A Drunken Confession and a Surprise

I sorted the palace out, locked up and went back in the house and got dressed. I didn’t bother too much with my appearance, Graham had seen me naked anyway, and he was gay so I wasn’t going to impress him with a short skirt a low cut top and a face full of makeup!

I wore a long floaty kaftan that split just above the knee and I set about finding glasses and some nibbles, it was only 10pm and he seemed happy to be calling so late. Might as well make the most of new, fresh company, gay or not.

A few minutes later, Graham knocked on the door and I let him in. He was grinning at me like a naughty child as he produced not one but two bottles of merlot! I already liked him so much more than half an hour ago! This could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

We sat in the lounge, three bottles of wine, ( I had provided one as well) two glasses and a plate full of munchies. After the initial awkwardness of the situation and a glass of red each, we both relaxed and began talking about our recent ex’s. We had more in common than we had started out with that was for sure. Graham’s ex had decided he wanted a normal relationship and he had run off with a woman, mine had decided he wanted male company and had been cheating pretty much all the way through our marriage.

After our 4th glass of wine, (my 6th!) Graham finally asked me about my bruises on my bottom and thighs.

‘I saw them earlier when you turned away to climb out of the hot tub. Have you been in an accident? Those are some whopping bruises you’re sporting!’ He pushed for an answer.

What could I say? Could I tell him I did it to myself? I could lie I supposed, but then I would feel bad. I like Graham, he’s easy company and he is safe! My mouth decided for me in the end and I bluntly told him I had had a severe spanking just over a week ago and my bruises were now beginning to fade. I could tell from his expression he thought I was winding him up and he shook his head and laughed.

‘You almost had me then,’ he giggled (yep he really did giggle) and took another sip of his wine, ‘but seriously, did you have a fall down the stairs or something?’

I was so drunk by now I didn’t care what I told him, so I launched into the whole story of my self spanking journey, my sideways step into a double discipline spanking from the Wilsons, (I changed their names so he wouldn’t know who I was talking about) and then about my latest spanking and why I had been so hard on myself.

He blew out a whistle on a long breath when I had finished speaking.

‘Well darling, you really are fearless and I commend you for trying to discipline yourself, but honestly, if you are going to be spanked you really need to have someone do it, not do it yourself! It can’t feel like a real discipline spanking when you do it yourself surely?’

I nodded my head, ‘yes it does,’ I slurred. ‘I end up every single time in tears and so much pain I swear I’m never having another spanking and then three days later I’m craving one again. I think I have a problem actually, I think I may be addicted to it! And, to make matters worse, I think it’s making me more naughty than I think I would be without it.’

‘Hmm, I agree with you there, you have been very naughty when you’ve been down the garden, flashing me whenever you got the chance! Good god woman, what would you have done if I had been a straight man who was horny?! You could have found yourself in a whole different kind of trouble!’

That was the first time I had thought about possible ramifications from my flashing actions! I was horrified with myself and I burst into tears of shame immediately. Being very drunk helped actually, I’m okay as long as I don’t have too many drinks, but once I’m drunk my emotions are all on the surface waiting to pop out.

‘I know you’re right Graham, and I’m really sorry for flashing you, I will put it at the top of my transgression list for my next spanking!’

‘At the top of your what now?’ he asked looking surprised.

‘My transgressions list. I make one every week, all the things I should have done and didn’t, anything I did that I shouldn’t have and all the tasks I failed to deliver on, then I work out a list of punishments for each one!’

‘Oh honey, you have got to show me those lists! Please can I see them? This is absolutely fascinating!’

I wobbled upstairs and retrieved my transgression confession notebook and brought it down to him. I handed it over to him and then sat and ate almost all of the nibbles while he read my book of transgressions.

At the end of it he put it down on the sofa between us and was quiet for a few minutes. Then he got a wicked gleam in his eye and he looked at me mock seriously.

‘You do deserve a very firm spanking for your behaviour down at the hot tub you know. You were a very naughty lady indeed. If I had been straight…’ He left the rest unsaid.

I was immediately contrite again, ‘I know, I know, I promise I will punish myself for it and I promise it will be a very hard spanking. I know I deserve one for what I did.’

‘Hmm, I still don’t think you can spank yourself as hard as someone else could, so I’m going to make a suggestion.’ He paused and looked at me for a moment. I could see he was wondering whether to carry on or not.

‘What?’ I prompted.

‘I’ll do it! He said.

I looked at him sideways to see if he was being serious or not and honestly, drunk or not, I knew that look, I had seen it before, on Mr Wilson’s face when he had told me he was going to spank me. My bottom started tingling!

‘Do what?’ I hedged. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions here, I could be way off base!

‘I think I should be the one to give you a proper spanking, one you won’t forget in a hurry, after all, it was me you flashed and you did it twice on purpose! You are very naughty you know! I think it’s only fair and just that I get to punish you for your actions Gemma, what do you think?’

I sat and thought for a whole minute. He was a big strong man, younger and fitter than Mr Wilson, but he also had a sense of humour too, and I could always appeal to that side of his nature. I nodded my initial agreement and then we discussed the how, the when, the what with and the safety precautions of safe words and the ability for me to trust him. He was so good about it all, I was eager to get going straight away! Graham had other ideas though.

‘I can see why you would want to get it over with quickly, but it’s late, we’re both the worse for wear with the drink and I want your bottom to be nice and creamy again before I spank it. I wouldn’t be able to see my handy work on it right now! I do love to give a spanking you know! It’s one of the things I miss most from my relationship with John. He was very submissive and would bend over at the drop of a hat! Ah happy days!’

So Graham was a spanker! He was a bloody dark horse is what he was! I nodded my agreement that we would wait until my bottom was back to normal and he jotted a note down in my book and signed it, it simply read, I.O.U. a severe spanking when you are fit to take one. Graham.

‘Just so we don’t forget,’ he said smiling.

I laughed and finished my glass of wine and then he left with the promise of a return visit in the very near future.

So, I had my next spanking lined up and all I had done was go down to my hot tub! Apparently I don’t have to look very hard for someone to spank me after all! They seem to come to me, ready and willing and more than able!

to be continued…

3 thoughts on “A Drunken Confession and a Surprise

  1. I think when you are as naughty as we are….the spankos just come out of the wood works! I am very much looking forward to reading about your first spanking from Graham. Is he still in your life?


    • I know! Once the Wilsons lifted the lid on the can, everyone jumped out! It’s like they have radar for detecting a spankable bottom! Gray is still very much in my life, we are great friends, but it has obviously had to be peripherally since covid. He travels a lot with his work so he isn’t around much anyway. He and Todd have a place over in London, they seem to be there more than here these days. More so since Covid, he decided he needed to be where he could gain access to a stable internet connection and mobile phone signal without having to jerry rig signal boosters to pick up a signal from a passing satellite! We really are in the back of beyond. A bit like the land that time forgot! 😀

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