He came, he spanked, and brought his wife!

So after the very painful spanking I received first at my own hand and then at the hands of my window cleaner Mr Wilson, I decided I should regroup and have a good think about what I was getting myself into. This was actually a step forward in common sense thinking for me, instead of just flying by the seat of my pants ( I was still too bruised anyway) I was now actively thinking about the ramifications of my actions.

Mr Wilson was quite correct in his assessment of my stupidity! I had let him in with no thought to my safety. He had spanked me so hard I almost wet myself, and strapped me into the bargain. I could not have stopped him even if I had wanted to, and if I’m honest, at the time, I didn’t want to. It may have been a very humiliating and painful experience for me, but I finally had a working knowledge of what a real spanking from a strong man was like.

The fact that he had gotten hold of the wrong end of the stick completely, (I am still stuck at the rump slapping hump and will not ever look up at the riding of the cowboy imagery) is more my fault than his. I did nothing to hide my appearance once I knew he was there, choosing instead to continue with my corner time with my red bottom fully on show, and now he was coming back for round two.

In truth, I feel I really did deserve any punishment he wanted to hand out to me, I still felt there was room for further discipline because I was so ashamed of my actions. Besides, the naughty side of my brain (which is huge… the naughty side is huge, not my brain) kept pointing out to me that here is a man who is not just able but ultimately willing to give me another spectacular spanking! I wouldn’t have to do it myself, and in fairness, I could never spank myself the way he had been able to spank me.

I only had three days left to make a decision and I was leaning towards opening the door to him if he decided to carry out his threat. He probably wouldn’t turn up anyway.

Three days later.

He turned up. He rang the doorbell three times and knocked heavily on the door. I think he thought I may have been cowering in the bathroom or something so he made sure he knocked really loudly. I was ready for him though, I was dressed in my spanking outfit, complete with white panties ( I would never make the mistake of answering the door without them on again!) and I opened the door on his third knock. I was cool and composed and in control of my emotions this time. I could handle this. It was just a spanking for goodness sake, I had already had a flavour of what he would be like. I had no lasting damage from the previous spanking and that was on top of the spanking I had given myself. I was going through with this. I had to. I hadn’t had a spanking for two whole weeks and I was getting very antsy. I needed the discipline. (That was how I justified being this level of stupid to myself).

‘Ms Strong. I am here to give you your spanking as previously arranged and agreed with yourself, may I step in?’ He was so damned formal! I almost giggled but caught myself just in time. I stepped back from the door and nodded that he could enter. He wiped his shoes on my carpet, (why do people do that? it’s not a bloody doormat, it’s my carpet!) he removed his cap from his head and of the two of us, I would say he was more nervous. I was not going to go out of my way to put him at ease. That was a fools game. This man had no sense of humour and it could only backfire on me if I tried to lighten the mood with a quick quip. For once I kept my mouth tightly shut. I closed the front door behind him and then invited him through to the kitchen. No sense in going any further into the house and definitely not upstairs, he might think I was looking for a rump slapping hump again, or even a tupping, I must not think about riding the cowboy!

‘Would you like a pot of tea Mr Wilson?’ I asked demurely. I know! I was being demure! who knew I could pull that off?

‘I don’t think that will be necessary Ms Strong, we have business to attend to and there is no sense in prevarication, we should get along with the proceedings.’ He was being very, very proper to the point of pompous! Okay, so we were just going to dive straight into the hard stuff, no preamble, no chit chat, no easing into it. I shrugged my shoulders slightly and thought about saying I had changed my mind, but I hadn’t and I didn’t. Of course I didn’t. I wanted to have this spanking. My bottom was tingling with equal measures of dread and anticipation and I was already quite moist between my thighs. Isn’t excitement an absolute bastard? It can con you into the worst kind of situations!

I turned to face him and realised he had removed his jacket and his belt while I had been messing around with the now redundant teapot. I gulped when I saw that belt. I consoled myself with the idea that I knew what it would feel like so it wasn’t going to be quite as big a shock as last time, but just in case I had already been to the bathroom on a bladder emptying mission. There are some levels of humiliation that are best avoided at all costs!

I waited silently for some kind of instruction from him and when none was forthcoming I cleared my throat and looked him straight in the eye as I spoke. ‘So as you are in control of this situation Mr Wilson, perhaps you would be good enough to tell me what you would like me to do next? This is all very new to me and I have no wish to offend you further.’

Mr Wilson looked me up and down and pursed his lips while he thought.

‘You caned yourself you said. Last time? You took 12 strokes of the cane, is that right?’

I nodded, where was this going?

‘Hmm, I do believe that would be a fine starting point, you should go and retrieve that item and bring it to me. You may also bring the hairbrush and the spatula you were using as well. I’m sure you can lay your hands on those items easily?’ He was getting into it now, and I could see he was beginning to enjoy playing the role of disciplinarian!

My eyes had gone like saucers again and I know I looked like a deer in the head lamps. He had blindsided me completely with this track. I thought it would be a repeat performance of last time, a hard hand spanking and 6 with the strap, job done. I stayed where I was as a hundred thoughts raced through my head.

He thumped his hand down on the table to get my attention, ‘what are you still standing there for? Go and get the items I have requested, NOW!’

I ran from the kitchen and bolted up the stairs to my bedroom, I considered locking myself in and then thought better of it. I would have to come out eventually, and I had a feeling he would just come and take the door of it’s hinges to get me anyway. I have a very vivid imagination, the possibilities are endless!

I retrieved the items he had asked for and I hurried back down the stairs to the kitchen. I placed the three implements on the table and noticed that alongside his belt there was now a flexible leather strap. It was a long thin brown affair, much the same shape as my spatula except that it did not fan out at the end and was roughly 1″ wide the whole length.

I felt an increase in the tingling of my bottom and between my thighs and I could feel myself beginning to tremble. This day was rapidly turning into a trip down the rabbit hole again. Nothing was happening the way I had thought it would. But then, why should it? I thought he wouldn’t go through with it at all, so anything after that was always going to be throwing me off kilter. I was in the dark here and had no idea what would happen next. This served to give me a rush of adrenaline like I had never had before. I could almost hear my blood surging through my body and felt it travel straight to the surface of my bottom in preparation of what was to come.

Mr Wilson pushed back his chair from the table and stood up. He beckoned to me to join him and I tentatively walked around the table to where he stood.

‘Now then Ms Strong, assume the position over the side of the table please.’

I looked at him startled, ‘But… I thought… aren’t you going to hand spank me first?’

Mr Wilson stared at me, ‘Oh you will receive a very hard hand spanking Ms Strong, but all in good time. I feel a need to provide you with a practical demonstration of what these little implements you have gathered should feel like when applied in the correct manner. None of this wrist flicking business, a good solid whack will do it, nothing less. Bend over the table, now.’

I stepped forward, I was shaking from head to foot, I wasn’t getting a warm up spanking to ease me into it then. Shit! This was going to hurt like blazes. I bent over the table and leaned on my forearms with my head down and I waited, I felt a cool draft around my thighs as the hem of my dress was lifted and tucked into the back of the dress belt. My white panties and black suspender belt and stockings were now on show to him. I felt his hand smooth itself across the seat of my panties and I felt a light pat on my left cheek, then a heavier smack on my right. I hardly dared to breath lest I disturbed him and he stopped doing the warm up. He carried on with the mid level spanks of the hand and distributed sharp little smacks all over my bottom and thighs for a good 10 minutes. He never spoke a word, just got into his rhythm of smack, smack, pause, smack, smack, pause, smack, smack, smack smack, pause, smack, smack, smack, smack. It began to feel warm but I was also feeling wet between my thighs. I rolled my hips a little and was rewarded with a very sharp slap to each of my thighs. I yelped.

‘Ms Strong, if you so much as move a muscle without my permission you will receive 6 with the cane do I make myself clear?’

‘Yes Mr Wilson.’ Shit, he was strict!

Without any further preamble, I felt his fingers at the waist band of my panties and then felt the cool air brush across my naked exposed bottom and fanny. He had a birds eye view of both and I knew he could see how wet I was. I heard him tut. I had come to recognise that tut as a very bad thing indeed for my bottom and I began to tremble again. Quite suddenly his hand came down extremely hard and fast on my right cheek and then immediately on my left cheek I yowled at the very sharp pain that seared my bottom. He rained down at least 100 very hard spanks on each cheek before he paused to stroke the twin red globes and feel the heat they were now generating. He ran his fingers lightly over the surface and down along my fanny lips, he brought the wetness back and rubbed it into my bottom. He repeated this action twice, and I was itching to moan, on his third trip along my fanny lips he pushed his finger between the folds and pinched my clit between his thumb and finger, hard. It throbbed and I couldn’t help myself, I moaned loudly. So much for him being the faithful type I thought cynically! As I moaned, he brought his hand sharply across the back of my thighs a dozen slaps to each thigh had me yelping and biting my lip to stop me swearing.

‘Stand up.’ He ordered.

I stood up and faced him, he lifted my chin between his fingers and he inspected my face. ‘Hmm’ was all he said. ‘Bend over and touch your toes and spread your legs slightly.’

I did as I was asked and I felt him position himself to the left of my bottom. He leaned across me to retrieve something from the table and the next thing I knew I had a searing heat spreading rapidly across my cheeks and my fanny lips! I screamed and jumped up.

‘Assume the position NOW’ he roared behind me and I quickly grabbed my ankles again. The next stroke came almost immediately and this time I heard the familiar whoosh of the cane as it cut through the air on it’s way to my bottom, it landed flush across the back of my thighs and I wailed loudly but I didn’t move. I took 12 of those little bastard strokes and I was sobbing my heart out by the time he had done them too.

He once again stopped and began stroking my bottom and thighs and fanny lips feeling the heat from the welts the cane had produced and I swear I heard him chuckle!

‘Now, I was going to stop at 12 Ms Strong but I did instruct you not to move a muscle without my permission and you did more than just move you jumped right up! You shall receive a further 12 for disobeying me, but not yet… You may have those at the end of the session. Re-position yourself over the table please but keep your legs spread and take those knickers off, you can remove the dress as well, it is a distraction.’

I did as I was told and removed my panties, I was completely shocked at the demand for my dress to be removed and I hoped against all hope this was not going somewhere I had not agreed to, in my head I began to work out where my kitchen knives were in relation to my position and I relaxed a little when I realised I could run and grab one before he would realise what I was going to do.

‘Please Mr Wilson, why do I need to remove my dress?’ I asked very timidly so as not to anger him, he was an absolute bull of a man but he appeared to be extremely calm today and I preferred this over his demeanour of a fortnight ago.

‘To humiliate you of course. You had no problem parading everything around for me to see two weeks ago. You will stand here naked while I paddle your bottom and thighs and fanny with your big heaving breasts popping out of that ridiculously inadequate bra you’re wearing. You will learn that I am as strict as any decent headmaster and as unforgiving as one too. Remove your clothing Ms Strong and stop with this prevarication or I will add 6 to the total cane strokes at the end.’

That was all the incentive I needed, off came the dress and I placed it over the back of the chair.

‘Bend over,’ he instructed. I bent over the table and leaned on my forearms again.

He picked up the hairbrush first and swatted my bottom with it on both cheeks. He put it down again and reached for the spatula. He swatted my bottom and appeared to be satisfied with his choice of weapon because the next thing I knew my arse exploded in a torrent of pain as he thwacked that spatula hard and fast across both buttocks and my thighs, my poor thighs, OMFG they were on fire. He placed his other hand in the centre of my back and pressed down so that I did not, or could not move out of my position. This went on for what seemed like hours and actually was about 30 minutes. He kept stopping to stroke my bottom and fanny to feel the heat and he would slap my thighs a few times with his hands while he stroked and then he would start again with the spatula.

‘Very effective little implement Ms Strong, I commend you on your choice!’ He actually chuckled as he placed the spatula back on the table and picked up his belt.
I heard the buckle rattle as he doubled the heavy leather belt in his hand. He laid it on my cheeks and slid it across them. I began to really shake. I locked my knees and kept my head down and my eyes tightly shut. The belt slid off my bottom and then came back with such force it felt like I was being bitten on my buttocks! I screamed and tried to move out of the way, he delivered a series of hand spanks to the back of my thighs that made them sting like crazy and I danced about on the spot squealing! ‘Stay in position woman!’ He demanded. He delivered another searing stroke of the belt this time it came across both cheeks and flicked across my fanny lips! I yowled like a dog but held my position, mainly because I had no choice, he was holding me in place again. Another stroke followed and then another, two more strokes caught my thighs and I was gone. I was sobbing, screaming, hiccuping, snot was running down from my nose, my face was soaked with tears and was probably as crimson as my throbbing bottom!

He stopped, I heard the belt land on the table at the side of me and I shuddered with relief. He had finished.

He stood at the side of me and stroked and petted my welt covered crimson backside, and he crooned over his own handy work. Muttering ‘beautiful’ to himself over and over as he stroked and squeezed the crimson welts, he ran his finger down between my legs and he laughed, ‘Not so wet now Ms Strong, I think you now understand the difference between a proper discipline spanking and the pretend spanking you give yourself to get yourself all worked up and wet. You aught to be ashamed of your wanton behaviour! That kind of thing leads to the ruin of many a good woman! Go and stand in the corner for 15 minutes with your hands behind your back and resting on your waist, the way you did in your bedroom. DO NOT RUB your behind, or we shall start at the beginning and redo everything you have already received.’ He was very, very pleased with himself!

I ran to the corner and stood there with my arms folded behind my back. I was sobbing quietly, sniffling and moaning as the tears dripped of my chin in an unchecked race to the ground. My bottom and thighs were just a mass of searing agony and I could not think in a straight line any longer. I had been stood there for about 12 minutes and my bottom was now alive and screaming with pain, my fanny was throbbing wildly and my thighs burned like they were on fire. Behind me I could hear Mr Wilson type a number into his mobile phone. I heard the ringing, I realised he had his phone on loud speaker. A female voice answered,


‘Hello dear, it’s me, Norman.’ He shouted into the phone.

‘Don’t shout dear, I can hear you perfectly well. Have you finished yet?’ She asked.

‘No, I’m still at the Strong woman’s house administering her punishment, I wonder if you would like to come over and partake in the rest of the proceedings? It’s only round the corner, should only take you a minute to get here, what do you think?’

‘Oh yes Norman, that would be lovely, thank you my dear. I’ll be along in a minute.’

‘Good, good! Bring the tiger balm with you dear, we shall need it.’

‘I’ll be there in a jiffy, bye bye!’ Such a friendly little phone call! It sounded like they were planning a fucking picnic, while I was standing here with my arse and fanny on show glowing like the red light district on a Saturday night in Amsterdam!

What the actual fuck was going on? He was inviting his wife around to MY house to take part in my spanking while I stood pretty much stark naked in the middle of my kitchen? No fucking way was this happening!

I turned around furious with him for his assumption I would just take this lying down and I opened my mouth to speak when I saw him tut and lift the cane. He swished it through the air a few times and my bravado left me abruptly. I quickly turned around to face the corner again and closed my eyes in despair. What had I come to? How low was I going to allow myself to sink? Stupid, stupid, stupid bloody woman, I had no one to blame but myself and now I was in a really sticky situation. I was completely at the mercy of this man and he was a sadist of the first order! On the plus side, if his wife was coming over, I didn’t have to worry about stabbing him in the eye with my filleting knife if he tried to have a rump slapping hump with me! Ride em fucking cowboy would be minus a cock and balls if he did try it though! A moment later a diminutive little woman came striding in through the back door. ‘Fuck me, walk right in why don’t you!’ I thought fuming silently.

I heard her peck her husband on the cheek as she bustled and rustled behind me. I assume she was removing her coat, it sounded like she was.

Mr Wilson came and stood on my right side and Mrs Wilson came and stood on my left side. ‘Bend over and place your hands on the wall, spread your legs wide please.’ Mr Wilson instructed and I did as I was told. My humiliation was complete, all my nether regions were open and on full show to an audience of two. I felt cold fingers stroking my bottom and then run along my fanny lips and I gasped with shock as I felt her cold stiff little fingers push between my fanny lips and rub my clit and flick it with her fingers. SHE WAS FEELING ME UP?? WTF?! I made to stand up and I was protesting loudly when a hard stinging series of slaps were delivered to my legs just below my very red thighs.

‘You are a wanton woman Ms Strong! I find it quite shocking that you are so very wet between the legs after such a sound spanking from my husband! I fear it will need to be a very severe punishment indeed to teach you some much needed discipline and decorum. You are undoubtedly without morals! Now, assume your position or it will be a further 12 with the belt for you madam!’

Fuck! She was a miniature tyrant! I rapidly decided to err on the side of caution and assumed the position once again. No point fighting against this anymore, I had finally accepted that I was in it for the long haul whether I liked it or not! I couldn’t stab two of them in the eye with the fillet knife! I bowed to the inevitable.

I heard rather than saw her unscrewing something and I wondered what the hell was going to happen next when she began to rub something smelly and sticky into my bottom and thighs and across the welt that had caught my fanny lips. It was cold … mmm… cooling… nice… what the… heat? More heat? WTF was that stuff? I turned my head to look at her, and she was grinning at me like a fucking Cheshire cat! She held up the little jar of tiger balm heat rub and showed it to me.

‘This should keep the heat going nicely dear! Face the wall please we are about to begin. You must not move, he doesn’t like it when you move. He will be very harsh with the cane I can assure you. I have experienced that particular wrath only once but I learned my lesson well. Be a good girl and do as your told, it will all be over in a short while.’ She was positively fucking gleeful!

I was sobbing loudly, my arse and fanny and thighs were burning up with the cream she had rubbed into them. OMG this was pure torture.

I stared hard at the wall and then dropped my head and closed my eyes as the first of the strappings began. I couldn’t tell at first if it was his belt or that brown leather strap he had put on the table, at this point I didn’t care I just wanted it to be over.

100 strokes of the brown leather strap to each cheek later, the tanning (and it was an arse tanning of the first order) finally stopped.

‘Come over here and lay over my lap please.’ Mrs Wilson instructed.

I once again looked startled as I stood up straight.

‘Your lap?’ I questioned.

‘Yes dear, I’m going to finish off your disciplining for you. Mr Wilson will sit and watch the proceedings and have a little rest. He isn’t as young as he once was and this days work has taken it out of him. Come now, it’s almost over. Pop yourself over here and lets get on.’

I nearly ran to her, I was so relieved, my goodness me, this would be so much better than his very heavy handed spanking and strapping of me. No way she could pack a wallop like he could. I positioned myself over her lap and to my utter dismay my breasts tumbled out of my bra cups and wobbled about freely now they were unrestrained. I attempted to put them away and she slapped my hand sharply with the hairbrush.

‘Leave them be, Mr Wilson will want to keep an eye on them. He does enjoy a good look at a firm pair of breasts and yours are absolutely delightful my dear. Now, down you go!’

She pressed my head and shoulders down over the other side of her knees and I assumed the position. The first time I realised I had jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire was when the volley of vicious spanks arrived delivered by the evil hairbrush. They were delivered with such force I screamed. My mind and bottom went blessedly numb at this point and the only thing I can really remember clearly is the loud relentless thwacking sound of the hairbrush thumping against the twin solid, heavily bruised cheeks of my bottom, my thighs, one landed full across my fanny, I screamed and squealed and kicked out, which earned a volley of slaps on my thighs, I sobbed and begged to be let up, I pleaded for it to stop, I babbled how sorry I was for my terrible behaviour, I screamed how I had learned my lesson and would never behave in such a way again, but it continued and she was relentless in her slapping and spanking and stroking and squeezing and then more volleys of rage from the hairbrush fell everywhere for ages because she was fresh as a fucking DAISY! She assured me she wasn’t tired at all and she would do her very best to finish off Mr Wilson’s work to his exacting high standard. She stopped suddenly a took a short break between volleys, to stroke her handy work, petting my bottom, rubbing her finger over my fanny lips, pushing it in and flicking my clit, pushing her thumb just inside my pussy, just opening it up, rimming my butt hole with her thumb, I was bucking like a bronco at this point and moaning and groaning like I was having an orgy! Just when I thought I would suffer the ultimate humiliation of being turned on so much she was going to give me a screaming orgasm she began spanking me again with a vicious volley of really hard smacks against my cheeks, my thighs, a few over my lower thighs and five over my fanny lips. 40 fucking minutes of pure torture later the final thwack was delivered and the brush was laid down on the floor. I lay there sobbing my heart out, crying like a baby and trembling from head to foot. She patted me awkwardly on the shoulder as she instructed me, ‘Do get up now dear, we’re almost done. Just a matter of those cane strokes and I think a good dozen with the belt too, and then we can be on our way.’

I stumbled off her knee, and was instantly caught around the waist and bent over by Mr Wilson who delivered 12 stinging strokes of the cane in very quick succession. I was howling like a banshee. He passed me over to her and she walked me through the kitchen and into the lounge. What on earth…?

Before I could form a cohesive sentence I was pushed down over the arm of the sofa and she spread my legs as I buried my face in the soft cushions. The first of the 12 stinging, biting, evil blows from the belt landed and I danced on the spot and howled, the second followed a moment later landing in exactly the same spot as the first. Right across my sit spot! The third landed less than a belt width above the fourth covered it perfectly, the fifth came and I stopped caring where they were landing I stopped counting too. It would all be over after this, it would all be over after this, it would…

Quite suddenly it all stopped.She let me go and I stumbled into an upright position, my teeth were chattering, I was sobbing uncontrollably and I didn’t know where to hug myself first. Mr Wilson took my arm and guided me back into the kitchen, ‘Stand to attention and cross your arms behind your back, you will remain in this position until we leave. If you move, I will re-do the strapping my good wife has just delivered!’

I stared at them mutely as they turned away from me and ignored me completely as they gathered their belongings together and chatted away like they had just been for lunch.

Mr Wilson assisted Mrs Wilson into her coat, and handed her her gloves and hat, she held his coat out for him and he thanked her as he took it from her.

Finally, he turned and stared at me very hard for a whole minute and I began to panic in case he had changed his mind. He spoke in a very stern voice as he pointed a finger at me.
‘You are a very silly woman, Ms Strong. Perhaps you will think twice now before you parade your spanked bottom in front of an honest window cleaner going about his work. I hope you treat your next window cleaner with more respect than you have shown me. We shall let ourselves out, do make sure to lock the door behind us. The world is full of terrible people these days and you can’t be too careful!’ He turned away from me and I breathed a sigh of relief. Mrs Wilson stood watching me and a small frown played across her face. Was she actually feeling sorry for me? Not a fucking chance in hell, and her parting words confirmed it.

‘In my honest opinion Gemma Strong, you have gotten off very lightly here today. When my dear husband informed me of the shenanigans of a fortnight ago, I was utterly furious with you for forcing him into this terrible situation. We are good god fearing people Gemma and we do not take kindly to wanton women exposing themselves to us. You should thank your lucky stars Mr Wilson decided as he was the victim in all of this he should be the one to administer the required punishment. I wanted to do it because I knew he would go easy on you. I would not have, you would have been spanked for at least another hour if I had my way. Learn your lesson well, if we ever see you or your bottom again I will personally see to it that every single person in this village will know of your antics and your punishment! We shall take our leave now and leave you to consider your behaviour.’

A minute later, they were gone and I was alone, a dishevelled mess standing in the middle of my kitchen with tears running down my face, my bottom and fanny and thighs were completely solidly numb and I wondered if I would ever get any feeling back in them at all. I was utterly humiliated and devastated. I gathered up all the spanking implements they had left behind and realised they had left their brown leather strap on the table. I wasn’t giving it back to them, I was going to have a fucking bonfire with the whole sorry lot and burn it all to ashes. Never again was I ever going to want a spanking from anyone including myself. Learn my lesson? I learnt a life time of lessons that afternoon, and it transpired it had all taken just over two hours from start to finish.

I crawled upstairs and went straight to the bathroom to run a bath. I threw in every relaxing potion I could find to sooth my overheated blisteringly painful skin which felt like it had set into a solid block around my hips. Nothing moved freely. Nothing moved at all.

I sank gratefully into the water and after a second or two I screamed loudly and sprang from the bath like I had sat on a red hot poker! That fucking cream they had rubbed in was now burning double time on my arse! I filled the sink up with cold water and I sat in it for three hours straight! As I sat there I vowed I would never, ever, ever fantasise about wanting a good hard spanking again. I never wanted to be spanked again! I was done with this, it was torture and I must have been mental to have invited it! I only had myself to blame for this and I would never forget the lessons I had learnt. The were permanently etched into my bottom and thighs and my poor, poor fanny!

Yeah… that thought process lasted just two days… and then the yummy delicious throbbing took over…

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So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

21 thoughts on “He came, he spanked, and brought his wife!

    1. The whole saga started just shortly before this particular incident. I’m just going to say, it was all consensual and most of the events are real but interpreted in a fictional manner from my own journals. Maybe slightly exaggerated, some stuff changed, but based on a true story. 😜

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      1. I just want to say, if you’re wading through my whole blog from the beginning, there is a chunk missing just before the short stories start, it’s the Tom series and they are still available to read on my actual website, and in chronological order πŸ˜‰

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  1. I don’t know Gemma. I can see if this was your first foray, I am glad it was consensual, otherwise Arrest should have been made. How on Earth did you function the rest of the week girl? I know this was a past event. But be safe.


    1. It wasn’t just a past event, it was the very first spanking I had from someone other than myself. It wasn’t so much the painful spanking, which was, but I have since taken a lot harder, it was the sudden realisation that I was at this man’s mercy, fear was very real on that occasion, I realised I had been extremely stupid. It was also a good 10 years ago too now. It was completely consensual, as for functioning for the rest of the week, well, two days after, and I was having the best time with the beneficial side affects of having a throbbing bottom.

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    1. I have long since been the bane of the villagers lives around these parts, they have been trying to β€˜bring me into the fold’ for years. It’s not good to have an errant atheist running amok through the village I would upset the apple cart far too often for their comfort, especially around that time. I believe they saw this as an opportunity to try and tame the savage beast, they never stood a chance really, but read on Nora, all will become clear 😜

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      1. I think the way I looked, and the direct way I spoke to everyone was a shocker for most of them. People are not used to honesty and truths especially when it’s an ugly truth. In those early days there were still a lot of the ‘we’ve lived here for generations’ folk around.
        I had changed dramatically as soon as I became single. I took notice of myself and made conscious changes to look the way I felt inside. At that point, hedonism had raised its head and I was giving it full license to take over. My newly reborn sensuality was front and centre and I never even tried to control it. I loved the reactions I got as I walked down the street, the exhibitionist in me was definitely on show! I think there may have been quite a few of them who thought I needed a good spanking! I was most definitely a shock to their system.
        I’ve had many visits over the years from different pack leaders, ‘come and write for the church put your skills to spreading god’s word,’ was a favourite of the local Presbyterian church leader, I took immense pleasure in explaining that if I was to write for the church it would be to debunk the god myth. That’s what I as an atheist would do, its a default setting.
        He looked like he wanted to spank me so damned hard, you could see his palm twitching!
        He was just one in a long line of many little flock gatherers over the years. It’s fun watching them try out a new tactic then go away disappointed and confused because it didn’t work.
        The Wilsons were a breed apart, they practised DD which actually set them against their own church teachings, I would imagine Mrs Wilson was not too different to myself when she was younger. There was an untamed unapologetic aura that oozed from her, that’s something that comes from deep within, not a learned behaviour! I did like her, although she didn’t really like or understand me. Maybe I was too much the mirror for her.
        I believe I am their untameable feral cat! I love my village, and most of the people in it too. They are on the whole a harmless bunch! πŸ˜€

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I loved reading this, Gemma! Do tell…when you refer to where you live as a village, how many people does that entail? I am trying to imagine it…..


      3. So my village is half way up a steep hill (or small mountain, depends how precious I’m feeling) imagine a capital A with the top rounded, now go to the bar of the A, this is where the village is. There are 38 houses on my side of the road and I think it’s 30 on the other. there are more detached houses higher up the mountain as you go and there have been a great number of new builds that have sprung up on the hillsides over the past few years. But roughly about 120 – 130 people live here. So quite small really πŸ˜ƒ

        Liked by 1 person

      4. erm… it’s a 30 mile journey into England to find the nearest city, which would be Chester. When you say services, do you mean shopping? That would be the internet, Amazon is my best friend. It’s a 6 mile drive to the nearest town one way and a 14 mile drive for a town in the opposite direction. We have one petrol station in the immediate vicinity that doubles up as our local shop, and is a car drive down the hill, if I attempted to walk to it, it would take me roughly 10 minutes to walk down and probably about 3 hours to get back up. Not ever doing that again, did it once in the snow when it was too dangerous to drive. It took me 4 and a half hours to get back up the hill. It was an ice track! It’s a 1 mile drive to the next closest shop and then 3 miles the other way for a post office. πŸ˜› On the plus side, we have no church in the village any more. The chapels have been sold off and turned into private homes. The local school is a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute drive. We have one pub that is up a very steep incline and rarely receives more than a token visit from the locals. But, and this is why we all live here, when I open my back door every morning, I look out onto the Irish Sea and the Dee Estuary, on a clear day I can see the Lake District Peaks, and on a very clear day I can see Blackpool Tower. It’s a stunning view and well worth getting snowed in for on a regular basis! πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

      5. It sound VERY lovely, Gemma! I guess I had assumed you lived near a big city with lots of medical resources. I am a small town girl myself (though our town is not nearly as small as yours). We have a large grocery store, petrol station, pharmacy, and coffee shop about 5 minutes away. And, about 25 minutes away we have all the amenities (medical, shopping, etc.). Your view sounds amazing!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Yeah the hospital is 14 miles away so a 20 minute drive, but the main hospital where my son gets most of his treatment is 26 miles away so a 45 minute drive. The view is priceless though, and we are both grateful for it every day! πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Oh he was a porthole cleaner, worst window cleaner ever! He must have been trained to clean windows on a ship! Never touched the corners, ever!
      You should see the window cleaner I have now, think Coca Cola advertisement! DAMN he is HOT! I always make sure I am in my office when he’s working. I usually take a coffee break just to sit back and watch! YUM!!
      Far too young for me to want to actually play with, just old enough for it not to be creepy of me to ogle him, and he is positively drool worthy! πŸ˜›

      Liked by 2 people

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