Thomas is taught a painful and frustrating lesson!

I had given Thomas exactly 5 minutes to clean himself up and meet me by Graham’s front door. He was there in 3 minutes which was unfortunate for him really because he managed to bump into Graham who was just leaving me after saying good bye. He stopped Thomas dead in his tracks with a withering stare that would level a bear on a rampage!

Something big was coming and as usual Graham didn’t disappoint. ‘You are going with Gemma to her home to be punished Thomas, not to grope her, take advantage of her, or expect anything other than a spanking from her unless she says otherwise. If you step one foot out of line I will hear about it and your ass will be caned until it is skinned, do I make myself clear?’

‘Yes Sir!’ Thomas had gone white with shock at the image Graham had just painted for him. Damn even I would behave like a nun on the strength of that order. I have to say, watching an absolute bull of a man being reduced to such a submissive state with one look and a few well chosen words was a HUGE turn on for me. Who knew? I certainly didn’t! It took nothing away from the attraction I had for Thomas either, it just added a different, very interesting dimension to it!

Graham smiled at me and bid us both farewell as we left his house. Thomas walked two steps behind me all the way back to mine and he remained completely silent. I opened my front door and invited him in. It felt so different from earlier in the day when I had thrown the door open for him and treated him like a man I could trust. I no longer trusted him.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t like him, I did, I just went back to square one with him and treated him like someone who needed to work really hard to earn my trust. His saving grace was that he was so sorry for what he had done, he had tried really hard to explain to me while I had been sitting watching his very proud member stand to attention and bob up and down each time I lazily glanced from his face to its very prominently displayed position. Damn that was a beautiful sight and I have no problem admitting that I would very much like to get to grips with said member sometime in the near future. But not today, today was about marking out boundaries, establishing rules, metering out deserved punishments and most of all making sure that the contrition lasted longer than the punishment.

Quietly for myself only, I had accepted his explanation for why he had taken liberties with my bottom earlier, he was in a sexed up haze and he was hugely turned on. It had been that kind of day I suppose, the whole day had been charged with severely spanked naked bottoms, faces thrust against unsuspecting groins, oodles of testosterone, the sounds of a vibrator buzzing happily away to itself and therefore leaving nothing to the imagination as to what had been happening a moment before he had stepped into my house earlier. I could see how he had gotten to where he was. He was a full on red blooded very hot and horny male!

It didn’t matter though because beneath all of this my desire to see his now very red and welted bottom positioned over my knee was overriding any need I may have to forgive him his familiarity, regardless of his very painful first time strapping from Graham.

Time to get on with the next phase, ‘You can go through to the kitchen and wait for me there. Do not sit down, you can continue your ‘corner’ time in the middle of the kitchen. Drop your pants and shorts around your ankles, hands on your head and do not move unless I tell you to do so. I shall be back in a moment.’

With that I left him staring after me as I headed up the stairs to grab the things I was going to need for his upcoming spanking.

I turned around midway up and watched as he disappeared out of sight into the kitchen, I smiled. This was going to be absolutely delicious! Thank you Graham for delivering Thomas to me on a plate with absolutely no fear he would break the rules of engagement!

Graham had terrified him!

I entered the kitchen a few minutes later to find Thomas stood exactly where I wanted him in the centre of the kitchen, which incidentally is right in front of the double patio doors that lead out onto my back garden. If my nosy neighbour came out into her garden and happened to glance over the fence she would see his cherry red arse on full view.

I walked around him slowly, taking in his ripped abs barely covered by his T shirt which was slightly raised due to his position, to his member which was standing proudly to attention again, around the back to view that beautiful red welted bottom. His thighs were still creamy and virginal, they wouldn’t be after I had finished but for now I enjoyed the strawberries and cream effect of the two! He really was magnificent!

I ran my fingernails over his hot bottom and watched as goosebumps set up all over his cheeks. I stood to the side and watched as his member bobbed up and down repeatedly and grew even harder! The tip was bulging and purple and I knew he was having the devil’s own time controlling his urges right now. I was very good though, I only looked, I didn’t touch. I had other plans.

I picked up a hard backed chair and placed it facing him roughly about 3 ft away and I sat down and took in the view. His proud member bobbed so enthusiastically I laughed out loud. Thomas went crimson with humiliation and closed his eyes.

‘Open your eyes! I want you to watch me every single second of the time you are here. I want you to feel every drop of humiliation you enjoyed watching me suffer in front of you earlier and then added too when you took liberties with my bottom. You are in deep shit Thomas, I am only submissive to Graham and June, you sir are going to be very painfully punished for your assumptions that I am submissive to everyone.’

Thomas’s eyes flew open and the first of many drops of pre-cum glistened and then dripped from the tip of his member. He was hugely turned on physically, but his face told a completely different story. He was also very humiliated and I could feel his trepidation about his upcoming spanking oozing out of him. I revelled in it. I have never experienced anything like this before, I felt like I was on a complete power trip and I was loving it. I finally understood what drove June, Graham and Stuart!

After a few more minutes had passed, I stood and retrieved the Jokari Paddle and the mineral oil from the table. I oiled the paddle well, and then placed it on my chair. I walked around to Thomas’s bottom and liberally applied mineral oil over his overheated and welted behind. He sucked in air between his teeth as the stinging sensation settled in to all of the tiny cracks of broken skin on the surface of his cheeks. That stuff stings like mad on a freshly spanked bottom. I should know.

I put the bottle down and reclaimed my seat. I waited for a few moments until I saw from his face the stinging had abated a little.

‘Take off your shirt and come and assume the position over my knee.’ Damn I sounded like a strict school teacher and I almost giggled. I kept my cool and tried for my fiercest resting bitch face. It must have worked because his shirt landed on the table a second later and hampered by his jeans around his ankles, he shuffled over to me and laid himself fully across my lap. His proud member was smashed against my thigh and I could feel it throbbing.

I re-positioned him so his toes were just touching the floor and his torso was hanging over the side, I wanted his bottom raised and central so that I could spank away happily, position achieved, I raised the Jokari paddle and brought it down across both cheeks, hard. He jumped and howled but he held his position, I brought another stroke down a second later catching the tops of his thighs and this time he Yowled and tried to lift his arm up, I swatted it away with the paddle and then let loose on his bottom and thighs, spanking him soundly for roughly 15 minutes. His thighs were beetroot red and his bottom had absolutely no cream on it at all now, He was howling and begging for me to stop, apologising over and over again for his lewd behaviour, his once proud member was sticky and wet against my thigh and I knew he had cum, there was just too much to be only pre-cum.

I re-oiled his bottom and thighs and lifted the paddle again. I spanked him for a full ten minutes further because of the mess he had left on my leg. I felt his member grow rock hard against my thigh again and I smiled because I intended for him to be very frustrated by the end of his punishment session with me.

All the way through his spanking I remonstrated with him about his short comings, how he had made me feel dirty when he had groped me, how humiliated he had made me feel with his remarks about my pleasure time and his veiled threat to tell Graham what I had been doing. Oh I unleashed the hidden beast in me all over his sorry arse and I thoroughly enjoyed the moment when he broke and began to cry, real tears of contrition and humiliation. Satisfied, I finally laid the paddle down and told him to go and resume his position in the centre of the kitchen.

He scrambled from my knee and shuffled over to the middle of the room, he put his hands on his head and kept his eyes focused on me. I pointed to the creamy mess he had left on my skirt. ‘Look what you did Thomas! I should make you clean that up, be grateful I’m not in to that kind of thing.’

‘I’m really sorry Gemma, I couldn’t help it, please forgive me?’ He was still sobbing quietly, and trying to suck in breath.

‘No. I don’t forgive you for making a mess of my skirt, I will however show you what you are going to be missing out on as a punishment for the mess you made, you better not do it again either or I will go and find my cane!’

He looked worriedly confused until I stood up and unzipped my skirt. It slid down to my ankles and pooled around my feet. I sat down again and spread my legs wide, of course I wasn’t wearing panties, he had a perfect view of my glistening pussy, his proud member was standing to attention again immediately as I ran my fingers over my throbbing clit and set to work on the first of three orgasms I would have before I let him dress and go back to Graham’s. It was such a huge turn on for me to have him stand there rock hard and helpless to do anything other than watch! Oh yes! I felt good!

Damn he was in a mess when he left! He could barely walk he was so hard and his bottom and thighs were so sore. But he was very contrite and he promised he would come back whenever I wanted him, to do what ever I wanted him to do and for as long as I wanted.

He was completely submissive to me. I was amazed and also very gratified that he was willing to become the submissive male in my life I hadn’t realised I needed!

I closed the door and picked up my phone to text Graham when I saw I had received a text from him earlier.

‘Enjoy your time with Thomas, lord knows there is no way you are going to get through this evening without taking some much needed pleasure for yourself. He really is rather magnificent isn’t he? Orgasm ban is temporarily lifted, have the time of your life Darling! xx

Life couldn’t be any more perfect right now!

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

7 thoughts on “Thomas is taught a painful and frustrating lesson!

    1. Me Three!! LOL Thank you, both of you!

      Michael! 480 days? My goodness! Congratulations, I am officially in awe! I can’t manage three days without an orgasm or three, hence the requirement for two disciplinarians!
      I couldn’t find a comment box to leave you a reply on your blog! xx

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      1. Hmmm. Comments on my blog should show up at the bottom of each post. I wonder why you couldn’t find them. Thank you though. I am close to the record. So I have no doubt I’ll break it!


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