Discipline Weekend? Hmm…

May as well be naughty!

I sat in my car outside Stuart’s house wondering whether I should go and knock right now which would put me bang on time, or whether I should wait for five minutes. I chose the latter, I took a cigarette out of the packet, lit it and inhaled. If I’m in for the spanking of a lifetime I may as well do all the things I’m not supposed to.

So now I was late, arriving smelling of cigarettes, no panties on or in my travel bag, I hadn’t brought any spanking implements, he could damn well use his own, the spanking machine was still set up in my bedroom at home and that is where it will remain. His stats are still on my pc and I haven’t sent them to the cloud yet so I can’t download them from Stuart’s either. Swearing? No point in bringing the sheets of A4 with a list of times I swore. I’m sure he has pretty much worked out it is something I do and therefore will be at the top of the failed list. As is the smoking. As is absolutely everything he had on his rules list.

It’s staying at home!

I finished my cigarette and got out of the car. I walked around to the boot and retrieved my travel bag. Stuart stood at the front door, leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed, watching me. He is tall and perfectly sculpted, handsome but not pretty and oozes testosterone! It just isn’t fair. Where are his flaws? We all have them!
I refuse to acknowledge him until I’m ready. I closed the boot, locked the car up and put the keys in my bag. Only then did I smile at him as I walked up his drive to the front door.

He was accustomed to my feisty nature so my behaviour won’t throw him at all. He smiled at me in a knowing but open way and stepped back from the door so I could enter. He closed the door behind me and I had a sense of deja vu from the previous week and Graham’s house. Now my insides were doing that flip flop thing. I turned and waited for him to show me where we were going.

Finally, Stuart decided the silence had gone on long enough. Score one for me.

‘You’re late as usual Gem.’ He delivered this with a shake of his head and a smile. ‘Come on, lets go get you settled in to your room and then we can have a catch up and a coffee.’

I still didn’t speak. I’m not actually sure what it was I was doing at that moment, I just knew that when someone was presented with silence for any length of time they start chatting to fill in the blank space. I can’t read Stuart’s expressions very well, he has always been a past master at keeping his thoughts to himself and his face gives nothing away. His chatting would give me a feeling for what kind of mood he was in and it would make him dance to my tune for a while. Currently, he appeared to be very relaxed and happy so I didn’t think I was in any imminent danger of going over the arm of the sofa and getting a strapping or a caning or any other kind of spanking. Graham used the element of surprise to his advantage, Stuart was a strategist, so I was on my guard and watching him carefully.

Finally he sighed and turned to look at me properly.

‘Gem? Are you going to speak to me tonight?’ His voice was soft and non-threatening. I didn’t trust it, but I decided I couldn’t stay silent any longer.

‘I’m nervous.’ Was all I managed to get out.

Graham’s cane!

‘Relax honey, I’m not going to pounce on you like Graham did last week, although to a degree you did deserve everything you got, you behaved appallingly as usual.’ He had stroked my face with his finger as he spoke and now I had fucking goosebumps to contend with. Sheesh! What is it with me and this man’s proximity!

I shrugged my shoulders. I don’t really care what he thinks about my behaviour, I am still in the middle of my spitting kitten hissy fit and I don’t do flight, only fight.

More ‘resting bitch face’ actually!

He looks perplexed. ‘Your giving me petulance? Why? Lets just relax Gem, this is the first time you’ve been to my home without Don in tow and I want to enjoy some part of this evening without a bad attitude from you, please?’ I could see he was struggling to keep his frustration at bay and I relented a little.

‘So, you aren’t going to just dive straight in to a caning like you said you would? Followed by a strapping sent over by Graham because he didn’t want to spoil his handy work with the cane?’ Yeah, go me, prod the bear why don’t I? Fucking idiot!

No to the prodding of the bear… just NO!

‘No darling, I’m going to take you up to your room and leave you to get settled in while I go make us a coffee, like I said earlier. That’s all that’s on the agenda so relax woman!’ He smiled at me, full force, totally relaxed, I’m really happy to see you smile, the one that undoes all of my good intentions of holding myself back from him. I smiled back and said, ‘okay then Stu, lead the way.’ Yes it was a test, I’m supposed to call him Sir? I want to see if he picks me up on it, I want to see if he changes tack, he didn’t he just turned and walked up the stairs in front of me and I had a birds eye view of that magnificent backside of his. Those tight buns were a delight to my tired eyes. The evening was looking better than it had 30 minutes ago.

oh!! my eyes!

A while later I came down the stairs and joined Stuart in the lounge. I knew my way around his house so I had no trouble finding him. He was sitting in the armchair, long legs stretched out in front of him totally relaxed and a ready smile shaped his mouth when he saw me enter the room.

‘Sit down Gem, it’s been a long day.’ I did, I sat in the armchair facing him, and I tucked my legs under me. The chair was so big I could sleep in it! I leaned across to the coffee table at the side of me and picked up my drink.

There was an awkwardness between us that sat like a giant elephant in the centre of the room and I didn’t know how to get around it. This was unusual for me, I am normally right at home in any social situation.

Stuart broke the tension by broaching the subject we had both been avoiding since I had arrived. He levelled a mock stern look at me as he spoke, ‘You never sent me the videos I requested, you also didn’t address me as Sir earlier, you blatantly do not have panties on, that skirt is so tight I would see an outline of a damn thong nevermind panties, you haven’t sent me the stats I requested, you obviously have been smoking, I can smell the cigarette smoke on you, possibly the only rule I made that you haven’t broken yet is you haven’t had alcohol, but I think that may only be because you were driving! I am just going to assume you have been swearing like a trouper all week and you arrived on time but chose to remain in your car until you were 5 minutes late. Have I covered everything love?’

not quite covered it all…

I grinned and shook my head, ‘Nope, I haven’t brought the spanking implements you told me to bring, I also haven’t brought the spanking machine, and I didn’t make the videos although I did do the spankings with the machine, for all the good they did. I never felt a thing due to Graham’s spanking and caning which also means I broke your second rule before I had even read them because I allowed Graham to spank the living daylights out of my bottom and thighs two days on the trot as you well know and were privvy to by day two.’

Now it’s covered!

Stuart laughed out loud and I was completely taken aback by his attitude now, what on earth was going on here? Where was all this so called discipline? Was it all just a ploy to get me to his house for the weekend? If it was, I was off home in the morning. I am fed up of him and Graham changing things that were previously agreed upon without so much as a nod to me about what would be happening. I was getting angry again and he saw the flash of temper in my eyes.

‘Chill Gemma, I know you’re wondering what my game plan is, I know you were expecting me to cane you as soon as you arrived and I know you have flouted every possible rule I have made to test whether I will spank you the way I said I would. I also know, you want that spanking and you want it as hard as the one Graham gave you last week, so… I have decided you can do without.’ He waited as I processed what he had just said.

‘What do you mean, do without?’ What the fuck?


He looked like the cat who had swallowed a canary… the fucking feathers were still sticking out of his grinning mouth! He looked smug.

‘Exactly what it sounds like Gem, I’m not spanking you at all this weekend, you have all of your spanking punishments postponed until further notice.’

I was gobsmacked. ‘So if that’s the case, why make me drive all the way over here Stu? If this isn’t going to be the discipline weekend you said it was supposed to be, why am I here at all?’ I was confused, yes, but I was shocked at how disappointed I was feeling and I knew it showed on my face. I couldn’t hide it.


He shrugged his shoulders, ‘Discipline comes in many guises love, and it seems to me that you have no intention of correcting any of your behaviour because you actively desire the punishment that bad behaviour brings. You want the spankings. You want the euphoria it gives you when it’s over and on the wane. A spanking to you isn’t a punishment, it’s how you get your pleasure. So your punishment is a whole weekend here with me with no spanking at all. Not even a whisper of it. You are going to open up and talk to me instead.’

I was furious, ‘I don’t need a fucking counselling session from you Stu, you’ve got me here under false pretences and I will be going home tomorrow. This is bang out of order, I thought I could trust you to stick to the letter of our agreement but it appears I was wrong about you too.’


‘Back up a touch Gem, this is still discipline. It’s just the verbal variety which we did agree to. Besides, a lot of the reason I came to this decision is I feel badly for the bombshell I dropped on you when I stayed at your place the other week.’ He looked uncomfortable, that surprised me completely.

‘What bombshell?’ I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about now.

‘When I told you about Don. I honestly thought you knew about his spanking obsession, but then I saw your face when I was telling you, and it was a hell of a shock for you. I feel bad about the whole night actually and the way things played out between us. I backed you into a corner that made you choose the spankings rather than getting involved with me in a romantic way. I had you running scared and I took advantage of the situation. I’m sorry.’ He really looked ashamed of himself! he actually meant every word he was saying. This was not a wind up!


Fucking hell! I’ve disappeared down that bastard rabbit hole again! Move over Alice I’m on my way down!!

FFS!!! Here we go again!!!

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

5 thoughts on “Discipline Weekend? Hmm…

  1. WOW! He is VERY good at analyzing this situation. I think it is good that he understands about you needing the pain, especially if he going to help you actually modify any of the bad habit you want to work on. I am LOVING these posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All I wanted was a spanking! It wasn’t fair, I had certainly done enough to deserve one!
      I was less than impressed with him Nora, I just wanted a spanking, not a psych eval. It felt like he was trying to climb inside my head and as we know at that time I had the ability to shut down faster than lightning when I felt like people were getting too close. Besides, it also felt like he was using our friendship like a shoehorn! I don’t like it when they change the rules of engagement without warning me! I get all bent out of shape. Still a bit like that even now, I really do struggle with trust issues. It takes a lot for me to open up and let someone in. It felt like manipulation. I react badly to manipulations. Read on my intrepid friend! All becomes clearer, the further down the rabbit hole you travel! πŸ˜› xx (I am LOVING having you read these posts too!)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a very interesting development, Gem. Imagining myself in a situation like this, I would be questioning. Does she want discipline that is effective as discipline, or is it just to fulfill a need for spanking? If the answer is the former, then I feel a spanking here would not be helpful. I need to take control of the situation and not be manipulated. Am I a disciplinarian? A service top providing a helping hand? A spanko who is just going to enjoy the moment for my own pleasure? All are perfectly valid expressions of a spanking dynamic. It only depends on the purpose.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, but he conned me Franz, he really did. It was not what he had intimated would be happening, I certainly wasn’t up for the talking thing at all. Stuart and I shared a 25 year long friendship that was all mixed up in the middle of this spanking revelation. Read on, things will become clearer. I think… depends on which side of the fence you sit I suppose, I never was one for talking about my issues back in those early days. A sound spanking was literally all I was looking for, and I was looking, constantly. It was like a drug. I had started to feel something other than numb. Heady stuff for a numb person. πŸ™‚ xx


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