Dimash Qudaibergen 2019: Composure and refined performance!

The first song I’m featuring here is once again written by Igor Krutoy for Dimash to perform at the World Skills 2019 in I believe Kazakhstan. Don’t shoot me, my geography knowledge is rubbish.

However what I do know is this, so far you have heard him sing in French, Kazak, Russian and now in Ogni Pietra (Olympico) he sings in Italian. further down in this post he is going to be singing in English! Dimash sings in 12 different languages and while his pronunciation of certain words is not always perfect, the emotion of the words and song are there and he delivers, note perfect each and every time. I cannot fault him, I can only speak English and therefore could not nor should not comment on his pronunciation good or otherwise! I wouldn’t even attempt to speak in a foreign language let alone sing in 12 different ones!

Ogni Pietra is a call to greatness, a call to strive to do your best and was written to inspire the contestants of the world skills 2019 competition. For me, this song is a particular favourite because he makes the hairs stand up on my arms and gives me chills with his vocal acrobatics, just when you think you have heard everything he has to offer he gives you Ogni Pietra and in Italian no less!
I see Dimash growing so much in his performance technique and his composure while singing this song, it is hard to marry together the earlier performances on ‘the Singer in 2017’ to his now polished presentation in 2019. 2 short years can really make a difference. Once again his vocal range is stunning but it is his emotional connection to the song that is the stand out in this song for me. He fills your heart up with the drive to succeed. The best call to excellence I have ever heard.

So far on this trip through Dimash land, I have concentrated on the ballads and the obvious vocal versatility, sung in the neo-classical style. So, now I want to explore the different styles and genres he performs in. Screaming is sung in English and this I think was his first official contemporary music video. He does all his own backing vocals too, and as usual we are treated to the vocal gymnastics he is renowned for.

I confess, while I like this song, it is not my preferred genre, so other than to say WOW when he vocalises the instrumental section and gives us a stunning staccato run mid way through, which is so exceptionally difficult to do and which he delivers with such ease, I have little to add on the content. It’s a contemporary pop song and he delivers a stunning performance vocally and visually. He could make me a convert to pop music if they all come out like this one.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy two more trips into the awe inspiring world of Dimash Qudaibergen and his world class voice.

8 thoughts on “Dimash Qudaibergen 2019: Composure and refined performance!

  1. I had to google “Kazakhstan” and learn a bit about the country and culture as I had never heard of it. I am very quickly falling for Dimash…he voice is simply incredible. I loved the first song here, and the second song (in English) is okay, but just doesn’t highlight his best talent. Thank you so much for introducing us to him, Gemma! Such an unexpected and amazing treat from my favorite writer of erotica πŸ™‚ XOXO

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    • Yeah, I’m a bit of a dark horse where music is concerned, most people assume I will be into rock or heavy metal or something! I like both of those kinds of music but my passion is classical, neo-classical and opera. I can get lost in those voices for hours, they sooth me. Finding Dimash’s music was a complete revelation to me, I had no idea one person could have such a profound effect on me musically.
      As for these two songs, I agree with you wholeheartedly, Ogni Pietra is such a stunning piece that shows off Dimash’s vocal range and technical prowess beautifully, it is such a powerful song and he once again holds you spell bound as you watch and listen. The second song, while it is a master class in vocal ability, seriously, those staccato notes he pulls off towards the end are beyond stunning, I still feel a little bit meh! towards the style of song. I do think a lot of it is to do with production. In all of the previous videos we are watching him sing live. In ‘screaming’, it is a music video designed for the mass market. There is nothing wrong with that, there is a definite market for any kind of Dimash music! But, I feel we see him at his very best during live performances. I confess to having a tiny musical crush on Igor Krutoy. His compositions are so complex but so simply beautiful I can listen to them on a loop and never get bored.
      Hmm, I have gone on and on, apparently I really like talking about this stuff… who knew? πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
      Anyway, so glad you are enjoying learning about all things Dimash! I shall keep the posts coming!

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      • Please do! You are teaching me so much about this! I know next to nothing about classical, neo classical, or opera…just the small bit I learned in my music appreciation class twenty years ago! You are really giving me an education πŸ™‚ XOXO


      • There is one other rather large consideration between the different styles, when he sings the neo-classical stuff it is usually in a foreign language and so we concentrate on the tone of his voice, the melody and the beautiful vocals and don’t worry about pronunciation, when he sings in English we can hear the heavily accented words and perhaps it distracts us somewhat from his voice and the melody. We concentrate on understanding the words rather than just listen to the melody. Just a random thought… πŸ˜€ xx


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