karla’s bottom was soon glowing bright pink and she squirmed at the heat he was creating both on her cheeks and between her thighs.

‘That’s not fair…’ She squealed in defiance, she wanted to see how far she could push him and see if he really went for it.

He gripped her more tightly around the waist and hauled her up close to his stomach so he could get a better purchase on his spanks. He pounded her bottom and thighs until she was howling, finally after ten minutes of hard spanking he allowed her off his lap but only long enough to bend her over the side of the bed and spread her legs wide. He took his erect cock and pressed it against her entrance and he pushed the head just inside her and paused. She groaned and pushed back trying to get his full length inside her. A hard sharp slap landed on her right butt cheek and she howled, then another landed on her left cheek and she dropped her head down in submission and waited.

‘Do not take the lead Karla, I know what I’m doing, you will get spanked each time you try to take over, do I make myself clear?’ Jeff was in his element now, play acting the role he would take with his new wife and oh boy, how he would take control!

He gripped her hips tightly and thrust his cock into her warm wet pussy and began thrusting, long hard strokes, she squealed at the size of him as he filled her, she groaned deeply with each new thrust as he went deeper and deeper until she was mewling and sobbing as her orgasm climbed and still he pumped into her, she saw stars when her orgasm broke over her, wrecking her body with great shudders, her legs gave out from under her and Jeff grabbed her ass and continued to pound into her like a piston on full revs. ‘We aren’t done yet girl, I’m nowhere near ready!’ He growled and still he pounded into her.

Karla squealed as another orgasm swiftly followed the first and she soaked them both with her juices, Jeff withdrew and used his fingers to wipe her juices in her ass and over his tip. He positioned himself against her sphincter and with one thrust he was deep inside her ass. She reared up as he gripped the back of her neck and held her in place as he fucked her senseless. Her muscles contracted tightly around him and he tensed and groaned loudly as his cum began to climb to the top, he pumped harder and faster and Karla moaned and pleaded with him as the pressure inside her ass built and her muscles tightened up around his thick cock, ‘Oh god Jeff, fill me please, cum inside my ass please!’

Jeff pumped and then jerked hard against her butt cheeks, slapping them one last time as he emptied his huge load of cum inside her until it began to dribble from her hole and run down between her thighs. Finally he was spent and began to soften inside her. Slowly he withdrew and she collapsed forward on the bed with her ass still high in the air, cum dripping from her, her butt cheeks glowing red and hot as she made little mewling sounds of satisfaction.

Jeff smiled a very satisfied smile as he wiped his cock and pulled up his scrubs, he leaned over to Karla and spanked her ass hard a few times on each cheek before he opened her cell door and walked away whistling tunelessly.

Karla eventually gathered herself together just long enough to crawl into bed and sleep. What a perfect way to end her time in this hell hole, fucked senseless!

Tomorrow she would be free and then the fun could really start…

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

23 thoughts on “Karla’s Journal – Tables Turn

  1. Okay….now that I’ve had myself a cold shower, I can think straight enough to comment on this EPIC segment. Damn, girl….this was HOTTTTTT. I obviously loved the DD stuff at the end between her and Jeff…. I love the concept of a man knowing he is going to be getting married and “practicing” the DD lifestyle on another woman prior to that. After all, he wants to make sure he spanks and fucks his new bride just right. This sentence, “‘Do not take the lead Karla, I know what I’m doing, you will get spanked each time you try to take over, do I make myself clear?’ Jeff was in his element now, play acting the role he would take with his new wife and oh boy, how he would take control!” this sentence pushed all of those buttons for me. How I would love to be the new bride that benefits/suffers from all that practice 🙂

    But most of all, I am just glad to see you back here, and writing again. I have missed you, my friend. Us naughty girls need to stick together!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha Nora! I knew the DD stuff would have you squirming on your seat you naughty girl! It is actually a little nod to you in fairness, I knew nothing about the DD lifestyle until I started to read your blogs and stories, you had quite an impact on this naughty girl’s mind at the time of reading. It’s taken until now for me to find a suitable character for what I had in mind. So, Thank you Nora, you are my inspiration for the DD aspect.
      As far as Gemma is Back, oh yes I am. And with a vengeance, I’ve switched off my landline and gone onto full silence lockdown, I cannot deal with everyone’s problems and keep my sanity so I’m having a writing month to myself! This is the final instalment for Karla’s Journals on here, the next chapter will be the start of her novel. ‘Karla’s Journals’ will become a full Novel, hopefully by the end of the year all being well.
      I have new stories biting me to be told and I can’t stay in Karla’s world and write anything other than her story. It took me over. Time for me to come out to play again. 😛
      I’m looking forward to telling some rather hot spanking stories in the near future. Watch this space … don’t be edging when you read them either, I accept no responsibility for the outcome if you do… just sayin’… 😛
      Missed you too, and I’m happy to be back!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I will be looking forward to all of that, and I am glad to have provided some DD inspiration! For me, there is nothing sexier than a naughty girl being held accountable for her behavior in the form of a good old fashioned spanking 🙂
        Keep that phone switched off and take care of you, my friend! You have definitely earned some “me” time. And, I can’t wait to read your novel one day… I will be the first customer in line waiting to buy it! 🙂

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  2. Damn Gemma. That was hot. Note to self..I must not read you shortly before going to work.
    It seems Karla is becoming institutionalized in a right quick fashion. And in some cases enjoying it. Good story.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi MJ 😀
      I would advise reading my stories at the end of a day not the beginning before going to work. I have another reader who likes to read my stories while she’s at work, she has commented on how hot and bothered she gets while sitting at her desk…
      Karla may seem institutionalized but she is accepting everything and anything in the final few weeks of her incarceration, she knows it won’t be forever, she will be free and out in the world to cause mayhem and quite possibly commit murder … who knows, only time will tell… Glad you enjoyed the read! 😀

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I quite like Karla. There is a sympathy I feel for her and I wait eagerly anticipating where she is going next. She is complex and I cannot get a real good read on her which is awesome because it draws me back again and again.
    I wait for more.
    Excellent writing as usual Big Sis.
    Love you xoxoxoxoxo

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I eagerly anticipate more as Gem writes. She has the psychotic part nailed it is the small small slivers of loss of childlike rage and pain. There is a softer side to her that is only peeks right now. At least that is how I am reading her. 🤓Only time and Gem will tell

        Liked by 2 people

      2. So it will. So it will. Gem writes like 👍 only could hope to. With the sharp edge of a razor blade. The detailed description takes you there. Makes you feel the sting, the emotion. I strive to write like this. I have been thinking of writing a short about Gemma and Nora. Two spanko writers getting together for coffee and one ending up over the other’s lap. Hmm.. maybe.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Hmmm might I suggest you approach us both and ask for permission to do that MJ, or you could find you are the one who is upended and receiving a sound spanking… just sayin’… we are both formidable ladies… 🤣😂🤣😂

        Liked by 2 people

      4. 😅😳 I guess I thought I just was asking. I hadn’t thought of that possibility. 🤔 I wonder what that would be like actually. I have never been the one face down ass up. That is for sure.

        But yes. I suppose a formal discussion about possibilities before pen is set to paper would be apropos. What do you think? Of coarse names would be changed to protect the innocent. 😂🤣 Wait, there are no innocent here. 🤣

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Not back quite as much as I would like to be, life is throwing curve balls here at the moment, Son’s health and wellness at the top of a long list. Looks like things may be settling down a tad now, fingers crossed we are over the hump of it again. You’ll all know when the stories start flying again. 😀 x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I didn’t catch your interruption in writing at all, Gemma.
    I hope your son is well:
    I made the mistake of reading this story in the morning.
    Now, instead of a busy day, it will be another day of enjoying your stories.
    And tonight Pia is coming.


  5. And those of us who appreciate a good ass loved the ending as well.
    Jeff was lucky to have stumbled onto such a willing and well versed instructor.
    That scene had me dripping!
    Now it’s my turn for a cold shower!

    Liked by 1 person

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