Part 11 (2): Eileen & Laura’s Story. An evening of Surprises…

Laura sat in the corner of her seat on the late train, her bottom and thighs burning unbearably. Her pussy throbbing and feeling twice its normal size courtesy of the continual swatting it had taken from that truly awful crop. She hated Mr Crossley so much right now, she wondered whether she should start looking for a new job. A lone tear escaped and tracked down her cheek. The man sat facing her had been glancing at her on and off throughout their journey. He was always here when she caught this train, he looked nice and normal and she chose to sit facing him because he looked safe, whatever that looked like these days! She had thought Mr Crossley was safe too and look how that had turned out. That spanking bench was horrible and her face flushed once again at the thought of her exposure to him while she was attached to it. The man leaned across to her, ‘Are you ok? Here…’ he said thrusting a tissue into her hand. Laura took it and gave him a tremulous smile as she dabbed at her wet cheeks.

‘Thank you.’ She whispered, casting her eyes down to avoid further conversation.

He nudged her foot with his, ‘I’m a good listener, if you want to leave it somewhere safe.’ He smiled a gentle coaxing smile and Laura smiled back but shook her head at the same time. Her thoughts were running rampant in her head just at the idea!

Oh my god, imagine his face if she told him that for the last three days she had been soundly spanked every evening by either one or the other of her bosses and both of them on one occasion! Not to mention she was a newly liberated dominant woman who wished to take her marriage over into an FLR rather than keep it in the dreadful state it was in presently and that while she may love her husband, she didn’t particularly like him very much right now and she was wondering if all of this FLR business was worth it with him!

A naughty insistent little voice kept prodding her, ‘Go on don’t be a coward, tell him! What’s the worst that can happen? He may think you’re a lunatic but so what? ‘ Laura glanced up at him, he was very easy on the eyes and she really needed a salve for her mood right now. It had been a dismally disappointing and painful day full of many questions and no easy answers. What was one more dose of humiliation in the grand scheme of things?

Laura nudged his foot with her own, ‘do you get easily shocked?’ she asked playfully. He grinned and nudged her back, ‘Nope! I’m kinda bomb proof as it goes!’ he laughed.

‘Okay but this isn’t your run of the mill ‘my husband is awful and I hate my boss’ kind of story you know although both of those components are in there.’ she warned him.

‘Thank god!’ He laughed, ‘Those stories are always so boring! By the way I’m…’

‘NO!’ Laura stopped him before he could complete his sentence. ‘Don’t tell me your name, we have to remain strangers or I won’t be able to tell you. It’s just so humiliating! Do you promise?’

‘Pinky promise.’ He answered, holding his little finger out. She hooked it with her own and then for the next 20 minutes she regaled him with the beginning of the story of the last 3 days of her life! ‘It all started when my Boss, we shall call her E, caught me watching spanking videos on the office PC…’

20 minutes later and after answering many, many questions from him, the train pulled into her station and she stood, gathering her briefcase and handbag.

‘Wait,! I need to know what happens next! You can’t just leave it there!’ He sounded desperate!

Laura giggled, ‘Well, you’ll just have to be on this train tomorrow evening won’t you! It’s the last spanking of the week tomorrow, thankfully! At least I will have the weekend to recover. If you’re here I will tell you some more.’ She ran to the exit and stepped off the train, turning briefly to wave at him, he looked so disappointed, she giggled again and blew him a kiss, before hurrying off the platform.

Gosh she felt so much better for having talked it all out with her stranger! Telling someone else seemed to have been cathartic for her, although some of her good feeling was probably because she could tell he had been hugely turned on by her naughty spanking confessions, insisting she go into great detail about the stories and especially the ending and E taking advantage of the opportunity the story had allowed her. Laura chuckled as she thought about the way his hand had covered his obvious erection, his eyes were heavy lidded by the time her station was in view. She knew he would be there tomorrow night and now she had something else to look forward to. Confessions to a stranger! Her tummy did a little flip of anticipation at the thought as she put her key in the lock and opened her front door.

‘Ian! I’m home!’ She called as she closed the door behind her. She dropped her case and handbag on the hall stand and removed her coat and suit jacket. Ian appeared in the hall wearing the frilly apron, his cock cage and nothing else. ‘Good evening Darling, how was your day?’ he asked politely.

Laura waved her arm in his direction as if to swat his words away, ‘don’t be so stuffy Ian, just a ‘Hi darling’ will do!’ She strode down the hall towards him and landed a peck on his cheek as she passed him on her way to the dining room. She was pleased to see the table was set and a delicious smell was wafting through from the kitchen. She sat down carefully at the table and breathed a small sigh of relief to finally be home and back in control of her life.

Ian disappeared into the kitchen and Laura took a moment to observe his pale fleshy bottom flashing at her as he walked. He came back almost immediately with two plates of delicious looking food and Laura smiled brightly at him. ‘My goodness, this looks absolutely delicious! I thought you said you couldn’t cook?” She picked up her knife and fork and tucked into the fat steak carefully presented in the centre of the plate and surrounded by a mixture of tiny vegetables!

‘I followed the recipe in one of your cook books,’ he said, blushing furiously as he sat down and began to eat his own food. Laura paused and savoured the taste of her food before speaking.

‘Well, you can call them your cook books from now on! This is delicious Ian, well done! By the way, I couldn’t help but notice how creamy your bottom is when you passed me before. I do want to see it a nice cherry red after supper, so when we’ve finished and you’ve cleaned up, be a darling and bring your new wooden paddle to the lounge for me. I want to get used to the feel of it and practise makes perfect, or at least that’s what you always say about the football and darts nights. So much practise! We should apply that tenet to our spanking regime don’t you think?’

Ian’s fork had frozen half way to his mouth and he looked as if she had pressed pause on him. Laura giggled, ‘what’s wrong darling? You look frozen in time!’

Ian shook himself out of his stupor ‘I … well, I thought I had been good Laura, why do I need a spanking?’ His voice had taken on a whiney tone and she instantly compared it to the beautifully modulated tone of her stranger. Ian’s tone irritated her.

‘You need a spanking because I say you need a spanking Ian.’ she replied sharply. ‘Call it a maintenance spanking if you like, but you should expect at least one a day until we settle into a proper routine and have drawn up our rules and guidelines. We can do that at the weekend, but for now, I shall be spanking you whenever I feel you need one. Is that clear enough for you darling?’ She asked sarcastically.

Ian dropped his gaze to his plate and muttered, ‘Yes Laura, very clear thank you, I apologise for questioning your decision. I won’t do it again I promise.’ He picked up the plates and hurried off to the kitchen.

Laura collected her wine glass and the bottle and kicking off her shoes, she wandered into the lounge and flopped down on the sofa. She was exhausted! That spanking had really taken it out of her tonight. She wouldn’t be working Ian’s bottom very hard that was for sure!

She heard him thunder down the stairs, she would have to have a word with him about that, there really was no need for him to be so loud in everything he did! Her mood had turned snippy. Her earlier glow from her conversation had left her and her mood was back to barely better than when she had left work. Added to that was the miserable pain her bottom and thighs were in. She was so sore. Mr Crossley had been very harsh with his spanking and she was gaining zero pleasure from the after effects! Of course, she understood that her punishment was not supposed to be pleasurable in any way, but up until tonight she had always enjoyed the after effect! She missed the heavy throb in her pussy!

Ian came and presented her with the paddle positioning himself in front of her with his hands behind his back and feet together. Laura leaned back against the sofa and soaked up his submissive stance. It was such a pleasant change to have him behave like this rather than the stuffy, strutting bull he usually greeted her with. She was curious to see if he could make her feel horny, at all. If he could, then she would make full use of his tongue this evening and create her own pleasure. Maybe that would improve her mood…

‘Tell me how you got on today wearing the cage at work, don’t spare the details, I want to know everything. If I think you’re holding back on me, I will take it out on your bottom. Entertain me with your words darling!’ Laura prompted him.

‘I … erm… well… it was awkward, especially when I had to go pee.’ Ian stumbled over his words, his face once again turning pink at having to expose himself in this way. ‘There are always men at the urinals and I had to go in a stall to sit down and pee. Usually only do that if I’m gonna have a sh…’ He stopped speaking when she held up a hand to silence him.

‘Yes not quite that amount of detail Ian, thank you. I know how bodily functions work. I want to know how you felt, not what you did or didn’t do!’ She snapped at him. God his voice, had it always been this dull?

‘Oh, okay, yeah… I see… ‘ he said, she saw the light bulb in his head go on as what she wanted to hear about now became obvious to him, it irritated her. ‘well then, I suppose I felt self conscious the whole day in case anyone could see the shape of it under my trousers. They fit quite tightly. I may need to buy some looser fitting ones for work?’ He posed it as a question to her and paused.

‘No.’ Laura shook her head to deny him his new pants and then said, ‘Continue.’

He nodded, slightly subdued by her outright refusal but continued, ‘every time I moved…’

The door bell rang.

Laura looked at Ian, he looked at her. ‘Are you expecting someone?’ she asked, Ian shook his head.

‘Well go and look out the window and see who it is then!’ she chided and he hurried to the bay window to peep through the curtain.

‘Bloody hell love, it’s Ms Barton!’ He said on a whisper of shock.

Laura jumped up and ran to the window and peeked out. Oh my god! This was too perfect. Her mood lifted instantly!

She turned to Ian and grinned like a child at Christmas! ‘Go and answer the door then, don’t keep her waiting for goodness sake!’ she ordered as she ran to the dining room to find her shoes and slip them on.

Ian stared after her, then down at his lack of clothing, his cock in its cage bouncing gently as he breathed, his little heart shaped pink apron sitting just above it. ‘I can’t answer the door like this Laura! It’s your BOSS for gods sake! Please don’t make me!’ He wailed after her.

Laura came back and grinned at him as she swatted his backside, ‘Oh yes you can and you will Ian, go on, trust me she knows all about you anyway! You won’t be a surprise to her at all!’

She pushed him down the hall smacking his bottom when he stopped, until he opened the door and said, ‘Good evening Ms Barton, please… come in.’ His eyes downcast, his face crimson with utter humiliation. How could Laura do this to him? He wanted to curl up and die! His cock was bouncing furiously in its cage and he looked down at it in shame. He was fucking turned on at being seen like this by her boss of all people!

Eileen smirked at him as she took in his lack of attire and his little cock cage bouncing happily. She stepped over the threshold and Ian quickly shut the door behind her. Laura spoke then, ‘Ms Barton, what a pleasure, I thought you had an event to attend this evening?’

‘Oh call me Eileen, we’re not on the clock now Laura, and you are my evening event! I had to come and see for myself the things you had described about…’, she turned to cast a cursory glance over Ian and her eyes settled on his caged cock and pink apron, watching as once again his cock pressed hard against its captivity and he dribbled precum through the bars. ‘…your husband!’ She finished as she reached down and scooped the precum off his cage onto her finger and held it up for him to lick off. He grimaced but closed his lips around the tip of her finger and cleaned it.

Laura grinned delightedly. this was amazing, Eileen was playing out the story! The precum was a bonus, she was just supposed to tickle his cock through the cage and laugh, but the finger in his mouth was even better! She spared Ian a glance and she could tell instantly this was completely humiliating for him but he was obviously turned on by what was happening!

She smirked at him, ‘Ian, take my guest through to the lounge and get her a drink please.’

Ian nodded and Eileen stood back to let him go down the hall and into the lounge. She was openly grinning at the image of his white bottom with a red hand print on either cheek as he walked in front of her. ‘Hmm, it looks as though you’ve started without me Laura! I have some catching up to do! Come sit with me and discuss what we’re going to do.’

Laura sat down and winced as pain shot across her bottom. Eileen saw it and smiled sympathetically. ‘He spanks very hard doesn’t he?’ She whispered and Laura nodded vigorously in agreement.

‘Did you know about the spanking bench Eileen?’ She asked curious to know if she had been in on it, and Eileen gave her a wink and a nod. Ian returned then with a bottle of wine and three glasses. Laura glanced up at him. ‘We only needed one more glass, I have mine already! You’re not drinking alcohol remember darling? We discussed this last night.’

Ian’s dismay was a real entity in the room. He was desperate for a drink, but he had agreed with Laura that most of their problems arose because he was always drinking and it made him surly.

Eileen took her glass and the bottle and Ian quickly removed the other two glasses and disappeared into the kitchen. He put the glasses back in the cupboard and bending over the counter he dropped his head into his hands. ‘I can’t do this! It’s so fucking humiliating! The pair of them sat there laughing at me, it’s fucking cruel and unusual punishment and no fucking mistake. I’m not gonna do it…’ He stood up and turned around intending to go back in there and tell them both they could fuck right off, when he heard their laughter drift through to him. He crept up to the lounge door and peeped through the gap at them, listening intently to their conversation, his sudden burst of anger forgotten.

‘…He has a huge cock Laura, and oh my goodness does he know how to use it! I’m sorry about the spanking bench, it came about because of something I mentioned to him last night. But, you do like to feel humiliated when you’re being spanked and what better way to do that than have you bare all to your boss as he spanks you? It’s in all of your stories darling!’ Eileen leaned in and kissed Laura gently on the lips. ‘There, now do you forgive me?’

Laura giggled and touched her lips with her finger tips, ‘I suppose so, but oh goodness it hurt so much, I can barely sit down without crying out!’ Eileen leaned in and tucked a stray strand of Laura’s hair behind her ear, ‘well sweetheart, punishments are never pleasant but we can make up for that tonight… now where has that husband of yours got to?’

Ian’s cock bounced hard in his cage and banged against the door. Laura saw him before he had time to move out of sight.

‘Ian Aston get in here right this minute! How dare you spy on us like some dirty little peeping tom!’ Laura was instantly furious with him. He had seen Eileen kiss her! He had been listening to them talking, so he knew about the spanking bench now too!

She picked up the paddle and handed it to Eileen, ‘I think under the circumstances we should forget the story for now and just go with the flow for this part! My husband needs a good dose of discipline, and I know you have a strong arm with a cane, how good are you with a paddle?’ Laura said as she stood up and took hold of Ian by his caged cock and pulled him over to the sofa.

‘OW! OW! OWWWW! Laura, stop that! It’s not a pull toy!!’ He protested as she positioned him in front of Eileen who was now sat with the paddle laid across her stocking clad legs, her skirt resting at thigh level.

‘My my, feisty isn’t he?’ She said as she reached across and took his hand pulling him towards her.

He went willingly enough as she positioned him at her side. His cock bouncing and dribbling for all it was worth. He suddenly had a light bulb moment as he remembered his request for Laura’s boss to spank him! Fucking hell, it was really going to happen. Quite suddenly he loved his wife more than anything else in the world, even his cock!

Laura tutted at him and shook her head. ‘I apologise for my errant husband Eileen, he’s very new to this and hasn’t quite grasped his new role in our marriage yet. He will improve though, he’s a quick learner!’ Ian hung his head in shame. He was letting her down… again!

Eileen nodded, I can see that darling but don’t worry, I’m sure a good sound spanking will have him behaving much better in no time at all!’ She picked up the paddle and patted her hand lightly with it. ‘Shall we begin?’ She raised an eyebrow as she held Ian’s gaze and stared him down. ‘Time to assume the position,’ she said as she tugged him down by his arm and lowered him over her knees. His cock cage pressed hard against her thigh and she tutted, ‘lets have that out of the way shall we,’ she murmured as she reached under him and tugged his cock until it was trapped between her thighs.

‘A tissue please Laura, he’s dribbled on me dear!’ Eileen said as she slapped him hard once on his bottom.

Laura handed her a tissue and glared at her husband. Ian was officially mortified and hung his head down in complete shame and humiliation. And then the first spank with the paddle landed… how he howled! Eileen laughed openly at his distress. ‘Oh dear Ian! Your wife is made of much sterner stuff than you are, she took quite a few spanks before she began caterwauling! Do at least try to be a man about it! You did ask for this after all!’

Eileen quickly got down to the business at hand and unleashed the paddle across his bottom and thighs spanking them until his cheeks were a beautiful shade of red matched only by the colour of his thighs! He squirmed and wriggled, begged and pleaded but she was having none of it. She continued with spank after spank after spank, chatting intermittently with Laura about the problems Laura felt he needed to work on and improve in order for their marriage to survive. Soon his bottom had turned cherry red and was hot to the touch, but Eileen continued with the paddle. Spank, spank spank as hard as she could. Laura sat on the floor in front of Ian’s face, watching every expression as it appeared before her. She soaked up the level of submission he was now exhibiting and a sudden thought struck her.

‘Have you always been submissive Ian?’ she asked as yet another volley of spanks landed across his burning bottom.

‘YES!’ he shouted and then howled as his tears fell and his nose ran and he looked up at her a blubbering mess. ‘Yes…’ he tried again, ‘I always wanted to know … what it felt like… to be brought to task by you for the way I behaved.’ He admitted as Eileen spanked the backs of his thighs and made him squeal as the wood connected and stung and bit over and over again.

Laura mused over his answer, ‘So you pushed me into doing this then Ian, rather than being honest you thought you could manipulate me into taking this role on. I don’t like that. I feel like you have lied about every area of our marriage and you have never once been honest with me about who you are or what you need and by doing that you suppressed my natural instincts and turned me into a timid wife by constantly finding fault with me! There is a lot we need to work on if we are to survive as a couple Ian, I never realised just quite how much there is.’

Eileen could see Laura was upset and she unleashed a further volley of spanks across Ian’s bruised bottom until he was barely squeaking but still begging for her to stop. Eventually she did, but only after she had thoroughly remonstrated with him for the way he had treated his lovely wife and her friend.

She tapped him on the shoulder then, ‘Stand up and stop snivelling, your spanking is over. Go and stand in the corner of the room with your nose pressed to the wall. Do not move until I tell you to. Do not touch your bottom, thighs or cock cage! If you do, I shall go and retrieve my cane from the car and you will receive a minimum of 6 strokes with a maximum of 12 on this occasion.’

Ian slid off Eileen’s lap and removed himself hurriedly from her reach. He positioned himself in the corner exactly as she had instructed and began to sob quietly. Behind him Eileen looked at Laura and pointed to the floor between her feet. There was a wet patch. Ian had wet himself during the spanking and Laura was officially disgusted with her husband. She marched over to him and smacked his bottom hard ‘how dare you pee on my carpet Ian! How dare you pee on Ms Barton’s shoes! When you are free to move around you will get down on your hands and knees and clean that carpet until all of your pee is just a distant bad memory! I am truly mortified by your behaviour!’

Laura turned away from him and Eileen gathered her into her arms. ‘Shush Laura, he’s had his punishment, why don’t we go somewhere away from him where we can relax darling. I need to remove my stockings and clean my feet and my shoes anyway!’ she gave Laura a hug and kissed her lightly on the lips. Slowly, slowly she thought. Laura sniffled and hugged her back. ‘I’m so sorry for the mess he’s made Eileen, I’m so embarrassed I can barely stand it! He is such an oaf! Let me just get some paper towel to start soaking it up!’

Eileen smiled at her, ‘Don’t fret over it, it isn’t the first time my feet have been pee’d on during a spanking and I suspect it won’t be the last time it happens either, but at least you know he’s been thoroughly spanked and chastised now. He understands his position and I think life may become much easier for you from now on. Come on, show me to the bathroom and then we can relax properly.’

‘I need to…’ Laura stammered, desperate to go off with Eileen, but desperate to see to the carpet.

Eileen nodded, ‘IAN! Go to the kitchen and find something with which to soak up this mess you’ve made. Then you shall return to your corner and start your corner time over. This time with your hands on the top of your head for the duration and your legs spread wide.’ Eileen’s voice sounded like a whiplash in the room and Ian quickly scurried off to the kitchen.

Laura spared Ian one last glance as he shuffled out of the room, taking in his bright red bottom and thighs and his quiet sobbing. She realised that he looked just like the spanked husband from one of her videos. The vision did not move her at all.

She led Eileen up the stairs to the bathroom and waited as she cleaned herself up. She was so furious with Ian, she couldn’t even articulate her thoughts! He had pee’d on her boss’s feet and all over the carpet for goodness sake! He was completely useless!

Eileen appeared in the bathroom doorway, and seeing Laura standing there biting her lip, full of pent up frustration and tension, she reached out and pulled her gently to her. Leaning in she kissed her lips softly, smoothing her hands down her lithe body, drawing a little moan from Laura who caught her hand and led her into the bedroom drawing her down onto the bed where they sat facing each other, stroking and kissing, removing clothing slowly, exploring each other’s bodies as each bared piece of skin was exposed.

As Laura slid down her body to her soaked pussy Eileen stopped her. ‘Darling girl, I do believe your husband should be present for this, it is what you wanted in your story and I do so like an audience, go and tell him to present himself to us sweetheart, it’s the right way to do this.’

Laura was in a sex fuelled haze but Eileen’s words began to sink in. Fuck! She was a married woman, what the hell was she thinking! Eileen was right, he had to be here or else he could accuse her of having a lesbian affair behind his back, literally.

She sat up and slid from the bed and walked to the bedroom door. ‘IAN!’ she shouted, ‘Eileen and I require your presence in the bedroom. NOW!’

She turned and crawled back up the bed to lay next to her beautiful boss and slipped a nipple between her lips and suckled while they waited. Eileen moaned, delighted at the feel of Laura’s soft mouth as she lapped and sucked at her rigid nipple.

Ian appeared in the doorway almost immediately. He took in the sight of the two beautiful women on his bed and his cock bulged in it’s cage instantly. Fucking hell, they were gonna get it on for him! Fucking HELL!! He was in seventh heaven as he walked towards the bed.

Eileen laughed at his audacity. ‘Oh no no no Ian, you can stand in the corner and watch, hands on head please or you will receive the cane. This little show is for Laura and I alone. You have all the pain and your beautiful wife and I have all the pleasure!’

Laura grinned as Ian’s face told it’s own story of huge disappointment and frustration, but he did as he was told and took himself off to the corner of the room and faced them. His squashed cock looked comical bulging between all the gaps in his cage but he didn’t seem to notice.

He couldn’t take his eyes off the two women. One dark and sultry oozing sensuality with full curves and dips in all the right places the other her counterfoil, tall willowy blonde with pert breasts and a cherub’s bottom, he couldn’t believe this was happening right in front of him, it was a fantasy come true!

Eileen pressed her hand against Laura’s shoulder gently and guided her down between her thighs. ‘Now you can taste me, now you can lick and suck and fuck me as long as you want to, we have an audience of one to perform for, make me cum hard Laura.’ And Laura did just that, over and over again. She had found her own version of heaven in the shape of her boss’s gorgeous pussy and she couldn’t get enough of it…

Ian whimpered in the corner as the cage tightened unbearably around his cock and his balls ached like never before. His wife was burying her face in her boss’s pussy and he wasn’t allowed to do a damn thing except watch. His fantasy had turned into purgatory and he felt like crying. His cock dribbled precum and he caught it in his hands completely aware he would be punished with the cane for moving his hands but he didn’t dare make another mess on a carpet! Oh god! How had his life come to this? But he knew… he had wanted this, he had fantasized about it for years, he had wanted Laura to look at him the way she did now, he had wanted her to scold him, spank him, make him suffer for all of his bad behaviour! He just hadn’t understood what it would cost him in return. His cock was no longer necessary to her and he was bereft. But somewhere deep inside him, he knew this was how it was supposed to be and he knew he would accept it.

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

16 thoughts on “Part 11 (2): Eileen & Laura’s Story. An evening of Surprises…

      1. This character is VERY complex in her desire to submit to discipline and to inflict it upon poor little Ian. I enjoyed picturing him standing in the corner, hands on his head, cock locked away…while he watched the two women…. SOOOOO HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!! XOXO

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      2. Yeah poor little Ian lol it really is a case of be careful what you wish for, for him. I wonder if he will ever be realised from cock prison … Laura appears to be going further away from that in each instalment. Someone here said he would not want to be married to Laura right now lol

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  1. Wow!!!! I almost feel bad for Ian lol, but I do find it curious with her need to dominate Ian that she is finding him less desirable. I’m so curious about how that turns out, but more so the stranger on the train! Another amazing chapter.

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    1. I think the more she realises he is not who she thought he was, the less attractive he is becoming to her. She’s out of her shell and he’s now the submissive one. I think she is struggling to marry up the Ian from just a week ago to this Ian now. We shall see where her story leads us, she is very much in the driving seat right now. I just type and then see where I’ve ended up when I go back and read what I’ve written! πŸ˜€ It’s a weird thing, but I’m not really thinking about what I want the characters to do, they are showing me and I just write down what they show me. Glad you’re enjoying it Storm πŸ˜€

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    1. I was having a few technical difficulties with my posts Christian, I changed my theme yesterday, or rather my theme stopped working properly so I had to change it and since then it dumped two posts in my draft box. I reposted them thinking it had removed them but it had duplicated them instead. I took down the duplicate post of Part 11 (2) but the original one where you commented is still on the reader. If you get them by email then its the first one you received. So sorry, I think I fixed the problem now πŸ˜€

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      1. LOL that would be this post you have just commented on πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ so sorry, my brain is fried this morning! I haven’t written another instalment yet but it’s in the works… πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜

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Thoughts, writings, social commentary, and some photography by David Mei. Warning intended for an adult audience if you are not the age of majority where you live, leave now.

A Munky on Merseyside

Funkiest Munky there ever was

Gemma - Journey of Self discovery

So, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself hard, I have spanked others even harder! I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the hot steamy bits, and plenty of spanking still to be had! But this time I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one...

Life of a Kinky Wife

Marriage with a Twist

E J Frost

Love in the Margins

Rope & Roses

- A Journey of a Kinky Nature! Adult Content

Jaye Peaches

Enticingly kinky - BDSM Erotic Romance

Flicker of Thoughts

Love to write!

The Poet's Love Letter

Expressions of love and hope

Finding Strength in my Submission

Sharing my authentic self (for mature audiences only, NSFW)

Nude Alexis

My Journey To Experience The Naked Life


4 out of 5 dentists recommend this site

Liz BlackX

Author of Anything Erotic

Succulent Savage Says...

Tales from a collared babygirl

Erica Scott: Life, Love and Spanking

Ruminations, opinionated observations, darkly humorous blathering and the occasional rant from an outspoken spanko and unapologetic attention wh--, um, hog.

A Submissive Wife

Exploring Kink as a Monogamous Married Couple

slave shae

My Submissive Journey in a Life of D/s Slavery


Alles dat je ooit wilde weten over billenkoek...

Pandora Spocks

Author of Erotic Romance

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