Two Alpha Males, One Spanking Machine and One Very Sore Bottom.

What ever happened to me self-spanking? When I was self-spanking I was doing okay. I was getting the punishment I thought I deserved, I didn’t cheat on the spankings! I did everything I had written down and I spanked myself thoroughly. I know where it all went wrong of course, letting Mr Wilson spank me is where it all went wrong. I should have said no. I should have stuck to my original plan. To do it myself.

The whole problem as I see it is this.

When I was spanking myself I had no real point of reference and so I imagined a spank landing on one’s ass is the same be it from yourself or from someone else. So, I was satisfied that I was getting a good sound spanking. Then Mr and Mrs Wilson happened. Oh boy did they ever happen! That was the game changer.

I thought the original spanking from Mr Wilson was hard but I countered that knowledge with the fact that I had just given myself a good sound spanking and it was now layered spanking from him over mine. Then of course I was still wet behind the ears about all this stuff (to a degree I still very much am). Even two weeks later, with no spanking inbetween I can now see how controlled they both were in their handling of my bottom and the punishment they carried out on it. Even so, it was the game changer for me because I realised I was not getting spanked as hard as I could take, by my own hand.

Why am I hashing all this over? I’ll tell you why, Graham.

Graham not only went behind my back and contacted Stuart, he also made an arrangement with Stuart that I was not privvy to, nor did I have a say in it. Unfortunately for me, I am currently and undisputably in Stuart’s punishment zone and so cannot argue with any and all decisions that are made during that time. I’ve since had that explained to me in great detail I promise. Back to Graham.

Graham did all of the above and then had the audacity to gloat about it to my face. No wonder the man was in a good mood. My ass had just been handed to them both on a plate and Graham was geared up to begin immediately. I couldn’t even complain about that, I had signed a fucking note the night before agreeing that I had only had the minimum strapping and caning and that there were further issues still outstanding that I had not yet been punished for. I was now officially crapping myself. This man, this quiet, smiling, unassuming man, had turned into my bottom’s nightmare. He loved spanking! Absolutely loved it with a passion and gay or not a bottom and thighs were still a bottom and thighs regardless of whether they belong to a male or a female. Currently I am the target of his passion for spanking and I wish ferverently that I wasn’t.

After he had dropped his shocker of a bombshell and he had stopped laughing, he got serious with me.

‘Come on Gemma, drink up love, we have a punishment to carry out left over from last night. Stuart is interested to know how well you do tonight by the way, in particular how you handle being strapped and caned one night and then spanked over the knee with the butter paddle for fifteen minutes, the belt slapper for a good ten minutes, a hairbrush paddling for 15 minutes and then 5 minutes with the short leather strap, and then finishing with a good hard caning again. You took 4 sets of six last night Gemma, Stuart has suggested 5 for tonight to get you ready for your weekend with him.

I don’t want to stand up, at all, ever again! I want to sit on my bottom and keep it safe and protected from mad spankers with kind eyes who fool you into thinking they are nice. My eyes must be like saucers, because my brain is reeling from what I’m being told and the worst part about it all is, it is entirely within the boundaries I have agreed to with them both individually.

The only thing I can think to say is, ‘ that’s 30 strokes of the cane…I don’t know…’ and Graham smiled at me and shook his head. ‘Check your memory little lady, we have agreed that you are not only capable of taking 30 strokes but you said I had the availability to take you up to 40. We are at the middle of your scale so I have no problem carrying it out. We agreed entirely that you have a high pain threshold and you have proved it over and over again by searching out more and more ways to get spanked. If you couldn’t cope with the spankings Gemma you certainly would not be entertaining two separate spankers and agreeing to them both giving you spankings.
Both Stuart and myself agree wholeheartedly that you should be punished heavily for misleading us both the way you have and that is why this punishment will be much heavier and harder than I had originally planned for you, however, it will cover any past transgressions that you were guilty of and the slate will be wiped clean at the end of this evening as far as I am concerned. Stuart may have other ideas.

Now, enough talk, let’s get down to it. I want you in the lounge wearing just your knickers. I shall decide when they are coming down. Also Gemma, if you swear, buck, kick out, or try to cover your bottom with your hands you will recieve a strapping which will last for 5 minutes. Roughly half what you took last night. My advice is that you take on board everything I am telling you and you do as you’re told and accept your punishment with stoicism. It would go in your favour if you did. I do not like squirmers and I do punish them heavily.’

Graham left me sat in the kitchen and he walked through to the lounge, leaving me to follow him within two minutes. I sighed deeply, stripped my clothes off except my panties and kicked my ugly shoes off, at least they weren’t going to be part of my humiliation. I was now glad I had gone for my big girl knickers, my bottom was completely covered at least. I bowed my head and walked through to the lounge. It was like a long walk of shame down the hallway! I entered the lounge and Graham was already sat in the middle of the room on a high back hard chair with a stack of implements on a small table at the side of him. He beckoned me to come over to him and I faltered for a moment. I now understood why he wanted me all but naked, I couldn’t run away.

‘Come on Gemma, don’t dawdle, assume the position over my knee, now.’ His voice was stern enough that I hurried across to him.

I went over his knee without even so much as a whimper. I would do stoicism to death just to spite the bastard! My panties were immediately pulled down to around my thighs and Graham began a hand spanking that wasn’t part of the list! My bottom was so sore and tender from last night, he didn’t have to spank hard to elicit a yelp from me when the first volley of spanks landed on each cheek. He positioned me further over his knee so that my bottom was raised high in the middle of his knees and my hands could reach the floor. My legs were stuck out and he instructed me to cross them at the ankles. I did and then the spanking really got under way. I was squealing loudly and crying but I didn’t dare move from my position. Finally the hand spanking stopped and was immediately replaced by the hairbrush. Oh god! He wasn’t going in any kind of order, so any prep I had managed to have mentally was now officially redundant. I didn’t know what would come next.

That hairbrush is evil personified. It splats down and bites your ass like a thousand nettle stings at once and then the pain blooms outwards and begins throbbing almost immediately. When the next one comes it’s excrutiating because all the blood is now pounding beneath the surface of your bottom and it is super sensitive to even a light touch. I was howling because Graham doesn’t go slow. He paddles furiously, with barely a let up in pace or speed for the whole 15 minutes. My thighs are throbbing along with my bottom and I am now aware of only a thick band of pain from my hips down to just above the backs of my knees. No spot is left out.

The brush appears on the floor in front of my face and I am relieved to see it there. That means…OW OW OW OW!! Belt slapper!! Oh FUCK!!! This is merciless! I am never pissing Graham off again! I am going to be the absolute most fucking compliant and pleasant woman he has ever met in his entire life!! OH FUCKING HELL!!! I can feel the welts popping up on top of my already blistered ass! I wriggle to escape the onslaught! I can’t help myself, this is pure torture and I have to try to get away from it!

Graham’s voice fills my ears! ‘Oh Gemma, you just bought your strapping at the end. Thank you for the gift darling, I shall enjoy delivering it. NOW KEEP STILL or I will double it to 10 minutes.’ There was a rigidity in that tone that made me shake. I became perfectly still over his knees. I was so fucking still I was like a long piece of wood lying there.

Before long I was sobbing my heart out and the tears were creating a puddle on the wooden floor. I could barely breathe through my nose it was running so fucking much. Why won’t he stop for a moment? Just a minute to let me get my breath back! But, he doesn’t and it becomes crystal clear he is intent of delivering the whole spanking section in one go because now the butter paddle has begun pounding my devastated bottom, thank fuck he used the smooth side! At least I don’t have to feel those ridges!!

Yes I do. He only did just over half of the time on the smooth side, the last 5 minutes with the ridges pounding my ass and digging in like hot needles nearly made me leap off his knee, instead I just screamed blue murder until it was over. The short leather strap was then applied in a slower harder stroke than all of the others and it meant that I could feel every single fucking stroke from one end of the strap to the other. It stopped me from going numb. I was in a world of pain now and then quite suddenly the thrashing stopped. The leather strap landed on the floor with the other implements and lay there mocking me.

Graham shook his arm out to remove the tension and then he smoothed his hand over my bottom, over my thighs, feeling the searing heat, tracing the blisters and welts that were everywhere now and then he tapped my bottom and spoke.

‘You know Gemma, this almost, only almost mind, makes me wish John was still here because the sex that would follow a damn good spanking like this one would have been phenominal. Ah well… ‘ he slapped my bottom once, ‘up you come, we aren’t done yet!’

I pushed myself off his knees and stood with my head bowed, I didn’t want to, couldn’t and wouldn’t look at him. I just stared at the floor. He laughed and handed me a box of tissues. ‘Clean yourself up love, you look a frightful mess.’

He left the room for a few minutes then and I took the opportunity to feel my poor bottom and thighs myself, all I could feel was the lumps and bumps of the welts and blisters that stung if you touched them. This would takes months to heal and I still had the caning and a strapping to get through.

Graham came back in with the cane and he pointed it at the corner I had been stood in last night. I nearly lost control of my bladder. That was not the cane he’d used last night. Last night’s had been short and slim, whippy but stubby in length. This one, fuck me, this one was so thin and long it looked like it would snap at the first stroke, and then he bowed it in his hands. That was never snapping, ever. It was more flexible than a contortionist! I was in deep shit and I knew it. I crumbled and turned away from the sight of it and I placed my hands on the wall in front of me, stuck my bottom out behind me and spread my legs mimicking the position from the previous night.

‘My, aren’t we eager?’ Graham laughed. A second later I heard the whistle as the cane cut through the air behind me and the first stroke landed. I screamed. Loudly, at the top of my lungs. My arse had just erupted in flames! They were everywhere and I was dancing on the spot when the second stroke landed across the back of my thighs, the third quickly followed across my bottom and the fourth landed barely a millimetre above it. After that, I lost count I just squealed, screamed blue murder and sobbed as the strokes continued to come, one after another after another.

Finally it was over. The last stroke had landed clean across the tops of my thighs and I actually leapt of the floor with the searing pain. What the fuck had possessed me to think I was capable of taking up to 40 of these fuckers? When I could think in a straight line, probably next year sometime, I was dropping that estimate down to just fucking 6! I remained in position and waited for the strapping to commence. After a few moments I realised Graham wasn’t moving at all behind me. I chanced a look over my shoulder and I saw his face. He was completely transfixed with my bottom. He dropped the cane and reached out to stroke my skin, what there was left of it anyway, and I watched as his eyes darkened with pure delight at his handiwork.

‘You took those so well Gemma you just got a reprieve from the strapping, I will pass it forward to Stuart to do, I don’t want to lay a mark over those beautiful stripes. It would be sacrilage! Straighten up love, your punishment is done here. If you come and lie across my lap I will rub some aloe lotion into your skin for you.’ With that he turned away from me and went and sat on the sofa and waited.

My brain wasn’t working at all, my mouth worked even less, I was completly and utterly exhausted, screaming inside at the pain, I felt like I was on fire and even the tears had dried up. I couldn’t even cry anymore, I just did as he suggested and lay across his lap. He soothed my skin with the lotion for a good hour and then he cuddled me on his lap, he wrapped those great big arms around me and I disappeared inside his bear hug and sobbed my heart out.

I finally arrived home at just gone midnight and I crawled exhausted into bed. Thank goodness tomorrow was Saturday, I was staying in bed and I wasn’t moving. I had learnt my lesson tonight. I heard my phone ping on the bedside stand and assumed it would be Graham to make sure I was home okay. It wasn’t it was Stuart, he had sent me a list of spanking implements and lengths of time to set to use tomorrow with the spanking machine. He could fuck right off, it was never going to happen. I scrolled the text to see what else he had said and realised then that these two men were most definitely evil and worse than that they were in cahoots with each other constantly. Stuart required time stamped video evidence of the machine carrying out my spanking tomorrow.

I launched my phone across the room pulled my duvet over my head and cried my eyes out. I am never sitting down again for the rest of my life. I am never coming out of my house again for the rest of my life. They can both fuck right off. I’m done with them.

Published by gemstrong63

I'm embarking on a journey of discovery into the world of self spanking, spanking and being disciplined! Step inside and join me on my rollercoaster ride of self-spanking and self-discipline. I get taken in directions I never expected to, I get bruised and satisfied, shocked but delighted, spanked by myself, spanked by my window cleaner and his wife, spanked by my neighbour, spanked with a spanking machine and that's just for starters. Be aware. I take a side step out of the diary to give you a window into my real life for a little while, it may help to explain why I need the painful pleasure I seek. Don't be afraid to come in and have a read, It is all consensual and I love sharing my experiences with you.

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