Karla’s Journal – Day Pass

Karla’s Journal : Entry 139

So, Kevin and Cheri are no more. Both dead but at least they went out fucking! Others should be so fortunate. I have a new warden too, a dim witted young man, some relation to the good doctor, nephew of his sister’s third husband or something. Upshot, Jeff needed a non thinking job, the doc needed an easily controllable warden for me and I needed a male warden who could escort me with the doc on my day out. Hey presto, Jeff is finally working!

Twenty four hours it took to convince Johnny I was over the death of my lover, twenty four! He thought I loved her, he thought I should be grieving for her, fucking hell, why am I in this shit hole in the first place? Because I am a pure sociopath with a sideline in torturing men or women who have hurt me. I don’t love anyone other than myself! Cheri was a lovely playmate, no getting away from that, soft full curves, welcoming wet pussy, luscious mouth that could create havoc between my thighs in an instant, and an ass made specifically for the purpose of spanking! But, after all that, she was just a playmate. Would I miss her? Possibly, but she had outlived her usefulness once I realised she couldn’t be trusted to keep quiet. It made her dangerous. I removed the danger. It was as simple as that.

Johnny was devastated when he saw how Kevin had left me naked and manacled to the wall of my cell, the bruising to my wrist where I had pulled and pulled at my restraint showed the level of my anxiety and fear, he said. Okay, if that’s what he thinks, I can run with that. It’s so good when your psych tells you what to say and what to think. Johnny broke the news of Cheri’s demise carefully, and not before he had administered a small dose of chemicals to keep me calm. I took it well under the circumstances, he thinks. I’m not really sure Johnny is too good at his chosen career. He really has dropped the ball with me hasn’t he?

The only reason I’m not in a real prison? Johnny is convinced I am not in control of my urges, he believes the abuse I suffered at the hands of the men in my past has been so damaging to my mental state, I have been rendered unable to cognitively decipher the difference between right and wrong, where violence is my default setting for problem solving instead of debate and the abuse has made me a raving nymphomaniac! Really? I think he should look further than my wet pussy for his answers! He should also know, violence is my default not because I was damaged by men, but because I was always ‘damaged’ as he puts it, I get off on the thrill of it. The adrenalin rush is second to none, not even a screaming orgasm could compare although it can run as a close second!

I hope for his sake his understanding of my personality is better than his explanation thus far. It could be a terrible day for him otherwise.

Oh yes, my day pass is still happening today and the good doctor now understands exactly why he should not postpone it. It will kill his career, reputation, marriage and future opportunity to work in his chosen field or even for Maccy D’s. I own him, he’s my toy cock. His nephew three times removed will be joining those ranks shortly too. Good looking boy, nothing going on upstairs, but my goodness me he’s packing it all downstairs. You know when you can just tell? Young men that well hung don’t get to have sex very often, the sheer size of their prized member is enough to frighten off most would be girlfriends. I can almost feel him… but that’s for later. He’s my prize.

Well Journal, I will sign off here, I can hear Jeff fiddling with the keys outside my door, I’m on my way.

Jeff stood outside Karla’s cell, juggling the myriad of keys in his hand, searching for the correct one. Finally he found it and shoved it in the lock, his breath caught in his throat as he opened the door and saw Karla stood there in a short blood red skirt and black blouse, bare legged but with those black stilettos on her feet she looked like she was going to a boardroom meeting, not a hospital visit! Her long wavy dark brown hair, usually scraped back in a ponytail, hung loosely around her shoulders, thick and glossy, it framed her lovely face perfectly. Her dark eyes flashed at him as he fumbled with the chains, ‘Come on Jeff, we don’t have all day!’ Her impatience made him worse as he dropped the cuffs on the floor and bent to retrieve them. Karla took pity on him, she knew she intimidated him, she crouched down and touched his hand, his eyes shot warily to hers, and she smiled at him kindly. ‘Let me help,’ she murmured, she lifted the cuffs and snapped one on her wrist and then did the same with the other, she lifted the ankle bracelet and handed it to Jeff. Standing, she held her foot out for him to place the bracelet around her ankle, his fingers brushed her skin and she sighed audibly. He fumbled with the other bracelet as he glanced up at her, her eyes were heavy with lust and she placed a gentle hand on his head.

‘I would love to have a moment with you later on today, Jeff. I bet you could make me scream in ecstasy darling boy!’ She stroked her fingers through his dark blond hair as she spoke, and he went scarlet with embarrassment. ‘We aren’t supposed to frate… to frat… ‘ he struggled to remember the word and Karla cut across him, ‘Oh no one pays attention to those rules! We are all getting it on in here sweetheart! We just have to be careful is all. Ask Uncle Johnny, he’ll tell you. I go and see him weekly for a little fun, but now that Kevin is out of the picture, Johnny won’t enjoy it as much so we’ll need a replacement for Kevin.’ Karla grinned delightedly at the shocked expression on Jeff’s face, but she smiled inwardly at the appearance of lust in his eyes. He couldn’t hide it, he lowered his gaze and concentrated on snapping the last bracelet into place around her ankle and stood up. He also couldn’t hide his huge erection even in his baggy scrubs and Karla moved in closer to him to run her fingers along the length of his shaft stroking it through the material.

‘My goodness,’ she cooed, ‘You are a big boy! I bet not many girls want to take that beast on do they?’

Jeff blushed again but didn’t remove her hand from his cock. His face was a picture in absolute pleasure and abject terror! ‘Um no, my girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex until we get hitched. She said she’s saving herself for our wedding night.’ He led Karla forward by the central chain and closed the door behind them.

Karla stood in the corridor and watched him carefully, ‘Are you a virgin too, Jeff?’ She asked softly.

He went beetroot red and dropping his gaze nodded and mumbled something about bible teachings.

Karla smiled gently at him, ‘It’s okay darling boy I do understand, do you masturbate?’

He didn’t know where to look, so great was his embarrassment, he was so far out of his depth with this woman he just followed where she led him both verbally and physically. ‘I don’t, he mumbled defensively, ‘ We are taught that it’s a sin to touch ourselves and waste our life giving properties. It should only be used for procreation.’

Karla continued her steady pace up the corridor to the outer doors, she mused Jeff’s comment staying silent until he stopped them both to unlock the doors. ‘Your balls must ache terribly darling! Never masturbated in all of your, what? 25 years?’

He nodded bleakly, it was obvious to Karla that the idea had more than crossed his mind on a daily basis such was his distress.

‘Well, when we leave the hospital later I will speak to your Uncle about us taking a side trip to a place I used live, we can all have a little fun there before we return me to my cell and the rules. Don’t mention it to your Uncle, let me do the talking. He will agree if I ask him nicely.’ Karla stepped through the open door into the outer corridor and waited for Jeff to follow.

Jeff stepped through and locked the doors behind him. He was staring at her in surprise, ‘A side trip? Is that allowed?’ He asked confused.

Karla nodded seriously, ‘Oh yes Jeff, so long as you and the Doc are with me it’s absolutely fine!’ She smiled happily at him and led the way to Doctor Peel’s office.

An hour later, Karla had been through her full physical check up at the hospital and the three of them were back in the car and heading out of town in the direction of Karla’s old house. The game was on and she wasn’t going to waste a minute.

She sat in the back of the car behind the front passenger seat, her ankles still chained but her wrist restraints had been released for comfort. Jeff sat in the back with her and took up the space behind the driver’s seat. Dr. Peel glanced at the two of them, in his rear view, he was breathing easily now, Karla was on her best behaviour and obviously happy and relaxed as she chatted away about all the memories this drive was sparking, landmarks, previous stomping grounds, she was in her element.

We have at least another 30 minutes before we arrive at the house Doc, would it be alright if I gave this young man some relief for his aching balls? He hasn’t had an ejaculation in his entire life, I’m sure that can’t be healthy!’

Both men stared at her in open shock. The Doc’s eyes bounced to hers in the rear view and he understood her look completely. He had no choice but to go along with her request. How the hell he had managed to get himself caught up in such a mess with a patient he had no idea, but here he was, and he wasn’t losing his career over it. Jeff needed to keep his mouth shut about this side trip and if Karla had her way with him, the Doc could hold that over him as insurance for his silence.

‘I’m sure Jeff would be delighted Karla, but go easy on the boy eh?’ The Doc had long since given up any pretence of being in charge of this day or Karla for that matter. What she wanted, she got. Everyone stayed happy that way. It chased him a little that she wasn’t showing any signs of grief over the loss of Cheri and Kevin’s betrayal but he squared it away with the thought that today would eclipse any other emotions. She was on a high, he intended to keep her there. She was a delight to manage when she was like this.

Jeff made a little sound of objection as Karla slid across the seat to him, he soon quieted when her very talented fingers slid inside his scrubs and wrapped around his flaccid cock. She smiled wickedly at him as she stroked his member to semi hardness almost immediately and grinned even wider when it popped out above the waistband of his scrubs. He grunted quietly and just sat and watched as this beautiful, crazy woman leaned down and wrapped her lips around the tip of his now engorged cock.

‘Mmm, such a big boy Jeff, bigger than Kevin was for sure, and so sweet to taste. It’s so hot knowing I am the first one to suck your big fat cock into my mouth and take it all the way down my throat.’

Karla stopped talking and proceeded to do just that, Jeff groaned loudly now giving up all pretence that he was against this. His hips jerked up and thrust his cock further into the warmth of her mouth, she slid the length of him in and out and wrapped her fingers around his girth twisting them gently over the soft skin and rigid flesh, he was moaning and gasping, reaching for her, he grabbed the back of her head with both hands as his hips began to thrust in ernest, no way could he hold on any longer, he was going to cum for the first time in his life.

Karla drew all the way back to the tip and looked up at his face, his eyes were squeezed tightly shut and he was panting heavily, ‘open your eyes Jeff, watch me darling boy, watch me sink your cock in my mouth deeply…’

Jeff’s eyes flew open and he stared down at her bobbing head and he lost control as he pumped his cock harder and faster into her mouth until he let out a long low moan and shot his creamy load all over her waiting tongue. She laughed delightedly, there was so much!

He continued pumping, more juices shot from him in long thick ropes of cream and he let out a keening sound as his cock throbbed and spilled every drop of cum his balls had been holding for years! Karla giggled as she continued to lap and swallow, her fingers massaging his heavy balls, her index finger now lodged just inside his ass pressing against his prostate, massaging it, blowing his mind with the sensations she was creating and he spilled yet more cum on her nose and chin as she withdrew from him. She raised a finger and ran it through the sticky mess and popped it into her mouth. Lowering her head one last time she licked and sucked her way down to the base of his cock and cleaned it with her tongue, lathing attention along every inch of it.

Finally she popped him back inside his scrubs and patted his leg, she sat back and smiled at him, ‘Now, how do your balls feel Jeff? Do they still ache?’

He looked across at her and grinned like a Cheshire Cat. ‘No Ma’am, no they don’t, they feel wonderful and so do I!’

Karla laughed a rich deep sexy chuckle that had both men hard instantly.

‘Well would you look at that Johnny, the boy just became a man before our eyes and not a moment too soon, looks like we’ve arrived at our destination!’

The Doc steered the car into a parking space opposite Karla’s house and parked up. He looked across at the house and felt better instantly when he realised there were no curtains at the windows. It was obviously unoccupied. They could go ahead and let Karla have her moment in her old home.

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So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

15 thoughts on “Karla’s Journal – Day Pass

    1. Indeed Nora, losing one’s virginity to a beautiful but deadly sociopathic nymphomaniac is entirely the right way to go, especially in the back of a car with your Uncle three times removed watching the action in the rear view mirror! Perfect! Every virgin male should try it! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
      Karla is definitely back and on full form! 😘

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    1. My goodness, that must have been one hell of a blow job Michael! πŸ˜€ I do hope Jeff felt the same way… he’s going to be feeling a whole lot more in the very near future… Karla is nothing if not thorough! πŸ˜€ xx

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