Tom – Day 3 of 9


If ever I was in any doubt that Tom was super human, that doubt was eradicated yesterday! He managed a colossal 11 orgasms before he threw in the towel. I am massively impressed!

I am also massively in trouble. He muttered words like pay back and your ass is mine tomorrow lady, and spanking, and one long hard fuck that will last all damned day! before he went to sleep last night.

Okay, so maybe I played a little too hard, for a little too long, but hell it was worth it. He really is magnificent. Besides, I really do get off on the power transfer thing, it’s not something I’m usually comfortable with, the dynamics of it get a little too confusing for me. I begin to feel uneasy about holding the power after a while and want to give it back.

With Tom, I can. He rolls with whatever I come up with and adjusts, adapts and gives me what I need for as long as I need it. When I don’t he happily steps back in and turns the table around again. I like that. He doesn’t appear to have an ego at all. He makes me want to experiment with everything to see where we both draw the line. So far, no lines have been drawn. One or two got pencilled in but they were quickly erased when I realised he would only go as far and as fast as I indicated. He follows my lead.

His personality has morphed in the short time he’s been here with me. When he first came around, he was definitely leaning towards submission and compliance. By the end of day One of 9 days, I realised that was a very minor part of his personality. This man is all Alpha with a penchant for being dominated by a strong willed woman. Me in particular.

I can and will dominate him when I feel like I am being swamped by his more powerful personality but to be fair, it doesn’t happen often, and I respond on a completely primal level to his dominance of me sexually, it excites me like nothing else ever has, I am loving it.

All these thoughts are swirling around in my head as I sit naked on the sofa in my bedroom, drinking coffee and musing the twists and turns of our time together. Tom is sound asleep and probably will be for at least another hour. I have time to settle myself before he comes for me.

Less than 20 minutes later, he woke up. ‘Hey.’ He mumbled. I lifted my head and smiled at him, ‘hey…’ I responded quietly.

He slid from the bed and headed for the bathroom, grabbing my hand on his way past and hauling me to my feet. ‘We’re taking a shower.’ He said and just like that he was in the day, in my space, taking control of my body and mind and I revelled in it.

He turned on the shower and pulled me inside with him. I squealed as the spray of cold water hit me and he laughed.

‘Don’t worry baby, the heat is coming, I promise you.’ He whispered huskily. He leaned down and captured my mouth with his for a long hot steamy kiss. He began lathering soap into my skin, his hands were everywhere, covering my breasts massaging them, pinching my nipples hard, sliding his fingers between my thighs to rub his slick soapy fingers against my clit and massage my vulva until I was writhing against his hands. All I could do was hold on tight. Needy, greedy, urgent little moans escaped my mouth as he brought my body alive. I wanted to climb up him and sink him inside me.

He grunted low and deep in the back of his throat, and the intensity ratcheted up three notches above sky rocketing! He grabbed my ass with both hands and lifted me up against the tiles. I wrapped my legs around his hips and gripped tightly as he thrust up and deep inside me. He spread his legs wide to brace us as he leaned one hand on the wall and gripped my ass tightly with the other. He pumped hard and fast and filled me with every inch of his thick cock. I was reaching for climax inside of a short minute! He was everywhere, taking all of me, covering me, absorbing me into him and I could only hang on for all I was worth and take the ride with him. I came hard around him as I gripped his cock with my muscles, my insides turned to molten liquid and I went under as my orgasm rippled and built and roared home. I moaned and panted and cried out his name as he continued to thrust and drive himself deeper into me until there was no space left between us. He pushed me up against the tiles and grabbed a handful of my hair pulling my head back so he could take my mouth with his tongue while he impaled me on his cock. I was gone.

I became a mass of sensations, explosions, fireworks! Pure lust drove the heat through us both and he groaned deeply as he thrust harder and faster until he exploded and shot his hot seed deep inside me filling me with himself. It bathed my insides with fierce heat and I felt my own body climb fast and hard in response. I tensed every muscle as another orgasm robbed me of my breath as it raged through me. Tears flowed, I had no control over them. He kissed my face as he continued to thrust and pump and pound into me. My god this man was insatiable and by definition so was I.

He was climbing again, I could feel his thick solid member throbbing inside me. He was urgent in his movements, his big hands gripped my waist and he lifted me off him and turned me around. He bent me over and I braced my arms against the tiles for support as his cock claimed me again. He slapped my ass hard as he pumped and drove himself in and withdrew to the tip and then plunged heavily in to my waiting pussy, I pushed my ass up higher and leaned lower to take his cock and he drove into me faster and faster until he roared and filled me again. I was swallowed up by his hands and lifted and turned and legs thrown around his waist again he buried his tongue in my mouth and mine danced with his as he gripped my hair and pulled hard. I cried out against the pain and every muscle tensed as he pulled again and thrust again, and grunted and I moaned and squealed when he dragged his mouth from mine and gripped my hard nipple between his teeth and nipped, then sucked as he fucked the life out of me and then into me. I was a maelstrom of feelings, sensations, emotions. Pain erupted in my nipple shooting down to my pussy and setting her on fire with it’s raw heat, he gripped my ass tightly and bucked and fucked me until I was screaming in ecstasy.

Finally, finally, finally he slowed his onslaught and then gradually stopped. He placed us both back under the shower and the water soothed my overheated skin, I rubbed soap into his massive chest and worked it into his skin, my fingers slid over the surface of his abs and down to his still semi hard cock. I stroked it and cleaned it with my soapy hands as he kissed me and held me steady against him. His cock responded beautifully to my ministrations and was standing proudly, rigidly from his groin and I slid down him until I crouched before that stunning member and slid my lips along it’s length and took him into my mouth. His hand came down and rested against the back of my head as he thrust his hips forward and began to fuck my mouth. I took all of him. I dragged my mouth up and down his thick cock until he grabbed my head with both hands and forced me to be still while he filled my mouth with his seed. I drank from him. There was so much it spilled out, I swallowed and still there was more as he swore and grunted and thrust hard until he was spent and I was full.

I slid back up his body, completely spent but euphoric in my exhaustion. Tom took the shower head and rinsed us both down with clean hot water, then lifted me out of the shower, wrapped me up in a huge towel and carried me back into the bedroom.

He had only just gotten started…

    1. Erm, no can safely say without giving any of his details out he is not Irish Greek. Just gonna say though, if your Ben turns out to be anything like Tom then you are gonna have your hands full for a very long time… just sayin’. πŸ˜› x


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