Stuart brought his Cane for a visit.

Especially when one has to do it for one’s self!

So, you know when you think all of your options have disappeared and you are back to the D.I.Y. position in life? Well that’s where I was.

I had pretty much given up on Stuart as a viable option for spanking me. He wanted to counsel me, he was too nice a person and he was interested in so much more from me than I was interested in giving.

Hmm… not sure I wanna do this bit too often

Anyway, after the discipline weekend that wasn’t, I had finally forgiven Stuart and we were back to normal with each other. He still made me feel submissive around him, I still had fantasies about him spanking me until I used my safeword, but I kept it all under wraps, because the bottom line is, he was too complicated. I couldn’t have one without giving him the other. Don’t want to. Not doing it. Don’t need that complication in my life. It’s about trust. Or lack thereof. I trust Stuart, I don’t trust who I turn into with him.

I don’t trust relationships. I just need a spanking from time to time (every week would be nice) that is enough for me. There is an edge to Stuart’s personality that tells me I would be biting off more than I could chew.

I don’t know who I turn into with Stuart…

All that said, I was feeling a bit at a loose end a couple of weeks after the vicar incident and I was feeling very restless. This makes me naughty. I do naughty really well. I texted Stuart and told him about spanking the Vicar and how the Wilsons were responsible for the Vicar finding out about it all. I also texted him and said I really needed to give myself a good hard spanking soon. He texted me back and said he was in the area could he call and see me?

Of course I said yes! When he isn’t being complicated, he’s excellent company, and, there was a vague possibility he might decide to spank me?

I think I need to be more careful what thoughts I put out to the Universe…

An hour later, Stuart was ringing the doorbell. I ran down the stairs and opened the door. Imagine if you will, the sight of a 6ft 3″ muscular, well built, good looking man standing at your front door with the thinnest, whippiest cane in his hand you have ever seen and he’s smiling at you!

Oh FUCK! That smile scares me more than mine scares everybody else! I risked a glance at the cane, stood back from the door and allowed him to enter. I gritted my teeth as he wiped his shoes on the carpet and I think I may have growled a little bit. If he heard me he didn’t comment.

A little later, brew in hand we were sat in the lounge just chatting about stuff when he tapped the cane, which hadn’t left his side since he had arrived.

‘I need to deal with this.’ He was smiling that ‘welcome to my lair’ smile! Look, I don’t know if there is such a thing as a welcome to my lair smile, but see, that’s what pops in my head everytime he smiles like that. He has a range of them, I’m running out of ways to describe them all! Couple that with I am beginning to feel submissive again and okay I might be getting a bit turned on too, and I believe I have just created a recipe for disaster!

‘What do you mean deal with it?’ I tucked my legs up under me, a bit like a protective gesture for my bottom. Hide it!

‘It’s a gift for Graham, he and I have become good friends over the past few months and amongst other things, we discuss spanking, as you know, we both share a keen interest in a certain bottom!’

‘Coulda fooled me!’ I mumbled under my breath, I know he heard me though. I saw his eyes narrow, but he continued as if I hadn’t spoken.

‘He was saying he had managed to break the tip of his favourite cane and he couldn’t use it as it is. Too sharp an edge, etc etc. Anyway, I have a number of canes, it isn’t my favourite implement, I prefer leather, although I will when required leave stripes on a deserving bottom when needed. So I offered him one of mine. I don’t use this one at all. It’s a shame for it to just sit there. So that’s why I’m in the area. I’m delivering this to Graham, do you fancy joining us both for a bit of a get together, chat, drink, etc?’

I know I should have asked what the etc meant but I didn’t, I smiled because I haven’t been anywhere for fun in a while and I needed a break from these four walls so to speak. So I said, ‘Sure, sounds like fun, I’ll just go get changed.’

Ten minutes later we were knocking on Graham’s door and being ushered in like long lost most beloved relatives!

The evening was fun, I was relaxed because the cane had been swooned over and petted and stroked and then Graham excused himself while he took it and put it in his cabinet in the other room.

While he was gone Stuart dropped down onto the sofa next to me and whispered in my ear. ‘You are going to be spanked hard tonight for your comment earlier, just so you know.’

I turned owl eyes on him. My cheeks flushed and my pussy started to throb with excitement.

‘What comment?’ I never know when to quit do I?

‘Coulda fooled me’ comment earlier, it’s time you learned your lesson lady and I fully intend for it to happen before I leave tonight.’

I grinned at him, ‘ah well, best laid plans and all that, there is no way you can tonight because the boy will be home soon so the house won’t be empty. Maybe next time!’

Graham chose this moment to come back into the room with a long slim leather paddle and handed it to Stuart. ‘I never use this, I prefer the cane, think it’s more up your street than mine.’

Stuart grinned and accepted his gift, and then he smiled what can only be described as a crocodile smile, he looked at Graham with an eyebrow raised, ‘would you mind if I give it a test run right now Gray, only a certain little lady has been running off at the mouth all evening and honestly, I think her bottom needs painting red.’

Graham laughed loudly, ‘be my guest mate, I’ve heard what she’s been up to with the Vicar, shocking stuff, taking a paddling from a Vicar!’

I didn’t! I gave him a paddling! Well, the machine did! I didn’t touch him…

Graham grinned at me, gave a thumbs up to Stuart and then left the room saying he had some stuff he needed to get on with anyway and left us alone.

My pussy was so wet I was shocked at how turned on I had become! Stuart uncrossed his legs and without warning he took hold of my arm and pulled me down over his knees. A second later heavy swats were landing on my covered bottom but they were coming thick and fast and I could feel them through the layer of clothing. He stood me up in front of him.

‘take off the skirt Gem, pull down your panties and put yourself back over my knee.’

Did I mention how submissive I become around Stuart! Bloody hell, like a lamb …

I kept my eyes lowered as I unzipped my skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor, it revealed my naked pussy immediately, I wasn’t wearing panties, I rarely did these days. I risked a glance at his face and oh boy was I ever in trouble for going commando!

‘I believe…’ he said quietly, ‘you are aware of my rules regarding leaving the house without your panties on?’ He was looking at my glistening pussy and I could clearly see the outline of his erection straining against the groin of his black trousers.

Okay I needed to look somewhere, anywhere else! I made the mistake of looking at the leather paddle, then I made the bigger mistake of speaking.

‘I wasn’t aware I was still under your rule Stuart.’ Y’know people, it’s all in the tone of voice. I could have softened that statement in any number of ways but as usual I went for sarcastic bitch who needs a damn good spanking!

He didn’t disappoint…

to be continued….

All pictures are courtesy of the internet unless otherwise stated.

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