Tom – Day 7 of 7 (Part 3)

Tom wasn’t done with me yet. As he continued to kiss me his big hands palmed my bottom under my skirt and he squeezed both mounds at once. He broke the kiss and I whimpered against his mouth. ‘Don’t stop please.’

He chuckled against my lips, his breath warming me, ‘I think we need to take this to the bedroom baby,’ he whispered, as his long fingers slid between my cheeks and began to probe. I was squirming against his fingers and felt his cock respond to my wriggling. He was recovering rapidly. I didn’t want to go to the bedroom, I wanted him here now, on the kitchen table. I shook my head at him and whispered, ‘table please’ in a small voice. I didn’t want this turning into a discipline issue either. Plain and simple I wanted him to fuck the life out of me on the kitchen table with the neighbour watching and listening over her fence.

Tom raised an eyebrow at that. ‘The table? That’s gonna be a rough fuck baby, no soft space anywhere and it’s on full view.’ He said quietly, but it had gotten his attention, his eyes were heavy with lust. He wasn’t above showing off his fine ass and smooth hip action to an audience either.

I slid my hand between our bodies and cradled his balls, cupping them, squeezing them lightly and rolling them in my fingers. If I wanted this man’s instant compliance I had learnt it was not a strict voice that worked best, it was this. He became putty in my hands if they held his balls. Simple but very effective. I heard a breathy moan from outside and I smiled a wicked smile at him.

‘I want an audience.’ I whispered.

He groaned and his thick cock rose to attention beautifully against my belly, ‘You’re playing with fire Gem.’ He ground out between clenched teeth. His fingers were tangled in my hair and tugging my head back so that I had to look at him. I was in such a strange head space in that moment, dreamy and almost disconnected, like I didn’t quite belong inside my own body.

‘I want her to see.’ I whispered.

He growled low and deep and lifted me up by my ass and settled me on the edge of the table. His expression was dark and predatory as he pulled my T shirt off, dumping it on the floor with his own discarded clothes. My breasts tumbled free and he filled his hands with them, squeezing one and gripping the other tightly. I winced at the sudden pain and then a small moan escaped my lips. He pushed me down onto the table and I braced my legs against his chest as he pulled me onto him slowly until his cock was embedded deep inside me. I groaned and tightened pussy’s slick walls around him, clenching and releasing him, lifting my hips to push harder against him. I gripped his arms trying to grab hold of him to draw him closer but he had gone into his own head space again and that half curled lip told me exactly who was in control of this and it wasn’t me.

Tom laughed at my puny attempts to pull him closer, he locked my gaze with his own watching my face as he released my breast and brought his fingers to my throbbing clit, rubbing his rough thumb pad over that engorged little nub, impaling me on his rigid cock, I bucked as he pinched my clit and rolled his thumb again, then pinched it. He smiled a wicked smile and continued his onslaught. I was growling and panting as he thrust inside me long and slow, withdrawing and then slowly filling me inch by inch until I was thrashing around trying desperately to reach for my orgasm. He knew I was close, he slapped my butt cheek hard, ‘don’t you dare come Gemma. You ask for permission lady.’ He growled as he sank his length into me again and again and again and then stopped and held my thrusting hips still.

I bucked up hard against the pressure of his hands. My eyes flew to his in a desperate plea, ‘Baby please let me come! Please don’t stop!’ I begged, I was so damn close I could feel the full weight of my orgasm sitting at the top of my cervix as his cock pushed hard against it then withdrawing before I could tumble over. A deep painful throbbing had set up inside me and I howled as I held back and writhed against the tight grip of his hands on my hips.

I heard her, mewling, I turned my head to the side and saw her standing to one side, watching us. A hand over her mouth, her other out of sight.

Tom spanked me to pull my attention back to him and let out a cold chuckle at my distressed yowl. He resumed his lazy stroking of my clit, tweaking my nipples hard, slapping my ass, I rose up, my eyes wide, pleading with him for release. He shook his head. ‘Don’t you dare Gemma, or I’ll edge you all fucking day lady.’ His words were punctuated by single hard thrusts that had me screaming again, begging loudly. And then the tears came, I was in a world of delicious, incomprehensible pain and it was rolling through me until I felt my mind wilfully transfer it to pleasure. I was in deep trouble, I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer.

‘Please Tom, please I can’t hold back …. oh god… please let me come… I … uhh… ohh fuck TOM please!’ I was sobbing loudly and he let out a wicked chuckle, with one more hard thrust he grunted low and deep, ‘Come for me Gem, right now.’ My insides exploded around him, I flooded us both with my juices, I saw stars and could only grip his arms for dear life as the sensations threw me around turning me inside out, He began to drive into me now with a hard fast pace. He was rougher than he’d ever been before and I lifted my hips to take him deeper, he pushed my legs off his chest and pulled me up against him as I gripped his back and rode his cock hard.

I heard her then, moaning quietly, I lifted my head and looked over his shoulder at her and our eyes locked for a second as she groaned and closed her eyes locking me out, before I was chasing my orgasm over again and it climbed rapidly with each thrust, I dug my nails into his back and he growled loudly at me, as I dragged them down from top to bottom.

He thrust hard and slammed into me as he came, growling, snarling, his lips curled back over his teeth he threw his head back and roared as he emptied himself into me, filling me with his hot semen. I rocked against his cock and clenched my muscles around him, drawing every last drop from him as I came in a blistering wave of painful pleasure that ripped my insides to shreds. I was crying in earnest now, the tears were flowing freely and he leaned forward tasting them with his tongue.

Kissing my face, my lips, my eyes, then nuzzling my neck as he continued to pump his seed until it spilled out of me and he began to slow down, steadily, until finally he laid his full weight on me and pinned me to the table. ‘Little witch, he muttered against my skin, ‘you fucking branded me baby!’ I sighed happily and stretched against him as his mouth nuzzled my neck and I stroked his back, we soothed each other for minutes, and then we both heard her. She wailed loudly, a high keening sound that was then muffled almost instantly.

I grinned wickedly at Tom and he laughed as he scooped me up off the table and carried me up the stairs out of sight of our horny voyeuristic neighbour.

  1. Wow!!!!!! Love it. You need to get this out there big sis and make yourself some serious coin. This is so much better than the crap that brought erotica into mainstream fiction. You go! A very very warm and hot sensation going on over here. Good thing tonight is date night lol πŸ™‚

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    1. Naughty, naughty Nora!! Sorry Sweetie, you’re gonna have to get in line for the voyeuristic neighbour slot. I have three other neighbours who, while they don’t live next door to me on either side, my house is on a mountain side and my kitchen at the back overlooks the roof top of theirs. a huge field separates us but that doesn’t stop them coming out with their binoculars 🀣 They complained to the Vicar about me, they said I was out of control πŸ˜› I would imagine the vicar agreed but was not inclined to speak to either me or Tom about it. He did mention to Graham that I was up to my old tricks again and behaving very badly and Gray, love him, said, no I don’t think so, I’m pretty sure she’s got a whole new list of tricks to be badly behaved with now Tom’s living there. Would you like me to ask him for you Vicar? Ha! Never another word. Anyway, upshot is, we had a regular audience of at least 4 people peeping at us if we went carnal in the kitchen. I have huge patio doors on my kitchen. If you’re out there you can see everything. I love my house! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ xxx

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    2. That sounds quite lovely, my friend! We live so remotely, there really isn’t a chance of an audience, unless someone we know (who would come past the gates) walks up to the house to surprise us. I often have fantasies of being caught when we make love in our hot tub, but that is probably better off remaining a fantasy. I am loving reading about your journey!!!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. You have quite the exhibitionistic streak and love the “permission to cum” aspect of this. The entire memory is hot to read and one thing that stands (among many) is your handling of Tom’s balls… This seems to be overlooked so often as a source of pleasure for men but this isn’t lost on you πŸ”₯


  3. It took me a little while to work out exactly how to get what I wanted from Tom. In the very early days I thought it was by using a strict tone with him, while this netted results and turned him on, it didn’t always work and he would remain resolute in his decision. Cradling his balls, massaging them, stroking the thick vein behind them, is guaranteed to get me everything I want from him, it makes him weak at the knees and he can’t focus. That’s my Samson/Delilah trick and I’m not ashamed to resort to coercive measures to get what I want from him. I also don’t mind taking the hard spanking I know will be coming because I’ve manipulated him. It’s worth it. Thank you for noticing this small aspect though, I don’t often mention it in the telling of the memories. It can be overlooked because it’s fleeting thing on the way to a bigger event.


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