Graham delivers his 3 pm Spanking

~Random Punishment Selector~

Punishment Certificate
This certificate dictates that Gemma, for the reason of: Maintenance Spanking
will receive the following punishment.

Three sets of spankings.
Set One: 51 swats with a hairbrush and Gemma Bending over the desk
Set Two: 11 strokes with a cane and Gemma Bending over the desk
Set Three: 55 swats with a Jokari Paddle and Gemma Bending over the desk.
These spankings will be carried out with Gemma’s bottom bare.

In addition, Gemma will receive the following extra punishments:
 20 minutes of corner time
No orgasms for one week commencing immediately.
This punishment will be carried out at Graham’s home at 3 pm tomorrow. Late or
none arrival will result in the maintenance spanking being doubled.
Gemma must also provide the Jokari paddle, failure to comply will result in the
spanking being tripled.

Signed: Graham
Oh boy!

It’s tomorrow! I mean, tomorrow has now arrived and is today! It’s almost time to go over to Graham’s house for my scheduled maintenance spanking. I don’t need one though do I? I mean, come on, really? Including the weekend just gone, I have had my bottom seared with a cane, a paddle, a spoon, a leather strap, a very firm hand, and a wicked wooden backed hairbrush! June is nothing if not thorough! Not to mention Graham’s contribution of 7 with the cane, (I missed counting 4 and copped it twice). My bottom is black and blue and striped and SORE!!

The thing about Graham is, he wants a pristine cream bottom to spank but between Graham and June they never leave my bottom alone long enough for it to ever recover back to cream and then I get a harder punishment because my bottom isn’t cream for him!

Yes, I’m panicking! Graham doesn’t hold back, and his punishments always increase in count when he is cross with the state of my bottom.

I sent him a text yesterday evening explaining that June had insisted I receive a punishment immediately because of my text to her. I even sent him a still shot of the end result of my spanking. I haven’t received a reply. That worries me more than the upcoming spanking! Oh boy, I know I’m in deep trouble here, but conversely my tummy has butterflies and my pussy has woken up and is throbbing in anticipation of what is to come.

Oh yeah, about that, after stealing that much needed orgasm yesterday afternoon, I had to confess to June that I had played after the spanking. She asked me outright if I had pleasured myself and I lied and said no. Apparently she can tell when I’m lying, I have a tell and it isn’t facial? Something in my voice gives me away every single time! She is rightfully furious that I have broken the rules because I was under a ban from Graham, but also because I lied to her. She snitched on me too. She cc’d me into her email to him. My arse is gonna be in a sling by 4 pm today and there is nothing I can do about it. It’s going to happen.

At 2.45 pm I played with the idea of just not going, I even went as far as getting in the car, I started the engine and everything. Then I realised, I would have to come home at some point and things would just double and treble and before long it would be insurmountable and I would lose Graham as a friend and then June would have free reign…

Okay… I needed to stop with the panicking, I just needed to go round to Graham’s and take my spanking. Simple. I ran up the stairs, I grabbed the Jokari paddle and I dressed appropriately for Graham and then almost ran down the path to his house in case I changed my mind again. Part of me hoped he would turn me away and tell me to come back when my bruises had faded. It wasn’t to be of course. Graham opened the door as I raised my hand to knock.

‘Hello Gemma, come in.’

I cast a worried glance at his unreadable expression as I passed him and walked through to the kitchen clutching my Jokari paddle to my chest like a shield! I have never felt so anxious about a spanking since I started on this road! It was one thing to steal an orgasm, it’s quite another to pay up for it! I aimed for the high bar stools at the breakfast bar and made to sit down.

‘Don’t bother sitting Gemma,’ Graham announced from behind me, ‘we need to deal with your very serious and flagrant disregard of my rules. You may use the stool to bend over, remove your skirt and panties please and assume the position.’

Oh jesus mary and joseph, he was pissed and then royally at me. He never went straight into it like this. With some serious trepidation, I did as instructed and removed my skirt and panties and assumed the position over the stool. So, I’m only 5ft and the stool is quite high, which meant that if I was to assume a good position over the stool my feet were going to be completely off the floor and this was akin to an over the knee spanking without the knee!

‘Grip the bottom bar with your hands and do not let go. Do I make myself clear?’ Graham barked instructions at me from behind.

‘Yes’ I squeaked out. I grabbed the bars and hanging on for dear life I waited, and waited… and waited.

I lifted my head to see where Graham was and I was surprised and instantly humiliated to see a very gorgeous mountain of a man seating himself on the other bar stool at the side of mine. Graham appeared in front of me.

‘Gemma, this is my friend Thomas, he is very interested in being spanked and says he needs a disciplinarian to keep him in line. I invited him to watch you take your punishment so he can get an understanding of what to expect.’

not quite, but it felt like it might as well have been!

‘NO!’ The word escaped before I had chance to stop it or think it through!

‘No?’ Graham crouched down to look at me face to face, I could see the Jokari paddle in his hand as I lifted my head up to look at him.

‘I don’t think I want an audience Graham, this is bad enough as it is!’ I mumbled.

Who the hell was I kidding? My pussy was throbbing just at the thought that Thomas was sitting there watching my exposed bare ass and god knew what else, not that it mattered of course, Thomas was obviously Graham’s new boyfriend and therefore wholly uninterested in my bare ass and pussy waving at him.

‘It’s a shame you didn’t think about that before you decided to steal an orgasm after your last spanking Gemma. You break the rules, I reinforce them with new ones and introduce new levels of humiliation for you. Now, re-assume the position, this punishment is getting underway.’

Graham walked around me and positioned himself to one side so that he didn’t block Thomas’s view. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt finger nails running over my bare ass, goosebumps set up on the surface and tremors set up in my pussy causing it to throb away happily. I focused on the happy throbbing, it wasn’t going to be around for long, that much was for sure!

‘Under the circumstances Gemma, I think it’s only fair I ignore our previously planned spanking in favour of one that is a little harsher and longer.’ Graham talked like we were just sitting around and having a chat and I wasn’t really bent over a stool with my legs in the air and my arse on full and glorious display for all to see! Why didn’t he just get on with it FFS?

I mumbled something incoherent and put my head down and waited.

The first spank when it landed was softer than I expected, I relaxed a little and gave myself up to the sensations blooming slowly on the surface of my already bruised and sore bottom. The second spank landed and my backside exploded with pain! Bloody hell, he was going straight in at the top end, harsher and longer was going to be extremely painful! I yelped and barked out 2!

Graham laughed, ‘no counting Gemma, this goes on until my arm tires.’ With that, he picked up speed and strength and before long I was kicking and squealing and crying and begging for it to stop. I shouted ‘I’m sorry!’ so many times I gave up in the end and just sank into the head space that allowed me to just revel in the cleansing feeling a sound spanking gives me. Graham stopped after about 100 strokes of the Jokari paddle and changed over to his beloved cane. He had me get down of the stool and instructed me to hold on to Thomas’s knees for support. Oh boy, Thomas is a good looking and well built man and at this point I was eternally grateful he was gay as Graham positioned me in such a way as my face was directly over Thomas’s groin! If I moved my head at all, especially downwards, I was going to get a mouthful and Thomas was going to get a shock!

I braced myself when I heard Graham whip the cane through the air to test it. I gripped Thomas’s legs tightly and he (bless him) stroked my head like he was soothing a puppy. As the first stroke landed I yowled, once again, I had been instructed not to count, so I yowled loudly to make up for it. Thomas gripped my shoulders and stroked my head again. The second stroke whipped across the top of my thighs and I screamed in agony! Thomas jumped and held me more tightly. I so wanted to drop my head down at this point but I had realised that Thomas was very excited about his impromptu front row seat and he had a huge erection sitting mere millimetres from my face!

When the third, fourth and fifth strokes landed in quick succession I cried and sobbed and soaked Thomas’s groin with my tears. I gave up trying to hold my head up and I buried my face against his very hot and hard erection. Side benefits! Jesus he was well endowed!

The caning continued unabated through a further 10 strokes until finally Graham placed the cane across my back and instructed me to hold my position for 5 minutes. He whispered something to Thomas and he disappeared out of the room.

I remained in my position for the required 5 minutes and finally stood up and away from Thomas’s hot groin. My face was flushed and soaked with tears, my hair was all over the place and I looked a hot mess and no mistake. I couldn’t look Thomas in the eye so I turned and retrieved my underwear and skirt and quickly covered my glowing red hot bottom and thighs. Only then did I turn around and look at Thomas.

He was sat in the same position on his stool but he was stroking the cane with something akin to awe on his face and I laughed out loud. He looked at me surprised.

‘Why are you laughing?’ He smiled as he asked me. I pointed to the cane, ‘you are staring at that with such a look of awe and wonder on your face, trust me, you will learn to hate it once you have felt it across your backside a few times.’

With that said, I picked up the Jokari paddle and made a sharp exit left before Graham could come back in and say he hadn’t finished!

My backside was throbbing painfully and my thighs felt like they were on fire, but my pussy was making up for it all, she was hot and wet and throbbing and I was going home to make full use of her and Graham and June could just go fuck themselves with their orgasm ban! I had earned it!

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

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    1. Ahhh the day I met the bear heavily disguised as a submissive curious! LOL How the hell I ever fell for that ruse is entirely beyond me! But fell for it I did, oh well, it makes for some interesting reading that much is for sure! πŸ˜› xx

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