A very painful Reminder

So, June stayed the whole weekend and took great pleasure in spanking me into complete submission, completely controlled my orgasms and only allowed me one just before she got ready to leave for home, but conversely spent the whole weekend demanding I give her as many orgasms as possible in return. I was actually relieved when the spanking had to stop because we were no longer alone, but the orgasm demands continued unabated, albeit silently, and the punishment if I didn’t get her there was being added up to be carried out the following weekend. Oh yes, June was on a roll. She had completely taken me over and she was loving every minute of my submission to her. By the time Sunday evening arrived I was absolutely exhausted, mentally and physically. To be fair, I had loved every single minute of my time with her. I have never experienced that level of submission before and it blew my mind! And just…Wow! That woman has so much stamina! By the time she left I was actually looking forward to some alone time and sleep!

Monday morning arrived and Graham texted me, ‘Gem, can you call round to see me if you have time please? xx’ The Boy was out at college all day and I had been contemplating sleeping my afternoon away. I texted Graham back, ‘Can it wait until tomorrow Gray? I’m absolutely exhausted hun, I was just thinking about going back to bed for a few hours. xx’

‘Are you ill? xx’ he asked

‘No darling, just tired! My friend June has been here all weekend and she kept me extremely busy! xx’

‘Oh yes? Busy how?’x He demanded.

‘None of your business! x’ I replied

‘Is that right… now that sounds like you broke some rules Gem. I am no longer asking if you could come round, I am telling you to come round immediately! We need a discussion!’ No xx on that last text meant I was in deep shit!

OH F*@K!! I had forgotten, I was supposed to be on a three day orgasm ban courtesy of Graham’s extra punishments on the certificate he handed me as I was leaving the other day! With everything that had happened with June, Gray had gone completely out of my head. I was in trouble. Deep trouble. There was nothing else for it, I would have to go around and hopefully appeal to his softer side and just explain everything that had happened with June had been a spur of the moment thing.

Okay, so yes, I was living in dreamland, my bottom was throbbing, my pussy was throbbing more and my head was completely fuzzy after being so submissive all weekend. It had been extremely difficult to shake that feeling off this morning and try to revert to my usual fighter brain. June had done a number on me. She was also coming back on Friday night for round two! I needed to get my head together before then!

Regardless, the idea of refusing to see Graham did not even cross my mind. Neither did the idea that he might decide on an immediate punishment. I genuinely thought he would give me a pass once I explained everything.

Yeah… right.

I just saw a pig fly past my window…

I quickly pulled on panties under my dress and slipped my feet into sandals and hurried round to Graham’s house. The front door was already open and I knocked, shouted hello and wandered in.

He appeared in the kitchen doorway, he was on the phone and he beckoned me to come through and sit at the breakfast bar. He placed a coffee in front of me and continued with his conversation. I looked around his lovely kitchen space and wondered where his cane was. It was usually hanging on a hook on the wall by the door but the hook was empty.

Finally Graham ended his call and shut his phone off. He smiled at me, and sat down facing me. ‘Sorry about that, but I had to take that call.’

‘No problem.’ I offered with a smile and raised my cup.

‘So shall we get down to it Gem? How many rules did you break this weekend with your friend June?’ He said it in such a conversational way, I was actually blindsided for a moment and let my guard down. I shrugged my shoulders and looked down at the floor.

‘Please don’t bother lying to me Gem, we both know I can see right through you darling. Come on, out with it.’ He was smiling, this was good, wasn’t it?

I coloured up, he was right of course, I am shit at lying, I can’t do it, I look guilty even when I haven’t done anything wrong and I knew it was pointless me trying to lie to him. he would cross examine me later and I would blow myself up. I might as well come clean now and take what was coming to me. My bottom was throbbing so much anyway today, I didn’t think it could feel any more pain than it was in.

I took a deep breath and launched into a full and detailed explanation of how June had sprung a visit on me, dropped a bombshell about Stuart, how in a drunken moment I played with her breasts and how that had led to her hauling me over her knee for the spanking of a lifetime. I then went on and gave him graphic details about the whole lesson in submission weekend with her and how I had only been allowed just one orgasm before she left. I ‘forgot’ to mention the one I had had over June’s knee when she had played with me during the spanking, I talked about the level of humiliation I had experienced with her and the levels of submission she had taken me to. I was also honest enough to admit that I had loved every second of it. I then told him she was coming back next weekend to do it all again.

Graham sat silently listening carefully to every word I said and he waited to speak until he was sure I was finished. I raised my cup and drank my coffee with apprehension running through my entire body making it taught as a tightrope.

‘So, I will start with an apology of my own,’ he said. ‘When I told you on Thursday that Stuart had met someone, I knew he had just gotten engaged to her. I didn’t want to drop that on you without any warning so I watered down the information and thought I could drop the engagement news in a few weeks. Obviously I didn’t reckon on someone else telling you. You were vulnerable and I put you there, so for my part in that I am sorry. Obviously, until she dropped that bombshell you were pacing your drinks, I know you when you’ve had a couple Gem, it doesn’t take long for your inhibitions to disappear so I completely understand how this whole weekend took the turn it did. You were drowning your sorrows, and in your case, drowning them in carnal relief. I can’t punish you for that. I feel like I caused it somehow.’ He paused and took a sip of his drink. I knew better than to think that was all there was to it. I was right.

‘What I am going to punish you for is not telling me about June before now, the fact that she wanted to spank you should have made its way back to me before she arrived on Friday. We have already agreed I will be undertaking your discipline from now on. Once again, you have been free and easy with who you allow to spank you. I find it disrespectful that you could not be bothered to ask for my approval first.’ Now he was beginning to sound cross.

I tried to speak then, to defend myself, to say I hadn’t agreed to him being my spanker, he had taken it upon himself to assume that role again. None of those words came out, he held his hand up and silenced me before I could utter them.

‘I am going to give you six with the cane over your dress and panties. I assume you have panties on today?’ Now he was being matter of fact with me, that never bode well for my bottom.

I nodded quickly.

‘I don’t want to see June’s handiwork overlaying mine which is why it will be over your dress. But, and you had better remember this Gemma because if you don’t it will end badly for your behind; you had better schedule June and myself a lot better. I will not take second place spanker position with you again. June will have to defer to me. I want a plump cream bottom each week when it comes to your discipline meeting with me. You will follow my rules before June’s and you will seek my express permission before you take a spanking from her or allow yourself sexual release because she said you could. If I have placed a ban on it, that overrides everything. Do I make myself clear?’

Now that tone of voice had me quaking in my panties! Damn, I was in big trouble here.

Then his words really sank in and the complicated ramifications of what he said hit me full on. F*@KING HELL! My head was about to explode with all this! I wanted desperately to tell him he couldn’t be my disciplinarian, I wanted to shout at him for not telling me the truth about Stuart in the first place, I wanted to rant and rave and throw things and scream at him that he didn’t own me and I would do as I damn well pleased.

I never said any of it. I just nodded my head and verbally agreed with every word he had said, completely submissive once again.

‘Lounge Gemma. Over the desk please and lets get those six out of the way shall we?’ He stood up and headed for the lounge, I reluctantly slid of the stool and followed him, I felt like I was in a fog, an automaton who had no control over themselves. Truth is, I didn’t. I had given it away to June and now to Graham.

I dutifully assumed the position over the desk and I heard him swish the cane through the air to test it. I jumped at the sound but didn’t move out of position.

I waited, and waited becoming more anxious by the second when finally the first stroke cut through the air with a whistle and then landed cutting deeply through the flimsy material of my dress and my panties. I yelped but held, ONE I shouted, the second came a moment later and landed across the back of my thighs, I cried out in shock at the instant burning sensation that exploded on my thighs. TWO I cried out.

I felt him step up close behind me, and I felt my dress slide up over my bottom to be laid in the dip of my waist, he peeled my panties down to my knees and I wanted to protest, he had said over my clothing?

Before I could say anything he spoke behind me. ‘She’s very good Gemma. She actually managed to continue the pinstripes from where I left off. Very neat job. I think you can give me her contact details before you leave here today. She and I will work quite well together I believe.’

My head popped! WTF?? Double teaming? AGAIN??

The third stroke when it came landed full across both cheeks and burned and bit deeply into my very sore bruised bottom and I cried out loudly, THREE I screamed quickly before the next one landed. Four landed across my sit spot and I jumped up howling and grabbing my thighs and danced on the spot. He gave me one second before he pushed me down and into position again, he flipped my dress up and brought the cane full across the centre of my cheeks, FOUR he said. I got it, I hadn’t counted and now I got it twice, FOUR I screeched. Five came swiftly across my sit spot again and I howled in pain as I screamed out FIVE. Six came diagonally to the other 5 and landed plumb across all of the cane welts. Gated again. SIX I wailed and stood up quickly, instantly rubbing my cheeks and thighs. Graham laughed at the mutinous expression on my face as I glared at him.

‘That wasn’t what we agreed Graham, you said it would be six over my dress and panties!’

He smiled benignly at me, ‘Well then, I guess we’re even. You didn’t keep to our agreement on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I figured it gave me room for manoeuvre today.’ He smiled at me wickedly, and patted my behind.

‘Be a good girl Gem, it’s in your own best interests darling. Cover up and get going now, I’m going on a date this evening and I don’t want to rush getting ready.’ He left the room without another word, I pulled my panties up and made sure my dress wasn’t caught up anywhere, I scribbled down June’s email address and I got the hell out of dodge.

My head was spinning with everything that had just happened. My bottom and thighs were throbbing wildly, reminding me once again what a bloody idiot I can be!

I was back to two lively spankers/disciplinarians and my backside was on fire! What the hell had I just agreed to? What the hell was wrong with me anyway? One spanker is more than enough for any sane person. I cannot for the life of me understand why I didn’t speak up and say no to Graham.

I consoled myself with the idea that the chances were quite high he wouldn’t want to continue spanking me if he got in with this man he was seeing tonight.

I crossed my fingers and sent up a shout to the Universe to cut me some slack.

There’s that pig flying again…

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

2 thoughts on “A very painful Reminder

    1. Tell me about it! Those two apart are enough to deal with but together? OMG my ass might never recover. They do get along famously even still, I’ll say that for my spanking friends, once they realise the shared interest in spanking my bottom they become life long friends!


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