Tom – Day 1 of 9


So Tom had brought me close to being back to myself with a sound strapping and hand spanking, hard and fast sex followed by an amazing after care session. I was emotionally spent but physically I wanted more and I was desperate to stay away from the inside of my head.

Fortunately for me, this was Tom. He is always ready for more, regardless of how many times I rode him, he would rise magnificently to the occasion. We barely caught our breath for the remainder of the night. Tom likened it to chasing demons. He would catch one and another would rear it’s ugly head. I didn’t have the heart to tell him we had barely scratched the surface of my demons and I could keep him there forever and we wouldn’t slay them all. Nature of the beast. I can usually lock those thoughts off behind well erected walls and some heavy duty compartmentalising. If I don’t go there, it can’t hurt me. Simple.

Well, obviously I have one rather major Achilles heel and that is my son going away for 10 days! No amount of compartmentalising was keeping those demons locked up and they were everywhere last night.

I’m almost over the walls of fear and I am locking everything down tightly again. Right now, I’m doing it quietly because I have a sleeping giant occupying most of my king sized bed.

The fears have largely receded because I have had a text from the boy to say he’s arrived safely courtesy of Graham, and a text from Gray to say he drove the boy all the way to the Lakes because his train had been cancelled and there wasn’t another one last night! I love that man to death! Which one? Both of them, but Graham is the best friend I could ever hope to have!

Tom chose that moment to wake up.

‘Hey baby…’ he gruffed (see previous explanation for gruffed in Curve Ball.) and I smiled and curled into him as he reached for me.

‘Morning…’ I whispered as I kissed his chest.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and tugged my head back gently so he could see my face, and he searched it.

‘How you doin’?’ He asked as I held his gaze.

‘I’m okay, demons are on lock down again. Everything is under control.’ I smiled as I tugged my head to loosen his hold. He held tighter.

‘Huh, got somethin’ goin’ on in there, can see it in your eyes. Don’t lock me out Gem.’ His tone was firm but not demanding. I could have bristled but there was no point. I tugged my head forward again, he held tighter and the pain spread mildly around my scalp. It felt a bit like one of those scalp massage things with the prongs! I liked the feeling!

‘Promise, I’m all good, maybe one or two wispy creatures still hanging around but nothing to worry about. I’m not locking you out, I’m just locking them in.’ There see? I can be reasonable and reassure him without getting defensive.

‘Uh huh, steel trap in full working order again is it?’ He was definitely pushing.

‘What do you mean?’ I raised my eyes to his, this was no go territory and he knew it. He held my gaze with ease.

is he throwing us a curve ball?

‘Don’t worry, I’m not trying to get behind the trap Gem, I get it baby. Your mind, your rules, You give what you’re happy to give and I don’t ask for more. I’m just gonna put this out there though. I’ve got you. That’s all. You don’t have to be tough all the time.’ There was a matter of fact quality to his tone that settled me even while I had alarm bells going off in my head. I quieted them. I want Tom, plain and simple. I’m not ready to run, I actually like that he gets me.

I grinned at him then and just said, ‘Okay.’

I ran my hands down his chest and across his abs, I grazed my fingers across the tip of his erection and he sucked in a breath. I still held his gaze. He caught my wandering fingers and brought them back up to his chest.

‘Oh no lady, you are missing some vital kit before you get what you so obviously want!’ He was laughing now, see, this is why I like him, he knows when to quit with the serious stuff. I was still confused by his comment though!

‘What kit?’ I asked as I moved my body flush against his so I could press against his erection that way. There’s more than one way to get what I want…

‘That black lace stuff you had on last night, why have I never seen you in it before?’ He was playing me at my own game now, he was still holding both my hands to his chest with one of his but his other hand was gripping my ass and squeezing, hard! I could feel the strapping bruises come back to life and start singing their own ‘ throbbing’ song. I moved my hips and pushed them against his.

‘I don’t wear underwear generally. It’s just something I’ve gotten into the habit of going without since I started on the whole spanking thing. I like it better this way.’

‘So why were you all kitted up last night?’ He stilled my hip movement and made me focus.

I shrugged, ‘Cos the boy was home. I don’t go without when I have him home, it doesn’t feel right, y’know? Besides, I would hate to forget and bend over in front of his mates without my panties on for goodness sake! I could scar them for life! Not to mention embarrass the hell out of the boy.’ I lowered my mouth to his nipple and nipped it between my teeth, not hard, his tolerance for sharp pain isn’t as high as mine…yet.

He grunted at the mild assault and smacked my ass once. ‘Hmm, okay so that makes sense, but… I like you in it. It shows you off beautifully. That curve across your cheek where the panties end? Yeah that’s a sweet spot right there, the other curve I got all messed up in, the cup curve just sitting low across your breasts? Damn baby… that’s hot and then there is the sweet spot at the top of your stockings. Oh baby… that’s my home run calling me!’ His fingers were tracing the places he was talking about and my skin was alive and zinging!

He rolled us then and trapped me underneath him, bringing my arms up and above my head. He held them there. I wriggled and tried to break free, ‘I want to touch you too, let my hands go!’ I wriggled harder.

He grinned, I’ll let you go on one condition.’

I raised a mock cynical eyebrow at him. ‘Oh yeah? what’s that?’

‘You go put that stuff back on you were wearing last night.’ He lowered his head and bit my nipple lightly.

I gasped and pushed my breast up for more attention as I answered, ‘Well, I would, but this really intense guy, he stuffed my panties in my mouth last night and they were soaking wet…’

He laughed. ‘Yeah, that was last night, anyway, I’m guessing you have drawers full of that stuff to choose from. You aren’t the kind of woman who does without choices. I want you in lingerie Gemma.’

‘Is that right?’ I was laughing with him now but Wow, the Tom from last night wasn’t that far away this morning either.

‘You want to see the contents of my lingerie closet baby?’ I gasped out in between groans as he sucked my nipple in his mouth and set his teeth around the hard little nub and nipped, hard. I yelped, groaned and sighed pretty much all at the same time.

‘Sure do, just so long as you model every set you take out. I want to see you in it.’ His fingers were spreading my juices over my thighs, but he refused to play with pussy properly. I gave in.

‘Okay then,’ I grinned and he let me loose. If I was doing this, I was going all out. I slid out of bed and opened my closet, the first set of lingerie I picked out was dark purple and black, I found a pair of black seamed stockings to wear and took my time pulling them on and lining up the seams along the back of my legs. It felt like I was doing a strip tease in reverse! I slipped my feet into my Black stilettos. All out means all out right?

I pulled on the panties, cut high across my cheeks, attached the suspender belt to the stockings and finally put on my bra. I walked slowly across the bedroom and Tom stopped me midway.

‘Stand still baby, let me see you.’ I did as he asked and waited as he dragged his gaze from my breasts down to my pussy. He slid out of bed and sat on the side of it. ‘Turn around slowly.’ His voice had dropped to a husky murmur.

I turned and showed him the back view.

‘Come here.’ His voice was heavy with lust, I walked the rest of the way over to him, stopping before him. he reached a hand out and stroked my stocking clad leg, running his finger over the lace edge of my stocking top, pussy immediately sprang to life, he lifted my leg and placed my heeled foot on his thigh spreading my legs wide in the process.

His fingers travelled from one thigh top across the surface of my panties and across to the top of my other thigh. I moaned a little. He looked at me, ‘You like that baby? You want more?’ He blew his breath across the top of my thigh and a delicious shiver raced across my skin.

I nodded and he gripped my hips with both hands and lifted me so that I straddled him. He ground my lace covered pussy against his cock as he gripped my ass and spanked each cheek a few times. ‘Should have always been wearing something like this for me Gem, I’m making it a new rule for the next 9 days. You will wear a different set each day for me.’

‘And if I don’t?’ I pushed. God I was so excited! This was the Tom from last night, there was a dark edge to his mood. Tom was clearly going to be taking the lead for the next 9 days and I was more than happy for him to do so.

‘If you don’t,’ he murmured against my skin, ‘I’ll spank you hard and long for disobeying me. clear?’

‘Uh huh,’ I whispered as I settled my lips against his neck and nipped him right back. He growled and lifted me, suddenly I was turned around with my back to him with my legs spread around his hips and my bottom raised high. He slapped one cheek fast and sharp and I squealed, then he slapped the other cheek with just his finger tips. Jesus that hurt!

‘Okay, okay! I yelped. ‘I’ll do as you say…I promise!’ He wasn’t listening, his fingers were tracing my pussy lips beneath the flimsy lace and she was catching fire.

‘I am gonna fuck you so hard you’re neighbour is gonna hear you cum! I’m gonna have you all day every day for the whole 9 days.’ I groaned deeply, images were flashing through my mind and I was so damned hot and wet I wanted him right now!

His fingers hooked the crotch of my panties and pulled them to one side, he slid his finger in my pussy followed by another and then another. I lay there hanging over his knees with my hands gripping his calves groaning and bucking up as he fucked me with his fingers. All thoughts had disappeared out of my head.

Tom talked and talked in that deep husky murmur about all the ways he was going to fuck me, all the fantasies he would play out with me, all the while his fingers played havoc with my pussy, his words were setting my mind on fire with the images he was building there. I was desperate to cum, but he knew when I was close every time and he pulled back. Lifting me so he could push his juice loaded fingers into my mouth for me to suck, only to let go and thrust me hard against his throbbing cock, rubbing himself along my pussy but never entering. Oh my god… this was heaven and hell all wrapped up in one man and his fantasy. I begged him to fuck me, I begged him to let me cum, I pleaded and he just grunted low and deep and thrust his fingers back inside me, then withdrew them and played with my ass pressing into my hole and then withdrawing. I bucked up and he pushed deeper. I lifted up and tried my damnedest to turn around to see his face, he slapped my ass and pushed me down again.

‘My turn to play Gemma, my rules.’

He was gone, he was caught up in his sexy little game he had going on and I was his toy to play with.

And play we did, for hours and hours… I believe my neighbour may have heard me cum…

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

9 thoughts on “Tom – Day 1 of 9

    1. I go on google images, type in black and white erotic images and then wade through a lot of porn for the good stuff, then the cropping starts. Less really is more in most cases.
      Thank you though, I think they’ve added something to the story too. x

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      1. Yes, most of them are, you just have to make sure you’re not infringing on copyright etc. I have a disclaimer on my page stating that I will remove any photo if someone recognises it and they want it taken down. I also make it clear that I do not own any of the photos and they remain the property of etc. So far, I’m all good lol no one has lambasted me for using their images. If I have used artwork photography (there is just the one) I name the artist directly under the photograph. It’s the dancer held in a curve. Stunning work! πŸ˜€ x

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  1. I will say though, by the time I have finished cropping the images there is very little left of the original. I really want to just suggest an act not expose it in full, cropping allows for that suggestion and keeps it erotic and not tripping over into porn.

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