Part 7. Laura’s Story… It’s Story Time!

Part 1. Laura’s Story. Be careful what you wish for…

Part 2. Eileen’s Story… Beware of Consequences…

Part 3. Ian’s Story… His Errant Wife…

Part 4. Laura’s Story… Time for Training.

Part 5 : Eileen and Laura’s Story… The Agreement…

Part 6: Mr Crossley’s Story… His Dilemma…

Laura clasped the chosen clothes to her chest and hurried off to the staff rest room to change. Mr Crossley had obviously stuck to the letter of her story as the clothing she had been instructed to wear was exactly as she had described in her ‘Retraining the PA.’ story. It was one of her favourites and she was excited to see whether Mr Crossley would follow the storyline precisely the same way Ms Barton had done the previous evening. If he did, her bottom was going to be very sore! She wished now she had made it a lot hotter but there were other stories she could write where she would be able to slip some sexy stuff in so that she got to play with Ms Barton again!

She was literally living out her sexual fantasies on a daily basis right now! Laura grinned to herself as she checked each booth to make sure she was alone, satisfied that she was, she quickly stripped naked in the centre of the rest room and folded her work clothing carefully and placed it in her carry all.

Standing, she took a moment to admire her naked body from all aspects. She was surrounded by mirrors and her image bounced back at her from every angle. She was pleased with what she saw and a naughty idea unfurled in her mind as she turned first this way, then that to view her rounded hips and pert bubble bottom, her full round breasts and her small waist. She reached inside her purse and retrieved her phone. No reason Ian couldn’t have a quick flash of her present state of dress! She parted her legs slightly and bent over to view her pussy, she pointed her phone at the mirror capturing the delightful image of her damp pussy just peeking out between her cheeks and the tops of her thighs. She reached between her thighs and her fingers appeared in the mirror behind her as she stroked her damp slit and made her juices flow freely. She clicked her phone, snap! Another photo for Ian, she stood up and raised her leg, placing her foot on the only chair in the room, she aimed her phone camera and clicked again, allowing Ian a birds eye view of everything he was currently missing out on. She sent the three photos to him and then put her phone down and picked up the black sheer stockings she was to wear. She took her time pulling each one on, making sure to line up the seam at the back perfectly so that it ran central down her leg. Finally she stepped into the heels Ms Barton had provided for her. They were much higher than she was used to and she teetered around a little at first but quickly got into the rhythm of how to move her hips to allow for the difference in height.

Spreading her legs wide she retrieved her phone and bending over the edge of the chair she snapped three photographs of her ass and pussy, fully exposed, with her long legs encased in the gorgeous seamed stockings, the extra height from the heels made her legs look even longer and she arched her back so that her breasts were flat against the seat of the chair and her bottom was raised to it’s highest point and she click, click, clicked and pressed send. Ian would be rock hard now and probably stroking himself looking at these photos! Another naughty thought popped into her head and she giggled as she shot a text off to Ian.

‘You may look at these photos Ian, but you cannot stroke yourself. If you cum, you will be spanked very hard when I get home and you won’t be allowed to fuck me this evening!’ 🍑💥✋💋

His response arrived promptly, ‘Yes Ma’am! Can I just say you look so fucking hot in those stockings!’

Laura chose to ignore his comment, but she was grinning like a Cheshire cat as she put down her phone and retrieved the black lace thong, she pulled it on and snapped the string between her cheeks, making sure to perfectly align the small V of material at the top of her cheeks. She rarely got to wear such racy underwear and her stomach curled with excitement at the image of her pussy encased in the sheer lace. God she felt so damned sexy right now, she once again picked up her phone and quickly snapped a number of images of her in different positions for Ian.

Suddenly her phone rang in her hand and she was so surprised she almost dropped it on the tiled floor! She turned it around and saw the caller ID was Ms Barton. Oh god, she had taken ages, she pressed answer and stammered, ‘H hello?’

‘Are you going to be much longer Ms Aston? You are keeping both myself and Mr Crossley waiting!’ Eileen’s tone was terse and Laura immediately stammered out, ‘I’m so sorry Ms Barton, I was having difficulty walking in the shoes, I was practising, I’m on my way back now.’

‘Make your way directly to Mr Crossley’s private office and do hurry up!’ Eileen snapped and hung up.

Laura rushed to put on the blouse and skirt and gather her wits, she quickly restyled her hair in the top knot the PA wore in her story, refreshed her lipstick and took a final look at her appearance in the mirrors. God, she hoped she didn’t bump into any co-workers who might still be in the building, it was a long walk to the lift and Mr Crossley’s offices were on the top floor! Her tummy curled with a mix of excitement and dread at the idea of being seen dressed like this and her pussy contracted tightly, she took one last look from all angles, She couldn’t help it, she quickly snapped a few photos, pressed send and then switching her phone to silent she headed out of the rest room in a hurry.

She tried to walk quickly in the impossibly high heels but it wasn’t going to happen, in frustration she bent down and took them off, gathering them up she ran quickly down the long corridor and around the corner to the lifts. She hadn’t seen a soul which she was grateful for, but also curiously disappointed too, she pressed the button and slid her shoes back on as she waited for the lift to arrive. Just as the lift doors opened and she stepped in she heard a man’s voice a scant few feet away and she willed the doors to slide shut. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her cheeks were flushed at the thought that he might catch a glimpse of her before they closed properly. The door slid quietly shut just as he came into view and she breathed a shallow sigh of relief. Just in time.

The lift slid to a halt at the top floor and the doors opened opposite Mr Crossley’s outer office. Laura took a deep breath and mentally prepared herself for what was to come as she stepped out of the lift and walked through the outer office doors and quickly towards his inner sanctum.

She tapped lightly on the door, her breathing shallow, her pulse racing and her heart pounding. She felt like she had run a marathon! Before she could change her mind and run away, the door was opened by Ms Barton, who was dressed identically to herself! Laura couldn’t take her eyes off her! Damn she looks way better in this outfit than I do! Laura thought as she stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.

Slowly she turned to face Mr Crossley and Ms Barton with her hands clasped in front of her and her eyes lowered. Her cheeks were flushed and she berated herself for turning herself on so much during the dressing! She could well have done without the sexual hunger right now!

Mr Crossley spoke then, ‘Look at me please Ms Aston. I have no intention of addressing the top of your head for the next 5 minutes!’ Laura’s eyes snapped to Mr Crossley, as she raised her head dutifully. ‘That’s better.’ he continued, ‘ Now, you are here this evening because you signed and agreed to a different form of discipline for yourself to atone for your unprofessional actions and behaviour during office hours and personal use of office equipment. Is that correct?’

Laura nodded mutely, her eyes wide as saucers as she spotted the cane and the riding crop laid out in front of Mr Crossley on his leather topped desk.

‘Answer verbally please Ms Aston, I want no misunderstandings about what we are about to carry out.’ His tone was professional but very strict and Laura suddenly wondered if she had bitten off more than she could chew! Regardless, she answered promptly.

‘Yes Mr Crossley, that is correct, I fully agree to this form of discipline for my actions and behaviour, and I have freely signed an agreement to that end this morning.’ Her tone was subdued but professional and Mr Crossley allowed himself a little smile. This was all going to be so perfect!

‘Then we should get on with the task of administering your discipline young lady. Please take a copy of the story from the end of the desk and follow my narration. I shall be watching intently and if you veer from the printed text, you shall receive an extra punishment of my choice at the end of your disciplining. Do you understand Ms Aston?’ He questioned her quietly in his stern voice.

Laura was trembling but she managed to stammer out, ‘Yes Mr Crossley, I understand.’ She stepped forward and retrieved a copy of her own story from the desk and Ms Barton did the same.

Eileen took over the proceedings then, she took Laura by the arm and led her to the straight back chair that had been placed side on in the centre of the office and directly in front of Mr Crossley who would have a birds eye view of Laura’s spanked bottom! He began the narration as Eileen took her seat and tugged Laura’s arm, pulling her down over her knees and into position.

Mr Crossley read loudly, ‘The naughty PA found herself in the unenviable position of having to show her bare bottom to her immediate superior and her boss. Her face coloured profusely as Ms Barton lifted the edge of Laura’s skirt and tucked it up into the waistband revealing her creamy rounded cheeks completely exposed because she had stupidly decided to wear a thong today. She knew she would pay for that error in judgement and she was not wrong, Ms Barton now smoothed her hand over her plump cheeks and landed the first of what would be many hard spanks!’

Eileen carried out exactly to the letter what Mr Crossley had just read out and she allowed a small smile to play on her lips as Laura went over her knee. She pinned the girl to her with a firm hold on her waist as she lifted the pleated mini skirt and as described, tucked it up into the waist band. Laura’s bottom came immediately into view and Eileen needed no prompting to smooth her hand slowly over the ripe, peach shaped creamy globes and administer the first loud smack! She paused a moment as she listened to Mr Crossley continue with his narration and she kept pace with him. She lifted her hand again and delivered a number of sharp spanks to Laura’s cheeks and then some very hard ones to her thighs and sit spot. The girl was squirming on her knee and she had begun to suck her breath in loudly, she had yet to yelp, but there was plenty to come that would bring on that sound. Eileen spanked and spanked as Mr Crossley narrated and Laura squirmed and kicked her legs out, squealing and crying loudly now and howling that she was very sorry for having caused so much upset.

Eileen stopped then as Mr Crossley went on to describe how she should peel Laura’s thong down and position it just below her sit spot so that the spanking of the PA could continue. Eileen dutifully did as she had been instructed and sliding her fingers into the edge of the thong she peeled it down and positioned it perfectly below the sit spot. Neither Eileen nor Mr Crossley could help but see how wet Laura’s pussy was and Eileen chuckled as Mr Crossley tutted and spoke directly to Laura.

I did mention, Ms Aston, did I not, that should you veer from the stated text there would be an extra punishment?’

Laura’s tear filled eyes shot to Mr Crossley as she stammered, ‘Y…y…yes Mr Crossley, but I haven’t…’ she managed before he interrupted her.

‘Oh but you have Ms Aston,’ he replied succinctly, ‘you most definitely have. Nowhere in this story does it tell of your wetness between your thighs. Nowhere in the printed text does it mention that you are sexually turned on by the spanking. Your lack of control over your badly behaved pussy has earned you six strokes with the riding crop…’

Laura gasped, ‘but that’s not fair Mr Crossley, I can’t help…’

‘And you have just added a further 6 strokes with the cane to that extra punishment for your refusal to accept my decision in this matter. How dare you argue back Ms Aston.’ His voice was a whiplash to her ears and she lowered her head in dismay and not a small amount of trepidation at what she could now expect at the end of the spanking.

Mr Crossley further confounded her by stopping proceedings and having a chat with Ms Barton about her performance as the spanker.

‘Now Ms Barton, I can see how hard you’re working to make these spanks as firm as possible but your soft hands are frankly not quite up to the task I fear.’ He smiled to soften his words and then continued as Eileen smiled back at him. ‘Perhaps I should swap places with you and you may read the remainder of the transcript and I shall carry out a much firmer spanking for this verbally challenged young lady?’ He dropped the question into the silent room and Laura suddenly tried to rear up as she cried out, ‘NO! that’s not how the story goes Mr Crossley…’ Eileen landed four sharp smacks to Laura’s thighs for her insolence and as she did so, she smiled at Mr Crossley, ‘I do think that would be a splendid idea Mr Crossley, Ms Aston’s attitude appears to be unchanged from my ministrations, I have no doubt that you shall have a much better result than I could achieve. Perhaps we should start again from the first spank landing after the thong has been removed?’ Eileen said all this as she unceremoniously forced Laura to her feet and held on to her arm to stop her from bolting. She could feel the girl’s trembling all the way through her and her own pussy reacted swiftly to it. Damn this was going to be very hot, it bode exceptionally well for her own spanking from Mr Crossley later. Who knows, he might decide to go off script during that one too! She could but hope…after all, he was a very attractive man…

A moment later a kicking and crying Laura was pulled over Mr Crossley’s knees and he pounded her bottom with hard heavy spanks, one after another they rained down on her bottom and thighs, some caught her pussy as they landed across both cheeks, he stopped periodically and ran a finger down her slit to see if she was still wet and each time he found she was he tightened his grip on her waist and began the spanking again all the time castigating her for her unruly pussy. Laura was howling and sobbing, tears running freely down her face, her mascara creating twin rivulets of black down each cheek, her nose was running and her hair was now flying around everywhere as her top knot had long since worked loose from its restraints, and in the background Ms Barton’s honeyed sexy tones could be heard dancing through the story, letting Mr Crossley know exactly what he should be doing next not to mention the profound effect her voice was having on his cock which was rock hard against Laura’s tummy as she was held against his groin. Goodness, he’s quite large! The errant thought ran through her head as he paused to adjust her over his thighs. All thoughts flew out of her mind as the next series of exceptionally hard spanks landed everywhere in rapid succession and she returned to squealing and howling and wriggling!

Suddenly it all stopped and she found herself upright, Mr Crossley applied two very sharp slaps to her very painful thighs, ‘go and stand in the corner Ms Aston, nose to the wall, do not touch or attempt to cover your behind. You shall stand there taking stock of the actions that landed you in this position and why you deserve your punishment. You shall remain there until I tell you to come and present yourself for your caning and cropping.’ He brusquely ordered the sobbing Laura into her corner and turning he strode back to his desk to take up the seat Ms Barton had just vacated for him.

Laura gulped and sobbed out, ‘Yes Mr Crossley. Thank you Mr Crossley.’ She staggered over to the far corner of the room and as instructed lifted her hands up and crossed them behind her back and rested them on her waist, pressed her nose into the corner of the wall until it touched and proceeded to sob quietly as her glowing red bottom and thighs throbbed painfully. This was not how she had expected events to happen and she was feeling very sorry for herself, but deep down, she was feeling remorseful too and she knew she only had herself to blame. As she began to calm down and relax a little, she began to go over the spanking in her mind and got lost in her own little world. The sudden and unexpected arrival of Mr Crossley appearing behind her made her jump and yelp in surprise.

‘So Ms Aston, what have you learnt this evening?’ He asked quietly behind her.

‘That I should never use work time and equipment to view spanking porn or store my personal stories on my work PC, Mr Crossley. I am here to work, not indulge my fascination with all things spanking.’ Laura tacked the last naughty sentence on the end because well, damn it, she was sure she had heard some rather sexy sounds emanating from across the room while she had been stuck in the corner. If she didn’t know better she would swear that Mr Crossley had just been given a very thorough blow job from Ms Barton! If that was true, Laura was most definitely peeved at being left out!

‘Hmm, almost the answer I was expecting, but not quite.’ He said quietly. ‘Lean forward and hands on the wall Ms Aston, it’s time for your final punishment. I shall tack on a few more of each just to cover your impudent remark at the end there. Now, come on, bottom out, head down, legs spread.’

Laura groaned and bit her lip as she assumed the position and waited.

‘I would like to take part in this aspect of the punishment if you don’t mind Charles, after all, you have worked so hard already.’ Eileen’s honeyed tones dripped over the pair of them and Laura knew her bottom was going to be toast, Eileen had already proven how hard she could spank with a ruler! A cane and a riding crop were going to hurt like blazes! She prayed Mr Crossley would decline, but it wasn’t to be.

‘Excellent idea Ms Barton, I should conserve my energy for later anyway! Carry on my dear!’ He agreed affably.

Laura was so tempted to turn her head to see his expression she had to fight to stop herself! My god, they sounded just like they were… no … were they??? Oh my god… she had called him Cha.. ‘OWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!’

The first of the cane strokes landed stingingly across her sit spot and Laura was now wholly focused on the searing pain as it settled deeply into the crease at the top of her thighs. Before she had chance to process much at all, the second stroke landed squarely across both cheeks and she howled in pain, then the final four strokes came swiftly leaving Laura gasping for breath as she squealed and cried, but it wasn’t over, a brief pause as Eileen swapped instruments and then suddenly, many stinging swats with the riding crop erupted all over Laura’s bottom and thighs and they came thick and fast. Laura felt her orgasm unfurl in her pussy and erupt tearing through her until she groaned loudly and shuddered as her juices flowed and Ms Barton chuckled along with Mr Crossley.

‘Oh dear Charles, it looks like our little PA needs a lot more retraining!’ Eileen said as she rested the riding crop across Laura’s pert bottom and stood back to view her handy work. For her part Laura was utterly humiliated, her face glowed as red as her bottom at the thought she had just lost complete control and orgasmed in front of them both! She might never be able to look them in the eye again.

Mr Crossley walked over to the sniffling Laura and smiled as he stroked her bottom and thighs, inspecting Eileen’s handy work closely. ‘Fine job Ms Barton, more work to be done tomorrow though I feel. Stand up Ms Aston, tidy yourself up and take yourself off home. I expect to see you again tomorrow evening for your next lesson in discipline and control.’

Laura stood up letting the crop fall to the floor, she turned and faced them both, sniffling and wiping her eyes, ‘thank you Mr Crossley, thank you Ms Barton.’ With that she turned and all but ran from the office. She could hear Mr Crossley’s deep laugh behind her as she beat a hasty retreat to the relative safety of the ladies rest room, her office clothes and her handbag! She was going home to Ian! At least she knew what to expect there because she would be in control!

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

17 thoughts on “Part 7. Laura’s Story… It’s Story Time!

  1. O.M.G….that was amazing, Gemma! I LOVED this segment….so many sexy scenarios…. the part about her taking selfies and then Ms. Barton ringing her because she was taking too long was priceless. Can’t wait for the next segment!!! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This part of their story is right up your alley isn’t it! All that spanking and discipline going on, and then secret goings on behind the back of the naughty PA! Did they or didn’t they? hmm, we shall see. Selfies are such a part of normal life these days, it would have been criminal not to use that scene to it’s fullest extent, after all we all love a naughty photo or two 😈.
      Ms Barton and Mr Crossley, I do think there is a whole different avenue of delights to explore down that road, and then of course our naughty protagonist can reclaim some control as she explores the delights a spanked husband can provide for her… My goodness, I could be writing a whole novel by the time I’ve explored this bunch of happy spankos! 😂🤣
      So glad you enjoyed it Nora! I do aim to please! 😀 xxx

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Well you have seriously accomplished that aim, Gemma! Sorry if this is TMI, but I climaxed just before sitting down to read this story. Now I am going to have to go and do it all over again! Oh, darn…. 😉

        Liked by 2 people

    1. LMAO Storm, I think we all want a job in this office! I would be first in line for a dressing down and spanking from Ms Barton! Swiftly followed by a caning from Mr Crossley! Laura could take notes while Ian is made to sit in the corner and wish it was him, knowing he would never be up to the task of disciplining such a wilful woman! Who would be your choice Storm? Or would you bring your own Spanker with you?


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