Thomas gets his first spanking!

Aw bless it’s his first spanking!

So after watching Thomas almost melt down at the idea I was going to spank him that minute, (see Oh My Life! Thomas?! ) I realised I did actually want to see that man’s (hopefully hairless) backside over my knee! However there was a rather large fly in the ointment of this particular want and it was called Graham.

Now, I can be reckless and I can fly by the seat of my pants and not care about consequences when it comes to getting the things I want, but if Graham has done nothing else by way of disciplining me, he has instilled a deep seated ‘hang on, how will Graham react to that?’ thing in my psyche. My bottom tingles in warning whenever I have that thought and I pull back from just going after what I want.

That tingle had set up its warning immediately on the heels of the thought of Thomas over my knee. See? I can learn. Eventually… after many, many spankings!

many spankings

I grinned at his worried face, he had gone from sexy sidelong looks to shocked and pale in a nanosecond! I know that feeling, it’s awesome in its fearful excitement! I burst his bubble.

‘You’re a very lucky man Thomas, there is no way I am going to usurp Graham on your first spanking! I believe that’s what they call a transgression too far.’ I sat down at the table and watched him visibly relax but then conversely look disappointed at the same time. I knew that feeling too.

‘Jeez, I really thought you were going to spank me then. You had me going!’ He laughed nervously and the colour rose in his face, he was so very embarrassed right now, because he knew I could read his face like a book.

I grinned at him like the cat who caught the canary. ‘And spank you I will, but not before you ask Graham for permission for me to do so. No way am I treading on his territory! Please lets not forget how formidable he is with a cane in his hand and the fact that he’s in charge of my discipline! I am not handing him that one on a plate. You need to talk to him.’

but not until Graham says Yes!

He grinned at me suddenly and jumped up from his seat. ‘Well I better go and ask for Graham’s permission and let you get on with taking your pleasure! Should I let on to Graham that you’re breaking his rules again?’ He had a huge smirk on his face as he said it and I laughed at his audacity.

‘Well, that depends on if you want to have any skin left on your backside at all. My advice? I wouldn’t tell Graham. Because I will be spanking you one day soon, of that you can be sure.’ I was laughing as I walked ahead of him to the door. Before I could open it I felt my skirt lift at the back and his cool hand stroke my overheated naked butt cheek!

‘Oi! No groping my backside, that’s strictly invite only!’ I smacked his hand away and turned around to glare at him. He had the good grace to look sheepish and stared down at his feet as he apologised. ‘I’m sorry, I haven’t really recovered from having your face buried in my groin earlier and I just couldn’t resist, your ass is bouncing under that skirt like two puppies fighting under a blanket!’

‘Yeah?’ I raised my eyebrow at him and gave him an extremely stern look. ‘Well Mister, you just earned yourself a very hard spanking with the Jokari paddle immediately after your first spanking with Graham. When he’s done with you, you get your sorry ass back around here and you will drop your pants and climb over my knee to have your ass toasted! Do I make myself clear?’

Yes Ma’am… I … I don’t…’ He stammered at me as I opened the front door and stepped back to let him leave.

‘I don’t want to hear your excuses Thomas, you have your instructions, I would suggest you follow them to the letter or it will be the worse for your behind I promise you. Oh and I will be informing Graham right now about our arrangement and your agreement that he will be your disciplinarian beginning immediately and you are returning for your first caning session with him as soon as you get back to his house!’

I closed the door on his shocked face and grabbed my phone. I texted Graham and told him what had happened, and how I had decided to deal with it, I got an immediate text back from him.

‘Well in light of what you’ve just told me, I think it’s only fair you come and witness Thomas’s first discipline session with me? He sat in on yours, seems only fair you should return the favour. You can take him back with you then! LOL xx’

YES! Result, two kisses at the end of the text meant he wasn’t pissed with me for leaving before he came back, and bonus I get to see Thomas drop his pants and take his very first spanking! I ran up the stairs and got dressed properly, I checked my hair and smiling broadly I made my way over to Graham’s house. I was going to enjoy this!

When I got to Graham’s, the door had been left open for me and I walked in and shouted ‘hello!’ Graham came out of the office and gave me a lovely hug and a kiss on the cheek! So not like him, ever! But I’ll take that over disappointed looks any day of the week!

‘We’re in the office this evening, I thought the desk might be more appropriate to the occasion, what do you think?’ He asked in a very conversational tone.

Okay so now add gobsmacked to my surprise, never has Graham actually asked for my opinion on where a spanking should take place! I was definitely sitting on the right side of Graham in spanking mode this time! I nodded and remained mute, I thought this was safest. No need to burst the happy bubble!

We entered the office and Thomas stood waiting nervously by the desk. The look on his face when he saw me standing there with Graham was absolutely priceless! His colour faded and his mouth actually dropped a little bit open in shock. I grinned, I confess, my grin was pure evil. I was really looking forward to this and nothing was going to stop me from enjoying it.

I sat in the leather arm chair on the far side of the room but directly facing the desk. Birdseye view anyone?

Front row seat to a virgin spanking! YES!!

Graham stood by my side and gave Thomas the most withering glare I have ever seen him deliver. I shivered involuntarily, that look did not bode well for Thomas’s ass. Gray got right into it, his voice as cold as Siberia. ‘You groped my girl’s ass?’ I shivered again then his words sunk in!

Both myself and Thomas stared open mouthed at Graham! His Girl?? Me?? WTF??

Thomas tried to stammer an explanation out that he lost control of his manners for a moment, Graham stopped him dead in his tracks.

‘There is no earthly reason good enough to excuse you for groping Gem’s ass without her express permission. While I may be gay and not interested in her sexually, she is my girl, I am her disciplinarian, that ass belongs to me and you sir are about to feel my wrath for having touched it without invite. Drop your trousers and pants and assume the position over the desk. Fold your arms behind your back and lock them together. Do not move an inch unless I tell you to. Do you understand?’

I was in shock at Graham’s words, I had never heard him describe who I was to him before, ah but Thomas… Thomas was grey, ‘yes sir…’ he mumbled quietly while he fumbled with his jeans and shorts. Finally they fell to around his ankles ably aided by the heavy leather belt threaded through the loops. He turned to bend over the desk and folded his arms behind his back as per Gray’s instructions.

Graham looked at me and winked, ‘Gemma be a darling and retrieve the groper’s belt for me please.’

I darted across the room and pulled the belt free from Thomas’s jeans, turned, handed it to Graham and sat down again quickly. I couldn’t take my eyes off that ass! It was beautiful! Not a hair on it, full and plump and cream and just screaming to be spanked until it was bright red! Oh joy of joys!

Graham stepped up behind Thomas and rolled the thick heavy leather belt around his hand until he had a good 12 inch tail. He swung his arm and brought that belt down hard across both of those beautiful butt cheeks! OMG! The YOWL that came from Thomas was quite frankly, exquisite! Graham positioned himself to one side of him and brought down the second stroke equally as hard and I watched as both cheeks bloomed bright red in a thick band straight across them. Thomas held his position but he cried out and then stopped. I could almost hear him thinking he needed to man up. It had been 10 strokes in with the paddle before I had yowled like that! Pussy! Talking of which, my pussy was now singing from the happy hymn book of Spankers paradise and was throbbing away ecstatically! I was squirming happily on my seat! Damn this was HOT! I was in my version of heaven right now and I confess I was a little bit in love with Graham for being such a fabulous Alpha Male Disciplinarian! He looked beautifully masculine in his open necked white shirt and black slacks. Sleeves were rolled back and his forearm muscles rippled as he raised that belt and brought it across Thomas’s ass with such strength and precision, I was almost panting!

The strapping continued unabated for a further 20 measured heavy, hard strokes! Thomas’s ass was bright red and welted. He was sobbing uncontrollably but fair play, he held his position for the whole 22 strokes and that was no mean feat! I was impressed with his stamina.

Graham dropped the heavy belt onto the desk beside Thomas’s face, ‘do not move out of position until I tell you to, if you move so much as an inch I will repeat the strapping, do I make myself clear?’

‘Yes sir.’ Thomas mumbled. The whole thing had taken just under 15 minutes, Gray never rushed his discipline, he liked a stroke to settle before he came at you with the next one. He guessed correctly that it hurt more that way. I almost felt sorry for Thomas, his backside must be throbbing like crazy. Damn it looked sore as hell!

Graham came over and sat on the arm of my chair and put his arm across my shoulders and hugged me to him. ‘You shouldn’t have left earlier without talking to me about your punishment but I do understand why you did and there won’t be any repercussions from it, okay?’

I looked up at him with what could only be described as the most adoring look I have ever bestowed on any man who wasn’t my son!

Graham smiled and winked, ‘Thomas!’ he barked the name out. Thomas jumped but didn’t move out of position. ‘In 30 seconds you will stand up and turn around, put your hands on your head and leave your pants around your ankles, remain that way for 10 minutes. You will keep eye contact with Gemma! She will inform you when the time is up. You will comply completely with her wishes. Do I make myself clear?’

Thomas barely squeaked out ‘Yes sir.’

I have to go and do some work, my absence does not afford you any room for manoeuvre. Gemma will inform me if you do not follow my instructions.’

‘Yes sir’ Thomas mumbled again. Before he could turn around Gray had planted a big kiss on my cheek and left the room.

Thomas turned to face me and oh my GOD he was HUGE!! I mean, he was so hard I thought he might actually explode, I let my eyes rest on his engorged member for at least 5 of his 10 minutes of utter humiliation. Well, it was probably more like 9 minutes but who’s counting? I felt vindicated. For his part I could see the humiliation of his condition clearly in his eyes whenever I spared them a glance. It was rare, but it did happen. I decided to increase his agitation a little with a small reminder.

‘You still have a hard over the knee spanking to come from me but I intend to make you wait at least an hour until this spanking has settled in properly and your arse is throbbing and painful to sit on before I have my turn on it!’

Thomas truly looked like the bottom had just fallen out of his world. It had, and it had fallen right into mine!

After his ten minutes were up I told him to pull his trousers up, go wash his face and meet me at the front door in exactly 5 minutes.

Life is good people, life is really good!

All pictures are courtesy of the internet, ownership and copyright remain with the respective owners and I claim no right to them.

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

10 thoughts on “Thomas gets his first spanking!

    1. I’m afraid not Christian, but you’ll understand why when you read on, and please bear in mind this all happened some time ago now. But thank you for the compliment of asking!
      It looks like you may be reading these posts on the Word Press reader, they are out of sequence on there, may be easier to follow if you read them on my website instead. They’re all in order on there. πŸ˜€

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  1. It looks like I finally caught up to where I started reading from last year…but now I have all the earlier posts for context! Loving your story, Gemma! Hope all is well… I noticed you haven’t been around much lately….


    1. It has been rather an interesting ride! I’m okay Nora, just suffering with a lost creativity bubble right now. Some one made me sad. I have no doubt I will find my kinky again and get my writing mojo back but for the time being … got nothin’. Better not to waste my time and my readers time with drivel that is well below par.
      In other news, I keep seeing the advert on WP to create an Anchor account – I wonder how the Journals would sound as a podcast? Can you imagine listening to Karla et al? Imagine the sound of the spankings!! I might just go down the route of trying it out you know! It will be fun if nothing else! πŸ˜€ xx

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      1. Hugs, my friend…. I am sorry to hear that someone has made you sad. I am feeling a strong urge to ride my broom across the pond and knock some heads together. I do hope that you feel in better spirits soon.
        I had been ignoring the Anchor account business…but, the way you describe it does make it sound quite fun! I hope you go down this route…. I would LOVE to hear the Karla series….and, I love imagining how you might recreate all those spanking sounds…… πŸ˜‰


      2. T’is what it is Nora, some people just don’t want to put the work in to get the good stuff out.
        Anyway, I am gonna play with this Anchor account thing for a bit and see what it’s like, if it’s any good I will post something. πŸ˜€

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