Part 3. Ian’s Story… His Errant Wife…

Part 1. Laura’s Story. Be careful what you wish for…

Part 2. Eileen’s Story… Beware of Consequences…

Ian checked his phone for the third time in 20 minutes. No messages, no missed calls. Laura was late, very late and not answering her phone. Where the hell was she? He had been tracking her phone for over an hour before it finally began to move so why wasn’t she answering it and why hadn’t she rung him? He tried her number again reasoning with himself that if she didn’t answer this time he would contact the authorities. This was so out of character for her, she was always on time, supper was always ready and the table set by the time he came home from work. He couldn’t remember the last time he had walked into an empty house. His gut churned as he listened to her phone ring and ring…

On the seventh ring her breathless voice filled his ears as she picked up. ‘Hi darling I’m so sorry, I left my phone in the office and had to go back for it, I missed my train and had to wait for a later one, I’ll be home in about ten minutes. I’m bringing supper in with me. So sorry! I’ll be there shortly.’ She cut the call off before he could say a word. He pulled his phone away and looked at the screen, she had rung off!

‘Well hell, you could have let me speak!’ He muttered annoyed. He discarded the phone on the coffee table and settled into a righteous sulk in the corner of the sofa, the bouncy brunette TV News reader prattled away in the background as Ian sat and stewed on his wife’s failings. Ten minutes later he had checked the train times, worked out how long it would have taken her to go back to work from the station to collect her phone, then return to the station, there were two trains she could have caught, it was actually the third one she appeared to have taken which would mean she had been occupied elsewhere for over an hour in order for her to be this delayed. Then he retraced her phone tracker journey. It had been stationary for over an hour longer than necessary at her workplace. But that didn’t tie in with what she had just told him, even allowing for her leaving work a few minutes late it would not have been that long! She had left work an hour and a quarter later than usual.

Laura was lying to him.

She chose that moment to come rushing into the house on a blast of cold air, face flushed, carrying his favourite takeaway, and apologising profusely. ‘I’m so sorry darling, I’m such an air head, I had gotten to the station before I remembered my phone, I thought I’d have enough time to get it and catch the second train but it was cancelled so I missed that one too. Supper will be served in just a minute okay?’ She struggled out of her coat whilst juggling the takeaway and her work bag, kicking off her heels and trying to head for the kitchen all at the same time. Ian just sat and watched her. She was definitely flustered, why would she be so flustered over missing a train? He decided to keep quiet and observe her before saying his piece.

He followed her through to the kitchen and together they plated up the food. He carried everything through to the dining table while she poured a glass of wine for them both and came through a moment later. Ian was already seated when she handed him his glass, he smiled, thinly, and took it from her. Laura walked around to her seat and sat down quickly, that was a huge mistake, she sucked her breath in sharply as her bottom protested against the sudden violent assault on its tender places. Ian jumped on it immediately, ‘What’s was that about?’

Laura flapped a hand and gave him a weak smile, ‘oh nothing, I backed into the filing cabinet drawer this afternoon and bruised my butt, it just reminded me that’s all, just me being a clutz again as usual!’ She babbled inanely as she tried to divert him. ‘Do you want egg fried rice or plain rice darling? I got us both…’

Stop it Laura, Ian snarled, ‘just stop it, okay!’

Laura’s head snapped up and her face paled, her mouth frozen open on her next word. She shook her self mentally ‘stop what … I don’t know…’

Ian exploded, ‘Are you having an affair? Who is he? Do I know him? is it someone from work? And don’t sit there and lie to me anymore tonight Laura! you must be seeing someone! Your over an hour late, your blouse is buttoned up wrong, your hair is a mess and you blatantly can’t sit without discomfort! Who the fuck is he Laura, and WHY? Why would you do this to us?’ Ian was ranting now, his face puce with righteous hurt and anger. Laura was stunned into silence, her face white as a sheet, her fork suspended mid way to her mouth.

Finally she stammered a response, ‘I’m not having an affair Ian, honestly I’m not! Truly, I just…’

Ian shut her down, ‘Don’t lie to me! Something is going on and I want to know what it is right now! I tracked your phone, you didn’t leave the office until 6.19pm! You always finish at 5pm on the dot. You always ring me and let me know if you’re going to be running late, or working overtime. What were you doing Laura and who with? I want to know!’ Ian sat back, arms crossed stiffly over his chest, his face flushed with anger, he glared at her coldly.

Laura promptly dropped her fork back onto her plate, put her face in her hands and cried floods of tears. Haltingly she began the very difficult task of explaining just what had taken place that evening.

‘I’m so ashamed Ian, you are going to hate me, but I’m not having an affair I promise, I was being punished by Ms Barton for gross misconduct and wrongful use of work equipment and on work time.’ She faltered and risked a look at his face.

‘Punished?’ He said, confusion filling his face, ‘what do you mean punished? Start at the beginning Laura, and don’t miss anything out, I know when you’re lying to me.’ His anger was still very evident and Laura hung her head in shame at the upset and pain she had caused him.

She took a deep breath and blurted out the whole sorry saga from start to almost finish. She did not tell him about Ms Barton licking and fingering her pussy until she’d had a screaming orgasm. There was no way she was ever telling him that! He would throw her out and divorce her instantly!

She waited, hardly daring to breath as Ian processed what she had just told him.

‘Let me get this straight, you were caught by Eileen, watching ‘Spanking’ videos on your work pc and rather than fire you which she would have had every right to do, she decided to spank you instead? How stupid do you think I am? No boss would violate employee rights in that way! She would be leaving herself wide open to a law suit for sexual harassment! I will say though, you’re obviously getting better at lying, I almost believed you!’ He laughed bitterly and pushing his chair back he stood up. ‘I gave you an opportunity to tell the truth Laura and you still lied to me. There is nowhere else to go with this, I am going to go and stay at my parents house until the end of the week, I expect you to be out of here by the time I come back on Monday.’

Laura jumped up from the table panic stricken, ‘No, please wait Ian, please, it’s not what you think, I am telling the truth!’ she sobbed, ‘I can prove it, look!’ She turned away from him and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor around her feet, she hooked her fingers into the waist band of her panties and peeled them down over her very red and bruised bottom. She bent over the table so her bottom was completely exposed to his gaze. Ian stared in complete shock at the obvious evidence his wife’s bottom had been thoroughly spanked! She was telling the truth! Bloody hell, she was actually telling the truth! He grinned a hugely relieved grin! He could happily deal with this!

Quite suddenly, his anger left him and his cock rose and hardened in his pants as his gaze travelled over the delicious sight of his wife’s very spanked bubble butt! How many times had he wanted to do this to her? Fuck! She was a spanko! His wife was a genuine spanko! That’s what the interest in porn had been about!

‘Why didn’t you tell me you like to be spanked Laura?’ He murmured from behind her as he stepped up and let his hands stroke her hot bottom tracing the welts left by the ruler and the still present heat from the hand spanking. Slowly his fingers worked their way between her pussy’s folds and he allowed a finger to slide along her slick crease and find her clit, he rubbed it slowly and watched as her hips rolled and pressed against his probing finger, she moaned and lifted her head to look over her shoulder at him. Her expression was one of huge relief, ‘You were really angry with me when I suggested watching a little bit of porn together Ian, no way did I think you would want to spank me, I thought you would think I was depraved or something.’

Ian grinned as his fingers slid inside her wet pussy and filled her, ‘Oh I do think you’re depraved Laura, absolutely depraved, I confess, I did overreact to your request to watch porn, but you took me by surprise that night and I thought you were trying to say I wasn’t enough for you. I wish I’d known you wanted to watch spanking porn!’

His fingers were thrusting in deeply now and Laura was having a hard time concentrating on anything other than the huge orgasm that was building up inside her, she desperately wanted fucking right now and in a rare moment of bravery she spoke up. ‘Well you never mentioned you were into spanking either! How was I supposed to know?’

‘Doesn’t matter we know now,’ he said as he began to really work her pussy and clit, his thumb pressing inside her tight little ass adding more delicious pressure and suddenly she didn’t want to talk anymore!

‘Please stop talking Ian and fuck me hard! I am so desperate to be fucked right now…’ She begged pushing down onto his hand and grinding her soaked pussy against his palm.

Ian chuckled and slapped her rump hard on each cheek with one hand as he released his cock from his pants with the other, a second later he had his wife gripped by the hips and he was fucking her for all he was worth!

She howled in delight as he pumped and thrust his cock into her, ‘harder Ian, oh godddd… harder’ she pleaded as she groaned and pushed her bottom back against him, ‘I’m gonna cummmm’ she screamed! Ian pounded harder and faster until he tensed and released his thick spurt of cream deep inside her causing her to shudder and release a flow of her own juices around his throbbing cock. He moaned and continued to thrust slowly now, never letting her settle, keeping her orgasm rolling, he could feel her pussy muscles grip his cock and massage its length before finally releasing it and he slid out of her spent and softening.

Laura remained spread over the side of the table her bare bottom even redder from the new spanks from Ian, big red hand prints now covered her already tender bottom and her pussy dripped with their combined juices, soaking her inner thighs.

Ian cleaned himself up and tucked his cock back into his pants. Laura made a move to stand up. He stopped her instantly. ‘Stay exactly where you are, you will remain in that position until I tell you otherwise. I haven’t finished with you yet.’

He made short work of clearing the cold food from the table and took it all back into the kitchen. His thoughts were running riot as he made the double trip to the kitchen and back, his wife was a spanko! How the hell had he not known that? They had been together since high school! Ian walked back into the dining room and Laura had remained in position as he had instructed, he couldn’t help himself, he just had to spank that bottom, it was too perfect! He laughed at the incredible turn events had just taken and couldn’t quite believe his luck! His gorgeous, gentle little wife was a certified Spanko! It was too perfect!

He stepped up behind her, his thighs rubbing against the back of hers, he placed his hand in the small of her back and rubbed the sweet spot at the top of her cheeks, she mewled in delight, and he delivered a series of sharp smacks to her bottom causing her to yelp as each smack caused her cheeks to quiver and bloom a darker shade of red each time. He continued to run his fingers over her skin, he knew what she liked, he knew exactly how she would react to his probing fingers, but he wanted her to be different now, he wanted her to free herself from their usual pattern of dot to dot married sex on a Friday night, he wanted to change the rules of play. He murmured those words in her ear as he leaned over her and undid his trousers, letting them fall to the floor, his briefs followed quickly and he returned to her resting his rigid cock between the crease of her bottom. Laura had heard him loud and clear, she was more than happy to comply with those rule changes! She twisted around and went down on her knees before him and hefting his cock into her hands she worked his throbbing head into her mouth and began to worship his cock like she’d never done before. Ian was in heaven! He gripped her head and held her firmly against his groin, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth, grazing the back of her throat, leaking precum over her tongue, he watched as she sank him in and out sucking him until he thought he might shoot his entire load into her mouth!

He gripped her head and pulled her off his cock, her eyes flew to his in a startled look, ‘did I do something wrong babe? She asked worriedly.

He laughed, ‘No, nothing wrong, in fact it was amazing, you’re amazing, you nearly made me cum in your mouth though!’ He stroked her face with a finger as he tried to compose himself.

Laura grinned up at him and licked her lips sensually, ‘I was hoping you would… I really wanted to taste your cum!’

The shocked expression on his face was enough for her to bob her head back onto his cock and begin again. This time Ian didn’t hold back, he grunted and groaned, thrust and pumped her mouth until he tensed every muscle and shot his thick cream filling her mouth with it. He watched her as she sucked, and swallowed and then lapped at his cock cleaning it of every single drop of cum.

He helped her to her feet and pushed her back onto the table, spreading her legs wide as he went down on her. Laura couldn’t believe it! He never did this to her! Never! Before long she was groaning and bucking as his tongue worked all kinds of magic on her clit and his fingers filled and stretched her pussy. It didn’t take long for her to climb up to her next orgasm and she was riding him and pushing for release but Ian had other ideas, he lifted his head but continuing with his fingers he began asking her questions.

‘How many times has Eileen spanked you?’ His fingers pumped her pussy, his thumb grazed her clit.

She gasped, ‘just this one time, it was my first ever spanking from anyone, I promise!’

‘Uh huh, I believe you babe, I’m just curious is all, what did it feel like bending over her knee like that and having her pull your panties down?’ He continued to thrust slowly, spreading his fingers inside her, stretching her, tapping her g spot slowly and rhythmically until she was squirming on his hand.

‘It was really embarrassing, all I could think about was she would see how wet and excited I was at the thought of being spanked by my Boss! I felt really naughty!’ She panted out the words between huge gasps and moans. ‘Please Ian, please let me cum!’ She begged.

‘He grinned down at her and shook his head slowly, ‘oh no, not yet, I have so many questions, you will have to answer them all before you can cum.’ He picked up the pace of his finger thrusting, pounding her insides for a minute, pressing against her tight little ass and sinking inside a little, Laura bucked and widened her legs, relaxing her ass for better access and moaned loudly. She was in her own version of heaven right now!

‘What did the first spank feel like when it landed?’ He asked, ‘How many spanks did you take before it really began to hurt? Did you beg her to stop spanking you at any point? How turned on were you? How close did you get to orgasming all over her as she spanked you?’ What did she say about how wet you got?’

Laura tried to answer each question as honestly as possible while trying desperately not to cum at the same time. His questions continued, ‘Will she be spanking you on a regular basis now? Fuck I want to see her spank you Laura!’ He grunted as her answers made him harder than he had ever been in his life! Finally he stopped asking questions, pulled her to the edge of the table and thrust his rock hard cock deep inside her again, fucking her until she had a screaming orgasm and came so hard her pussy muscles gripped his cock in a vice grip and he could barely push against them. It didn’t take him long to follow her with his own release, he collapsed across her and kissed her soundly.

A few minutes later Laura nudged him and he lifted up off her, ‘what were all the spanking questions about?’ She asked curiously.

Ian grinned lopsidedly at her, ‘I was just wondering what it felt like, I’m quite jealous actually, I always wanted to be spanked, but my mum and dad wouldn’t do it, said it was barbaric and they would ground me for weeks instead. I’ve always been curious about it!’

Laura pushed him gently until he rolled off her, ‘well, in that case…’ she said as she slid off the table, ‘I think it’s high time you found out! Assume the position!’ She barked in her most stern voice.

Ian didn’t waste a second, his look of surprise did not hinder his eagerness to comply. Within a second his ass had been presented to her as he bent over the edge of the dining table. A second later Laura landed his first ever spank and she made it as hard and sharp as she possibly could. Before he had time to register any kind of reaction she was spanking him hard and fast across both cheeks and the backs of his thighs until he was howling and yelping and jumping about. Laura was in her element now and pushed him back down, ‘do not move out of position Ian or I shall be forced to take the wooden spoon to you!’

‘Yes Ma’am!’ He sobbed out in a very small voice.

She continued to hand spank him for a good ten minutes until her hand was too sore to continue, he could take much more than that she was sure! ‘Stay in position until I get back, and don’t touch your bottom at all!’ She ordered as she ran off to the kitchen and retrieved the widest wooden spoon they owned.

She hurried back through to the dining room and stopped suddenly to take in the sight presented before her! Her very vanilla buttoned up husband was bent over the table, pants round his ankles, his ass and thighs bright red and glowing and he had tears in his eyes. She was spanking her husband! Oh my god!

‘Oh Ian,’ she murmured as she stepped up behind him and stroked his heated twin globes, ‘this is going to be so much fun…’ as she lifted the wooden spoon and brought it down ‘THWACK’ right across both cheeks! He HOWLED! She giggled and continued spanking him for a good ten minutes more with the unforgiving spoon until he was snot nosed, full of tears and his cock was as hard as a rock and ready for round four!

Laura was grinning broadly, ‘Oh Ian, this has gone from the worst day ever to the very best day of my entire life!’

Ian thought so too, his errant wife had come home with a spanked ass and changed their lives forever!

A stray thought wandered through his mind a little later as they lay cuddled up in bed talking.

‘How did Eileen react to how wet you got from the spanking? You didn’t answer my question earlier.’ He asked more curious than anything else.

Laura shifted slightly and put her head down so he couldn’t see her face.

‘What? Tell me Laura, I promise I won’t be angry, I know everything now. Just tell me please?’

Laura looked up at him her face flaming red her eyes full of worry, ‘she .. umm.. that is… she…’ Laura stammered and stalled.

‘Just tell me Laura! No more secrets!’ He lifted his hand and spanked her bottom once to encourage her.

‘She went down on me and made me cum with her tongue and fingers.’ Laura blurted out the truth in a single breath and then buried her face in her hands. It was all going to go wrong again she just knew it!

‘Fuck!’ Ian was gobsmacked, his wife had gone girl on girl and he hadn’t seen it happen! ‘Wow! I never knew you were into women as well love. Was it good?’ He couldn’t have been given a bigger gift. He had fantasised about this for years! He was grinning broadly at her bowed head!

Laura sat up and stared at him in shock. ‘You aren’t upset about it?’

Ian grinned at her ‘Hell no! I am loving every minute of finding out who you really are Laura, you are one hot and sexy woman and I had absolutely no idea! We are going to have so much fun from now on. What was it like for you? Tell me everything.’ He said as he pulled her across his lap and began smoothing his hand over her heated bottom. She was going to get spanked again and then some!

Laura poured out the tale of the grand finale from the spanking, making sure she left no detail out, timing her words to come out in between the heavy spanks Ian was now administering to her sore bottom.

‘It was the most stunning surprising orgasm I’ve ever had!’ She admitted at the end and laughed as she felt Ian’s cock try to rise to half mast at her words.

Ian grinned down at her as he soothed her bottom with cold cream and gently rubbed and massaged the twin globes until Laura was squirming over his lap.

‘Wow, Laura, what a ride today has been!’ He said quietly.

‘I know, and all because I got caught watching a spanking video.’ She murmured. ‘I would never have expected Eileen to want to spank me though! I thought I was fired for sure! It was why I agreed to the spanking so readily!’ She confessed.

Ian nodded and grunted his agreement and then went silent as he continued to massage her bottom for a few minutes. Finally he asked the question that had been burning bright in his brain for the past half an hour!

‘Do you think Eileen would spank us both Laura?’

Laura lifted her head and gazed adoringly at her not so vanilla husband, ‘if I write it into a story for her, I’m sure she would!’

‘You should ask her tomorrow,’ he muttered as she rolled off his lap and kissed him gently, the pair of them curled into each other and fell asleep smiling.

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

15 thoughts on “Part 3. Ian’s Story… His Errant Wife…

  1. I did not see that coming! You are the master of the “twist”, my sexy friend!!! I am loving this series…so many delicious spankings, and so many characters getting their kinky needs met!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Whoop! The ending seems to have worked for just about everyone up to now 😀 Very happy writer here! Now the question is, should there be a part 4? Should we go on a journey with Laura to find out just what her retraining involves, Will we see Ian take a spanking from Eileen? Will Mr Crossley end up spanking all three of them? I don’t know yet… but maybe…
      Glad you liked it Nora, I am thoroughly enjoying writing this light hearted fun spanking series! They are all just a little bit naughty aren’t they!
      Good thing its not real, there would never be any work done! 😈😘

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Different. Not sure I felt really disconnected with this part. I think it is because you are writing about button down straight lace people who are anything but. Will have to reread and come back to let you know after my second read. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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