Leo (Part 1)

Leo was the kind of person that made you recoil after you had spoken to him for a minute or two. It was the coldness in his eyes, it was the calculated appraisal of who you were in Graham’s life and it was also the feeling that you were on borrowed time because he was already working out what he needed to do to get rid of you! In short he was a Gas lighter and full blown malignant narcissist! If you couldn’t see through him immediately you were done for. Full metal jacket required with this little fucker.

Of course he was also very pretty, he could sing like an angel, and he could twist Graham round his little finger so I knew he had other particular skills that were well suited to Graham’s needs and therefore I needed to tread carefully.

I wandered across to Graham’s around 4 pm without Tom, who had flat out refused to go back while Leo was in residence. He didn’t want an argument or worse a complete falling out with Graham over Leo so he wanted to stay with me for the remainder of his two weeks. I said we could talk about it when I got back.

I knocked on Graham’s door and waited, the door opened and Leo stood there staring me down. ‘Let me guess, you ran out of sugar? Wrong house sweetie.’ He sneered rudely as he moved to close the door. I put my foot in the doorway and stopped him.

‘Where’s Gray?’ I said as I pushed past him into the house. I walked down the hall leaving a gobsmacked Leo still holding on to the front door. Fuck him.

‘Hello?’ I shouted as I made my way through to the kitchen, I was rewarded instantly with Graham popping his head around the corner, his face lit up when he saw me.

‘Hello darling how are you?’ He greeted me with a huge hug and a smile. More to the point how’s Tom?’ He was grinning as he spoke and he looked over my shoulder towards the door. I still hadn’t spoken. ‘Where’s Tom?’ He asked curiously.

‘Oh Tom’s just fine and he’s still at my house. I wanted him to come with me but he flat out refused.’ I said while I extricated myself from the bear hug I was in.

Graham stopped hugging me and took a step back. ‘Why?’

I smiled thinly. ‘We need to talk.’

Leo chose that moment to appear, ‘Sorry Darling, she just marched right in like she owns the place!’ He was blatantly furious with me.

Graham’s head snapped up at the tone of Leo’s voice. ‘She is Gemma and She has been told to come in without knocking whenever She wants.’ His response to darling Leo was a whiplash and Leo felt it instantly. He began to back track rapidly, hands up in a conciliatory gesture he said ‘Hey. sorry, I had no idea. My apologies Gemma, I didn’t realise …’

I cut him off. ‘What? You didn’t realise it was downright rude to open a door and say ‘Let me guess, you ran out of sugar? Wrong house sweetie.’ with a sneer on your face? Or try and close the door in my face? Oh I see, well there’s a lesson well learned then. Fuck you Leo.’

I walked away from the pair of them and planted myself firmly in the armchair in the lounge. ‘Can I have a few minutes with you please Gray?’

Graham stared at me with a quizzical expression on his face, he glared at Leo. ‘What the fuck are you doing answering my door like that?’

Leo immediately went on the defensive. Arms crossed, chin up, hip cocked, belligerence in every line of him and then, the sulky voice and pouting lips. Jesus, this guy was text book manipulator! ‘We were just getting into something and I didn’t want us being disturbed. My bad. Sorry.’ He whined.

He managed to irritate Graham instantly with his attitude. ‘We will discuss this later, for now I would like some privacy to talk to Gemma.’ There is this tone that Graham uses when he is pissed with you that should stop you dead in your tracks when you hear it. You should always pay close attention to it. Woe betide you if you don’t.

Leo just pouted and looked severely put out, ‘would you like me to step outside the house and wait in the garden while you have your little chat? I mean, I wouldn’t want to accidentally overhear your private conversation or anything would I? Me just being the fuck buddy and all.’ With that Leo flounced (yes he did, he flounced, I actually giggled because he flounced) out of the room with a flick of his perfectly styled shoulder length platinum blond hair and put his nose in the air. I willed him to trip over something, but it wasn’t to be.

Graham didn’t follow him, I took a lot from that. He wasn’t completely enamoured of the Leo then.

He turned to me, ‘Gemma what on earth is going on? You have been in my house less than five minutes and it feels like I am in the middle of a war zone! What am I missing here?’ He was genuinely confounded.

I jumped straight in on the offensive. ‘I’m extremely upset with the pair of you, why on earth would you tell Leo he could handle Tom’s next punishment with you, turn it into a threesome? How could you do that to Tom?’ I was playing a long game here, I needed Graham to think that I believed he was already aware of the situation.

Graham stared at me in complete surprise. ‘What on earth are you talking about?’

‘Leo told Tom about your plans yesterday morning while you were out. He also began ordering him around and speaking to him like dirt under his feet and Tom was extremely unhappy about the whole thing which is why he landed on my doorstep. He didn’t want to have an argument with you about it. He’s very angry and upset about the whole thing and rightly so.’

Wow, just hold on Gem! I have no plans to do a ‘threesome’ as you put it, nor do I have or have I ever had any plan that would involve Leo in anything to do with Tom. Tom is my friend and we have an arrangement. Leo has no voice or place in the matter.”

‘So Leo made that shit up then?’ I said quietly, ‘Why would he do that to Tom? It’s not like Tom would be a threat to him is it? He’s as straight as you are gay! Tom is really bent out of shape over this Gray. He genuinely thinks that Leo will get what he wants.’

Graham looked shocked and then he looked angry. ‘The only thing Leo is going to be getting is a damn sharp shock and a severe dose of reality. Tom is my friend Gem I would never do anything to jeopardise that friendship. The only third party idea that’s been floated around here is you getting involved with Tom’s discipline, which is why I made the suggestion that he could learn as much from you as he could from me. He was genuinely interested and was more than happy to have you get involved. I was going to discuss it with you tomorrow but he preempted me by asking if he could visit with you yesterday. I assumed he was going to broach the subject with you himself. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when I got the request for the pre-set punishment for rule breaking.’ Poor Graham, he looked utterly stunned.

‘Was Leo in the house when you made the suggestion about third party involvement?’ I kept digging, I didn’t want that little shit to find a loop hole he could squeeze through by way of explanation!

‘Well, yes he was but he was in the shower, but I think you’re…’

I cut him off, ‘Could he have overheard part of the conversation and not realise you were talking about me?’ Last excuse being invalidated in 3 … 2 … 1… Boom.

‘I sincerely doubt it, I mentioned you by name on a number of occasions. Besides, He was actually quite ticked off with me that I was still going ahead with the discipline thing with Tom. Apparently Leo’s jealous of the attention I’ve been giving to Tom. He wants it all for himself, new boyfriend syndrome I suppose.’ Gray looked uncomfortable with the realisation that his boyfriend had caused a huge amount of upset with his friends.

‘Do you discipline him Gray?’ I asked cautiously, If he didn’t then this conversation would be over almost immediately and I would be leaving.

Gray looked confused again, ‘Who Tom?’ His eyebrow had shot up in a wtf are you talking about kind of look and I smiled at his confusion.

‘No, Leo.’ I clarified.

‘Yes I do, but that’s not…’

I cut him off again, ‘Good. because that little shit needs some discipline like he’s never had before and I do want that threesome to happen, but not with Tom, I want in on Leo’s disciplining and I want Tom to sit in and witness the ass whooping I am hoping Leo is about to experience.’

Graham smiled suddenly and sat back in his chair and relaxed a little. ‘I’m listening.’ He said.

I dived right in. ‘Leo needs bringing down a peg or two, the way he spoke to Tom is deplorable, especially the suggestions he made. That’s unforgivable. It’s also massively disrespectful to your friend. Then there’s the attitude he hit me with at the door. I’m not kidding when I say I would love to teach him a very severe lesson with the assist of your cane until I take the skin of his arse. I am beyond furious with him, he’s a fuckwit of the first order and I dislike him intensely. I have known him less than 5 minutes. If you don’t agree with me that’s fine. Like I said, it’s a suggestion and a way of dealing with the issue that would suit Tom and I and it would go a long way to repairing the damage Leo has caused.’ I sat back in my chair and blew out a long breath. This could go completely sideways if what I had suggested offended Graham in any way.

Graham just looked at me. He never said a word, I could see him weighing up his options and trying to decide what was best for everyone concerned. I would have hated to have been put in his position but short of telling Gray I could not spend time with him if Leo was going to be on the scene from now on I didn’t really have any other option.

Okay. Your idea is sound actually. I have dealt with Leo’s attitude issues this way before. I know he gets above himself, I know he tries to isolate me from my friends, but honestly, I enjoy the battle of wills with him, he never gets his own way Gem, I believe that’s part of the attraction he has for me. I don’t give in to him and I do take him to task regularly for his behaviour, which is part of the attraction I have for him! But… He has stepped over acceptable bounds this time. I won’t have a boyfriend of mine upsetting either you or Tom. before we agree to anything, I want to talk to Tom.’

He won’t come here, you’ll have to come over to mine and talk to him there. He was adamant earlier.’ I stood. Graham got to his feet too and he gave me a hug, ‘I’m really sorry Gem, I wouldn’t upset either of you for the world, you do know that don’t you?’

I hugged him back, ‘You don’t need to apologise Gray, it wasn’t you who upset everyone.’ He was really thrown by all of this and I felt a little guilty for having been the one to upset the apple cart but the truth needed to come out. Gray needed to know Leo was poison. Leo needed a damn good thrashing and Tom needed to know his arse was safe from everyone but me!

Leo has met his match…

Hey, my rules… and he had agreed!

to be continued….

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