Oh My Life! Thomas?!

So my introduction to Thomas was major humiliation from start to finish, actually we didn’t meet face to face until the very end of my spanking from Graham, although Thomas was there right from the start of it!

He was introduced soundly to my bottom and pussy on full show to him and then I came face to clothed (thankfully, I may never have recovered otherwise) rather large erection for the latter half of my caning from Graham.

I couldn’t wait to get out of Gray’s that day and to be honest I was hell bent on getting home and crawling into bed with a very large and satisfying toy and putting the whole sorry and painful experience behind me.

It wasn’t to be… as we know, the best laid plans of mice and men are apt to go astray, especially when you just get settled into a very hot rhythm and the doorbell rings… ignore it, rings again… Oh fuck off, ignore it, they’ll go away… it rings again and doesn’t stop ringing! FFS!!

I jumped out of bed grabbed my skirt and pulled it on quickly followed by a T-shirt and I ran down the stairs arriving at the door looking like a complete crazy woman as I threw it open and shouted ‘WHAT?’

Thomas, gorgeous, sexy as fuck, gay Thomas, took a quick step back and laughed nervously, he shrugged his shoulders a little and smiled at me, ‘I just wanted to see if you’re okay? I was upset with Gray because he let you leave without talking you down from the spanking and caning! Is that normal for you two?’

I love my imagination!

I shrugged my shoulders and stood back, ‘you may as well come in, I’m not having that conversation on the doorstep!’ I closed the door behind him and signalled he follow me down the hall and through to the kitchen where I offered him a seat at the table and a drink. He declined the drink but sat down and waited for me to join him before he started speaking again.

‘Are you ok?’ He looked properly concerned for me and I got a tiny warm fuzzy thing going on in my tummy at his care. ‘I promise you Thomas, I’m perfectly fine. Normally Graham would talk me down from a spanking and caning and we would then discuss why he felt I needed such harsh discipline, but this time I think he might have continued when he came back in the room so I got off before he could add to his handy work. No doubt I will pay for that at a later date but I don’t care.’ I smiled broadly at him and he laughed and visibly relaxed.

‘Can I ask you… why do you want to be spanked by a gay man?’ He was watching me carefully as he asked the question, and I wondered where this was leading but I answered happily enough.

‘Well the fact that he is gay is very secondary to the fact that he is an awesome disciplinarian, plus I know when I receive a spanking from Gray the lines won’t get blurred from punishment to sexual. I had another male friend who is straight who used to spank me and we pretty much always ended up having mind blowing sex immediately after the spanking! Then there’s June, she’s quite another story…’ I wandered off the beaten track with my thoughts and went silent. A thought suddenly struck me, ‘why do you want Graham to discipline you?’

Thomas coloured beautifully and shifted his position on the chair before he cleared his throat and answered me. ‘I’ve known Graham a lot of years, we used to work together, he used to joke with me that I could do with a disciplinarian to help me control my more excessive behaviour and I didn’t really know what he meant so I asked him and he was very colourful in his description of what it would entail. From that day to this I have had those thoughts running around at the back of my mind and I think it’s time I at least tried it out to see if I could take a spanking from him and also to see whether it actually helps me with my discipline problems. Does it help you with yours?’ He was genuinely curious and I liked him for his openness to discuss it with me, essentially a complete stranger!

‘Most of the time it does, but I have two disciplinarians anyway so I figure if I have to take spankings from both of them then I may as well earn some of those spankings at least!’ We both burst out laughing at my defiance and he reached over and grabbed my hand and held it for a few moments.

See me? I’m still under the impression I’m talking to a gay man and I am completely at ease with the hand holding thing right up until the moment he drops his little bombshell.

He gave me a really sexy sideways look ‘I have never been so turned on as when you stripped off your skirt and panties and bared all to me as you positioned yourself over the stool! That has to be the hottest thing I have ever witnessed! Then when Graham made you bend over and grab my thighs for the caning… I don’t know how I didn’t explode!’

I pulled my hand out of his and sat there staring stupidly at him for a whole minute before I said, ‘you aren’t Gray’s new boyfriend? I thought you were Gray’s new partner! Oh my god! I’m gonna kill that man one of these days! The only reason I stripped so readily in front of you was because I thought you were gay and you wouldn’t be interested in what was on show!’

Thomas burst out laughing! Oh my god, how could you think I was gay? You all but had me in your mouth throughout the whole caning! I’m pretty sure no gay man would get turned on to that magnitude watching a woman take a spanking and caning! I assure you I am not Gray’s boyfriend, we are good friends that’s all and my discipline issues are based around time keeping, forgetfulness, late delivery of reports that kind of thing. I’m basically brilliantly lazy but I’m excellent at what I do so it saves my skin. It won’t do that forever so I need to find a way to shock myself into delivering the goods on time! I can’t believe you thought I was gay!’ He was laughing out loud now and to be fair it was a very attractive look on him. Flashing white teeth in a very ‘pretty’ face, handsome was too strong a word for him really, but he had lashes that went on forever and was blessed with those dark swarthy good looks that make me think bedroom, and other stuff. It was around that time I heard a very distinctive buzzing sound coming from above us. I glanced up at the kitchen ceiling wondering if the light was buzzing and had the sudden maddeningly embarrassing realisation it was my vibrator I could hear and no doubt so could Thomas!

I coloured up fabulously, I could feel my face burning as I excused myself and ran full belt up the stairs and into my bedroom which is above the bloody kitchen! I grabbed the vibrator off the floor where it must have fallen during my earlier mad dash to get to answer the front door! No wonder it had sounded so loud! I switched it off and threw it on the bed and ran down the stairs and back into the kitchen. Thomas was grinning at me broadly now, a very knowing expression on his face and I coloured up again instantly.

‘So, that would explain why you answered the door the way you did, I obviously disturbed you. I’m sorry…’ He didn’t look bloody sorry! He looked delighted!

I suddenly sized up my attitude toward him and levelled him with a stern look. ‘You should pay for that you know, maybe you should have a spanking from me for disturbing my much needed pleasure time!’ Score! the look on his face was priceless, and then even more so when he realised I might actually mean it!

Seriously, life just got real interesting really fast!

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