Part 14: Laura’s Story: Three Months Later…Troubled Waters…

After their experience with Eileen, Laura and Ian had talked long into the night every evening for a full two weeks about their situation. They discussed at great length what each of them wanted from this new union. Their FLR contract had been written up and signed by both and witnessed by Eileen and George. The ink was now well and truly dry on the agreement. Ian’s whining was not part of that agreement and Laura was tired of having to keep reminding him about it. In fact over the past month, Ian had begun to purposely go out of his way to get himself into trouble. Jobs were being left around the house, he had begun drinking with his friends after work again, he knew these things would earn him a severe caning, it had, Laura had increased his punishment sessions to twice a week, in spite of this he continually moaned about wearing the cage, his language course and blunt, he would babble on about wanting to wank off when he was at work and how frustrating it was not to have that freedom, even though he knew it would bring about the opposite and he would not be freed. Laura was sick and tired of his stupid games.

‘Ian! For goodness sake stop whining and assume the bloody position! Let’s just get this over with!’ Laura ordered Ian into position for his twice weekly caning session.

‘It’s not fair Laura, I haven’t done anything to deserve a fucking caning! It HURTS!’ He whined as he reluctantly assumed the position over the arm of the sofa. His face a picture in petulance, his bare ass easily available due to his recently purchased new ‘home’ outfit. Not quite as embarrassing as wearing the heart shaped apron with the frills, but equally short and useless, he was now sporting his maid’s outfit, short frilly and entirely exposing both at front and back. He hated it of course, or he said he did, but he was always dressed in it when she came home from work.

Laura stepped up beside him, her thin whippy cane in hand, a look of utter boredom on her face. She was getting nothing from treating him this way, he on the other hand appeared to be enjoying himself immensely. He may well be moaning and grousing all the time, but Laura had long since cottoned on to the fact that he was trying to earn himself more spankings and canings. Plain and simple, Ian was a masochist and loved his new submissive role in their lives to the point he had become obsessed with it. She lifted the cane and swiped his backside hard once across both cheeks. He hissed and clenched his cheeks tightly against the sting and burn of the first stroke. Laura normally waited until he had unclenched before she gave him the next stroke. Not tonight, tonight she came straight in with a second, then a third and then a fourth, the cane whipping through the air on a whistle as it connected with tense muscles. Ian squealed so loudly she wondered whether the neighbours could hear him. She reached across and tugged at his ear. ‘A little less drama please Ian, we wouldn’t want the neighbours to find out you like to wear a maids outfit and have your ass fucked, spanked and caned twice a week now would we?’

Ian shot her an alarmed look, ‘No, S…Sorry, I will try and keep it down.’ Laura leaned over him and grabbed the throw cushion, she tossed it to him and he buried his face in it. She immediately resumed with the caning, coming in thick and fast with the strokes, Ian did his best to unclench between each stroke but most of the time he barely managed it before the next one landed. After 30 strokes he begged her to stop. ‘Please Laura, please stop, we were supposed to only be doing 20, you’ve done 30 now’

‘Were you counting Ian? I didn’t hear you. I wasn’t counting, it’s not my job is it? You count I cane. That’s how we do it. If I can’t hear you I keep on caning until I can hear you. Simple!’ She continued to cane him throughout her explanation until he hurriedly began counting loudly. His bottom was a mass of criss-crosses, thin blood red welts popping up all over, normally Laura would take her time and try and make neat rows down his backside, tonight she had unleashed all her pent up frustration and disdain on his sorry ass. Once he reached 10 she placed the cane across his butt and left the room, the sound of his caterwauling chasing her up the stairs.

Laura sat on their bed, knees pulled up to her chest, head down, tears streaming down her face, sadness written in every line of her body. She hated all this, just hated it. She hated who she had become when she was with him. Worse than that, she hated who her husband had become. This was a lot worse than the uncouth macho man she had been married to before all this had started. This masochist Ian was such a wimp! He snivelled and grovelled constantly, whined and moaned and continually begged for her attention. He had taken to sitting on the floor by her feet and stroking her legs. It drove her insane and she would literally push him away with her foot and send him to a corner. It was like owning Dobbie the House Elf from Harry Potter. Dobbie had more about him than Ian though. At least he knew he could escape if he was given an item of clothing.

Ian was constantly asking for more outfits to wear so he could feel the humiliation of wearing women’s clothes. It made Laura feel sick when she looked at him getting excited over each new arrival. He had purchased a number of different service style outfits, nurse, waitress, maid with his allowance, and he pranced around the bedroom in each one when it arrived, turning this way and that, checking himself out in the mirror, bending over to see if it showed all or just some of his flabby ass. He always ended each session by bending over the armoire at the end of the bed begging her to fuck him with the strap on. Laura had obliged once or twice just to shut him up but she detested the act. Instead she purchased a very large butt plug and instructed him to insert it each evening from the moment he came home until she sent him to bed. He was in seventh heaven but at least she didn’t have to peg him again. Her stomach roiled at the memories as they shifted through her mind. The tears continued to fall unabated until she heard him coming up the stairs and she wiped her face with her hands and slid off the bed. When he came into the bedroom she was in the middle of stripping off for a shower and he sat down in the corner of the room to watch her.

Laura turned to him, her gorgeous naked body on display to him. He devoured every centimetre of her with his eyes. She walked over to him and tugged his hair, pulling his face up so she could look down at him.

She held her hand out to him, ‘Open your hand Ian,’ she murmured. He looked at her slightly confused, but opened his hand anyway. She dropped his key into it and closed his fingers around it.

‘Do what the fuck you want Ian, take the cage off, wank, fuck yourself with a dildo, I don’t care. I’m done. Wear whatever fucking silly little outfit you want, I couldn’t care less. I am through with this. I am through with us. I am filing for divorce first thing tomorrow morning. I cannot and will not stay another minute with a man who does nothing but whine and complain even while he is being given everything he ever wanted and as usual, I get absolutely nothing back in return. I told you last week, quit the whining or we would be in trouble. You didn’t listen, you never do. You have your key for your cock now Ian, do what the fuck you want with it. I’m having a shower, and then I’m leaving.’ She let go of his hair and walked calmly away from him to the bathroom.

Ian stared after her, mouth hanging open in shock, fingers still closed tightly around the key in his palm. What the fuck had just happened here? he thought, stunned. He sprang to his feet and ran after her only to find the bathroom door locked against him. He banged on it, ‘Laura, babe. Please open the door, we need to talk about this, I don’t want a divorce Laura, I want you. I need you. I can’t live without you…’ He wailed as he slid down the door and sat leaning against it crying.

Laura showered, allowing her tears to mix in with the water spraying on her face until the water ran cold. She was over this, so very over it all. He hadn’t even realised she had packed all her belongings the night before when he had been out at his five a side football training. He had come in drunk and had fallen into bed, waking her to plead for his cage to be removed so he could have a wank. He didn’t want to fuck her he said, he just wanted to wank over her. He knew she didn’t like his cock. She had gone and slept in the guest room and had left for work this morning with all her cases before he had even woken up. She had checked into the hotel by the station and paid up front for a month. All she had left to do was come home this evening and tell him to his face. She was done. This morning she was smiling properly for the first time in a long time. She hurried to the station, the early train would be arriving at the platform in 10 minutes and he would be on it.

She had taken to catching the early train for the past few weeks in order to spend an hour extra with her stranger, in return, he had booked them into first class travel in a closed carriage and invited her to join him every day when she stepped onto the train. They still remained nameless to each other and she freely discussed her whole life with him, he never judged her, had never asked her for anything in the three months they had been talking. Until this evening. This evening he had made his move, he had said things to her that had made her insides twist tightly with desire, her pussy clamour for attention, her nipples harden into twin peaks desperate to be tweaked, twisted, suckled on. God she wanted him so badly right now she physically hurt from it as she remembered every look, every word, every touch. He had sat, long leg crossed, utterly relaxed, arms loosely folded, not blocking her, more commanding her attention, and then he had spoken in that beautiful rich dark tone of his. His eyes piercing hers with their heat.

‘When was the last time you looked at your husband and felt that twist of desire that made you want to rip his clothes off and fuck him until you couldn’t see straight?’

Laura had stared at him dumbfounded. ‘Never.’ She had whispered.

‘When was the last time you felt that way with me?’

‘Every time I see you, and right now.’ she responded quietly.

‘Slide your skirt up over your hips and open your legs for me.’ he ordered softly, and she complied, her eyes wide with surprise and heavy with desire.

She lifted her hips and pulled her skirt up her thighs, over her bottom and left it bunched around the top of her hips. She spread her legs hesitantly.

‘Good girl’ he murmured as he let his eyes roam freely over her sex, clearly defined by her soaked panties.

‘Take those off and give them to me.’ he pointed to her panties.

Laura slid them off and down her long legs bending to remove them and pick them up. As she straightened he leaned across to her and tugged her off balance from her seat and on to her knees before him. He plucked the panties from her fingers and put them in his jacket pocket.

He brushed the back of his fingers across her cheek as he spoke. ‘Dear girl, it is time you knew the taste of a real man. Not a snivelling wimp or bullish oaf. Unfasten my trousers and take my cock in your hands.’

Laura didn’t even think to hesitate, or deny him, instead she fumbled a little as her shaking fingers struggled with his belt, finally unfastening it, she flicked the button on his waist band and slid down the zipper. Pushing her fingers into the band of his shorts she tugged them down and gasped as the largest cock she had ever seen was released before her. His cock hung down, long and thick, and so very hard and she moaned quietly licking her lips in anticipation.

‘Take it my beautiful stranger, taste it, make it yours. Worship it, but before you do, you will tell me your name.’ He held her chin between thumb and forefinger, lifting her face to look up at him.

She raised her eyes to his as she hefted his cock between two hands. ‘Laura’ she whispered as she slid her lips around the beautifully shaped head and slipped him into the waiting warmth of her mouth.

‘Slide your fingers into your pussy Laura, rub your clit slowly with your thumb, imagine you are naked in front of a carriage full of people and you are fucking yourself as you suck a complete stranger’s cock for him, just because he asked you to.’ He instructed slowly as he gripped her head firmly and held her in place on his cock. Her mind flipped, her pussy throbbed with need, her juices soaking her fingers as she did as she was told. Her imagination spewed images out thick and fast and she tripped over into the fantasy easily.

She imagined watching herself sliding her fingers deep inside her, imagining the carriage to be full of people staring at her aghast as she let him fuck her mouth steadily. She should have felt ashamed at her wanton behaviour, but she didn’t she felt alive and free. Desire, sharp and insistent shot through her, soaking her fingers, as she filled her mouth with his cock, taking it in as far as she could. Pulling back to the tip only to plunge him deep down her throat as her fingers plunged inside her pussy. She grazed her thumb back and forth over her clit, it throbbed and she gasped, she had never felt so hot, horny, out of control and she loved it, she worked her mouth harder on his cock, her fingers harder in her pussy until she was grinding down on them, hooking her finger inside tapping her g spot. Everything tightened as her orgasm spiralled through her, unfurling deep in her belly and tearing down like lightening as her whole being warmed and became flooded with juices as she fell over the edge into the most amazing orgasm of her life. She rocked hard on her fingers as she gagged on his cock.

He held her head fast, not tightly, just firmly enough, the rocking of the carriage allowing him to fuck her mouth slowly and deliberately. She saw flashing images of every word he spoke and it drove her on to another orgasm, as the last one subsided, so the new one rose up to take its place. Her mind shattered with ecstasy as he continued to murmur instructions to her

‘You have exactly 3 minutes to make me cum before the guard arrives for our tickets Laura. If I have not cum you will remain on your knees with my cock in your mouth while I tend to the guard. I may invite him in to watch if you haven’t managed to comply with my request. Work faster beautiful, and keep riding your fingers. Imagine it is my cock inside you. Thick, long, incredibly hard, pounding that beautiful soft pussy. Imagine it Laura.’

Laura’s mind exploded with the images, her mouth ached from being stretched so wide but she didn’t care, she fucked her pussy with one hand and stroked him with the other while she suckled his balls licking, flicking them, tracing the thick throbbing vein underneath that ran the length of his cock and then she sucked and twisted his cock in a spiral motion until he grunted in surprise and then growled and thrust his hips hard as his cum exploded deep in her throat and she swallowed and smiled and licked her way back to the tip as he thrust again and filled her mouth once more with a second load and then some more until it spilled out of her mouth and down her chin. He caught it with a finger and scooped it as she swallowed and then held his finger out for her to clean it. She raised her eyes to his as she reached forward and sucked it into her mouth and cleaned it properly.

The guard could be heard next door asking for tickets, and the stranger tucked his cock back inside his trousers, fastened himself up and sat down again. Laura slid backwards onto her seat, pulled her skirt down and crossed her long legs. The stranger indicated she had a drip of his cum still at the corner of her mouth and she flicked the tip of her tongue gathering up the stray fleck, allowing the salty flavour of him to melt into her tongue, ‘Good girl.’ he murmured as the guard knocked and the stranger bade him enter.

‘Good evening Mr Thorn, tickets please Sir.’ the guard was new, and he wanted to make a good impression on any first class travellers so he made sure he knew all of their names. Laura looked at him slightly surprised at the reveal. Then embarrassment caused her face to flush as she realised he knew more about her stranger than she did, and she had just worshipped his cock, kneeling before him, submitting to him without question or hesitation. He was masterful and she was putty in his hands. She wanted to feel him buried deep inside her, and she groaned quietly and bit her lip. The guard cast her a cursory glance and she smiled brightly at him. ‘Sorry she babbled inanely, ‘I just remembered I’ve forgotten something!’ The guard nodded and returned his attention to his task.

The train approached her station as the guard left their carriage and closed the door.

Thorn smiled lazily at her, ‘Tomorrow morning I shall take you over my knee and spank you properly for cutting that so finely Laura and for telling the guard an outright lie.’

‘How do you know I was lying?’ she asked cheekily.

He chuckled at her bold tone, ‘because you were imagining me thrusting inside your soft wet pussy, you haven’t had that yet, you couldn’t have forgotten it. Ergo you lied. You will be spanked thoroughly for it too.’ He grinned.

Laura felt her bottom tingle and her pussy throb at the wonderful mixture of apprehension and excitement that coursed through her at his words.

‘Yes Mr Thorn,’ she mimicked the guard with a naughty expression on her face, curtseying as she stood before him. He stood and pulled her against him, delivering a swift swat to her bottom as he took her mouth with his own and proceeded to reduce her to a quivering mass of need.

‘You’ve been on your knees worshipping my cock for the last twenty minutes Laura, Mr Thorn is far too formal. Call me Evan or Thorn.’ He grazed her lips with his thumb then turned her towards the door as the train pulled into the station.

She turned back quickly, ‘Which do you prefer? Evan or Thorn? she asked.

‘Thorn.’ he replied quietly.

‘See you tomorrow morning Thorn.’ She said as she stepped out of the carriage and off the train. A scant few moments later she was blowing him a kiss as she walked slowly towards the exit and home to a wimp who was in for the shock of his life. There had been no chance before this evening had happened, now there was no contest at all.

Laura stepped from the shower and dried herself off. She picked up the clothes she had hung on the back of the door and dressed slowly. She re-applied her make up and dried her hair. Finally she was ready. Slipping her feet into her stilettos she opened the bathroom door and stepped around a weeping Ian, still sat curled up on the floor.

She walked down the stairs and gathered her coat, purse and briefcase and quietly let herself out, she was smiling.

Ian ran down the stairs and skidded to a halt at the hall table, her wedding ring, engagement ring and house keys were all there along with a brief note.

‘Well, you got your extra caning, I hope it was worth what you paid for it.

Goodbye Ian.


Part 13: The Stranger… A Monologue.

My beautiful stranger, I want to take you on a journey, one you’ve not been on yet, one you need to discover before you set your mind on who you are and what you need to feel fulfilled.

I have listened to you talk about your experiences for a week now, you sit facing me, blushing and stammering as you tell me your inner most secrets about the spankings you have received from your boss. You make me want to feel you over my knee, bottom bared and turning scarlet from my hand, I want to feel your heated skin under my palm. It itches to connect with your soft round globes. I dream of seeing your tears glisten on your cheeks for me. I want to taste them.

I watch you change visibly before my eyes when you move on to tell me of your obsession with your Boss, E. You tell me of your desire to dominate her, taste her, use her body for your pleasure. Are you lesbian you wonder? I don’t think so, but I want to see you in that moment when you ride her, pushing you both to climax, I want to see that climatic euphoria in your eyes, I want to take you then and show you how much more there is, how many ways I can bring you to that exalted state, I want to watch you spank E until she orgasms, I want to see how that turns you on and excites you. I would take you then, I would fill you with me until you cried out in pain then deep pleasure as you toppled over the edge into an abyss as yet a mystery to you. I want to watch you cane your pathetic husband until he whimpers in his corner cuddling his caged cock. I want to see your disdain for him. I want to see you dominate him, and then I would tame your dominance, but I want to experience your dominance too. I want to feel your feral nature as you claw at me as I thrust into you, driving you to more passionate heights than you’ve ever experienced before. I want you. I am hungry for you.

You tell me you don’t enjoy sex with your lazy uncouth husband, I’m not surprised! He could take some lessons about what it is to be a man. Yes you could teach him, but will he remember your lessons once his cage is removed? I doubt it. Are you lesbian? No I don’t think so, I have tested that theory quietly for a week now, I have looked at you in a way that causes you to flush and your eyes to darken with curiosity and some desire, you wish to know me physically. You respond on a subconscious level to my subtle interest. I am satisfied you are not lesbian.

You may well be bisexual, although is your fascination just with E? The way you describe her, I believe any woman would be obsessed with her, she has that indefinable quality, a subtle sensuality that oozes from her, it is in every line of her body, in her movement, the slow hip swing is not exaggerated it is merely enhanced to perfection. The smooth roll creates its own answering alignment with the flow of her body. Her eyes tell you a story of lust, desire, passion and intrigue. She is poetry in motion, a woman to be desired by all I think. This does not make you bi-sexual, only enamoured of E. Would that a different woman made a pass at you, I believe you would retreat, uninterested sexually, unless you were fortunate enough to meet a second woman of E’s nature. Perhaps bi-curious.

Your sexuality is fluid then, it changes with your mood. You dip into the water to fill your needs, once satiated you will rise out of that water and sink into something cooler, less demanding, less exciting until your calmed desires become needy, hungry again, when you observe your husband in his apron and cage, you feel nothing, there is no sexual desire for him. Even before the changes were made, you avoided sex with him wherever possible. You may love him, but I believe that is more habit than deep abiding love. He does not meet any of your needs. For now, he appears to be your practising ground for you to test out your dominant nature.

I find it interesting that you chose to emasculate your husband to the point he becomes superfluous to your needs entirely, except in his delivery of food and house services. Even in his most recent role of cuckold to E. He further diminishes his masculinity in your eyes by allowing her to ‘peg’ him as you put it.
I wonder, did watching him go through this act for you turn you on? I don’t think so, I detected a level of disdain in your demeanour as you recounted your most recent experience. In this instance he had become a chore. You couldn’t even be bothered to punish him in the moment, rather, choosing to leave his caning for another day. Your interest in him has all but disappeared. He has shown too much weakness of spirit for you. He is too easy to manipulate and dominate. He is ruled by his cock you say, well, caging him has shown you just how much of his masculinity is tied up with that appendage. Take it off him and he cries like a baby, grovels at your feet, wears ridiculous items of clothing for you, allows your lover to penetrate him anally and you to penetrate him orally. Where is his masculinity? Where is his purpose for you?

Has he begged you yet to be released from his cage? You have not indicated that you will allow him that freedom, or how you expect to re-cage him afterwards. He has not come into these changes of his own accord, more been led into them by you and the threat of losing you. I think once he has his cock back, he will once again return to his previous nature. That is going to be an uncomfortable truth for you. You will see who he really is once and for all.

Eventually, I will make you an offer, one that will turn your head, make you think, make you feel, enable you to explore your deepest darkest desires, become completely unfettered of every day concerns. I will bring you into my world slowly and let you test your desires one by one until you settle and learn who you really are.

For now, I shall listen, I shall be here every evening for our journey home, watching your face light up when you see me here. Watching you blow your sweet little kiss as you walk away each evening. One day, I will catch that which is mine and keep it.

I am a patient man my beautiful stranger, I have the time to wait and observe the rapid changes you are experiencing, the butterfly is emerging from her cocoon, it won’t be much longer now. I can almost taste you.

Sweet desire.

Part 12: Ian’s Story. New Rules.

Ian arrived in work at 8.15am. He wandered around preparing the office for the day, his mind skittering back to the previous evening with Laura and Eileen.

His cock jumped and twitched as he remembered the moment Eileen had produced a strap-on from her bag and stepped into the harness, tightening the buckles as she raised her eyebrow at Laura. Laura had gulped a little at the size of the dildo now protruding from Eileen’s body but she had grinned and nodded silently. Ian had seen Eileen’s eyes darken with pure lust as she strutted towards his wife with the huge appendage jutting out, glistening with lubrication. Laura licked her lips nervously but Eileen was in control. She looked across at Ian and grinned at him as she pulled Laura down to the end of the bed and positioned her on her knees in front of her. The huge cock looked to Ian like it might split her in two as Eileen pushed the huge bulbous head against Laura’s dripping pussy spreading her wide with its girth, she was gentle at first, probing the tip of the dildo into Laura’s wetness and pushing slowly until Laura began to growl and push back wanting to feel the cock fully inside her. Eileen plunged deep inside her and rode her pussy until his wife was screaming in ecstasy as she orgasmed over and over again. She swore each time Eileen thrust in and gasped and moaned each time she withdrew, begging her to fuck her hard, begging her to make her cum again and again. She gushed juices over the two women and Eileen laughed delightedly as Laura writhed and rutted beneath her. She gripped Laura’s ass and spread those juices all over her heavily bruised bottom. Laura moaned as the bruises from her three nights of spanking throbbed unbearably at the new pressure being applied to them. Both of the women had completely forgotten about him.

He remained in the corner, hands on his head, his cock dribbling in its cage, a small damp patch resting on the surface of the carpet. He groaned heavily as he watched his wife take the fucking of a life time from her boss and he was jealous. He wanted to fuck Laura like that, she wouldn’t let him, said he was too big for her, what the fuck was that about? Look at the size of that fucking dildo! Ian had muttered and mumbled to himself while the women fucked in front of him, oblivious to his presence, soaked in a sheen of sweat and pussy juices, they changed positions, Laura on top bouncing her pussy and bruised ass up and down on that monster cock and Ian felt like his cock was going to explode in the cage from the pressure. His frustration climbed, he moaned loudly, he was desperate to fuck Laura’s ass while she bounced on that fucking dildo!

Ian grunted and stirred his coffee furiously as the memory of his own reactions came back full force, his face turned crimson as he remembered how he had cried like a baby letting the tears slide down his face because he wanted to be the one fucking her rigid! He wanted to do that to Laura, she wouldn’t let him because he was shit in the bedroom she said. He had hurt her. Why the fuck had he not known she could be like this? He was humiliated. He was completely caught up in his memories now, work forgotten, or at least it could be until dickhead George came in and started gobbing off all over the place about what a shrew his missus was! Fucking hell, he thought he had problems, at least his cock wasn’t all caged up! Although Ian wasn’t so sure anymore, I mean, how would you know? George always went to the stalls alone, maybe he was hiding the same secret as Ian was? Fuck it, he couldn’t exactly ask him could he?

He sat down in his seat gingerly and picked up his coffee cup. His mind picked up where he had left off. There was no escaping his part in last night’s events or his role in the entertainment.

He hadn’t been able to help himself and he had dropped down on to his knees and crawled slowly across to the side of the bed and sat cuddling his caged cock as he watched his wife and her boss fuck each other relentlessly. Laura was now wearing the strap-on, and she was magnificent in her domination of Eileen. Ian was shocked at how easily Eileen had submitted to his wife. He had always thought she was a ball breaker and Laura was a mouse! How wrong could he be? He mewled quietly as Laura claimed and tamed her boss, spanking her ass as she fucked her pussy, gripping her hair as she thrust into her, demanding she control her orgasm, ordering her to wait, not yet, you don’t cum until I say you can, she whispered in Eileen’s ear as she leaned over her and fucked her long and hard and Eileen had begged and pleaded, ‘please Laura, please let me cum, I can’t hold on any more…’ Ian had watched as Laura took command of the power that Eileen had handed her. ‘Try darling, or I will have to punish you, hold on Eileen, not yet…’ Eileen had squealed and moaned and did exactly as Laura ordered.

Laura’s own orgasm spiralled and she growled low in Eileen’s ear, ‘cum for me Eileen,’ and Eileen had screamed in delicious ecstasy as her body convulsed and released her juices at the same time as Laura’s body did the same. She withdrew from Eileen’s soaked pussy and the two women collapsed in a heap of limbs on the bed. Both exhausted, satiated, flushed and damp. Their skin glistened, slick with sweat and Ian whimpered as he watched his wife sooth her lover in the afterglow of their frenzied coupling sliding her fingers between the other woman’s pussy lips stroking her clit lazily as Eileen’s hips wriggled and lifted off the bed for better contact.

Laura looked across suddenly like she had only just realised he was there and she smiled lazily at him. ‘I don’t remember telling you to move from your corner Ian,’ she remonstrated mildly with him. He hung his head waiting for a punishment to be handed out. Laura laughed at him. ‘Yes darling you will have to take six with the cane so shall we get that out of the way now or later?’

Ian grimaced at the thought and whispered in a subdued voice, ‘later please Laura.’

She grinned at him, ‘Later it is, I have another job for you anyway. Come up here darling, would you like a taste of all this glorious cum? I bet you would…’ she said as she smiled wickedly at him. He didn’t need a second invite, he was up and on the bed in a flash and Eileen raised herself up on her elbows to watch him. Her bared breasts bouncing gently as she moved, her legs still spread wide, her glistening pussy with pink and pouting swollen lips on full view. She glared at him for disturbing Laura from her play! Ian glared back but lowered his gaze and quickly moved over to Laura.

He had stupidly gone straight to lie between her legs thinking she would let him lick her pussy. Fuck that, his wife had other ideas and she held that monster dildo out to him. ‘Lick this clean darling, there’s a good boy, you can taste us both on it and if you’re very good and clean all of it, I might have a surprise for you.’ Ian had felt his blood drain from his face. She wanted him to lick a cock? He raised his eyes and looked at her pitifully, ‘please Laura, I don’t want to do that, it’s a cock.’

Laura frowned at him, ‘you don’t want to suck my cock Ian? You don’t want to give me a blow job when I want one? What kind of husband are you to deny me my conjugal rights? Suck it Ian or there will be consequences, you are already on 6 strokes of the cane.’ Ian’s mouth had dropped open at her words. They were a parody of every time she had refused him a blow job. They were his fucking words! He had no choice, he nodded his head and crouched down between her thighs and began licking the cock. He could taste them both on his tongue but he gained no pleasure from it. He licked that fucking dildo from tip to base and cleaned it with his tongue, his face pulled into a grimace the whole time. He had stopped at one point and Eileen nudged him with her foot, ‘no slacking Ian,’ she had said as she suckled on his wife’s tit. Fucking bitch, he thought, this was her fault, Laura hadn’t brought one of these fucking belts into the house. This was all Eileen. He glared at her, his thoughts obvious on his face, she grinned as she slid her fingers down between her legs and began stroking her clit as his wife fucked her gently with her fingers. Laura had not missed the non verbal hostilities between them both.

She sighed and pushed Eileen gently off her, she sat up and suddenly Ian was being gripped by his hair his head pulled back to look at her.

‘How dare you look at Eileen that way Ian. Who do you think you are?’

‘I’m sorry Darling, I really am sorry, I never meant…’ he stammered.

‘Laura raised her eyebrow at his stammered excuses, ‘I don’t want to hear it Ian, I would much rather you fill that filthy mouth of yours with my cock. Suck it. Don’t stop until I say you can.’ She pushed his head down and pushed her dildo into his mouth and held tight to the back of his head so he had no choice but to give the dildo a ‘blow job’.

She made him continue, giving him instructions the way he did to her, thrusting her hips and fucking his mouth till he gagged, the way he did to her.

He shifted his position in his chair as the feelings of shame and humiliation crawled through him again as he remembered how he had grovelled and sucked on that dildo like he loved it.

He jumped up from his seat and strode over to the coffee machine for a refill, laughing at himself because he was trying to escape his own memories. He poured the coffee as the images of his debasement poured through his mind. He was ashamed now, but last night, he had gotten off on doing this to her, somewhere in the middle of it all he had gotten so fucking turned on his cock swelled up until it was squashed hard against the bars, and he was rutting against the bed as she fucked his face. Laura hadn’t missed it either.

‘Oh look Eileen, he’s really enjoying himself! Perhaps he can have his surprise after all!’ Then she had whispered something to Eileen that he couldn’t hear but he heard Laura’s bedside drawer open and close and he shut his eyes tight as she continued to fuck him and make him rut.

Eileen had slid off the bed, he didn’t care, he hated her right now, she had done this to his wife. She had changed his ordered world and turned it upside down. If it wasn’t for her, his wife would still be a mousy little woman who did everything he wanted. His cock went soft in its cage at the thought and he was shocked by his own reaction. He didn’t have time to consider it though as he felt the bed give a little behind him. His ass was stuck up in the air as he sucked on Laura’s cock, he couldn’t turn around as he felt Eileen brush up against the back of his thighs, but his whole body reacted to the contact. He jumped and tried to lift up, Laura patted his face gently, ‘shush darling, Eileen is getting your surprise ready. Be a good boy and carry on with my blow job, you haven’t made me cum yet.’ His own words, ‘you can’t stop, you haven’t made me cum yet.’ Bounced around inside his head and he went to town on proving that he could suck a cock until she came if that was what she wanted. And then he had felt the cold liquid being squirted into his ass hole and he whimpered in shock and dismay. ‘god let it be a plug and nothing else, pleaseeee!’ he thought frantically. The coldness of the lube trickled down inside his ass and his cock swelled up to the biggest it could in its confines. He hung his head in shame, he had fucking loved being used like this, and he was ashamed of it, but not enough to call out his safe word.

Laura moved her hips now, and positioned herself so that his face was impaled on her dildo as Eileen pressed a slightly smaller cock against his tight bud and then pushed slowly until the head was inside him and then he had squealed…and squealed as the slightly thinner but equally long cock began to invade his virgin ass…

His office door burst open at that moment, George strutting in, skimming his briefcase along the floor to lay haphazardly against his desk.

‘Fuck, you’re in early E, you wet the fuckin’ bed or what?’ He groused as he poured himself a coffee.

‘Nah the wife stayed with a friend last night so I didn’t get me blow job this mornin’.’ he mumbled, ‘thought I might as well get me sorry ass in here early and do some work for a change.’ He groused back.

George grunted, ‘similar problems mate, similar problems. Mine won’t open her fucking mouth to suck me off but she fucking moans like a bitch with it all day long if I let her.’ He grumbled and bemoaned his unhappy marriage and Ian suddenly knew, they were both fucking acting. He risked a glance down at George’s crotch, but the baggy trousers hid a multitude of sins. Ian looked away and walked to his desk, once again lowering himself gingerly into his chair. His little caged cock jumping as remnant sensations from getting his cherry popped ached inside his ass ring. He smiled a little to himself. He hoped Laura would do it herself next time. Eileen was good, but after the way he had seen his wife fuck her boss with that strap-on, he wanted it from her and he would do whatever it took to get what he wanted. He knew just how to do it too.

George broke across his thoughts, ‘what you grinning at you dirty little fucker?’

Ian glanced up, ‘oh nothin’ mate, just some new rules for the household Laura has installed. I’ve been reading them for three days, I finally understand what’s she’s after.’

George looked at his colleague curiously, ‘your missus make the rules in your house mate?’

‘Ian laughed, ‘yeah mate, she’s way fuckin’ better at that shit than I am. She calls it FLR and to be honest, I’ve never been happier!’

George started to say something but changed his mind allowing a few moments to pass before he said, ‘FLR… female led relationship? That’s what my missus has been bangin’ on about for the past 6 weeks but I just shove me cock in her mouth to shut her up!’ His words sounded macho but his tone said something different, almost like a light bulb had gone on in his head.

Ian shook his head at him, ‘you might wanna listen to her if you wanna stay married mate. I nearly lost my missus because I was giving her all this macho bullshit constantly. Best thing I ever did was step down and hand over the power to her.’

George’s shock was written all over his face. ‘Seriously E? She was gonna leave you?’ His surprise was beaten back by his greater curiosity, and a few moments later he asked, ‘You’re okay with that stuff? y’know, the rules stuff? what kind of things does she want you to do?’

Ian grinned, ‘I’m not gonna lie mate, it ain’t easy. Some of this stuff is big things like decision making. She always asks for my input and she takes it into consideration when she’s making a decision but ultimately she decides and I have to accept her decision. If I don’t get on board I get a punishment. A couple of times I’ve gone against her decision and moaned about the unfairness of it and my backside was so sore I could barely sit down. I learned pretty quickly this week that getting my ass spanked is not the hot thing I thought it would be and there are worse things she can do too. I toe the line now!’

George was hanging on Ian’s every word. ‘What you sayin’ mate? She fuckin’ spanked your ass?’ His eyes were round saucers of surprise in his face, only matched by his mouth hanging open!

Ian nodded and laughed, ‘yeah amongst other things and it hurts like fuck too. I always wanted to give her a spanking but thought she was too buttoned up to allow it, seems like I didn’t know my wife at all. She spanks like a fuckin’ demon mate. I do as I’m told now. That includes all the housework and cooking, she manages all the bills and I ask her for money when I need it. It works Gee, don’t scoff at it, till you try it. Oh yeah and be wary of the cane, I’ve got 6 strokes coming at me tonight and they will hurt like fuck!’

Ian was grinning, for the first time this week he was feeling good about his home life. He had settled a lot of stuff in his head now and apart from having to wear that fucking apron and nothing else, he was a happy man.

George nodded quietly, listening intently. Just this morning Caroline had told him things had to change or she was done. Perhaps he had better start listening more closely…


Part 11 (2): Eileen & Laura’s Story. An evening of Surprises…

Laura sat in the corner of her seat on the late train, her bottom and thighs burning unbearably. Her pussy throbbing and feeling twice its normal size courtesy of the continual swatting it had taken from that truly awful crop. She hated Mr Crossley so much right now, she wondered whether she should start looking for a new job. A lone tear escaped and tracked down her cheek. The man sat facing her had been glancing at her on and off throughout their journey. He was always here when she caught this train, he looked nice and normal and she chose to sit facing him because he looked safe, whatever that looked like these days! She had thought Mr Crossley was safe too and look how that had turned out. That spanking bench was horrible and her face flushed once again at the thought of her exposure to him while she was attached to it. The man leaned across to her, ‘Are you ok? Here…’ he said thrusting a tissue into her hand. Laura took it and gave him a tremulous smile as she dabbed at her wet cheeks.

‘Thank you.’ She whispered, casting her eyes down to avoid further conversation.

He nudged her foot with his, ‘I’m a good listener, if you want to leave it somewhere safe.’ He smiled a gentle coaxing smile and Laura smiled back but shook her head at the same time. Her thoughts were running rampant in her head just at the idea!

Oh my god, imagine his face if she told him that for the last three days she had been soundly spanked every evening by either one or the other of her bosses and both of them on one occasion! Not to mention she was a newly liberated dominant woman who wished to take her marriage over into an FLR rather than keep it in the dreadful state it was in presently and that while she may love her husband, she didn’t particularly like him very much right now and she was wondering if all of this FLR business was worth it with him!

A naughty insistent little voice kept prodding her, ‘Go on don’t be a coward, tell him! What’s the worst that can happen? He may think you’re a lunatic but so what? ‘ Laura glanced up at him, he was very easy on the eyes and she really needed a salve for her mood right now. It had been a dismally disappointing and painful day full of many questions and no easy answers. What was one more dose of humiliation in the grand scheme of things?

Laura nudged his foot with her own, ‘do you get easily shocked?’ she asked playfully. He grinned and nudged her back, ‘Nope! I’m kinda bomb proof as it goes!’ he laughed.

‘Okay but this isn’t your run of the mill ‘my husband is awful and I hate my boss’ kind of story you know although both of those components are in there.’ she warned him.

‘Thank god!’ He laughed, ‘Those stories are always so boring! By the way I’m…’

‘NO!’ Laura stopped him before he could complete his sentence. ‘Don’t tell me your name, we have to remain strangers or I won’t be able to tell you. It’s just so humiliating! Do you promise?’

‘Pinky promise.’ He answered, holding his little finger out. She hooked it with her own and then for the next 20 minutes she regaled him with the beginning of the story of the last 3 days of her life! ‘It all started when my Boss, we shall call her E, caught me watching spanking videos on the office PC…’

20 minutes later and after answering many, many questions from him, the train pulled into her station and she stood, gathering her briefcase and handbag.

‘Wait,! I need to know what happens next! You can’t just leave it there!’ He sounded desperate!

Laura giggled, ‘Well, you’ll just have to be on this train tomorrow evening won’t you! It’s the last spanking of the week tomorrow, thankfully! At least I will have the weekend to recover. If you’re here I will tell you some more.’ She ran to the exit and stepped off the train, turning briefly to wave at him, he looked so disappointed, she giggled again and blew him a kiss, before hurrying off the platform.

Gosh she felt so much better for having talked it all out with her stranger! Telling someone else seemed to have been cathartic for her, although some of her good feeling was probably because she could tell he had been hugely turned on by her naughty spanking confessions, insisting she go into great detail about the stories and especially the ending and E taking advantage of the opportunity the story had allowed her. Laura chuckled as she thought about the way his hand had covered his obvious erection, his eyes were heavy lidded by the time her station was in view. She knew he would be there tomorrow night and now she had something else to look forward to. Confessions to a stranger! Her tummy did a little flip of anticipation at the thought as she put her key in the lock and opened her front door.

‘Ian! I’m home!’ She called as she closed the door behind her. She dropped her case and handbag on the hall stand and removed her coat and suit jacket. Ian appeared in the hall wearing the frilly apron, his cock cage and nothing else. ‘Good evening Darling, how was your day?’ he asked politely.

Laura waved her arm in his direction as if to swat his words away, ‘don’t be so stuffy Ian, just a ‘Hi darling’ will do!’ She strode down the hall towards him and landed a peck on his cheek as she passed him on her way to the dining room. She was pleased to see the table was set and a delicious smell was wafting through from the kitchen. She sat down carefully at the table and breathed a small sigh of relief to finally be home and back in control of her life.

Ian disappeared into the kitchen and Laura took a moment to observe his pale fleshy bottom flashing at her as he walked. He came back almost immediately with two plates of delicious looking food and Laura smiled brightly at him. ‘My goodness, this looks absolutely delicious! I thought you said you couldn’t cook?” She picked up her knife and fork and tucked into the fat steak carefully presented in the centre of the plate and surrounded by a mixture of tiny vegetables!

‘I followed the recipe in one of your cook books,’ he said, blushing furiously as he sat down and began to eat his own food. Laura paused and savoured the taste of her food before speaking.

‘Well, you can call them your cook books from now on! This is delicious Ian, well done! By the way, I couldn’t help but notice how creamy your bottom is when you passed me before. I do want to see it a nice cherry red after supper, so when we’ve finished and you’ve cleaned up, be a darling and bring your new wooden paddle to the lounge for me. I want to get used to the feel of it and practise makes perfect, or at least that’s what you always say about the football and darts nights. So much practise! We should apply that tenet to our spanking regime don’t you think?’

Ian’s fork had frozen half way to his mouth and he looked as if she had pressed pause on him. Laura giggled, ‘what’s wrong darling? You look frozen in time!’

Ian shook himself out of his stupor ‘I … well, I thought I had been good Laura, why do I need a spanking?’ His voice had taken on a whiney tone and she instantly compared it to the beautifully modulated tone of her stranger. Ian’s tone irritated her.

‘You need a spanking because I say you need a spanking Ian.’ she replied sharply. ‘Call it a maintenance spanking if you like, but you should expect at least one a day until we settle into a proper routine and have drawn up our rules and guidelines. We can do that at the weekend, but for now, I shall be spanking you whenever I feel you need one. Is that clear enough for you darling?’ She asked sarcastically.

Ian dropped his gaze to his plate and muttered, ‘Yes Laura, very clear thank you, I apologise for questioning your decision. I won’t do it again I promise.’ He picked up the plates and hurried off to the kitchen.

Laura collected her wine glass and the bottle and kicking off her shoes, she wandered into the lounge and flopped down on the sofa. She was exhausted! That spanking had really taken it out of her tonight. She wouldn’t be working Ian’s bottom very hard that was for sure!

She heard him thunder down the stairs, she would have to have a word with him about that, there really was no need for him to be so loud in everything he did! Her mood had turned snippy. Her earlier glow from her conversation had left her and her mood was back to barely better than when she had left work. Added to that was the miserable pain her bottom and thighs were in. She was so sore. Mr Crossley had been very harsh with his spanking and she was gaining zero pleasure from the after effects! Of course, she understood that her punishment was not supposed to be pleasurable in any way, but up until tonight she had always enjoyed the after effect! She missed the heavy throb in her pussy!

Ian came and presented her with the paddle positioning himself in front of her with his hands behind his back and feet together. Laura leaned back against the sofa and soaked up his submissive stance. It was such a pleasant change to have him behave like this rather than the stuffy, strutting bull he usually greeted her with. She was curious to see if he could make her feel horny, at all. If he could, then she would make full use of his tongue this evening and create her own pleasure. Maybe that would improve her mood…

‘Tell me how you got on today wearing the cage at work, don’t spare the details, I want to know everything. If I think you’re holding back on me, I will take it out on your bottom. Entertain me with your words darling!’ Laura prompted him.

‘I … erm… well… it was awkward, especially when I had to go pee.’ Ian stumbled over his words, his face once again turning pink at having to expose himself in this way. ‘There are always men at the urinals and I had to go in a stall to sit down and pee. Usually only do that if I’m gonna have a sh…’ He stopped speaking when she held up a hand to silence him.

‘Yes not quite that amount of detail Ian, thank you. I know how bodily functions work. I want to know how you felt, not what you did or didn’t do!’ She snapped at him. God his voice, had it always been this dull?

‘Oh, okay, yeah… I see… ‘ he said, she saw the light bulb in his head go on as what she wanted to hear about now became obvious to him, it irritated her. ‘well then, I suppose I felt self conscious the whole day in case anyone could see the shape of it under my trousers. They fit quite tightly. I may need to buy some looser fitting ones for work?’ He posed it as a question to her and paused.

‘No.’ Laura shook her head to deny him his new pants and then said, ‘Continue.’

He nodded, slightly subdued by her outright refusal but continued, ‘every time I moved…’

The door bell rang.

Laura looked at Ian, he looked at her. ‘Are you expecting someone?’ she asked, Ian shook his head.

‘Well go and look out the window and see who it is then!’ she chided and he hurried to the bay window to peep through the curtain.

‘Bloody hell love, it’s Ms Barton!’ He said on a whisper of shock.

Laura jumped up and ran to the window and peeked out. Oh my god! This was too perfect. Her mood lifted instantly!

She turned to Ian and grinned like a child at Christmas! ‘Go and answer the door then, don’t keep her waiting for goodness sake!’ she ordered as she ran to the dining room to find her shoes and slip them on.

Ian stared after her, then down at his lack of clothing, his cock in its cage bouncing gently as he breathed, his little heart shaped pink apron sitting just above it. ‘I can’t answer the door like this Laura! It’s your BOSS for gods sake! Please don’t make me!’ He wailed after her.

Laura came back and grinned at him as she swatted his backside, ‘Oh yes you can and you will Ian, go on, trust me she knows all about you anyway! You won’t be a surprise to her at all!’

She pushed him down the hall smacking his bottom when he stopped, until he opened the door and said, ‘Good evening Ms Barton, please… come in.’ His eyes downcast, his face crimson with utter humiliation. How could Laura do this to him? He wanted to curl up and die! His cock was bouncing furiously in its cage and he looked down at it in shame. He was fucking turned on at being seen like this by her boss of all people!

Eileen smirked at him as she took in his lack of attire and his little cock cage bouncing happily. She stepped over the threshold and Ian quickly shut the door behind her. Laura spoke then, ‘Ms Barton, what a pleasure, I thought you had an event to attend this evening?’

‘Oh call me Eileen, we’re not on the clock now Laura, and you are my evening event! I had to come and see for myself the things you had described about…’, she turned to cast a cursory glance over Ian and her eyes settled on his caged cock and pink apron, watching as once again his cock pressed hard against its captivity and he dribbled precum through the bars. ‘…your husband!’ She finished as she reached down and scooped the precum off his cage onto her finger and held it up for him to lick off. He grimaced but closed his lips around the tip of her finger and cleaned it.

Laura grinned delightedly. this was amazing, Eileen was playing out the story! The precum was a bonus, she was just supposed to tickle his cock through the cage and laugh, but the finger in his mouth was even better! She spared Ian a glance and she could tell instantly this was completely humiliating for him but he was obviously turned on by what was happening!

She smirked at him, ‘Ian, take my guest through to the lounge and get her a drink please.’

Ian nodded and Eileen stood back to let him go down the hall and into the lounge. She was openly grinning at the image of his white bottom with a red hand print on either cheek as he walked in front of her. ‘Hmm, it looks as though you’ve started without me Laura! I have some catching up to do! Come sit with me and discuss what we’re going to do.’

Laura sat down and winced as pain shot across her bottom. Eileen saw it and smiled sympathetically. ‘He spanks very hard doesn’t he?’ She whispered and Laura nodded vigorously in agreement.

‘Did you know about the spanking bench Eileen?’ She asked curious to know if she had been in on it, and Eileen gave her a wink and a nod. Ian returned then with a bottle of wine and three glasses. Laura glanced up at him. ‘We only needed one more glass, I have mine already! You’re not drinking alcohol remember darling? We discussed this last night.’

Ian’s dismay was a real entity in the room. He was desperate for a drink, but he had agreed with Laura that most of their problems arose because he was always drinking and it made him surly.

Eileen took her glass and the bottle and Ian quickly removed the other two glasses and disappeared into the kitchen. He put the glasses back in the cupboard and bending over the counter he dropped his head into his hands. ‘I can’t do this! It’s so fucking humiliating! The pair of them sat there laughing at me, it’s fucking cruel and unusual punishment and no fucking mistake. I’m not gonna do it…’ He stood up and turned around intending to go back in there and tell them both they could fuck right off, when he heard their laughter drift through to him. He crept up to the lounge door and peeped through the gap at them, listening intently to their conversation, his sudden burst of anger forgotten.

‘…He has a huge cock Laura, and oh my goodness does he know how to use it! I’m sorry about the spanking bench, it came about because of something I mentioned to him last night. But, you do like to feel humiliated when you’re being spanked and what better way to do that than have you bare all to your boss as he spanks you? It’s in all of your stories darling!’ Eileen leaned in and kissed Laura gently on the lips. ‘There, now do you forgive me?’

Laura giggled and touched her lips with her finger tips, ‘I suppose so, but oh goodness it hurt so much, I can barely sit down without crying out!’ Eileen leaned in and tucked a stray strand of Laura’s hair behind her ear, ‘well sweetheart, punishments are never pleasant but we can make up for that tonight… now where has that husband of yours got to?’

Ian’s cock bounced hard in his cage and banged against the door. Laura saw him before he had time to move out of sight.

‘Ian Aston get in here right this minute! How dare you spy on us like some dirty little peeping tom!’ Laura was instantly furious with him. He had seen Eileen kiss her! He had been listening to them talking, so he knew about the spanking bench now too!

She picked up the paddle and handed it to Eileen, ‘I think under the circumstances we should forget the story for now and just go with the flow for this part! My husband needs a good dose of discipline, and I know you have a strong arm with a cane, how good are you with a paddle?’ Laura said as she stood up and took hold of Ian by his caged cock and pulled him over to the sofa.

‘OW! OW! OWWWW! Laura, stop that! It’s not a pull toy!!’ He protested as she positioned him in front of Eileen who was now sat with the paddle laid across her stocking clad legs, her skirt resting at thigh level.

‘My my, feisty isn’t he?’ She said as she reached across and took his hand pulling him towards her.

He went willingly enough as she positioned him at her side. His cock bouncing and dribbling for all it was worth. He suddenly had a light bulb moment as he remembered his request for Laura’s boss to spank him! Fucking hell, it was really going to happen. Quite suddenly he loved his wife more than anything else in the world, even his cock!

Laura tutted at him and shook her head. ‘I apologise for my errant husband Eileen, he’s very new to this and hasn’t quite grasped his new role in our marriage yet. He will improve though, he’s a quick learner!’ Ian hung his head in shame. He was letting her down… again!

Eileen nodded, I can see that darling but don’t worry, I’m sure a good sound spanking will have him behaving much better in no time at all!’ She picked up the paddle and patted her hand lightly with it. ‘Shall we begin?’ She raised an eyebrow as she held Ian’s gaze and stared him down. ‘Time to assume the position,’ she said as she tugged him down by his arm and lowered him over her knees. His cock cage pressed hard against her thigh and she tutted, ‘lets have that out of the way shall we,’ she murmured as she reached under him and tugged his cock until it was trapped between her thighs.

‘A tissue please Laura, he’s dribbled on me dear!’ Eileen said as she slapped him hard once on his bottom.

Laura handed her a tissue and glared at her husband. Ian was officially mortified and hung his head down in complete shame and humiliation. And then the first spank with the paddle landed… how he howled! Eileen laughed openly at his distress. ‘Oh dear Ian! Your wife is made of much sterner stuff than you are, she took quite a few spanks before she began caterwauling! Do at least try to be a man about it! You did ask for this after all!’

Eileen quickly got down to the business at hand and unleashed the paddle across his bottom and thighs spanking them until his cheeks were a beautiful shade of red matched only by the colour of his thighs! He squirmed and wriggled, begged and pleaded but she was having none of it. She continued with spank after spank after spank, chatting intermittently with Laura about the problems Laura felt he needed to work on and improve in order for their marriage to survive. Soon his bottom had turned cherry red and was hot to the touch, but Eileen continued with the paddle. Spank, spank spank as hard as she could. Laura sat on the floor in front of Ian’s face, watching every expression as it appeared before her. She soaked up the level of submission he was now exhibiting and a sudden thought struck her.

‘Have you always been submissive Ian?’ she asked as yet another volley of spanks landed across his burning bottom.

‘YES!’ he shouted and then howled as his tears fell and his nose ran and he looked up at her a blubbering mess. ‘Yes…’ he tried again, ‘I always wanted to know … what it felt like… to be brought to task by you for the way I behaved.’ He admitted as Eileen spanked the backs of his thighs and made him squeal as the wood connected and stung and bit over and over again.

Laura mused over his answer, ‘So you pushed me into doing this then Ian, rather than being honest you thought you could manipulate me into taking this role on. I don’t like that. I feel like you have lied about every area of our marriage and you have never once been honest with me about who you are or what you need and by doing that you suppressed my natural instincts and turned me into a timid wife by constantly finding fault with me! There is a lot we need to work on if we are to survive as a couple Ian, I never realised just quite how much there is.’

Eileen could see Laura was upset and she unleashed a further volley of spanks across Ian’s bruised bottom until he was barely squeaking but still begging for her to stop. Eventually she did, but only after she had thoroughly remonstrated with him for the way he had treated his lovely wife and her friend.

She tapped him on the shoulder then, ‘Stand up and stop snivelling, your spanking is over. Go and stand in the corner of the room with your nose pressed to the wall. Do not move until I tell you to. Do not touch your bottom, thighs or cock cage! If you do, I shall go and retrieve my cane from the car and you will receive a minimum of 6 strokes with a maximum of 12 on this occasion.’

Ian slid off Eileen’s lap and removed himself hurriedly from her reach. He positioned himself in the corner exactly as she had instructed and began to sob quietly. Behind him Eileen looked at Laura and pointed to the floor between her feet. There was a wet patch. Ian had wet himself during the spanking and Laura was officially disgusted with her husband. She marched over to him and smacked his bottom hard ‘how dare you pee on my carpet Ian! How dare you pee on Ms Barton’s shoes! When you are free to move around you will get down on your hands and knees and clean that carpet until all of your pee is just a distant bad memory! I am truly mortified by your behaviour!’

Laura turned away from him and Eileen gathered her into her arms. ‘Shush Laura, he’s had his punishment, why don’t we go somewhere away from him where we can relax darling. I need to remove my stockings and clean my feet and my shoes anyway!’ she gave Laura a hug and kissed her lightly on the lips. Slowly, slowly she thought. Laura sniffled and hugged her back. ‘I’m so sorry for the mess he’s made Eileen, I’m so embarrassed I can barely stand it! He is such an oaf! Let me just get some paper towel to start soaking it up!’

Eileen smiled at her, ‘Don’t fret over it, it isn’t the first time my feet have been pee’d on during a spanking and I suspect it won’t be the last time it happens either, but at least you know he’s been thoroughly spanked and chastised now. He understands his position and I think life may become much easier for you from now on. Come on, show me to the bathroom and then we can relax properly.’

‘I need to…’ Laura stammered, desperate to go off with Eileen, but desperate to see to the carpet.

Eileen nodded, ‘IAN! Go to the kitchen and find something with which to soak up this mess you’ve made. Then you shall return to your corner and start your corner time over. This time with your hands on the top of your head for the duration and your legs spread wide.’ Eileen’s voice sounded like a whiplash in the room and Ian quickly scurried off to the kitchen.

Laura spared Ian one last glance as he shuffled out of the room, taking in his bright red bottom and thighs and his quiet sobbing. She realised that he looked just like the spanked husband from one of her videos. The vision did not move her at all.

She led Eileen up the stairs to the bathroom and waited as she cleaned herself up. She was so furious with Ian, she couldn’t even articulate her thoughts! He had pee’d on her boss’s feet and all over the carpet for goodness sake! He was completely useless!

Eileen appeared in the bathroom doorway, and seeing Laura standing there biting her lip, full of pent up frustration and tension, she reached out and pulled her gently to her. Leaning in she kissed her lips softly, smoothing her hands down her lithe body, drawing a little moan from Laura who caught her hand and led her into the bedroom drawing her down onto the bed where they sat facing each other, stroking and kissing, removing clothing slowly, exploring each other’s bodies as each bared piece of skin was exposed.

As Laura slid down her body to her soaked pussy Eileen stopped her. ‘Darling girl, I do believe your husband should be present for this, it is what you wanted in your story and I do so like an audience, go and tell him to present himself to us sweetheart, it’s the right way to do this.’

Laura was in a sex fuelled haze but Eileen’s words began to sink in. Fuck! She was a married woman, what the hell was she thinking! Eileen was right, he had to be here or else he could accuse her of having a lesbian affair behind his back, literally.

She sat up and slid from the bed and walked to the bedroom door. ‘IAN!’ she shouted, ‘Eileen and I require your presence in the bedroom. NOW!’

She turned and crawled back up the bed to lay next to her beautiful boss and slipped a nipple between her lips and suckled while they waited. Eileen moaned, delighted at the feel of Laura’s soft mouth as she lapped and sucked at her rigid nipple.

Ian appeared in the doorway almost immediately. He took in the sight of the two beautiful women on his bed and his cock bulged in it’s cage instantly. Fucking hell, they were gonna get it on for him! Fucking HELL!! He was in seventh heaven as he walked towards the bed.

Eileen laughed at his audacity. ‘Oh no no no Ian, you can stand in the corner and watch, hands on head please or you will receive the cane. This little show is for Laura and I alone. You have all the pain and your beautiful wife and I have all the pleasure!’

Laura grinned as Ian’s face told it’s own story of huge disappointment and frustration, but he did as he was told and took himself off to the corner of the room and faced them. His squashed cock looked comical bulging between all the gaps in his cage but he didn’t seem to notice.

He couldn’t take his eyes off the two women. One dark and sultry oozing sensuality with full curves and dips in all the right places the other her counterfoil, tall willowy blonde with pert breasts and a cherub’s bottom, he couldn’t believe this was happening right in front of him, it was a fantasy come true!

Eileen pressed her hand against Laura’s shoulder gently and guided her down between her thighs. ‘Now you can taste me, now you can lick and suck and fuck me as long as you want to, we have an audience of one to perform for, make me cum hard Laura.’ And Laura did just that, over and over again. She had found her own version of heaven in the shape of her boss’s gorgeous pussy and she couldn’t get enough of it…

Ian whimpered in the corner as the cage tightened unbearably around his cock and his balls ached like never before. His wife was burying her face in her boss’s pussy and he wasn’t allowed to do a damn thing except watch. His fantasy had turned into purgatory and he felt like crying. His cock dribbled precum and he caught it in his hands completely aware he would be punished with the cane for moving his hands but he didn’t dare make another mess on a carpet! Oh god! How had his life come to this? But he knew… he had wanted this, he had fantasized about it for years, he had wanted Laura to look at him the way she did now, he had wanted her to scold him, spank him, make him suffer for all of his bad behaviour! He just hadn’t understood what it would cost him in return. His cock was no longer necessary to her and he was bereft. But somewhere deep inside him, he knew this was how it was supposed to be and he knew he would accept it.

Spanking confessions


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I needed a good hard spanking so I gave myself one… then another… then another

Then everybody else joined in…

Then life got really interesting…

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This blog is about my journey of self discovery, post divorce, and my hedonistic tumble into self-discipline and self spanking and being spanked and disciplined! I also take a little sideways trip on occasion and become the Spanker of some very deserving bottoms. I hope you enjoy the journey with me. These stories are excerpts from my diaries and memories. All of them are name changed to protect everyone involved.

For myself, this is a journey about discovery of self beginning after a bitter divorce from a very bad marriage, exploring a long standing kink that had lain dormant for far too long and the experiences it brought about purely by accident rather than design. It is my personal journey, I have changed the names of others to protect their identity but the events are mainly as they happened. Please read with an open mind and heart, we are all original works of art just waiting for someone to appreciate the picture we portray. My picture is finally beginning to see the light of day. All events written here had my full co-operation and consent and were carried out in a safe, sane and consensual way. Detailed discussions between both parties took place well in advance of any spanking. Nothing was agreed until both parties were happy that what would happen was entirely within the boundaries we had set. My thoughts and feelings were written shortly after each event and in some cases I was highly charged and usually in a lot of throbbing pain but I had loved every single minute of it once the throbbing calmed down some. I decided it was way past time to put all of those experiences, thoughts and feelings in one place to share with you.

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Part 11. Eileen & Laura’s Story: (1 of 2) A Surprise Story & The Spanking Bench…

Eileen sat at her desk the morning after the night before with Charles, her body ached deliciously from her head where he had tugged her hair to the soles of her feet where he had spanked her with the riding crop because she had orgasmed without his permission. A slow smile spread across her lips as she remembered how good that stolen orgasm had been, the dull pain in her feet now was worth it. She would do the same thing over again given the opportunity.

She marvelled at the man’s ability to recover so quickly. Charles had explained much, much later, that he had not had a woman who was so damned sexual, sensual and downright naughty in a very long time. He had squashed his darker feelings down to the bottom of his psyche and lived a stifling vanilla life for many years. Eileen had unleashed his primal urge to dominate and she had driven him wild with desire, bringing with it a hunger to spank her, crop her, cane her and sexually dominate her like a man possessed! She revelled in this sudden darker personality of his and did everything she could to inspire him to dig deeper and go further.

By the end of the evening, she had unleashed a beast in him and she was ecstatic about it. Before she had departed for home he had extracted a firm agreement from her that they would continue their tryst as often as possible and they should come up with an arrangement that would be better suited to them than his office, to that end he had suggested his private suite in the Four Seasons Hotel just a mile from their offices. Eileen had readily agreed, although she had cried off for tonight, citing a long standing event that she could not miss. He had been a little disappointed but after she had raised her skirt one last time and positioned herself over his knees for a final spanking, he agreed that one night was not too long to wait. That spanking had lasted 15 minutes and her bottom was still tender from the absolute pounding he had given it. No creamy skin was left untouched. Her thighs and sit spot were so tender that she found herself constantly shifting position this morning. She had a meeting with Charles in an hour and her pussy contracted sharply at the thought of seeing him again. Of course he would be completely professional as would she, but underneath all that there would be that intimate knowledge of each other and the things they had done together last night sitting silently in the room with them.

Eileen shifted in her seat, the plentiful reminders setting up a low throb across her bottom as she changed position. She sucked in a breath and bit her lower lip, her pussy was aching from the continual pounding he had given her for three hours! My god he had some stamina, it had been she who had called time in the end. She had been exhausted! She felt a little bit uncomfortable about lying to him about a previous engagement tonight but it had been a long time since she’d taken a lover and Charles was ferocious in his appetite. She would take this evening to recover. Eileen fought to control the sudden urge to touch herself and remonstrated with herself about being professional. She dragged her mind back to her pressing work load. She switched on her PC and waited as the screen loaded up.

Blinking in the bottom right corner was a notification that a document had been added to her LASS folder on her desktop. She smiled widely.

Laura Aston’s newest Spanking Story was ready and waiting for her, and Eileen quickly read the latest edition to the file. To say she was surprised would have been putting it mildly, but the contents of that story had caught her imagination and sent it flying in so many directions, she was excited to play it out as soon as possible. She would not be having a night off after all!

Ms Aston appeared in her doorway, ‘Good morning Ms Barton.’ she said as she entered and sat down with her note book and pencil.

Eileen dragged her focus back to the tasks of the day, ‘Good morning Ms Aston, I have a number of meetings scheduled today, take down the full itinerary and ring everyone to confirm I don’t have any double bookings or confusion over starting and finishing times. I need to keep a tight schedule… I am going out this evening so I shall be leaving the office a little earlier at around 4.45pm so please let my final appointment know I need to be finished no later than 4.30pm please. We also need to ensure that you finish promptly at 5pm in order to carry out your discipline session. Mr Crossley will oversee your disciplining from now on and you shouldn’t keep him waiting. I will no longer be in attendance.’

Laura’s eyes shot up and she stared at Eileen stunned.

‘Just Mr Crossley and myself Ms Barton?’ She said on barely a whisper.

Yes Ms Aston, is there a problem? Eileen raised an eyebrow at the question.

‘Oh… No… Ms Barton, it’s just… he spanks very hard… and he changes the story…’ Laura stammered incoherently.

Eileen laughed at Laura’s discomfort, ‘Oh dear, Ms Aston, you had better get used to it, he is adamant that I don’t spank you firmly enough nor for long enough, which is why he is taking over your discipline. He also believes that the introduction of the cane and the crop will be a valuable addition to your retraining rather than the girl on girl sexy endings you seem to enjoy writing so much.’

‘Yes Ms Barton, of course.’ Laura mumbled feeling her blush rise up from her breast to the top of her forehead! Inside she was crawling with embarrassment and berating herself heavily for having sent the latest episode to Ms Barton’s computer. The girl on girl action in that episode would definitely raise eyebrows, not to mention everything else that had been put in there! Oh god! What if she’s read it already? Maybe that’s what she’s referring to. Had she gone too far?

Eileen pushed away from her desk then, she desperately needed to get off her sore bottom! ‘That will be all for now Ms Aston, please make sure I have my itinerary and all of the relevant files associated with it before my first meeting with Mr Crossley at 9.30am.’

Laura nodded and made a hasty retreat to the relative safety of the outer office. Her flaming cheeks were burning so much she could feel the heat coming off them. Damn, damn, damn, what if she had misread Eileen’s interest in her sexually? That last story could blow this whole thing out of the water with nowhere left for her to go if it did! Except of course, the job centre!

‘Pull yourself together Laura,’ she berated herself sternly, ‘she hasn’t said she didn’t like it, just Mr Crossley wants a different non-sexy ending to the stories for your discipline!’ Laura took a deep breath and calmed herself down. She got busy with her list and set about confirming meeting times and arranging the itinerary so that everything got covered. She sent it to Eileen at 9.20am and sat back for a moment to gather her wits.

She remembered then that Eileen had said she was going out this evening and Laura realised she felt a little disappointed. She had hoped that when she had read the new spanking story she would want to come over and play it out. Ah well, perhaps she would like it enough to come later in the week.

Slightly dejected and heavily overworked, Laura kept her head down and out of trouble for the entire day. At 4.35pm Eileen appeared back in the office from her final meeting.

‘That’s me done for the day, I’m heading home for a hot relaxing bath and some quality alone time before I head out again for what promises to be an interesting evening! Do make sure you are in Mr Crossley’s office by 5.05pm or your bottom will receive extra spanks for tardiness. You may remain in your suit this evening, Mr Crossley will instruct you himself on your mode of dress. Do not let me down Laura!’ Eileen stood very close to her as she delivered her instructions and Laura blushed as she turned to acknowledge her.

Eileen smiled at her assistant and turning on her heel, she sashayed across the room to her own office. Laura began her last task of the day, her tummy doing somersaults at what was to come, she was suddenly not so sure any of this had been a good idea after all! A few minutes later Eileen called goodnight as she left and Laura was alone.

She checked her watch, 4.45pm. Taking a deep steadying breath she cleared her desk and tidied her office space before powering everything down and switching off the lights. Her tummy was churning now and she felt slightly sick as she headed for the lifts and Mr Crossley’s office at exactly 5pm.

Just a few minutes later she was knocking on the door to his inner sanctum at exactly 5.05pm. Well at least he couldn’t spank her for tardiness, she thought as his booming voice called her in.

She pushed the heavy door and stepped into the room. The door closed quietly behind her with a click and Laura began to tremble as her eyes settled on the new piece of furniture taking centre stage in the middle of the room. A spanking bench, complete with ankle and wrist restraints! Oh GOD! This was not what Laura had expected at all. Her horror must have shown on her face because Mr Crossley snorted once before speaking softly to her.

‘We did agree did we not Ms Aston, that you would accept all forms of punishment decided by me as and when I thought it was necessary to introduce a new method?’

Laura’s eyes flew to his, her face pale, her lips trembling slightly. She couldn’t speak. She could only nod her agreement mutely.

‘Speak girl, I will not allow non verbal communication when it is important for us to be sure that there is acceptance and consent for what is to take place!’ Mr Crossley had walked around to the front of his desk now and he glared at her waiting for her to comply.

‘Y..yes.. Mr Crossley, I have agreed to all forms and methods of punishment for my discipline sessions with you and Ms Barton.’ Laura stammered out hurriedly.

Mr Crossley smiled as he heard Eileen’s name, ‘ah yes, Ms Barton. She will no longer be present for these sessions Ms Aston, I have assumed the role of your disciplinarian in full. Ms Barton was too lenient with you, it is counterproductive to the goal if you believe that your spankings are to be playful in nature! I prefer a much sterner approach as you will soon learn. You may write your stories to incorporate our new arrangement and leave out all the naughty business at the end. I am not interested in the sexual aspect with you, you are an employee after all Ms Aston and a very naughty one at that! Now, be so kind as to remove everything except your underwear and then come over here and we shall get started.’

Laura felt like crying, this was going to be dreadful! She had seen videos of women strapped to spanking benches but they had all ended in the women being given a good hard fucking as well as hard spanking. That sort of levelled the playing field a little in her mind, some pleasure at the end for all the pain endured. This was blatantly not what Mr Crossley had in mind. Her thoughts turned to mush and her tummy churned with anxiety as she removed her suit and blouse and folded them neatly before placing them on a chair beside her handbag. Finally she was ready, dressed only in her white lace lingerie she stepped up to the spanking bench and waited.

Mr Crossley made short work of positioning her on the bench, her legs spread to accommodate the distance between the kneeling pads and fastened securely, her torso resting on the centre pad her arms dropping down and attached to the arm rests also securely fastened. She was going nowhere! She felt so completely exposed she was crimson with embarrassment.

Mr Crossley stood back and gave his handiwork a final once over, testing the straps to see if they were tight enough but not too tight. ‘I hope that it won’t be necessary to keep strapping you down for your spankings Ms Aston, but for the time being we shall make full use of their availability. You did jump around a lot yesterday evening during the cropping and caning. I found It slowed down the proceedings far too much for my liking and is quite tedious to endure. This will be a good way to train you to remain still while taking your punishment.’

Laura mumbled a pitiful ‘Yes Mr Crossley’ and placed her head on the head rest and closed her eyes tight.

‘For the purposes of your discipline sessions, you shall refer to me as Sir at all times Ms Aston.’ He dictated as he walked slowly around the bench and viewed it from all directions. ‘Y… yes Sir’ She responded quickly. Satisfied, he removed his jacket and placed it over the back of his chair, he came back to stand in front of her once more as he rolled up his white shirt sleeves and prepared himself for what was to come.

‘We shall start with a sound spanking Ms Aston, we shall not be following a pre-scripted idea of yours this evening, but rather a well thought out plan of my own instead.’ He said as he walked around to the back of the bench and the very attractive sight of Laura’s bottom on full display. Her panties were allowing her the modicum of dignity right now and he stepped forward and slid his fingers into their waistband and pulled them slowly over her raised bottom and down as far as they would go along her thighs. ‘There, that’s much better, now I can see everything!’ He murmured and Laura sobbed a little at the further exposure and the complete loss of her dignity. Her panties were stretched so tight the material was cutting into the soft flesh of her thighs and she mewled slightly at the discomfort they were causing.

He barked a short laugh at her discomfort, ‘Oh dear! You will cease to notice that particular discomfort once we begin.’ and with that he moved to the side of her, placed a hand in the small of her back and raised his other hand over her bottom. ‘Shall we begin Ms Aston?’ he asked politely, ‘Yes Sir’ she responded in barely more than a whisper but it was enough for him to hear her. The first spank landed and she cried out in shock at the weight of his hand against her soft globe. She wriggled a little as the instant sting turned into heat and then the second spank landed on her other cheek and it wobbled under the pressure, he grinned widely and she yelped and wriggled again. He wasted no time in stroking or smoothing her skin, he got straight on with the business of spanking her, one heavy spank after another rained down on her bottom and across the backs of her thighs, she was howling and crying freely now as he continued to spank and spank and spank her poor bottom until she thought he might never stop.

It was awful, she couldn’t move out of the way, she couldn’t reach behind her to prevent another spank landing, she couldn’t run off, wriggle or avoid it. She hated this damned bench! It was horrible! She tried pleading with him, ‘Please Sir, I am so sorry for all of my misconduct, I promise I have learnt my lesson. I will never do it again, any of it. Please Sir, please stop. It hurts so much!’

Mr Crossley tutted and her heart fell at the sound. ‘No more whining Ms Aston, we are barely begun here for goodness sake! As he spoke he crossed behind her to the other side and then immediately resumed his spanking of her bottom with his other hand. How she HOWLED at this new onslaught! Oh my goodness, it was never going to end! Great tears spilled from her on ragged sobs as he continued to spank unabated for a further 10 minutes making it 20 minutes in all.

Finally he stepped away from her and sat down at his desk in front of her. ‘Look at me please Ms Aston.’ He ordered her. Laura lifted her tear stained face off the head rest and looked at him. ‘Tell me Ms Aston, do you feel you have been properly spanked now?’ He asked. Laura couldn’t read his expression at all, his face was still and devoid of any tell tale signs that this might be over.

‘Yes Sir, I do.’ She responded in a very subdued tone.

‘Would you consider the punishment sufficient for your misdemeanors Ms Aston?’ He asked quietly.

Laura sensed a trap, her face showed her wariness, ‘Come now, Ms Aston, do you consider the punishment sufficient or not?’ he scolded her into hurrying her answer.

‘Yyes…No…yess I don’t know Sir!’ she cried.

Mr Crossley sat and mused for a few moments, ‘I’ll tell you what I think young lady, I think you need to be more decisive, so on this occasion I shall make the decision for you. You shall receive a five minute session with the crop and 10 strokes of the cane and then we shall say you have received sufficient punishment for this evening. Do you agree Ms Aston?’ he was smiling at her now.

Laura had nowhere to go with this, if she disagreed he could add more of each on to her punishment and if she agreed well it was going to just hurt like blazes and that just wasn’t fair! Her lips turned into a sullen pout but she nodded her head and agreed. ‘Yes Sir, I agree.’

‘Hmm, I don’t think I like your sullen attitude young lady, but as time is ticking on, I shall add that particular issue to tomorrow’s scheduled discipline session. Make a note to remind me my dear.’ With that he was up on his feet and striding across to the corner of the room where he now kept the cane and the crop. Within seconds she felt the first heavy thwack of the crop as it caught her inner thigh and the edge of her pussy lips. She squealed and wriggled about as much as she could but it was all for nothing, she couldn’t move more than an inch and the only thing moving was her bottom, which he seemed to enjoy immensely! ‘Do keep that up, there’s a good girl, I do like to see if I can hit a moving target. Now on my command wriggle that delightful bottom as much as you want!’ He laughed.

Laura glared over her shoulder at him as he laughed loudly and shouted ‘MOVE!’ Laura wriggled and jumped as much as she could as he swatted her everywhere around her bottom, thighs, pussy, inner thighs, her sit spot was so very sore now she squealed and squealed as he caught her over and over again in the same spots. Eventually her 5 minutes were up and her bottom felt like it was on fire! The heat from the heavy handed spanking had bloomed and was throbbing deeply, her pussy felt swollen and sore but conversely she knew her juices were dripping she was so turned on by this and her poor, poor thighs, they felt like they had twin bands of steel around them!

Without warning she heard the swish of the cane behind her and she screamed loudly. Mr Crossley laughed at her, ‘I haven’t touched you with it yet young lady, do please keep your hysterics for the actual caning!’

Laura was mortified, her face as crimson as every other part of her and she slumped down on the head rest and sobbed quietly. It was then that the searing pain shot through both of her buttocks at the same time as the first of 10 strokes landed and she swore profusely.

Mr Crossley tutted, ‘Add an extra stroke for the foul mouth Ms Aston, so begin counting to 10 now!’ He landed the second stroke across her sit spot and she squealed and shouted 1. After each stroke she screamed the number and jiggled her behind about as much as possible. Her tears soaked her as they flowed down her chin, down her neck and onto her breasts. Finally the last stroke landed and Laura shouted ’10 SIR!!’ at the top of her voice.

She felt the cane rest across her waist and then he was stood in front of her.

‘ Look at me please Ms Aston,’ he said and Laura once again lifted her tear stained face to look at her boss.

He smiled benignly at her, ‘I believe we shall forgo corner time in favour of leaving you on the Spanking bench while you think about the reasons you are in this predicament. I shall return to release you in 10 minutes and then you may get dressed and go home.’ With that he turned on his heel and left the office and an open mouthed Laura behind.

Laura dropped her head back down and began crying quietly, she hated this aspect of being spanked so much! She wished she had come to the dominant wife conclusion before she had signed that stupid agreement with Mr Crossley and Ms Barton yesterday! But then her reality sank in, she wouldn’t be in this situation at all if she had just kept her spanking video obsession firmly at home instead of in work. She only had herself to blame. She had as much to learn and grow from as Ian did, and Laura hung her head in shame.

10 Minutes later Mr Crossley was as good as his word and reappeared to release her from her confines. He did not assist her down from the spanking bench, instead choosing to stand behind and watch her try to pull her panties up before she dismounted from the horrid thing. Her humiliation was complete. She clumsily stood and tottered unsteadily to her clothes and quickly pulled them on, not turning around until she was fully clothed and had regained some small amount of composure. She opened the office door, briefly glancing over her shoulder at him, she mumbled, ‘Good night Sir and thank you for my lesson.’ She walked out of the office and allowed the door to close quietly behind her.

As the door clicked shut Laura fled the office and took the stairway down to the ground floor as fast as she could. Everywhere hurt terribly and she gasped and groaned and bit her lip as she descended each flight of stairs. Finally she was out of the building and rushing to the station for the next train and home! All she wanted was to curl up and cry herself to sleep but she still had bloody Ian to sort out when she got home! Gosh what a terribly disappointing day this had turned out to be…

to be continued…

Part 10: Laura’s Story… Owning her Life…and her husband!

#NSFW 18 + # sexual content

(Due to increased pressure from WP pic police amongst our merry band of kinksters and spankers, images will be toned down to conform with WP guidelines)

Laura lay soaking in the lovely hot bubble bath Ian had run for her. She covered her breasts in bubbles and leaned back against the head rest relaxing properly for the first time today. A contented sigh escaped her lips as she allowed her mind to drift back to her early evening spanking session at work. Mr Crossley had gone completely off script mid way through the spanking story he had said he would be following, No matter though because the end result had still been the same.

Her bottom was hot and throbbing and sore and her pussy had been crying out for some immediate attention, it wasn’t to be, he had not allowed Ms Barton to carry out the end of the story at all and instead of that had instructed her to cane and crop Laura! Oh god that had hurt so much! Her hand stroked her bottom gently in remembered pain, ‘but mmm, it feels so good afterwards!’ She whispered to herself as she went over each moment, each new spank, swapping Ms Barton for Mr Crossley, gosh that had been a shock to her system. She had thought she had received a very thorough spanking from Ms Barton, but Mr Crossley unleashed a fire across her bottom with his heavy hard spank like she had never felt before!

And then of course the dreadful corner time, Laura shivered, she really didn’t like corner time, apart from the fact that she was stood there with her crimson bottom on full show to both her bosses, it also gave her too much time to think. She really felt her humiliation and shame prickle her skin the whole time she was stood there. Obviously that was what corner time was for, but she already felt bad for what she had done at work, she didn’t think it was necessary for Mr Crossley to drive the point home that way! Especially as he had most definitely stepped away from her really rather sexy spanking story in favour of a much harsher version of his own that involved a cane and a crop! Laura twisted to the side and allowed her fingers to roam her bottom in search of tell tale signs that she had been caned. She found a few ridges and she let her fingers trace them. A shiver of delight ran through her, her very first caning, and delivered by Ms Barton no less! Wow she was good with a cane. Laura just wished there had been a mirror or something so she could have watched Ms Barton cane her bottom!

Her imagination began filling in images that she herself had not been privy to during the caning and she imagined herself bending over, spreading her legs, her bottom bright red from her spanking with Mr Crossley, her wet pussy on display for all to witness her utter humiliation at her exposure, and then Ms Barton stepping up behind her with the cane. Laura felt her pussy react to the images she was creating in her mind and her fingers crept down over her mound and pressed between her pussy lips to find that gorgeous little button that gave her so much pleasure, a frisson of excitement coursed through her as her finger rubbed and smoothed over that little button, pressing gently then rubbing slowly as she imagined the sight of the very first cane stroke landing across her bare bottom. She remembered her squeal as the bite from that thin piece of wood gripped her buttocks and buried itself into her tender skin. She gasped as her pussy contracted and then imagined she saw Eileen prepare for the second stroke, she watched the silent communication between her two bosses, imagining Eileen raising the cane even higher with a nod from Mr Crossley and then hearing it whoosh through the air as it came down and landed just below the first stroke.

She heard her own howl and watched herself jump up and down on the spot, cupping her bottom with both her hands, tears streaming down her face as the sting settled into a deep throb under the skin and into her muscles. She remembered Mr Crossley ordering her to get back into position in a very stern voice, she saw herself comply and then the third stroke came in swiftly causing her to squeal and beg for it to stop! Laura worked her fingers along the sides of her throbbing clit and slid them down to her hungry pussy, she dipped them inside and moaned as her orgasm climbed slowly to the surface building in intensity as her mind replayed the final three strokes of the cane, watching them land on her bottom creating thin angry red welts in a neat little row across both cheeks. She was grateful that Eileen had kept the caning just to her bottom and not her thighs! Here fingers plunged deeper inside her pussy walls and she groaned as she contracted her muscles around them, slowly withdrawing them, she didn’t want this to happen too quickly, she wanted to savour every delicious sensation as she ‘saw’ her bottom receive it’s very first caning!

She desperately wanted to feel the cane again, but not that horrid crop, the crop just stung like blazes and didn’t leave any fuzzy warm feelings afterwards, the delivery of so many nasty little hard swats to her pussy and bottom and thighs had made her shriek, the delicate skin of her poor pussy lips felt quite swollen on the train ride home! Laura smoothed her fingers along the still swollen lips, rubbing her clit as she moved on to something she had almost forgotten about! The delicious sound of Ms Barton giving Mr Crossley a blow job behind her back while she was stuck with her nose in the corner! Obviously she couldn’t be sure, but damn those noises were unmistakable! Gosh she wished she had been able to watch that little show unfold! She sighed and then giggled to herself as she thought, ‘I wonder how long that’s been going on? Damn her bosses are a pair of dark horses!’

Well good luck to them, they were well suited, he may be in his sixties but he was still quite dashing in a distinguished strict kind of way! And Ms Barton, well… she was just a babe! Ms Barton had the most delectable lips and Laura often found herself daydreaming about feeling those lips on her skin, trailing hot kisses to all the parts that mattered. Laura continued her slow assault on her pussy and clit, never allowing her orgasm to crest, always slowing when it became insistent, soothing her little nub and cupping her mound with a little squeeze to pull back on the surges of excitement as they grew.

She sighed happily, her mind drifting now to this evening and Ian and his new found chastity! She smiled as she remembered how she had ordered his cock cage in a temper after the debacle at Christmas but she had never had the nerve to bring it home until today! It had been sat in her desk drawer for months! If this morning had taught her anything at all, it was that Ian could be led around by his cock. Literally. He would do anything to be able to use his prized possession. He was obsessed with it. He had been so crestfallen when she had denied him his orgasm, she’d wondered on and off all day if he had played with his cock and whether he had cum. She was desperate to get home and check his pants. She wasn’t surprised to see evidence of his mess in his pants, he was nothing if not predictable! Testing his reactions to her instructions had become fun for her then, he just kept falling into line especially after his spanking with the paddle. She had been so shocked yesterday that he was a secret spanko but even more shocked that he was so submissive! Today that revelation felt like a whole different lifetime ago. Her natural dominant instincts were on the loose and there was no putting them back. But it did cause her some confusion.

Why did she need the spankings from Eileen if she was a dominant herself? She examined why she wanted it, and Laura was nothing if not honest with herself. She was excited by it. Being brought to task, bent over her boss’s knee and her bottom exposed, feeling Eileen’s hand on her bottom, feeling that first spank turn into many, many spanks. Making her tears run and her pussy swell with heat turned her on beyond belief, but it didn’t make her feel submissive. Not like the submission she had endured throughout her marriage. She capitulated for her boss because it turned her on to do so. She enjoyed it immensely! It was all her sexual fantasies come to life and she was loving every second of it!

She began to stroke herself again as she thought about becoming the dominant wife. Her orgasm began to rise quickly at the thoughts running through her head. She really did enjoy dominating him! He appeared to thoroughly enjoy every experience she had given him so far too, with the possible exception of the cage, it was true to say that he was disappointed with that sudden addition to their evening play! Regardless, he would soon see the benefits of wearing it, he was wearing it for her. To please her, to make her feel loved and adored where only her needs were at the forefront of his mind. She wanted his submission and the cage would greatly assist in that.

She had done a lot of research on the subject of FLR’s. She had become fascinated with it very early on. Perhaps this was who she was really supposed to be? It felt right, it felt more right than in any other time of her life or the phases she had gone through. This felt like a second skin wrapping itself over her, building up her self confidence, allowing her the freedom to be the sexual creature she knew she was underneath all the primness.

Her domination of him, his sudden surrender to her, it felt like a gift. It was one she was yet to trust. He had flipped far too easily for her to feel comfortable! She could see that he was desperate to fall into this new adventure with her. He had muttered so many small words telling her he needed this. How relieved he was that she was happy to assume the control, she wanted to believe he meant it, but was he just viewing it as sex games? There were other things he had said this evening that were pricking her skin like a million little needles! She scowled as she remembered his earlier admission about why it took him so long to get home from work each evening! He had been behaving like a single man every damn night!

He had been lying to her on a daily basis! He had been taking an hour with the lads for a drink before coming home, while all but ordering her to be in the house within an hour of leaving work! Add to that the fact that he had been secretly tracking her phone as well and her blood boiled at the audacity of him. Who the hell was he to think he had the right to own her like that? It wasn’t a wife Ian wanted, it was a housemaid service with sex provided once a week on the side! She fumed inwardly, her earlier contentment slipping away as her irritation grew. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She would not allow this to undo all her lovely sensations! She brought her thoughts back to her solution to the problems they were having and she smiled widely as she realised that all that bad behaviour from him was about to change, the boot was now happily on the other foot, and as much as she loved her husband, and she did love him of that there was no doubt, he needed to be taught a very hard lesson.

Her mood mercurial, her earlier sexy feelings disappearing rapidly, she listed the issues in her mind with Ian’s behaviour. A major problem area was the way they had sex. He didn’t give her any build up, there was no sexy kissing, or touching before hand, certainly no romance! No loving whispers of how she turned him on. No foreplay of any kind really. Laura was just expected to turn up in the bedroom on Friday night and get on her knees and give him a blow job then lie back while he fucked her till he came! To be honest, she was always glad when it was over and she was especially glad that it only ever happened on a Friday night. Last night was a huge departure from their normal routine he had been amazing! Conversely that had made her furious with him for having held back on her all the way through their marriage! Her mood crystallised and sharpened perceptibly. It was time for him to learn that she needed to be pleasured first, last and always before his own pleasure was granted. If it was granted.

Ian was such a lazy man that he probably thought asking her to assume responsibility for them and step into the role of head of house would mean that all he had to do was sit back and relax completely! Instead he had accidently created the perfect situation for his cage to make an appearance. Her mind once again skittered back to the moment she had introduced the chastity device! Sliding that cage over his cock, dropping his balls through the ring and clicking that padlock shut! Oh my god! The power that had surged through her, her pussy had throbbed and contracted with excitement like she had never felt before. Not even when Ms Barton had gone down on her the other night! God it had made her horny as hell to watch his face as he realised his cock was locked up tight! Her juices had flooded her pussy and spilled out onto the tops of her thighs. Damn that had to be the hottest moment in their entire marriage so far! She had wanted to stroke herself to orgasm right in front of him, but that would have been a pleasure for Ian, and right now, she didn’t feel like pleasing him she was only thinking about pleasing herself.

Laura gasped as her orgasm began cresting and her fingers picked up the fast rhythm that would take her over the edge and into that delicious abyss. It crashed over her in huge waves as she remembered the stunned expression on his face as he stared at his now very little cock squashed into that small cage. Oh god, it was such a pleasure to see him so … small. His stature had shrunk along with his cock. His swagger and strut had all but disappeared. It was a beautiful thing!

Laura made the decision then that she was going to step out of her timid little wife role and step into this new role and embrace it fully. These feelings of wanting to take charge and dominate her husband had been growing in her for the longest time and they had really come to the fore once she started to watch the spanking videos of women spanking their husbands! That had triggered something deep in her psyche and left her thinking, if she could just be that way with Ian she was sure they could turn their marriage around! Right now she was exhausted with his bad behaviour! She had long since realised that Ian was rubbish with money, rubbish at finishing any task he started, he never did any chores around the house, claiming he worked hard all week to bring home a big pay check, apparently it didn’t matter that Laura’s own contribution was equal to his!

He was barely at home in the evenings, what with his 5 a side football nights twice a week and his darts team practise twice a week. He still somehow managed to use every cup and plate in the house leaving them wherever he had been sitting last, every towel in the cupboard was used and dumped wherever he had dried himself off, every shirt he owned would be on the floor of the bedroom by the end of a week, then he would complain about the state of the house and how she must try harder to keep it tidy for him, and these things were just the tip of the iceberg!

It all had to change, but most especially his obsession with his cock! It had gone beyond a joke for Laura, she was repeatedly asking him to stop fondling himself while sat watching TV, while sat at the dining table and even when they were out with friends, his hand would stray to his crotch and he would continually ‘adjust’ himself. She really didn’t know whether his behaviour was because he wanted to stroke and touch his cock or whether he thought other people would think he was so well endowed he had to keep rearranging himself! Whatever it was, she’d had enough!

Just the thought of the FLR discipline and guidelines program she had been working on all through her lunch break and coffee break for him was enough to send her fingers diving back inside her pussy, her thumb rubbed her clit as her fingers pumped and she squeezed her muscles tightly, her orgasm unfurled deep inside and tore through her body making her groan loudly as she came in great shuddering waves! Laura sighed happily, everything was finally coming together and was working out just perfectly! She gave her pussy one last little adoring pat before she stood up gracefully, water sloshed over the side of the bath as she raised her leg and placed her foot on the side, reaching down she washed between her thighs, letting her fingers wander where they might as she smoothed baby oil over her wet skin trapping the moisture against it. Her tummy began to curl with excitement again as her pussy began twitching at the continued attention she was giving it. She needed a real good fucking that much was obvious! But she didn’t want Ian’s cock, she had found something in the sex shop this evening that would be so much nicer than Ian’s fat cock! She’d just had to have it, well actually, there were a number of things and well, she just couldn’t leave them behind! she couldn’t believe how much money she had dared to spend on her own pleasure but spend it she had! Remembering her other purchases were still in the box downstairs, she rang the little bell she had instructed Ian to leave at the side of the bath.

He appeared in the bathroom doorway almost immediately, still semi naked with just his shirt front trying to cover his dignity. It wasn’t working, he looked slightly ridiculous and she scowled at him for blocking her view of his caged cock.

‘Can I do something for you love?’ He asked oh so politely.

‘Yes darling you can,’ she said sweetly, ‘you can take that shirt off and put on something more suitable for your new position in the household.’ she pointed at his shirt as she continued with the instruction. ‘I think my frilly apron should do it, you know the one? Hanging on the back of the kitchen door, your mother bought it me for Christmas last year, the one with all the pink frills and love hearts all over it. You remember don’t you? Ugly useless little thing, but that doesn’t matter. I know how much you liked it! When you’ve done that, you can bring me my parcel from the sofa and put it on the bed for me please.’ She smiled a little half smile at him and watched his face closely as he began to realise what she was telling him to do.

His face was a picture, ‘you want me to dress up like a woman?’ he stammered out, shocked to the core.

Laura laughed at his sudden squawk! ‘Oh dear, how dramatic! No darling, not at all, but it’s the only apron we own so until I buy you something more suitable it will have to do. Be a good boy and go and put it on and stop pulling your face or I will have to bend you over and spank you again!’ Laura shooed him out of the bathroom to go and complete his task. Once he had gone she allowed herself to giggle a little bit at his discomfort, he more than deserved this little taste of humiliation and Laura felt justified in giving it to him. She remembered Christmas day when she had opened the present from his mother and pulled that monstrosity out of the parcel. Ian had laughed his head off and insisted she must go and put it on immediately. He liked the idea of having a 50’s housewife wearing a postage stamp sized apron ready to serve his every need!

Laura had been quietly upset all day because of the way he had continually sneaked up on her and groped her from behind, begging her to wear just the apron and nothing else, for whatever reason, seeing her in that damned thing really turned him on, that coupled with the copious amounts of booze he had already consumed adding hugely to the problem. He was a sullen drunk when he didn’t get his own way! In a desperate attempt to save Christmas Day festivities she had agreed to wearing the apron sans clothing to keep the peace, but of course Ian being Ian he’d had to take it a step further. He kept pressing his erection against her bottom rutting against her, begging her over and over to let him fuck her ass while she prepared the Christmas dinner! Obviously she had refused, his cock was fat, it wasn’t very long but what it lacked in length it made up for in girth and he hurt her when he fucked her pussy, lord knows what kind of pain he would have caused her ass! She wanted to try anal sex, but not with Ian, and definitely not when he was drunk that much was for sure!

She remembered the temper tantrum he had thrown when she had rejected his advances of an ass fucking, and they had spent the rest of the day in different rooms in the house not speaking at all. Laura had eventually given in and wearing just the apron, she had gone into the lounge and sucked his cock for him. He had been less than gracious about it though, saying it wasn’t the best blow job he’d ever had but at least she had tried! Laura was stung by his words but didn’t retaliate. She just nodded and said she would try harder next time. After that things were back on an even keel and she had spread her legs for him later that evening like a good wife should, he had grunted and groaned, pawed at her breasts, grabbing her ass too tightly as he fucked his way to his second orgasm. He had pulled out at the last minute and his cum shot all over her belly, some splashing up onto her chin. He knew she hated him doing that.

Finally satisfied, Ian had grunted something unintelligible, rolled off her turned over and promptly fell asleep.

Laura had lain there for a little while afterwards wiping herself with a wad of tissues feeling angrier than she could ever remember being before! This situation was getting out of control, she couldn’t take much more of it. Eventually she had crawled out of bed and took herself off to the bathroom to clean herself up properly. Rather than go back to bed and run the risk of disturbing his drunken slumber, she wandered downstairs naked and sat at her PC watching her favourite spanking porn videos for a few hours, she allowed her fingers to drift down to her pussy and smoothed them through her juices, rubbing lightly over her clit, stroking herself until she came silently, her body shuddering as a nameless, faceless woman on her screen, spanked her husband’s ass until it was beet red and he was sobbing his heart out and begging for forgiveness. That was the first time she had seen a cock cage. When the man had stood up after his spanking, he had been made to stand in the corner but facing his wife, his cock was bulging inside its cage and he must have been in a world of discomfort, his wife had wandered over to him and lifted his caged cock and tugged at it lightly, the expression on his face had caused Laura to have the best orgasm of her life that night and she had sent out a prayer to the universe that she too would be able to cage her husband like that one day!

Who knew? She giggled as she slid her fingers over her breasts and smoothed the body oil into her skin. Her nipples hardened and jutted out, rubbing against her fingers, begging to be squeezed and she nipped and twisted them sending delicious shivers arrowing straight down to her pussy. She sighed happily as she applied more oil to her bottom which was still delightfully throbbing even though the soreness had gone now. She just wanted to savour all the different sensations and get lost in them but Ian broke into her reverie as he appeared in the doorway wearing the offending apron and nothing else. His face was bright red with embarrassment and he looked angry and hurt. His caged cock looked tiny peeking out from under the little frilly apron and Laura grinned at him in delight!

She stepped out of the bath as she looked Ian over from head to foot. She had not missed his sour expression, but then, she had expected that. He was after all a creature of habit. ‘Oh do rearrange your face darling, it’s not like I want to bend you over and fuck your ass now is it?’ Her tone was mildly waspish and Ian had the good grace to look slightly ashamed. He had apologised over and over for the tensions he had caused on Christmas day, but he knew deep down Laura had not forgiven him. His current state of dress was a large indicator that she had not forgiven nor forgotten his behaviour. He lowered his eyes in remembered shame at his actions. She was justified in making him squirm like this. He had done a lot worse to her.

Laura watched his thought processes play across his face and she smiled at his discomfort as she raised the towel and slowly began to pat herself dry. Ian’s eyes hungrily roamed her dripping wet slick body and the front of the apron began to bob up and down. Laura pointed at it and laughed!

‘Oh Ian, that looks so funny, your squashed cock is trying to get hard and keeps bouncing the apron!’ She giggled hysterically as his face became blood red with embarrassment. ‘Tell me how it feels love, how does your cock feel, squashed up in that cage trying to get hard? Does it hurt?’ She asked curiously as she reached down and cupped the cage in her hand, tugging it gently the way she had watched the woman do in the spanking video.

He watched her every move as he tried to answer her question as honestly as possible. ‘It doesn’t hurt… well, I mean… it’s not really a pain, it’s more uncomfortable than anything and then I make it stop trying to grow and it goes soft again.’ His voice sounded whiney on that last admission.

That was obviously alien to him, the making himself go soft thing. Good! She thought, and then said, ‘Oh you shouldn’t try to stop it, you can let it get hard, I want you to have the full experience of wearing the cage darling! I want to know every detail too. You can make notes, especially when you wear it for work tomorrow! All that testosterone flying about, you are bound to be sporting a semi hard on at least. Especially since you owned up to masturbating 4 times a day, that has to be twice a day at work at least!’ Laura grinned happily at his crestfallen expression.

‘Did you put my parcel on the bed like I asked?’ She questioned him as she patted his cage and then dropping the towel at his feet she padded naked out of the bathroom and headed to their bedroom. ‘Yes love.’ He answered timidly as he watched her heavily bruised and well spanked bottom sway down the hall. His cock twitched hard and he groaned inwardly. This was going to get old really fast.

‘What would you like me to do now Laura?’ He called after her as she disappeared into the bedroom.

‘Oh, you can come in here and learn about some new things I shall be doing from now on! When I’m finished you can clean the bathroom and then you can come to bed where I will let you give me an orgasm with just your tongue. How does that sound sweetheart?’ Laura’s voice sounded so gentle and sweet, exactly how she always sounded, her smiling face so open and earnest, yet the words she was delivering were like hundreds of needles being poked in his skin all at the same time. She was turning him into a fucking housewife! His face darkened with anger and he snorted in disgust! He had NOT signed up to do fucking house work and he was taking back control right now.

Laura leaned against the door frame of the bedroom and watched him work himself up into real temper, he looked like a bull ready to charge. She was ready for him though and her next words cut him off at the knees.

Very calmly and quietly she said, ‘Ian, we either do this my way or you will be living alone inside of a week. We are at the end my darling, or rather I am. Last night and today has shown us the potential that our marriage has but only barely. The only way forward is if we make our union an FLR. We tried it your way, it doesn’t work. We either do it my way, or we get divorced. It’s your choice. You may go and sit downstairs and have a think about what I’ve just said, or you can come in here and watch me pleasure myself while you think on your decision, just understand that we shall discuss everything fully when you have had time to research FLR. we shall draw up a set of rules that we can both work with, it isn’t all about the bedroom Ian. The whole marriage needs a good over haul. Just know this, there is no going back to what we were. That Laura has left the building for good.’ She turned on her heel and headed into the bedroom.

Ian stared after her open mouthed, shocked to the core. He’d had no idea she was so unhappy! Certainly there were problems, but all marriages had problems! Never in his wildest had he imagined she might ask for a divorce! He couldn’t lose her! He just couldn’t! He quickly covered the distance to the bedroom and stood just inside the doorway.

‘Where would you like me Laura?’ His tone was subdued and respectful and Laura knew she had just won a major battle. She was gracious in her victory. She didn’t need to rub salt in the wound and gloat.

‘You can lie down across the foot of the bed, you’ll have the best view from there.’ She watched as he draped himself along the end of the bed and then she grinned like a teenager as she pulled her new toys out of the box.

‘I found these in the sex shop where I bought our new paddle this afternoon, I had to ask the girl how to use some of them, but she was very good at describing what they all do, and she made sure to tell me I need lots of lubrication and not just the natural kind, so could you be an absolute darling and help lube up my bottom for me?’ Laura produced two butt plugs one small, one medium sized, a bottle of anal lube and a clit stimulator. Her eyes had lit up and her cheeks were flushed, he could see she was turned on just from revealing her new toys! She had never looked like that for him! Why the fuck had she bought herself two butt plugs?? Fucking hell! She had bitched enormously about not wanting anal sex with him! He was instantly affronted by her behaviour!

Laura watched his thoughts play across his face and she pointed a finger at him. ‘Ian!’ She spoke sharply, ‘ Given the usual way you fuck me would really hurt my ass, you will get nowhere near it with your cock! You go at me like a bull in a china shop and I get no pleasure whatsoever from having sex with you. We are going to correct that, and your first lesson begins tonight. You may assist by lubing me up or you can go and sit in the corner and watch from over there. Your choice!’ She held out the bottle of anal lube to him and he took it from her. Her words had left him reeling and embarrassed and ashamed of himself. She had called his performance in the bedroom into question and he was suddenly seeing every shag they had ever had through her eyes. Not once had he ever heard her moan with pleasure, except last night and this morning. But even he could see that there had been some seriously extenuating circumstances that had led to that!

He reached out and took the bottle of lube from her and she positioned herself on her hands and knees and spread her legs wide so her tight little ring was perfectly displayed. Ian took a deep breath and tried to control his cock as it desperately attempted to bust its way out of the cage, he squeezed out some lube onto his fingers all the while reciting football stats in his head, anything to distract him from what he was about to do! He paused… he didn’t want to get in trouble here, did she want him to put his finger in her ass? He decided he better ask.

‘How do you want me to apply the lube love? With my fingers or what?’

Laura looked over her shoulder at him, ‘Of course with your finger! How else will you get it in there? But be gentle! The lady at the shop said it might hurt at first so don’t go too fast okay?!’ She turned her face away from him and waited. She didn’t have to wait long, a moment later she felt the pressure of Ian’s finger pressing against her tight little sphincter and she moaned and wriggled a little bit.

‘You need to relax love, it’s closed up tight. I can’t get my finger in…’ he murmured still applying gentle pressure to the rim.

‘Oh for goodness sake Ian, just keep pushing gently, I’m ready for it.’ She snapped. He did as he was told and pushed his finger and kept pushing until it slid inside her ring and kept on going. She moaned and pushed back onto his finger. ‘Put some more lube in, just squirt it straight in from the bottle and work it in with your fingers.’ She ordered.

Ian squirted a large amount of lube onto his finger as he pulled it out and then pushed two fingers in on the lube. She bucked and moaned and then began to push back against his hand again, his poor cock was dancing inside the damned cage, it was so hard he thought he might end up with deep grooves in it the way it looked right now! His mind was all over the place, he was fucking his wife’s ass with his fingers for the first time ever and his cock was out of the game! He was devastated and overly excited all at the same time. ‘Put the butt plug in for me now, I want to see what it feels like, she demanded in a muffled voice, her face was pushed against the duvet and she was busy rocking on his fingers for all she was worth. Ian picked up the plug and lubed it up generously, he slowly removed his fingers and then gently pushed the tip of the plug into her waiting hole. He kept pushing and pulling back opening her hole up a bit more each time with the bulb width. He gave one final push and the whole thing slid in with a pop and her hole closed tightly around the neck of the butt plug. Laura squealed and bucked and Ian immediately went to remove it. ‘Does that hurt too much love? Shall I take it out? We can practise with my fingers tonight if you want until you get more comfortable with it?’ Ian was ever hopeful, this was blowing his mind and his cock all at the same time. He had never felt so timid or turned on in his entire life!

Laura moaned and squeezed against the intrusion of the plug, but she kept it in. ‘Leave it in darling, I just need to get used to the feel of it in there for a few minutes. I might let you put your fingers back in in a little while. Just pull it back and push it back in a few times. Fuck my ass with it Ian, but not too rough!’

He got the message loud and clear, gently does it! He was sporting the biggest grin on his face as he sat cross legged behind her gorgeous bottom and he fucked her ass gently with that plug until she was moaning and rutting her hips, pushing back on it and loving every second of it. Suddenly she began to tremble, ‘Oh my god Ian, go faster, fuck my ass with it NOW!’ she screamed and he pushed and pulled faster and faster until she screamed in ecstasy as a huge orgasm raged through her. Her tight little hole gripped the neck of the plug as her body shuddered over and over and she squealed and moaned with the strength of her orgasm!

Ian waited until she stilled and he slowly removed the plug and dropped it into a little bag to be cleaned. He leaned forward and stroked her beautiful bottom and murmured words of encouragement to her as she slowly came back down to earth. Without missing a beat and still panting, she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide, ‘Pass me that pussy and clit stimulator Ian, and lube it up for me please darling. Not too much lube though, and use the other bottle, the normal stuff not the anal stuff. The lady at the shop said that too much lube can dull the sensations!’ She murmured, as her fingers began working her clit, rubbing it, petting it, Ian was transfixed by this gorgeous sexy woman who was writhing on the bed in climatic ecstasy and he picked up the stimulator lubed it up sparingly and leaning forward he pushed it into position inside her pussy, positioning the suction cup over her clit he pressed the power button and he sat back and watched. Laura lifted her head up of the pillow, its not very powerful, is that all it does? She looked disappointed. Ian quickly pressed a few buttons on the side of the little machine and suddenly her eyes went wide and her mouth formed a perfect O as the suction cup sucked her clit inside it and sent her pussy into meltdown with the vibrations from the wand inside her!

‘OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!’ She screamed, ‘Oh god, I fucking love this!!! Jesus, this feels like when Ms Barton was sucking my pussy the other night only with full vibration too! Oh …my… godddddd…’ she screamed, ‘I think I’m gonna cum already!!’ and with that she squealed and bucked and lifted her bottom up of the bed as her body spun into the biggest orgasm of her life and all Ian could do was watch and learn.

He watched in wonder as his sweet little wife turn into the horniest woman on the planet, he spared his cock a little glance. He had tried to ignore it since the cage had gone on it but looking down now at his forlorn cock trapped in its cage, pressing tightly against the bars that held it, he was sad that Laura had felt that his chastity was the only way for them to go forward. He laid down between her thighs and he planted sweet kisses all the way up the inside of her legs reaching the top of her thighs and then came down the other side. She moaned and writhed and encouraged him to do more of the same, ‘slide your fingers into my ass Ian, I want to feel full in both holes. Fuck me gently though, don’t hurt me.’

Ian was devastated. How much had he hurt her in the past that she felt she had to keep reminding him now? Fucking hell Ian, you are a complete moron and you don’t deserve her! He slid his fingers in her bottom gently and slowly fucked her tight little hole while the stimulator fucked the rest of her. She came over and over again until finally she was exhausted and she told him to stop and pull the stimulator out. He did as he was told and then he scrambled from the bed and headed to the bathroom for a hot cloth to clean her up with.

Laura lay legs spread wide arms flung out to the sides, breathing heavily. FUCK that was amazing and Ian had been absolutely perfect! This was the best night of her life! Ian came back into the room with the hot cloth and he gently washed her pussy and then her ass until she was clean of all the excess lube. He laid down beside her and stroked her face gently and he did something he had never done before, he apologised.

‘I love you Laura, that was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had, thank you for letting me share it with you. I’m so sorry I’ve hurt you baby, I really am. I never even thought about it before, but you kept warning me to be gentle tonight and I’m such an idiot it took you saying that 3 times before I realised that I must have hurt you every time we had sex. I am so very sorry love.’

Laura had a river of tears streaming down her face as she listened to him talk. A great sigh of relief escaped her lips as he finished speaking. They were going to be alright. They could make this work. It would just take time and patience, she had both.

‘I love you too Ian, we can do this love, we just have to find the right way to do it. Tomorrow we’ll sit down and work out all the details and you can do some research on female led relationships so you know what kind of things to expect. But we can make it work love, I promise you.’

She let out a giant yawn and promptly fell fast asleep beside him.

Part 9: Ian’s Story…More than he bargained for…

Ian had come home from work on time this evening, he had not chosen to take the train that would see him arrive home after Laura had prepared their evening meal like he usually did, he had not gone for an after work drink with his colleagues before going home, he had not dallied, he had caught the first available train as soon as he got out of work and so now he was home a good 40 minutes before her! He sat on the sofa in his shorts with his trousers around his knees, staring at the photographs Laura had sent him this afternoon. Damn she looked hot in those stockings and nothing else! He hoped she was coming home in them. He wanted to bend her over and fuck her senseless all night! He stroked his cock until it throbbed heavily in his hand and then he remembered her text. ‘Not allowed to cum…’ and he groaned loudly!

His cock jumped and twitched and he stopped stroking on a deep sigh. He wasn’t sure he liked this new regime that had suddenly sprung to life overnight in his boring mundane marriage! Laura had taken him at his word last night and she was no longer that married sex on a Friday night dull little wife, she was a damned hot and horny sex siren who had a dominant streak in her a mile wide. Her denying him his orgasms was a bit of a turn though. He hadn’t seen that coming! His bottom twitched as he thought about meekly climbing over her knee this morning and taking a spanking for ruining her fun. What the fuck was wrong with him? He should be the one spanking her, he was the man of the house, he should be the one doling out the orders, not his meek and mild little wife!

His natural instinct was to take back the control when she came home tonight. He couldn’t have her bossing him about like this! He wore his testosterone like a badge of honour at work and that naturally spilled over into his home life. Laura had always fallen into line, he would be damned if she didn’t tonight! It was his way or the highway! He began stroking his heavy cock again in defiance of her instructions. He would damn well cum if he wanted to! Besides, how would she know? He stroked harder and faster, pouring over the images of his wife. This was her fault, teasing him like that! She shouldn’t have sent such horny photos of herself and anyway, wasn’t she right now getting her ass spanked good and proper by that hot boss of hers? She would probably go girl on girl again and get a free orgasm out of it! Fuck! His cock jumped at the thought, he desperately wanted to see that! He stroked harder, pulling the foreskin back, running his finger over the tip of his bulbous head, closing the foreskin up and over it again just to repeat the action and begin all over again. He flicked to the photo of her with her fingers stroking her wet pussy while she bent over the chair and he felt his cum forcing it’s way up his shaft, just a little more… he pulled and stroked and jerked his solid fat cock and just as his cum rose to spurt out of his aching tip a random moment of clarity slid into his mind and floored him. ‘You jerk off Ian, your way of doing it nearly put you in the divorce courts!’

His erection died, it went limp in his hand and his cum dribbled out weakly and slid down the side of his cock. He groaned disgustedly and dropped his head into his hands. Finally the thoughts he had been pushing away all day hit home, one after another and he gave in to them.

He admitted to himself he was a jerk for the way he had jumped to conclusions about Laura’s lateness last night, he even admitted he was wrong for tracking her phone. He felt uncomfortable with himself as one realisation after another hit him like a tidal wave. He didn’t deserve her. He was damned lucky that she wanted to be with him after the way he had treated her throughout their marriage!

He shook his head in dismay at his own failings and decided there and then that Laura was best placed to run this marriage, not him. Look at how she had handled his ruining of her second orgasm this morning! If the boot had been on the other foot, he would have been stomping around the bedroom in a foul mood because she had dared to spoil his fun. Not Laura, no, Laura had decided to deal with the issue by spanking him good and proper, make him go down on her and give her a second orgasm and then gave him permission to masturbate for her. The fact that she didn’t allow him to finish, finally had a different meaning for him. She had let him know in a very subtle way, what he had made her feel like, and all of it done with the minimum of fuss. He was truly awed by just how fabulous his wife actually was and he decided that when she came home this evening he would do exactly the opposite of what he had been planning, he would do as he was told, whatever it was, and he would not demand an orgasm, in fact he would make sure that all her needs were looked after properly as a priority from this moment on.

He knew he could expect some serious spankings in his foreseeable future, but honestly? He knew he deserved them all and he finally admitted the biggest realisation to himself, he really wanted her to be in charge of them! He loved the entire evening last night, and this morning too, from him spanking her to admitting he wanted to be spanked, to bending over and having her paddle his behind with that damned spoon, then taking that spanking this morning! Everything had been such a huge turn on, he had felt humiliated and pathetic this morning but he knew that Laura didn’t see him that way, she just told him naughty boys got their asses spanked and he had better be good or else his would be permanently red! He remembered the rush of adrenalin that had coursed through him when she took control like that, he got so damned hard he thought he might embarrass himself by coming all over himself!

He put his cock back inside his shorts and pulled his trousers up. He kept the photo of her in the stockings as his background image on his phone. Fuck she is hot! he thought again as he stood and headed for the kitchen and for the first time in his married life he began to prepare the evening meal. He had even factored in the new time she would be home from work, given her new spanking punishment regime each evening!

30 minutes later, the food was warming on plates in the oven and he was de-corking a bottle of Laura’s favourite wine to go with the meal just as she walked in through the front door. He popped his head around the dining room door and smiled at her.

‘Hi darling, food’s ready and I’ve poured you a glass of your favourite wine!’ He said in his best I love you voice. Laura stopped removing her coat and turned to stare at him. She blinked once before she caught herself and said, ‘You bought food in? Why? We had takeaway last night and I’m home early enough so I can prepare a meal… why are you home anyway Ian? You aren’t due for another 30 minutes!’ Her questions ran from her in a river of words and bounced down the hall at him. He held his hands up and grinned, ‘No, I didn’t buy a takeaway, I cooked dinner myself, I’m home early because I caught the early train, I didn’t go for a drink with the lads after work, I came straight home.’ He smiled at her, fully expecting her to be thrilled at his new behaviour.

Laura’s face darkened and her lips thinned perceptibly, ‘I see,’ she said slowly, ‘so, let me get this straight, you could have been home at this time of night every evening for the entirety of our marriage but you chose to go for a drink with the lads before you came home? Why was I expected to come straight home Ian and not you?’ She stormed down the hallway towards him, her coat still hanging off one arm, her face set in a frown and Ian knew a real moment of fear. He had fucked up, big time, he needed to catch this before it grew out of all proportion!

‘I know, I’m sorry, I’ve been a complete jerk to you Laura, I know I’ve treated you disrespectfully for a lot of our marriage, but I realised today just how much of a jerk I’ve been and I want to make things right. I think you’re right to assume control of us love, you are so much better at it than I am. I know I need to learn how to put you first and make you my priority but I am more than willing to learn I promise.’

‘Oh you will learn Ian, of that you can be sure, and you should never have wanted to control me in the first place.’ She waved her arm around in an angry gesture, still struggling with her coat, she turned to him and suddenly blew out an exasperated sigh, ‘Just help me out of this blasted coat and we shall deal with your past behaviour issues later. What’s for dinner?’ Laura didn’t miss a beat, she calmed right down instantly and took a running stock of her situation. His behaviour this morning had given her an inkling that he was definitely responding well to her taking control, so this new Ian he was presenting her with tonight, she would happily take on! Inside Laura was beaming at this happy turn of events. She had wondered whether he would revert to normal after a day at work mixing with all that testosterone fuelled attitude from all the ‘blokes’ around him. This new attitude meant that her plans for the evening were right on track so she was very happy indeed!

Ian breathed a sigh of relief as he rushed to assist her out of her coat and he led her into the dining room where the table was set, her wine was poured and her seat was pulled out ready for her to just slide in. ‘We’re having lasagne, to be honest, it’s the only thing I know how to cook successfully that I never ruin.’ He admitted, an embarrassed flush creeping up his cheeks. Laura gave him a long look and shook her head ruefully. ‘Oh dear, I have rather spoilt you haven’t I! You have an awful lot to learn darling, and I have no intention of letting you take your time over it either. None of this is rocket science you know! Anyway, let’s eat, I’m starving!’ She dropped down into her seat and sucked in a sharp breath as her bottom throbbed heavily and complained at the sudden hard surface it was pressed against.

Ian heard her sharp intake and he raised a querying eyebrow, ‘was it a very painful spanking tonight Babe?’ He asked softly. She took a sip of her wine and nodded her head in answer to his question. He was getting nothing more until she had eaten.

Realising he was going to have to wait, he disappeared into the kitchen and came back with the two plates of food. The meal was quickly dispensed with and Laura stood up and retrieving her wine glass and the bottle, she kicked off her shoes and headed for the lounge and the comfortable soft sofa waiting for her! ‘Clear the table please darling and set the dishwasher going before you come in, and perhaps another bottle of wine, this one is almost gone.’ She said distractedly as she walked away. Ian stood and cleared the table, he was smiling to himself, he couldn’t quite believe how easily Laura had slipped into the role of head of house, she was very good at it. He tidied everything away and did as she asked and opened another bottle of wine.

Finally he was able to come and sit down beside her, he was desperate to hear about her day, but most especially about her spanking!

Laura glanced across at him and smiled as she adjusted her position on the sofa. Unfurling her legs from underneath her, she placed her feet flat on the floor and pressed her knees together, she raised her wine glass and drained it, placing the empty glass on the coffee table at the side of her. She turned her attention back to Ian. ‘Stand up and drop your pants darling man, I want to inspect your cock and see if you’ve been naughty.’ She smiled at his shocked expression, ‘what? you didn’t think that I would just accept your word that you haven’t been stroking your cock every chance you got over those photos, did you?’ She giggled at his forlorn expression, his guilt was written all over his face.

‘Oh Ian. I only gave you one thing to do darling, and you ignored my instructions didn’t you!’ Her tone had an undertone of steel running through it now and he got to his feet while trying to defend himself. ‘You did tell me I could stroke myself love, you just said I couldn’t have an orgasm and I didn’t, I promise.’ He sounded whiney even to his own ears so he stopped talking and hurriedly dropped his pants and underwear around his ankles. His cock sprang forward and bounced a little as he stepped towards her.

Laura reached forward and took his cock in her hand and pulled him closer to her. she reached down to his boxers and pulled them higher up so she could see them properly, and there it was, the tell tale sign of spent cum had stained the front of his shorts. Laura tutted and glared up at him, ‘Really Ian, I expected better from you! You lied to me! that is not a good way to start our new dynamic now is it?’

‘I … no… it’s not what you think… I was…’ he protested weakly. Laura smacked his thigh sharply with the tip of her fingers and he jumped back in surprise. ‘Oww!’ He moaned.

‘I have the evidence before me Ian, you have been masturbating, you have obviously cum and you have left the evidence of your orgasm in your pants. I don’t need anymore lies from you!’ She tugged his cock which was rigid in her hand and she began to stroke him as she looked up at him, ‘I suppose you would like me to give you a blow job wouldn’t you? she said changing her tone, she sent him completely off kilter with her question and face flushed he nodded, ‘yes please Laura, I would really like that.’

‘Hmm, I’m sure you would.’ Laura glared at him while she continued to stroke him from tip to base mimicking the way he had pumped his cock this morning, his precum was dripping over her hand and she smoothed it along the shaft and continued to jerk him off roughly.

He was too far gone to complain about her rough handling, in honesty he was quite enjoying the tight tugging sensation she was creating and he moaned and thrust his hips forward pushing against her fingers.

She tugged him closer still until he stood between her wide spread legs and his knees were pressed against the sofa. Looking up she brought her lips so close to his cock, she knew he would be watching. He was, his eyes were almost closed and his mouth was slack jawed with excitement. He was almost there.

She stopped stroking him abruptly and landed a light spank on the tip of his throbbing cock. ‘Well, only good boys get a blow job Ian, and you have already had your fun without me, so no blow job for you!’ He yelped and she giggled as he jumped back from her.

‘That hurt Laura! You don’t need to be so rough!’ He complained.

Stop whining Ian, I am very upset with you! Now, shuffle through to the hall and collect my parcel for me and bring it here. Do not adjust your pants I want to watch you shuffle.’ Her voice was a whiplash, cold and terse and it took him by surprise. He decided not to push her any further. He had lied to her and been caught out, of course she would be angry with him!

Yes Ma’am, he muttered as he rubbed his cock and stumbled across the lounge floor towards the hall. Laura jumped up behind him and slapped his behind sharply, ‘For goodness sake! Hands of that cock Ian, I own it now and you don’t get to touch it unless I expressly allow it. Do you understand?’

Ian turned to face her, his face a picture in horrified shock, ‘but…Laura… love… you know I need to wank at least 4 times a day!!’

Laura folded her arms across her chest and glared at him. ‘Hmm , Yes I knew you did it a lot but I didn’t know it was that much, no matter, I have a solution for that, bring me my parcel please Ian, now!’ With that she turned away from him and took her seat back on the sofa and raised her wine glass and refilled it.

He nodded dejectedly and turning he stumbled out of the room and down the hall to the stand and collected her box. He quickly returned to her side. He held the parcel out to her.

‘Just put it there’ Laura pointed to the seat at the side of her and he did as she asked hurriedly. His mind was spinning at the strictness she had come at him with. What the hell? Had she been taking lessons on how to be a ball breaker or something? He had never seen her like this! Conversely his cock twitched and he automatically reached down to give it a little pet. Laura reached out and spanked his backside hard. ‘Leave the darn thing alone Ian for goodness sake!’

He dropped his cock and stuttered an apology ‘I’m sorry, I wasn’t even aware…’

‘I’ve noticed,’ she murmured. She reached across to the box he had placed on the sofa and she opened it quickly, she reached in and pulled out a short handled wooden paddle and smacked it against her hand. ‘Perfect!’ She muttered, then she reached into the box again and pulled out a pump spray filled with liquid. Ian stood awkwardly gawking at her, he didn’t dare pull his pants up, he didn’t dare touch his cock he just stood there shirt front barely covering him, bare ass on show, arms by his sides and a crestfallen expression on his face. He had no idea what on earth was going on now, he was completely in the dark.

Laura looked up at him and smiled as she slid across to the centre of the sofa. ‘I think it’s time for your daily evening spanking. Assume the position please Ian, over my knee, there’s a good boy.’

What the fuck? Ian’s head was reeling, daily evening spanking? when did that get agreed? He faltered for a second and then remembering his promise to himself earlier, he did as he was told and lowered himself over her knees, if this was what she wanted then he was committed to doing whatever it took. She positioned him herself, adjusting his cock so that it became trapped between her thighs. She pushed his shirt tails up his back and waited while he got his balance. Hands pressed on the floor in front of him, tips of his toes touching the floor behind him. Bottom raised in the centre. He was ready and so was she, Laura patted his bottom all over lightly for a few minutes, stroking, patting, running her nails over the surface and watching the goose bumps shiver to the surface. He shifted slightly and she smacked him hard on his right cheek. ‘Hold your position Ian. Do not move!’ She instructed firmly.

She resumed her stroking and smoothing and patting until she was ready. She lifted her hand and delivered a quick volley of sharp spanks over both of his cheeks and thighs, he yelped and cried out, but she knew she wasn’t really hurting him. She ignored his whining and increased the heaviness of the spanks. ‘It seems you want to make a noise darling so I shall give you something that will make it meaningful!’ With that, she spanked as hard as she could for a full ten minutes until both his cheeks were glowing bright red and were hot to the touch! She took a moment then to smooth her hand over the surface of his bottom, it really was a lovely bottom to spank! She had always fancied the men with the cute bottoms in her spanking videos, there was just something about the shape of them that turned her on! She didn’t like the muscular bubble butts of the porn stars, she preferred the normal guys taking a spanking from their wives, you could just tell that was a situation that happened regularly! One of the good things about watching all those videos was she now had a good idea of how to take them forward with this new arrangement. She was excited about what was to come but she paced herself, first the spanking then her surprise for him!

Laura lifted the spray bottle and sprayed liberal amounts of mineral oil over the surface of Ian’s bottom, he jumped at the feel of the cold liquid running between his butt cheeks and he tried to lift up to see what she was doing. She slapped his thigh ‘head down, naughty boy!’ she ordered and he squeaked out an apology and lowered his head. He wasn’t really hurting that badly, it was a blessing that Laura had small hands, she would have to spank for days to cause him any real pain, he relaxed against her thighs and waited while she sprayed more of the liquid.

Finally she was ready, his bottom and thighs glistened with a thin sheen of oil and she grinned as she picked up the new wooden spanking paddle she had bought on the way home! Raising it quite high she brought it down, smack right in the centre of his right cheek and he howled as it gripped the oil and pulled as it released his skin! ‘OWWW! That really hurt Laura!’ He whined pitifully.

‘Good, good!’ Laura muttered, more to herself than Ian, ‘I did wonder if you were ever going to feel this spanking, this is obviously the way to go in the future, now stop whining and take your punishment!’ Laura draped her free arm across his waist and pulled him more tightly against her. Ian gasped, she was surprisingly strong! He felt his cock twitch and jump between her warm thighs and so did she.

She raised the paddle and began spanking each cheek and thigh in a rotation of four like she had done the previous evening with the spoon, ‘you really are led by your cock aren’t you Ian? I always thought you were so buttoned up and serious all the time!’ Spank, spank, spank, ‘but really you are constantly playing with your cock and saving nothing for me!’ She spanked and remonstrated, then spanked harder, and chastised, then spanked harder still, the paddle flew across his bottom and thighs, leaving the whole area dark red and very hot to the touch, the oil had done it’s job, it had created a perfect connection between his skin and the smooth wood and he felt the bite and sharp sting of every single stroke until he was wriggling and howling, sobbing and crying, begging and pleading with her to stop. He apologised profusely for having let his orgasm get away from him earlier, he promised through his blubbering that he would never do that again, he promised wholeheartedly that he would stop playing with his cock all the time if she would just please stop! Big fat tears were coursing down his red cheeks, his nose was running and he was openly sobbing. Finally as he squealed loudly from the last heavy volley of spanks Laura laid the paddle across his bottom.

‘All done Ian, but hold your position please.’ She said quietly and firmly. ‘I want to have a serious talk with you about your bad habits and I believe this is the best position for you to be in just in case I don’t like your answer or attitude.’ She smoothed her hand over his bottom and he jumped and tensed his butt cheeks in trepidation. She chuckled and patted his bottom, ‘it’s alright baby, your spanking is over for now as long as you behave in a respectful manner.’

Ian sobbed loudly but remained in position.

‘Have you ever heard the term FLR Ian?’ She asked softly as she stroked his bottom and massaged his cock between her thighs, he was grunting low in the back of his throat at the sudden attention to his cock and it took him a second to focus on her question. She smacked his bottom once, ‘Answer please,’ she said sternly and he yelped and whispered, ‘no I haven’t, what is it?’

She smiled widely as she continued, ‘Its the acronym for female led relationship, and you have just found yourself right smack bang in the middle of one. You told me earlier that you would like me to assume the responsibility for us, that will include discipline and sexual behaviour issues Ian, I have my own list of issues with your constant groping of your cock and your bullish attitude if I don’t feel like having sex so there are going to be a few changes to the way we do things. Do you agree with everything I’ve said so far darling?’

Ian lifted his head and tried to look up at her in his version of an adoring husband look, it was more like a grimace and Laura tried her best not to laugh out loud, he did look so forlorn! She really rather liked this feeling of power!

‘Yes, I agree with everything you just said darling, I just want to be a good husband to you and give you what you need to make you happy. I didn’t know that there was actually a real name for it. FLR… it sounds good!’ He said eagerly.

‘Fabulous, you may get up now because I am going to give you your first FLR gift from me.’ Ian didn’t need telling twice, he scrambled to his feet and stood in front of her, his cock rigid with excitement, his cheeks at both ends glowing bright red!

‘A gift?’ He asked cautiously, he had no idea what to expect from her anymore and she could see he was plainly confused.

‘Yes my darling, a gift.’ she replied distractedly as she lifted her glass of wine to her lips and took a small sip. ‘Kneel down in front of me, but keep your body upright so I can access your cock.’ She waved her hand in front of her so he knew where to kneel, then took another sip of her wine and smiled.

He grinned openly as he hurried to assume the position she wanted him in, he was rewarded with her leaning down and grasping his very hard cock in her left hand and stroking it vigorously the way he would do himself if he was masturbating while she held her glass with her right hand.

She worked his cock for a few minutes and then let go suddenly. ‘You may masturbate for me Ian, I would like you to cum so you had best get some paper towel to spurt on. We don’t want a mess on the carpet do we darling?’ She was thoroughly enjoying herself now and sat back crossing her stocking clad legs, which he of course noticed and couldn’t take his eyes off. ‘Hurry up Ian, paper towel or no orgasm.’ she murmured.

Ian jumped up and shuffled off to the kitchen coming back with a few pieces of paper towel and then resumed his position at her feet again. She smiled benignly at him and gave him permission to begin masturbating.

Ian worked his cock in long slow strokes, using Laura’s stocking clad legs as his fantasy image. He imagined her wrapping them around his head and pulling him in to suck her pussy while he stroked his cock. She broke across his thoughts, ‘do hurry up darling, you usually go much faster than this, I want to see you cum!’

Well hell, who was he to complain? He picked up pace and really put the effort in. It didn’t take him long, he was already exceptionally turned on, the friction of her stockinged thighs rubbing against his cock for the last 30 minutes had done their job. He was ready to fire his load in no time!

Grabbing the paper towel from the floor, his face screwed up with concentration, his whole body trembling with his imminent release, he grunted long and loud as his cum erupted from him in a long steady stream of creamy juices. He caught it all in the towel and continued to thrust and pump for a minute or two until he was sure he had caught all of it. Laura smiled and cheered for him when he came, and he glanced up at her face to see if she was being mean or if she really was pleased for him. He was very confused. He didn’t know who his wife was anymore, but he admitted to himself that he really liked this new Laura a lot!

Laura was smiling kindly at him, she was genuinely pleased he had come, she leaned forward and planted a huge kiss on his lips and gave him a hug. ‘I’m so glad you got so much out darling, it will make your new gift so much easier to fit.’

Ian looked at her quizzically. ‘fit? what is it?’

‘Yes darling,’ she said as she made him kneel upright once again so his cock was easily accessible. She leaned forward with a metal chastity cage in her hand that she deftly slid into position over his cock and attached the ball ring to his balls. ‘It’s a male chastity cage for your cock and balls!’ She declared happily! She finished the whole thing off with a tiny lock that she clicked into place. ‘There!’ she said gleefully, ‘Now what do you think of your gift? Isn’t it beautiful? Your cock looks so small in there!’

Ian looked down at his caged cock in shocked horror, then back to Laura’s face and back down at his cock squashed into the metal cage!

‘But… I … Laura, this is…’ He whined in the most pitiful voice.

‘A female led relationship Ian,’ Laura interjected succinctly. ‘I have decided that you play with your cock far too much. This little cage is to help you gain control over your base urges and give the poor thing a well earned rest. 4 times a day you said you masturbated! 4 times a day Ian, that’s an awful lot darling. You will thank me for this eventually I promise. Besides, the cage is the best way for you to learn a few things about self control and this little gadget will be the perfect way for you to learn without continual failure looming. Oh… and the best part is, I get to play a huge part in this too, I shall be your key holder, I have the only one there is so it’s entirely up to me when you can be let out of the cage and when you are allowed to have an orgasm. Don’t worry darling, we shall start slowly, lets say a few days and see how you’re getting along with it, but you will have to adjust to it, it is now a permanent fixture in our lives. Okay?’ Her whole face was beaming with delight!

‘Oh Laura, please darling is there another way we can do this? What do I do to pee?’ Ian begged her, he was almost in tears.

Laura scowled at him and scolded him sharply, ‘Oh do stop whining Ian, you brought this on yourself you know! Now, there is a lovely little information booklet that comes with it, you can sit and read up on your new best friend after you have run my bath for me, while I am bathing you can do some research on your new chastity cage. You will find oodles of information on the internet. It’s all very interesting darling, we are going to have such a lovely time once you get used to the idea.’

Laura stood and leaning down she ruffled Ian’s hair, ‘Now, be a darling and go and run my bath for me while I get undressed please. I am going to have a long hot soak in the bath, my bottom is very sore from earlier this evening. Mr Crossley really does spank very hard indeed!’

And just like that, Ian fell into line. She was holding the only key to his most prized possession. He would do exactly what she wanted from this point on. Life was not quite so rosy in the garden, but he was fully committed to working this out with Laura and if this was what she wanted, then he would just have to get used to it. He didn’t have much choice, he had asked for this and he had gotten a lot more than he had bargained for…

Part 8. Eileen’s story: While her back is turned…

Eileen sat behind Mr Crossley’s huge leather desk and watched as he castigated the hapless Ms Aston for her shortcomings. She took in Laura’s bright red bottom and thighs beautifully displayed by the tucked up skirt and trimmed only by the tops of the black seamed stockings. She smiled as she allowed her fingers to brush against her own pussy as she noted the dampness glistening between Laura’s thighs. That girl really did love a good hard spanking and she had definitely received one this evening! Tucked up in the corner, Laura’s sniffles and hiccups reached Eileen’s ears and her pussy reacted to the sound with a contraction that made her gasp with it’s intensity. Damn, that young woman’s mewling sounds could turn her on in a heart beat!

Mr Crossley chose that moment to turn on his heel and approach the desk. Eileen couldn’t help but notice he was sporting a fine erection and he was doing nothing to hide it from her either! ‘Ooh, events are taking an interesting turn,’ she thought as she purposely kept her eyes glued on his crotch as he approached her and slowly she uncrossed her long stocking clad legs and stood to allow him to sit in his chair.

He chose to remain standing in front of her, his eyes settling on her erect nipples which could be seen clearly through the flimsy material of the blouse as they pressed against it. His lips curled in a predatory manner as he raised his eyes to hers. She blushed at the blatant lust she saw in his eyes and her tummy curled anew with excitement. Theirs was a non-verbal dance of heat and she was revelling in his reaction to her. She turned away from the heat in his gaze and bent over the desk to retrieve her transcript of the story, he stepped behind her to take in the view she was affording him of her semi naked bottom under her skirt. Her thong was soaked and it was evident from the juices that glistened just inside her thighs that she was hugely turned on. She took her time reaching for the story sheet and moaned quietly when she felt his hand cup her bottom and squeeze her hard. She turned to face him while keeping the contact of his hand on her behind, and saw he had his cock out and was stroking himself as he smoothed one hand over her behind and squeezed firmly.

Eileen leaned back against the desk and pushed her chest out, her breasts straining to be released, His fingers reached up almost of their own volition and flicked the buttons open slowly one by one, his eyes were drawn to her face again as she whispered to him, ‘would you like me to take care of that for you Charles?’ She looked pointedly at his cock and licked her lips as he continued to stroke himself. She smiled, he was not a small man by any standard and she was more than happy to take care of that huge cock. In fact she was desperate to! A dark smile passed across his lips as he nodded, his eyes locking with hers as she slid down between his thighs and positioned herself on her knees in front of him, she handed him her phone as she took his cock from his hand and sucked it all the way into her warm inviting mouth.

He took the phone smiling widely, focused it on her raised eyes and luscious lips as she slowly sucked his long cock from tip to base and back again, and he clicked, and clicked and clicked again. He saw Laura’s head begin to turn from her corner, and he barked, ‘Nose against the wall Ms Aston, or I shall whip your backside with the crop!’ Laura hastily turned her face and pressed her nose back against the wall. Eileen never missed a beat, her mouth sank down to the base of his shaft and sucked his cock hard all the way back to the tip. His hips rose to meet her withdrawing lips, his breathing faltered as her hands closed around him and she began to stroke him in a cork screw motion that sent his blood pounding to the tip of his cock, making it throb and grow even bigger stretching her mouth impossibly wide.

He threw the phone on the desk as he gripped her head and spread his legs wider to pull her closer. She bobbed up and down on his cock working it, worshipping it, his precum oozed from him and dribbled down her chin, she lapped and sucked and stroked and petted his cock and his mind turned to mush as she continued to suck him all the way to the back of her throat. He held her there, applying pressure to the back of her head with one hand until she was gagging on him, while snaking his other down to fill his hand with her soft round flesh, he twisted her nipple hard and she gasped as she worked him harder and faster, suddenly he pushed himself to his feet and releasing her nipple, he gripped her head with both hands as he began to fuck her mouth for all he was worth. He rode her mouth, pushing his cock as far down her throat as he could, retracting it, only to fill her again. She held his gaze the whole time he fucked her, it drove him on to fuck harder and faster, and she sucked and stroked and cupped his balls, stroking them, pulling them, wrapping her tongue around his shaft when he slowed for a moment, tracing the rigid vein at the back of his cock and then running her tongue along the underside of his engorged head. He twisted his hands in her hair tightly as his legs began to shake and he felt himself lose control and suddenly his cum was spraying her everywhere. it hit her cheek, her nose, dripping down into her mouth, her eyes were coated in the thick warm liquid and she quickly caught his pumping cock between her lips and sucked him dry of every last drop. She swallowed his creamy cum as she gazed up at him and then slowly sat back on her heels as he sank down into his chair, a look of utter disbelief on his face. He pulled her up so he could whisper in her ear and twist her nipple hard as he spoke, ‘That was fucking amazing Ms Barton and we shall be doing it again very shortly! Tidy up while I finish up with madam over there!’

Eileen smiled a sultry smile at his words, and licked her lips as she gasped quietly at the pain in her nipple as he squeezed it hard one last time before letting her go. He stood and reorganised his clothing, zipping his pants back up and straightening his tie, he leaned down and said in a low voice, ‘you are in a world of trouble Ms Barton, I am a hungry man.’ With that he strode away from her and approached Laura quietly.

Eileen wanted in on this part of the girl’s punishment so she hurriedly took a tissue and wiped her face of his cum and rearranged her own clothing. She listened intently to his conversation with Laura and as he positioned her for her caning Eileen stepped in. Poor Laura, none of the fun and all of the pain! Eileen was in no mood to dally over this final part of Laura’s punishment, she would have more than enough opportunity to taste Laura’s wares when she accepted the girl’s offer to spank both her and her husband, and she would be doing it very soon! But for this evening, she had other plans that included a very large cock that had not been properly used in a long time! Her strokes with the cane across Laura’s already hot, sore bottom were swift and sharp and Laura howled and sobbed and cried and pleaded which of course turned Eileen on even more. By the time she reached for the crop Laura was openly sobbing, great big fat tears dripping from her chin and her wails were delightfully full and rounded with each harsh swat of the crop. Such a nasty little implement that did not require a great deal of work to bring about a satisfactory reaction from the recipient. Laura was no exception to this rule and she danced on the spot and squealed as the crop tip caught her exposed pussy lips over and over again along with her thighs and bottom until every little bit of creamy skin had turned bright red and was hot to the touch. Eileen ran a cursory hand across the girl’s skin, and could not resist sliding her fingers between her pussy lips to gather her juices. She leaned around to Laura and held her dripping fingers out for Laura to clean and she dutifully sucked them clean between hiccups and sobs.

Mr Crossley declared Laura’s punishment at an end and dismissed her from the room. Laura wasted no time and made a swift exit to the relative safety of the staff rest room.

Mr Crossley laughed at the speed of her departure, ‘My goodness Ms Barton, I think the girl has wings on her feet! That is the swiftest exit I think I’ve ever seen!’

Eileen laughed with him as she bent to pick up the fallen cane and crop and turned to walk slowly to his desk. He sat back and watched her slow strut across the carpeted floor. Hips swaying, naked breasts dancing under the ill fitting blouse and he felt his cock react swiftly to her delectable body. ‘Come here Ms Barton and assume the position.’ He said as she arrived at his desk. Her eyes flew to his face and her own face flushed, it was evident she had forgotten about her own upcoming spanking and he laughed again! ‘I do hope you don’t think your little performance earlier has discharged the need for your own punishment Ms Barton, I said you need retraining and retraining you shall have. Assume the position, immediately!’ His tone brooked no argument and Eileen dutifully nodded and lowered herself across his thighs positioning herself so that her bottom was raised high in the centre and her stilettoed shoes barely skimmed the floor. She reached down and braced her hands flat on the floor as she whispered, ‘Yes Mr Crossley, of course Mr Crossley.’

Mr Crossley took his time raising her skirt, slowly, he pushed the pleated material up above her full, plump beautifully rounded cheeks. He tucked the skirt into it’s waistband, fully exposing her bottom to his view. His hand smoothed her cheeks, stroking her, patting her lightly, feeling her squirm a little on his lap. He chuckled a deep throated chuckle. This was very different from yesterday evening’s surprise spanking. Tonight he had planned exactly how this would be carried out and he savoured every second of the experience as it unfolded. He raised his hand and brought it down hard on her right cheek watching as her bottom quivered under the sudden assault. She yelped, more in surprise than pain and he spent a few seconds patting her lightly on both cheeks, feeling her jump mildly at each contact. Waiting until he knew she was expecting the next pat, he suddenly spanked her hard again, this time on the left cheek. She jumped and cried out, again more in surprise than pain. He resumed his patting and stroking and then without warning, he began spanking her in earnest, sharp hard spanks that landed swiftly on each cheek as he verbally remonstrated with her. ‘You re a very lucky woman Ms Barton, there aren’t many bosses who would agree to such a personal form of punishment. You’re actions yesterday evening should have seen you fired on the spot. You really will have to learn that I am the rule maker around here and you shall follow those rules. You do not make your own as you go along!’ As he said each word he accompanied it with a volley of hard heavy spanks that soon had her squealing and yelping, crying out that she was sorry for taking matters in her own hands and she would always defer to him in the future. Her cries fell on deaf ears as he got into his stride. He stopped spanking for a few moments to allow the heat to raise to the surface and bloom properly, he ran his fingers beneath the waistband of her thong and he peeled it down over her hot bottom and pushed it down to her ankles. He took a moment to trace the path of the G string and he ran his fingers down between her cheeks and slid them between her pussy lips. He smiled widely when he found she was dripping for him, her bottom pushed up and her legs sprang open to allow better access as he slid his long fingers through her juices and rubbed her clit. She moaned and wriggled against his probing fingers.

He pulled back and smoothed his dripping fingers over her heated globes and they glistened with her own wetness. He smiled as he once again landed a firm volley of spanks to each cheek and now attended to her thighs too. She positively howled at the onslaught of sharp spanks to her thighs and her legs scissored as she tried to raise herself up and wriggle away from the incessant sharp sting that was being delivered in quick time to her thighs and bottom. Real tears ran down her cheeks as she sobbed and sobbed as he spanked and spanked her until finally he rested a steady hot hand on her right burning throbbing cheek.

He patted her bottom as he murmured, ‘stand up and bend over the desk Ms Barton, spread your legs wide for me.’ Eileen sobbed and hastily pushed herself to a standing position, turning, she bent over the edge of his desk spreading her legs wide as instructed, excitement unfurling in her tummy at what she was sure was to come. She expected to feel his hard cock between her thighs then, it had been pressed up hard against her tummy for the past ten minutes! Instead she squealed in shock when the sharp sting of the cane landed across both her hot throbbing cheeks. She reared up, her breasts tumbling from her open blouse and she heard him grunt in approval. She then heard the click of her phone as he stood to one side of her taking photos of her exposed bottom and breasts, ‘Good girl, Ms Barton, you certainly know how to put on a display, hold your position, we are not done. He raised the cane and she heard it swish through the air before it buried itself firmly into her soft skin and she sucked in a harsh breath at the stinging hot pain as it ran all the way through her. ‘Oh my…’ she cried out, but before she could finish that sentence a third stroke arrived and then a fourth until she was mimicking Laura’s on the spot dance from earlier. Her bottom exploded in pain and she sobbed and begged for his forgiveness. ‘Please Mr Crossley, I promise I will be a model employee from now on, please stop now! It HURTS!!’

Mr Crossley was having none of it, he switched from the cane to the crop as he once again began remonstrating with her. ‘Of course it hurts Ms Barton, that is the whole purpose of this entire exercise. Now, be a good girl and accept the rest of your punishment without constantly jumping around!’

Eileen sobbed and hiccuped her way through a sharp cropping that seemed to last forever, especially when so many sharp slaps licked her plump pussy lips and stung her! Finally he rested the crop across her lower back just above her hips. ‘Maintain your position Ms Barton until I instruct you otherwise.’

She nodded, allowing her head to drop down and her forehead to rest on the desk beneath her. She sobbed quietly as he stroked her bottom and thighs and ran his fingers between her swollen pussy lips again. Her hips bucked and she groaned quietly as he played with her. She heard the clicks from her phone and her face coloured profusely at the sound, knowing the image she must make right now.

Mr Crossley stood back from her and looked at his handy work, he was very pleased with the end result. That was indeed a very well spanked bottom. Her pussy dripped juices and he ran a finger through them and gathered them up. He lifted his finger to his mouth and tasted her. His cock throbbed heavily in his pants and he released himself with his other hand. His rock hard cock sprang forward and he stood closely behind her resting it on her hot cheeks. She raised her head and dared a glance over her shoulder. He was waiting for her, watching her, ‘Eileen?’ he asked with a raised eyebrow, and she quickly nodded her head, ‘Oh yes please Charles…’ she murmured in response. It was all the approval he needed, he gripped her firmly by the hips and thrust his long hard throbbing cock deep into the depths of her soaked welcoming pussy and they both groaned loudly in unison.

He rocked her and pulled her back onto him until he was buried hilt deep inside her and she tightened her pussy walls around him as her orgasm immediately began to build. It was the hardest, hottest, fastest fuck he had ever had and he banged into her over and over again and she screamed in delight as her orgasm ripped through her. He reached forward and grabbed her hair pulling her up as he pounded her from behind, his balls slapping her mound hard as his cock filled her tight velvet hole and she convulsed around him, stroking him with her inner muscles until he was thrusting and groaning behind her, She could feel his legs trembling pressed against hers as he suddenly grunted heavily and filled her with streams of creamy cum, heating her insides, spewing from her as he continued to pump and pour himself into her forcing it out with each thrust. Eileen’s own orgasm exploded deep inside her again and she collapsed on the desk with the force of it as she shuddered and bucked under him. He lay atop her back and kissed her ear, smoothing her hair away from her flushed face whispering nonsensical words to her as they both calmed themselves and she responded by turning her head and capturing his lips with her own.

Eileen sighed contently as the stray thought ran through her head, tomorrow she would enjoy Ms Aston and her husband, but tonight she would enjoy Charles, over and over again!

Mr Crossley smiled and slowly righted himself and dropped down onto his chair. My god this woman was utterly fucking amazing and he couldn’t wait to have her again and again. Every night from now on she would be his to fuck and he would be hers to suck to her hearts content! He had never been happier in all of his 62 years. Eileen dropped down into his lap and she caught his mouth with her own. Tomorrow was after all another day…

Tonight had exceeded both their expectations and neither one was disappointed or in a hurry to bring it to an end.

Part 7. Laura’s Story… It’s Story Time!

Part 1. Laura’s Story. Be careful what you wish for…

Part 2. Eileen’s Story… Beware of Consequences…

Part 3. Ian’s Story… His Errant Wife…

Part 4. Laura’s Story… Time for Training.

Part 5 : Eileen and Laura’s Story… The Agreement…

Part 6: Mr Crossley’s Story… His Dilemma…

Laura clasped the chosen clothes to her chest and hurried off to the staff rest room to change. Mr Crossley had obviously stuck to the letter of her story as the clothing she had been instructed to wear was exactly as she had described in her ‘Retraining the PA.’ story. It was one of her favourites and she was excited to see whether Mr Crossley would follow the storyline precisely the same way Ms Barton had done the previous evening. If he did, her bottom was going to be very sore! She wished now she had made it a lot hotter but there were other stories she could write where she would be able to slip some sexy stuff in so that she got to play with Ms Barton again!

She was literally living out her sexual fantasies on a daily basis right now! Laura grinned to herself as she checked each booth to make sure she was alone, satisfied that she was, she quickly stripped naked in the centre of the rest room and folded her work clothing carefully and placed it in her carry all.

Standing, she took a moment to admire her naked body from all aspects. She was surrounded by mirrors and her image bounced back at her from every angle. She was pleased with what she saw and a naughty idea unfurled in her mind as she turned first this way, then that to view her rounded hips and pert bubble bottom, her full round breasts and her small waist. She reached inside her purse and retrieved her phone. No reason Ian couldn’t have a quick flash of her present state of dress! She parted her legs slightly and bent over to view her pussy, she pointed her phone at the mirror capturing the delightful image of her damp pussy just peeking out between her cheeks and the tops of her thighs. She reached between her thighs and her fingers appeared in the mirror behind her as she stroked her damp slit and made her juices flow freely. She clicked her phone, snap! Another photo for Ian, she stood up and raised her leg, placing her foot on the only chair in the room, she aimed her phone camera and clicked again, allowing Ian a birds eye view of everything he was currently missing out on. She sent the three photos to him and then put her phone down and picked up the black sheer stockings she was to wear. She took her time pulling each one on, making sure to line up the seam at the back perfectly so that it ran central down her leg. Finally she stepped into the heels Ms Barton had provided for her. They were much higher than she was used to and she teetered around a little at first but quickly got into the rhythm of how to move her hips to allow for the difference in height.

Spreading her legs wide she retrieved her phone and bending over the edge of the chair she snapped three photographs of her ass and pussy, fully exposed, with her long legs encased in the gorgeous seamed stockings, the extra height from the heels made her legs look even longer and she arched her back so that her breasts were flat against the seat of the chair and her bottom was raised to it’s highest point and she click, click, clicked and pressed send. Ian would be rock hard now and probably stroking himself looking at these photos! Another naughty thought popped into her head and she giggled as she shot a text off to Ian.

‘You may look at these photos Ian, but you cannot stroke yourself. If you cum, you will be spanked very hard when I get home and you won’t be allowed to fuck me this evening!’ 🍑💥✋💋

His response arrived promptly, ‘Yes Ma’am! Can I just say you look so fucking hot in those stockings!’

Laura chose to ignore his comment, but she was grinning like a Cheshire cat as she put down her phone and retrieved the black lace thong, she pulled it on and snapped the string between her cheeks, making sure to perfectly align the small V of material at the top of her cheeks. She rarely got to wear such racy underwear and her stomach curled with excitement at the image of her pussy encased in the sheer lace. God she felt so damned sexy right now, she once again picked up her phone and quickly snapped a number of images of her in different positions for Ian.

Suddenly her phone rang in her hand and she was so surprised she almost dropped it on the tiled floor! She turned it around and saw the caller ID was Ms Barton. Oh god, she had taken ages, she pressed answer and stammered, ‘H hello?’

‘Are you going to be much longer Ms Aston? You are keeping both myself and Mr Crossley waiting!’ Eileen’s tone was terse and Laura immediately stammered out, ‘I’m so sorry Ms Barton, I was having difficulty walking in the shoes, I was practising, I’m on my way back now.’

‘Make your way directly to Mr Crossley’s private office and do hurry up!’ Eileen snapped and hung up.

Laura rushed to put on the blouse and skirt and gather her wits, she quickly restyled her hair in the top knot the PA wore in her story, refreshed her lipstick and took a final look at her appearance in the mirrors. God, she hoped she didn’t bump into any co-workers who might still be in the building, it was a long walk to the lift and Mr Crossley’s offices were on the top floor! Her tummy curled with a mix of excitement and dread at the idea of being seen dressed like this and her pussy contracted tightly, she took one last look from all angles, She couldn’t help it, she quickly snapped a few photos, pressed send and then switching her phone to silent she headed out of the rest room in a hurry.

She tried to walk quickly in the impossibly high heels but it wasn’t going to happen, in frustration she bent down and took them off, gathering them up she ran quickly down the long corridor and around the corner to the lifts. She hadn’t seen a soul which she was grateful for, but also curiously disappointed too, she pressed the button and slid her shoes back on as she waited for the lift to arrive. Just as the lift doors opened and she stepped in she heard a man’s voice a scant few feet away and she willed the doors to slide shut. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her cheeks were flushed at the thought that he might catch a glimpse of her before they closed properly. The door slid quietly shut just as he came into view and she breathed a shallow sigh of relief. Just in time.

The lift slid to a halt at the top floor and the doors opened opposite Mr Crossley’s outer office. Laura took a deep breath and mentally prepared herself for what was to come as she stepped out of the lift and walked through the outer office doors and quickly towards his inner sanctum.

She tapped lightly on the door, her breathing shallow, her pulse racing and her heart pounding. She felt like she had run a marathon! Before she could change her mind and run away, the door was opened by Ms Barton, who was dressed identically to herself! Laura couldn’t take her eyes off her! Damn she looks way better in this outfit than I do! Laura thought as she stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.

Slowly she turned to face Mr Crossley and Ms Barton with her hands clasped in front of her and her eyes lowered. Her cheeks were flushed and she berated herself for turning herself on so much during the dressing! She could well have done without the sexual hunger right now!

Mr Crossley spoke then, ‘Look at me please Ms Aston. I have no intention of addressing the top of your head for the next 5 minutes!’ Laura’s eyes snapped to Mr Crossley, as she raised her head dutifully. ‘That’s better.’ he continued, ‘ Now, you are here this evening because you signed and agreed to a different form of discipline for yourself to atone for your unprofessional actions and behaviour during office hours and personal use of office equipment. Is that correct?’

Laura nodded mutely, her eyes wide as saucers as she spotted the cane and the riding crop laid out in front of Mr Crossley on his leather topped desk.

‘Answer verbally please Ms Aston, I want no misunderstandings about what we are about to carry out.’ His tone was professional but very strict and Laura suddenly wondered if she had bitten off more than she could chew! Regardless, she answered promptly.

‘Yes Mr Crossley, that is correct, I fully agree to this form of discipline for my actions and behaviour, and I have freely signed an agreement to that end this morning.’ Her tone was subdued but professional and Mr Crossley allowed himself a little smile. This was all going to be so perfect!

‘Then we should get on with the task of administering your discipline young lady. Please take a copy of the story from the end of the desk and follow my narration. I shall be watching intently and if you veer from the printed text, you shall receive an extra punishment of my choice at the end of your disciplining. Do you understand Ms Aston?’ He questioned her quietly in his stern voice.

Laura was trembling but she managed to stammer out, ‘Yes Mr Crossley, I understand.’ She stepped forward and retrieved a copy of her own story from the desk and Ms Barton did the same.

Eileen took over the proceedings then, she took Laura by the arm and led her to the straight back chair that had been placed side on in the centre of the office and directly in front of Mr Crossley who would have a birds eye view of Laura’s spanked bottom! He began the narration as Eileen took her seat and tugged Laura’s arm, pulling her down over her knees and into position.

Mr Crossley read loudly, ‘The naughty PA found herself in the unenviable position of having to show her bare bottom to her immediate superior and her boss. Her face coloured profusely as Ms Barton lifted the edge of Laura’s skirt and tucked it up into the waistband revealing her creamy rounded cheeks completely exposed because she had stupidly decided to wear a thong today. She knew she would pay for that error in judgement and she was not wrong, Ms Barton now smoothed her hand over her plump cheeks and landed the first of what would be many hard spanks!’

Eileen carried out exactly to the letter what Mr Crossley had just read out and she allowed a small smile to play on her lips as Laura went over her knee. She pinned the girl to her with a firm hold on her waist as she lifted the pleated mini skirt and as described, tucked it up into the waist band. Laura’s bottom came immediately into view and Eileen needed no prompting to smooth her hand slowly over the ripe, peach shaped creamy globes and administer the first loud smack! She paused a moment as she listened to Mr Crossley continue with his narration and she kept pace with him. She lifted her hand again and delivered a number of sharp spanks to Laura’s cheeks and then some very hard ones to her thighs and sit spot. The girl was squirming on her knee and she had begun to suck her breath in loudly, she had yet to yelp, but there was plenty to come that would bring on that sound. Eileen spanked and spanked as Mr Crossley narrated and Laura squirmed and kicked her legs out, squealing and crying loudly now and howling that she was very sorry for having caused so much upset.

Eileen stopped then as Mr Crossley went on to describe how she should peel Laura’s thong down and position it just below her sit spot so that the spanking of the PA could continue. Eileen dutifully did as she had been instructed and sliding her fingers into the edge of the thong she peeled it down and positioned it perfectly below the sit spot. Neither Eileen nor Mr Crossley could help but see how wet Laura’s pussy was and Eileen chuckled as Mr Crossley tutted and spoke directly to Laura.

I did mention, Ms Aston, did I not, that should you veer from the stated text there would be an extra punishment?’

Laura’s tear filled eyes shot to Mr Crossley as she stammered, ‘Y…y…yes Mr Crossley, but I haven’t…’ she managed before he interrupted her.

‘Oh but you have Ms Aston,’ he replied succinctly, ‘you most definitely have. Nowhere in this story does it tell of your wetness between your thighs. Nowhere in the printed text does it mention that you are sexually turned on by the spanking. Your lack of control over your badly behaved pussy has earned you six strokes with the riding crop…’

Laura gasped, ‘but that’s not fair Mr Crossley, I can’t help…’

‘And you have just added a further 6 strokes with the cane to that extra punishment for your refusal to accept my decision in this matter. How dare you argue back Ms Aston.’ His voice was a whiplash to her ears and she lowered her head in dismay and not a small amount of trepidation at what she could now expect at the end of the spanking.

Mr Crossley further confounded her by stopping proceedings and having a chat with Ms Barton about her performance as the spanker.

‘Now Ms Barton, I can see how hard you’re working to make these spanks as firm as possible but your soft hands are frankly not quite up to the task I fear.’ He smiled to soften his words and then continued as Eileen smiled back at him. ‘Perhaps I should swap places with you and you may read the remainder of the transcript and I shall carry out a much firmer spanking for this verbally challenged young lady?’ He dropped the question into the silent room and Laura suddenly tried to rear up as she cried out, ‘NO! that’s not how the story goes Mr Crossley…’ Eileen landed four sharp smacks to Laura’s thighs for her insolence and as she did so, she smiled at Mr Crossley, ‘I do think that would be a splendid idea Mr Crossley, Ms Aston’s attitude appears to be unchanged from my ministrations, I have no doubt that you shall have a much better result than I could achieve. Perhaps we should start again from the first spank landing after the thong has been removed?’ Eileen said all this as she unceremoniously forced Laura to her feet and held on to her arm to stop her from bolting. She could feel the girl’s trembling all the way through her and her own pussy reacted swiftly to it. Damn this was going to be very hot, it bode exceptionally well for her own spanking from Mr Crossley later. Who knows, he might decide to go off script during that one too! She could but hope…after all, he was a very attractive man…

A moment later a kicking and crying Laura was pulled over Mr Crossley’s knees and he pounded her bottom with hard heavy spanks, one after another they rained down on her bottom and thighs, some caught her pussy as they landed across both cheeks, he stopped periodically and ran a finger down her slit to see if she was still wet and each time he found she was he tightened his grip on her waist and began the spanking again all the time castigating her for her unruly pussy. Laura was howling and sobbing, tears running freely down her face, her mascara creating twin rivulets of black down each cheek, her nose was running and her hair was now flying around everywhere as her top knot had long since worked loose from its restraints, and in the background Ms Barton’s honeyed sexy tones could be heard dancing through the story, letting Mr Crossley know exactly what he should be doing next not to mention the profound effect her voice was having on his cock which was rock hard against Laura’s tummy as she was held against his groin. Goodness, he’s quite large! The errant thought ran through her head as he paused to adjust her over his thighs. All thoughts flew out of her mind as the next series of exceptionally hard spanks landed everywhere in rapid succession and she returned to squealing and howling and wriggling!

Suddenly it all stopped and she found herself upright, Mr Crossley applied two very sharp slaps to her very painful thighs, ‘go and stand in the corner Ms Aston, nose to the wall, do not touch or attempt to cover your behind. You shall stand there taking stock of the actions that landed you in this position and why you deserve your punishment. You shall remain there until I tell you to come and present yourself for your caning and cropping.’ He brusquely ordered the sobbing Laura into her corner and turning he strode back to his desk to take up the seat Ms Barton had just vacated for him.

Laura gulped and sobbed out, ‘Yes Mr Crossley. Thank you Mr Crossley.’ She staggered over to the far corner of the room and as instructed lifted her hands up and crossed them behind her back and rested them on her waist, pressed her nose into the corner of the wall until it touched and proceeded to sob quietly as her glowing red bottom and thighs throbbed painfully. This was not how she had expected events to happen and she was feeling very sorry for herself, but deep down, she was feeling remorseful too and she knew she only had herself to blame. As she began to calm down and relax a little, she began to go over the spanking in her mind and got lost in her own little world. The sudden and unexpected arrival of Mr Crossley appearing behind her made her jump and yelp in surprise.

‘So Ms Aston, what have you learnt this evening?’ He asked quietly behind her.

‘That I should never use work time and equipment to view spanking porn or store my personal stories on my work PC, Mr Crossley. I am here to work, not indulge my fascination with all things spanking.’ Laura tacked the last naughty sentence on the end because well, damn it, she was sure she had heard some rather sexy sounds emanating from across the room while she had been stuck in the corner. If she didn’t know better she would swear that Mr Crossley had just been given a very thorough blow job from Ms Barton! If that was true, Laura was most definitely peeved at being left out!

‘Hmm, almost the answer I was expecting, but not quite.’ He said quietly. ‘Lean forward and hands on the wall Ms Aston, it’s time for your final punishment. I shall tack on a few more of each just to cover your impudent remark at the end there. Now, come on, bottom out, head down, legs spread.’

Laura groaned and bit her lip as she assumed the position and waited.

‘I would like to take part in this aspect of the punishment if you don’t mind Charles, after all, you have worked so hard already.’ Eileen’s honeyed tones dripped over the pair of them and Laura knew her bottom was going to be toast, Eileen had already proven how hard she could spank with a ruler! A cane and a riding crop were going to hurt like blazes! She prayed Mr Crossley would decline, but it wasn’t to be.

‘Excellent idea Ms Barton, I should conserve my energy for later anyway! Carry on my dear!’ He agreed affably.

Laura was so tempted to turn her head to see his expression she had to fight to stop herself! My god, they sounded just like they were… no … were they??? Oh my god… she had called him Cha.. ‘OWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!’

The first of the cane strokes landed stingingly across her sit spot and Laura was now wholly focused on the searing pain as it settled deeply into the crease at the top of her thighs. Before she had chance to process much at all, the second stroke landed squarely across both cheeks and she howled in pain, then the final four strokes came swiftly leaving Laura gasping for breath as she squealed and cried, but it wasn’t over, a brief pause as Eileen swapped instruments and then suddenly, many stinging swats with the riding crop erupted all over Laura’s bottom and thighs and they came thick and fast. Laura felt her orgasm unfurl in her pussy and erupt tearing through her until she groaned loudly and shuddered as her juices flowed and Ms Barton chuckled along with Mr Crossley.

‘Oh dear Charles, it looks like our little PA needs a lot more retraining!’ Eileen said as she rested the riding crop across Laura’s pert bottom and stood back to view her handy work. For her part Laura was utterly humiliated, her face glowed as red as her bottom at the thought she had just lost complete control and orgasmed in front of them both! She might never be able to look them in the eye again.

Mr Crossley walked over to the sniffling Laura and smiled as he stroked her bottom and thighs, inspecting Eileen’s handy work closely. ‘Fine job Ms Barton, more work to be done tomorrow though I feel. Stand up Ms Aston, tidy yourself up and take yourself off home. I expect to see you again tomorrow evening for your next lesson in discipline and control.’

Laura stood up letting the crop fall to the floor, she turned and faced them both, sniffling and wiping her eyes, ‘thank you Mr Crossley, thank you Ms Barton.’ With that she turned and all but ran from the office. She could hear Mr Crossley’s deep laugh behind her as she beat a hasty retreat to the relative safety of the ladies rest room, her office clothes and her handbag! She was going home to Ian! At least she knew what to expect there because she would be in control!