Tom – Day 4 of 7

Yesterday kick started a hunger deep inside me, I can feel it crawling through me, pussy throbs heavily, incessantly, not her usual mild song of ‘can we play’! This is insistent, demanding, find him, take him, feed me! It’s early, too early to wake Tom, but I don’t care.

I paced at the end of the bed, I’ve tried soothing pussy with masturbation but she’s not giving it up. It isn’t flirty fingers she wants it’s Tom. All of him. My pussy is in control of my mind and body right now and I have no control.

I’ve gone feral. This all consuming feeling is new to me, I am predatory. I want to bite, scratch, fuck and drain him and then start all over again. I’m hungry.

He is sound asleep, arm thrown over his eyes against the early morning sun streaming in across the bed, sheet barely covering his hips, naked chest covered in a light sheen of sleep sweat. His massive frame makes the whole picture raw and rugged and I hear myself growl low in my throat. I am so damned hungry!

I stood at the bottom of the bed and tugged the sheet away from him slowly revealing his beautiful rigid cock. This was more than his usual ‘morning glory’ erection. Either he was having a hot dream or he was awake and waiting.

I didn’t care, if it was a hot dream, I would add myself to his dynamic. I would control his dream from the outside. I wanted him inside me. If he’s awake, then he’s already aware of my mood. He knows, he can feel it coming off me in waves. His cock twitches and jumps as I let out a small snarl. Precum glistens at his tip.

He’s awake. I slid up the bed, stroking his leg lightly running fingertips along his thigh across his flat stomach, I flick my finger tip across the tip of his cock and collect a small prize, I suck the taste of him off my finger on my way up to the smattering of hair on his chest. Just enough for me to fist my hand into a ball and tug. Pussy contracts at the taste of him, my thighs are wet, dripping with juices.

I’m on all fours at his side, I want to straddle his hips and take him, but he’s resisting. Staying on his side. Denying me. I tug at the hair again and he drags in a sharp breath. I smile and mount his hip.

He doesn’t move, his breathing is ragged but he’s denying me access to my prize. I run my nails down his chest, sharp jagged needles across his skin, a flurry of goose bumps shower his torso at the light pain I’m inflicting. I can hear a low rumbling growl coming from deep inside his chest but still he doesn’t move.

My frustration mounts, I rub my wet mound across his hip, I rock myself over his hip bone and mimic the act, still with one hand tangled in his chest hair, the other travelling down to his thick shaft. I find my prize again, more clear precum. I swipe my finger and raise it to my lips and suck. I close my eyes and savour his salty gift. I drop my fingers back down and wrap them around his thick pulsing shaft and I stroke, and grip and slide them along the length of him and then back down to the base. Slowly, steadily, methodically robbing him of his breath, forcing his pulse to pound, driving his hunger for release.

His growl erupts from his chest and I am elated by the sound. Excitement courses through me as I slide from my mount and drop down to slide my hungry mouth along his thick pulsing cock.

He grabs a handful of my hair and pushes my head down further, forcing his cock all the way in and down my throat, I gag, and gasp as he begins to thrust his hips and grip my head until I choke on his length. Only then does he allow me to withdraw for air. Spittle runs from my lips, hangs from my chin as he pulls my head back and our eyes lock. His powerful lust calls to my feral hunger and I snarl as he tightens his grip on my hair. Excitement courses through me and arrows down to my pussy. I’m so wet and slick, it’s a crime to waste it all.

I bring my body around so he can have me with his mouth as I slide my lips down his length and then pull back to suck on his swollen tip, my tongue flicks along the sensitive rim and I feel him buck and thrust deeper into me. He releases my hair and grabs my hips and grinds them down onto his face as he rolls onto his back and pins my hips with his powerful arms. He sucks and strokes, and flicks his tongue everywhere, my clit is pulsing heavily, I am desperate to cum, his perfect tongue thrusts deep inside pussy’s wet walls and he brings his fingers into play. My face is impaled on his thick shaft and he fucks it, harder and faster as his passion grows. I take it all.

I feel the sharp sting of the first hard slap across my ass and it sends a shockwave of painful pleasure straight to my pussy and she begins her steady climb to the top. He spanks again and again, measuring his spanks with my rhythm on his cock.

His cock thickens impossibly, I am stretched to my limit but I can’t stop. He thrusts up into my mouth as his fingers sink deeply into my pussy and invade my ass and I rock back on them and growl loudly around his girth. I explode inside and a scream rips through me. I soak him in my juices and shudder and rock harder against his probing fingers as my orgasm tears at my insides.

He arches and roars his satisfaction as his hot cum shoots down the back of my throat, he bucks and pumps harder, I swallow and suck and take all of it and still there is more. His hand grips my hair again and pulls me off him, his last shot of hot cream hits my cheek and lips and now it’s his turn to snarl. His lip curls and his eyes are dark and dangerous.

I woke a sleeping beast and I am his prey… now he will feed my hunger.

  1. You woke the beast and you were ravaged!!!
    I love how you described yourself as feral… I know that feeling, and know that when I am feeling that way nothing can sate me other than a good hard fucking. No amount of masturbation comes close to taking the edge off. You have completely captured the intensity of that sort of build up…hats off to you, Gem!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Um…..what he said. Only mine will be very cold. And you know why lol Love it as usual this is such an erotic yet emotional story too. (Oh no I am throwing that damn ‘e’ word around without care) I am on laptop otherwise there would be giggling tongue out emoji.


    Liked by 2 people

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