Graham and the Cane

part One.

After the surprise spanking and the almost very sexual experience with Stuart, I decided to err on the side of caution for a while and just be good! You would think that shouldn’t be so difficult to achieve, but honestly, trouble finds me even when I’m not looking!

I think I managed to be good for about two weeks before the novelty of it began to wane somewhat. Being good is hard work, especially when I went shopping in the local supermarket and ran into the Vicar who was standing in an aisle talking with the Wilson’s. They all gave me the kind of look one usually reserves for dog shit on the street! I couldn’t help myself, I hate that kind of behaviour so I smiled and waved and walked over to them. It was fun to watch them gather together in a mistrustful little huddle against the woman who had thrown them all into such spanking disarray!

I smiled at the Vicar and said, ‘How’s the bottom now Vic, none the worse for the paddling I take it? Oh that reminds me, I still have your table tennis bat at my house, would you like me to drop it into the church or will you collect it yourself?’
Of course he went scarlet! He didn’t know where to look, good thing he didn’t try and make eye contact with the Wilson’s, they looked shocked to death at the revelation!

I waited patiently for a response, I was really enjoying watching him squirm. ‘Vicar?’ I prompted.

He was blushing furiously and began to stammer, ‘I don’t think… that is, well… you can keep it I won’t be needing it.’ He all but ran away from a very shocked looking Mr and Mrs Wilson who both put their heads down and hurried away in the opposite direction.

I bent over the side of the freezer to grab a pack of frozen peas, I was so busy giggling I didn’t notice Graham come around the corner of the aisle.

As I straightened up and turned around I collided with a very solid object and almost fell backwards into the freezer! Graham reached out a steadying hand and caught me. I found my footing again and smiled carefully at him. I immediately had a very intense flash back to just two weeks ago and that very hot spanking with Stuart that Graham had happily witnessed. It was my turn to squirm uncomfortably.

‘Seen anything of Stu lately?’ Graham asked, he had such a knowing look in his eyes and a naughty smile on his face, I would have paid good money to get away with slapping him in that moment. It is a good thing I am not given to violent tendencies, well… I am but only as far as spanking myself goes!

I’m not brave enough…

I smiled tightly, ‘No, I’m sure you would have heard about it if I had. Seems he’s more your friend than mine these days.’

He shrugged his big powerful shoulders and took control of my shopping trolley!

‘Hey! Where are you going with that?’ I stomped after him, I was having a complete snit fit now! Funny how a mood can change in the blink of an eye!

Graham just turned and smiled at me, a big full on smile, as he said, ‘I’m going to accompany you around the store while you do your shopping and then we are going home to my house to talk about that little scene you just pulled with the Vicar and the Wilsons. I heard it all, I was in the next lane. It wasn’t nice to expose the Vicar like that Gem, in fact it was very naughty indeed.’ His tone of voice did not match his smile! He sounded really stern and Graham does stern extremely effectively!

The Vicar is being defended???

My bottom tingled and my tummy turned over, but it wasn’t fair of him to castigate me when they had been the instigators with their snooty looks. ‘Oh come on! He deserved it! Sanctimonious twit, you didn’t see the way he looked down his nose at me and encouraged the Wilson’s to do the same! I don’t have to put up with that kind of snide behaviour when I haven’t done anything wrong!’ I was full of righteous indignation.

‘Like I said, we’ll talk about it back at my house, I know the boy is out for at least another 4 hours today! Perfect opportunity for a chat. Come on, let’s get the shopping finished.’ With that he strode off down the aisle with my shopping trolley full of food and disappeared around the corner.

So that’s how I found myself sat in Graham’s house less than an hour later, my shopping had been taken home, he had helped me unpack and put it all away and then he had kidnapped me and absconded with me to his house.

I sat in the kitchen while he made a brew and we chatted about neutral stuff for a few minutes until he was ready to join me.

He sat facing me and watched me for a minute before he spoke, ‘You know, you really shouldn’t have outed the Vicar that way Gem, it was poor form in my opinion and just plain spiteful. Why did you do it?’

I shrugged my shoulders, ‘Like I said before, the way they looked at me just made me really cross because all of them have taken advantage of me, not the other way around.’

Graham thought about what I had said for a moment, ‘that may well be so, but in the middle of the supermarket Gem? He is the Vicar, he has to stand up every week in front of the congregation and deliver a sermon. You greatly undermined his ability to do his work by outing him like that. I find that indefensible.’

Oh oh… what was going on here? Is Graham religious? No… is he? He does seem to be bent all out of shape over the vicar shaming! My mouth is not connected to my brain peeps, it really isn’t, but it does need a bloody muzzle to control it!

‘Why do you care whether the Vicar is shamed or not? Are you a member of that congregation or something? What? You can’t take him seriously now because he likes to be spanked by the naughty Atheist woman who leads his flock astray?’ The sarcasm dripped from my tongue. I was on a roll.

He was suddenly furious and he rounded on me, ‘I care Gemma, because I believe he plays an important role in this community, people talk to him, they trust him, he guides them and he helps them. Your thoughtless actions today could derail the good that he can do!’

I cut him off, now I was angry too. ‘Hang on a minute, it was exactly because he is in that position of trust that he came about private confessional information from the Wilson’s about their spanking sessions with me! He used that information to get what he wanted! He is a creep and shouldn’t be in a position of trust! I refuse to apologise for outing him, the Wilson’s have a right to know he came and told me they had confessed to him! It’s supposed to be completely confidential isn’t it? Isn’t THAT how it’s supposed to work?’

Graham looked surprised and then nodded his head in agreement. ‘Okay I’ll give you that, and I will see to it that he doesn’t go unpunished for his flagrant disregard for his position,’ he said more calmly, ‘However, you were very naughty Gem, you took it upon yourself to embarrass the Wilson’s unnecessarily, you should have just ignored the three of them. You were in a supermarket! The most public of places! That blatant error in judgement needs addressing, even you can see that, surely?’ All delivered in that calm, measured, reasonable voice! Man he fucks me off sometimes!

That was when the mood changed, he was definitely building towards giving me a spanking, he always did this, works up to it, discusses everything completely first and then when the tension is unbearable, he changes tack and demands I assume the position because I need a spanking.
My bottom started tingling. Thankfully my pussy seemed to want to remain silent when Graham is around, it appeared to recognise the fact that he is gay so there is no point in waking up. To be honest, I’m not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. It does provide a very nice distraction from the pain when being spanked! But I didn’t want a spanking today!

I know, I know, but honestly, I just wasn’t feeling it, even though my bottom was tingling in anticipation, I wasn’t. This was unfair, quite aside from the vicar, the Wilson’s had behaved very rudely towards me and let’s face it, neither of them was innocent in any of the spankings! They had approached me and presented me with impossible choices at the time. That was how this whole being spanked by other people thing had come about in the first place. If anything, the Wilson’s were the ones who should be being spanked by Graham, not me! I am mutinous in the face of Graham’s scolding.

Clearly, that was a mistake.

to be continued….

All photos courtesy of the internet

4 thoughts on “Graham and the Cane

  1. There is something so hot about Graham witnessing you misbehaving in the grocery store and escorting you back for a spanking directly after. I have a feeling you are going to regret that little exchange with the Vicar!


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