Part 12: Ian’s Story. New Rules.

Ian arrived in work at 8.15am. He wandered around preparing the office for the day, his mind skittering back to the previous evening with Laura and Eileen.

His cock jumped and twitched as he remembered the moment Eileen had produced a strap-on from her bag and stepped into the harness, tightening the buckles as she raised her eyebrow at Laura. Laura had gulped a little at the size of the dildo now protruding from Eileen’s body but she had grinned and nodded silently. Ian had seen Eileen’s eyes darken with pure lust as she strutted towards his wife with the huge appendage jutting out, glistening with lubrication. Laura licked her lips nervously but Eileen was in control. She looked across at Ian and grinned at him as she pulled Laura down to the end of the bed and positioned her on her knees in front of her. The huge cock looked to Ian like it might split her in two as Eileen pushed the huge bulbous head against Laura’s dripping pussy spreading her wide with its girth, she was gentle at first, probing the tip of the dildo into Laura’s wetness and pushing slowly until Laura began to growl and push back wanting to feel the cock fully inside her. Eileen plunged deep inside her and rode her pussy until his wife was screaming in ecstasy as she orgasmed over and over again. She swore each time Eileen thrust in and gasped and moaned each time she withdrew, begging her to fuck her hard, begging her to make her cum again and again. She gushed juices over the two women and Eileen laughed delightedly as Laura writhed and rutted beneath her. She gripped Laura’s ass and spread those juices all over her heavily bruised bottom. Laura moaned as the bruises from her three nights of spanking throbbed unbearably at the new pressure being applied to them. Both of the women had completely forgotten about him.

He remained in the corner, hands on his head, his cock dribbling in its cage, a small damp patch resting on the surface of the carpet. He groaned heavily as he watched his wife take the fucking of a life time from her boss and he was jealous. He wanted to fuck Laura like that, she wouldn’t let him, said he was too big for her, what the fuck was that about? Look at the size of that fucking dildo! Ian had muttered and mumbled to himself while the women fucked in front of him, oblivious to his presence, soaked in a sheen of sweat and pussy juices, they changed positions, Laura on top bouncing her pussy and bruised ass up and down on that monster cock and Ian felt like his cock was going to explode in the cage from the pressure. His frustration climbed, he moaned loudly, he was desperate to fuck Laura’s ass while she bounced on that fucking dildo!

Ian grunted and stirred his coffee furiously as the memory of his own reactions came back full force, his face turned crimson as he remembered how he had cried like a baby letting the tears slide down his face because he wanted to be the one fucking her rigid! He wanted to do that to Laura, she wouldn’t let him because he was shit in the bedroom she said. He had hurt her. Why the fuck had he not known she could be like this? He was humiliated. He was completely caught up in his memories now, work forgotten, or at least it could be until dickhead George came in and started gobbing off all over the place about what a shrew his missus was! Fucking hell, he thought he had problems, at least his cock wasn’t all caged up! Although Ian wasn’t so sure anymore, I mean, how would you know? George always went to the stalls alone, maybe he was hiding the same secret as Ian was? Fuck it, he couldn’t exactly ask him could he?

He sat down in his seat gingerly and picked up his coffee cup. His mind picked up where he had left off. There was no escaping his part in last night’s events or his role in the entertainment.

He hadn’t been able to help himself and he had dropped down on to his knees and crawled slowly across to the side of the bed and sat cuddling his caged cock as he watched his wife and her boss fuck each other relentlessly. Laura was now wearing the strap-on, and she was magnificent in her domination of Eileen. Ian was shocked at how easily Eileen had submitted to his wife. He had always thought she was a ball breaker and Laura was a mouse! How wrong could he be? He mewled quietly as Laura claimed and tamed her boss, spanking her ass as she fucked her pussy, gripping her hair as she thrust into her, demanding she control her orgasm, ordering her to wait, not yet, you don’t cum until I say you can, she whispered in Eileen’s ear as she leaned over her and fucked her long and hard and Eileen had begged and pleaded, ‘please Laura, please let me cum, I can’t hold on any more…’ Ian had watched as Laura took command of the power that Eileen had handed her. ‘Try darling, or I will have to punish you, hold on Eileen, not yet…’ Eileen had squealed and moaned and did exactly as Laura ordered.

Laura’s own orgasm spiralled and she growled low in Eileen’s ear, ‘cum for me Eileen,’ and Eileen had screamed in delicious ecstasy as her body convulsed and released her juices at the same time as Laura’s body did the same. She withdrew from Eileen’s soaked pussy and the two women collapsed in a heap of limbs on the bed. Both exhausted, satiated, flushed and damp. Their skin glistened, slick with sweat and Ian whimpered as he watched his wife sooth her lover in the afterglow of their frenzied coupling sliding her fingers between the other woman’s pussy lips stroking her clit lazily as Eileen’s hips wriggled and lifted off the bed for better contact.

Laura looked across suddenly like she had only just realised he was there and she smiled lazily at him. ‘I don’t remember telling you to move from your corner Ian,’ she remonstrated mildly with him. He hung his head waiting for a punishment to be handed out. Laura laughed at him. ‘Yes darling you will have to take six with the cane so shall we get that out of the way now or later?’

Ian grimaced at the thought and whispered in a subdued voice, ‘later please Laura.’

She grinned at him, ‘Later it is, I have another job for you anyway. Come up here darling, would you like a taste of all this glorious cum? I bet you would…’ she said as she smiled wickedly at him. He didn’t need a second invite, he was up and on the bed in a flash and Eileen raised herself up on her elbows to watch him. Her bared breasts bouncing gently as she moved, her legs still spread wide, her glistening pussy with pink and pouting swollen lips on full view. She glared at him for disturbing Laura from her play! Ian glared back but lowered his gaze and quickly moved over to Laura.

He had stupidly gone straight to lie between her legs thinking she would let him lick her pussy. Fuck that, his wife had other ideas and she held that monster dildo out to him. ‘Lick this clean darling, there’s a good boy, you can taste us both on it and if you’re very good and clean all of it, I might have a surprise for you.’ Ian had felt his blood drain from his face. She wanted him to lick a cock? He raised his eyes and looked at her pitifully, ‘please Laura, I don’t want to do that, it’s a cock.’

Laura frowned at him, ‘you don’t want to suck my cock Ian? You don’t want to give me a blow job when I want one? What kind of husband are you to deny me my conjugal rights? Suck it Ian or there will be consequences, you are already on 6 strokes of the cane.’ Ian’s mouth had dropped open at her words. They were a parody of every time she had refused him a blow job. They were his fucking words! He had no choice, he nodded his head and crouched down between her thighs and began licking the cock. He could taste them both on his tongue but he gained no pleasure from it. He licked that fucking dildo from tip to base and cleaned it with his tongue, his face pulled into a grimace the whole time. He had stopped at one point and Eileen nudged him with her foot, ‘no slacking Ian,’ she had said as she suckled on his wife’s tit. Fucking bitch, he thought, this was her fault, Laura hadn’t brought one of these fucking belts into the house. This was all Eileen. He glared at her, his thoughts obvious on his face, she grinned as she slid her fingers down between her legs and began stroking her clit as his wife fucked her gently with her fingers. Laura had not missed the non verbal hostilities between them both.

She sighed and pushed Eileen gently off her, she sat up and suddenly Ian was being gripped by his hair his head pulled back to look at her.

‘How dare you look at Eileen that way Ian. Who do you think you are?’

‘I’m sorry Darling, I really am sorry, I never meant…’ he stammered.

‘Laura raised her eyebrow at his stammered excuses, ‘I don’t want to hear it Ian, I would much rather you fill that filthy mouth of yours with my cock. Suck it. Don’t stop until I say you can.’ She pushed his head down and pushed her dildo into his mouth and held tight to the back of his head so he had no choice but to give the dildo a ‘blow job’.

She made him continue, giving him instructions the way he did to her, thrusting her hips and fucking his mouth till he gagged, the way he did to her.

He shifted his position in his chair as the feelings of shame and humiliation crawled through him again as he remembered how he had grovelled and sucked on that dildo like he loved it.

He jumped up from his seat and strode over to the coffee machine for a refill, laughing at himself because he was trying to escape his own memories. He poured the coffee as the images of his debasement poured through his mind. He was ashamed now, but last night, he had gotten off on doing this to her, somewhere in the middle of it all he had gotten so fucking turned on his cock swelled up until it was squashed hard against the bars, and he was rutting against the bed as she fucked his face. Laura hadn’t missed it either.

‘Oh look Eileen, he’s really enjoying himself! Perhaps he can have his surprise after all!’ Then she had whispered something to Eileen that he couldn’t hear but he heard Laura’s bedside drawer open and close and he shut his eyes tight as she continued to fuck him and make him rut.

Eileen had slid off the bed, he didn’t care, he hated her right now, she had done this to his wife. She had changed his ordered world and turned it upside down. If it wasn’t for her, his wife would still be a mousy little woman who did everything he wanted. His cock went soft in its cage at the thought and he was shocked by his own reaction. He didn’t have time to consider it though as he felt the bed give a little behind him. His ass was stuck up in the air as he sucked on Laura’s cock, he couldn’t turn around as he felt Eileen brush up against the back of his thighs, but his whole body reacted to the contact. He jumped and tried to lift up, Laura patted his face gently, ‘shush darling, Eileen is getting your surprise ready. Be a good boy and carry on with my blow job, you haven’t made me cum yet.’ His own words, ‘you can’t stop, you haven’t made me cum yet.’ Bounced around inside his head and he went to town on proving that he could suck a cock until she came if that was what she wanted. And then he had felt the cold liquid being squirted into his ass hole and he whimpered in shock and dismay. ‘god let it be a plug and nothing else, pleaseeee!’ he thought frantically. The coldness of the lube trickled down inside his ass and his cock swelled up to the biggest it could in its confines. He hung his head in shame, he had fucking loved being used like this, and he was ashamed of it, but not enough to call out his safe word.

Laura moved her hips now, and positioned herself so that his face was impaled on her dildo as Eileen pressed a slightly smaller cock against his tight bud and then pushed slowly until the head was inside him and then he had squealed…and squealed as the slightly thinner but equally long cock began to invade his virgin ass…

His office door burst open at that moment, George strutting in, skimming his briefcase along the floor to lay haphazardly against his desk.

‘Fuck, you’re in early E, you wet the fuckin’ bed or what?’ He groused as he poured himself a coffee.

‘Nah the wife stayed with a friend last night so I didn’t get me blow job this mornin’.’ he mumbled, ‘thought I might as well get me sorry ass in here early and do some work for a change.’ He groused back.

George grunted, ‘similar problems mate, similar problems. Mine won’t open her fucking mouth to suck me off but she fucking moans like a bitch with it all day long if I let her.’ He grumbled and bemoaned his unhappy marriage and Ian suddenly knew, they were both fucking acting. He risked a glance down at George’s crotch, but the baggy trousers hid a multitude of sins. Ian looked away and walked to his desk, once again lowering himself gingerly into his chair. His little caged cock jumping as remnant sensations from getting his cherry popped ached inside his ass ring. He smiled a little to himself. He hoped Laura would do it herself next time. Eileen was good, but after the way he had seen his wife fuck her boss with that strap-on, he wanted it from her and he would do whatever it took to get what he wanted. He knew just how to do it too.

George broke across his thoughts, ‘what you grinning at you dirty little fucker?’

Ian glanced up, ‘oh nothin’ mate, just some new rules for the household Laura has installed. I’ve been reading them for three days, I finally understand what’s she’s after.’

George looked at his colleague curiously, ‘your missus make the rules in your house mate?’

‘Ian laughed, ‘yeah mate, she’s way fuckin’ better at that shit than I am. She calls it FLR and to be honest, I’ve never been happier!’

George started to say something but changed his mind allowing a few moments to pass before he said, ‘FLR… female led relationship? That’s what my missus has been bangin’ on about for the past 6 weeks but I just shove me cock in her mouth to shut her up!’ His words sounded macho but his tone said something different, almost like a light bulb had gone on in his head.

Ian shook his head at him, ‘you might wanna listen to her if you wanna stay married mate. I nearly lost my missus because I was giving her all this macho bullshit constantly. Best thing I ever did was step down and hand over the power to her.’

George’s shock was written all over his face. ‘Seriously E? She was gonna leave you?’ His surprise was beaten back by his greater curiosity, and a few moments later he asked, ‘You’re okay with that stuff? y’know, the rules stuff? what kind of things does she want you to do?’

Ian grinned, ‘I’m not gonna lie mate, it ain’t easy. Some of this stuff is big things like decision making. She always asks for my input and she takes it into consideration when she’s making a decision but ultimately she decides and I have to accept her decision. If I don’t get on board I get a punishment. A couple of times I’ve gone against her decision and moaned about the unfairness of it and my backside was so sore I could barely sit down. I learned pretty quickly this week that getting my ass spanked is not the hot thing I thought it would be and there are worse things she can do too. I toe the line now!’

George was hanging on Ian’s every word. ‘What you sayin’ mate? She fuckin’ spanked your ass?’ His eyes were round saucers of surprise in his face, only matched by his mouth hanging open!

Ian nodded and laughed, ‘yeah amongst other things and it hurts like fuck too. I always wanted to give her a spanking but thought she was too buttoned up to allow it, seems like I didn’t know my wife at all. She spanks like a fuckin’ demon mate. I do as I’m told now. That includes all the housework and cooking, she manages all the bills and I ask her for money when I need it. It works Gee, don’t scoff at it, till you try it. Oh yeah and be wary of the cane, I’ve got 6 strokes coming at me tonight and they will hurt like fuck!’

Ian was grinning, for the first time this week he was feeling good about his home life. He had settled a lot of stuff in his head now and apart from having to wear that fucking apron and nothing else, he was a happy man.

George nodded quietly, listening intently. Just this morning Caroline had told him things had to change or she was done. Perhaps he had better start listening more closely…


Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

12 thoughts on “Part 12: Ian’s Story. New Rules.

    1. LMAO part of me went ‘oh noooo… I should change that,’ and then the other part of me said ‘Nah leave well enough alone because at least every time you randomly hear that song you will think of this post’ LOL 😀 Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. I would agree, but only in certain cases in my own life, Christian, sometimes, but not all the time. It is a choice to take a man, it’s also a choice to remain with him and ‘need’ him. He only becomes superfluous when he becomes arrogant about why he is with me and ignores what I require from him. Then he really does become superfluous 😛 I’m very happy you liked this section of the story, I wanted to bring Ian’s part in it to some sort of conclusion. He has been on a roller coaster ride of a journey in the short time I have written about, his future is not where he believes it to be though so keep reading!

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  1. I love the turn in the story when he confides in George, that he fully accepts his position now and how much happier they are for it. I wonder will their be a foursome down the road….As always great writing my friend

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ooh Nora!!! Close your eyes girl, don’t read!! I am on a writing storm today and there is already a part 13 posted, 14 is on the draft board and being written as we speak, it is going to seriously hot right up from here on in. The stranger is deliberating when to make his move… and oh boy does he have some moves!!
      Oh and there is a new Dimash post for you to listen to as well 😛 I’ve been creative busy today!
      Orgasm restriction??? Seriously??? I want to know what the heck you did to get that kind of restriction!! I would rather take a severe caning than have an orgasm restriction placed on me! XXX

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am going to take this advice, my sexy friend! I will save your next segment for tomorrow as your writing has already made me so squirmy this afternoon. Sir can be a big meanie sometimes…he thinks being on restriction is good for me, teaches me about self-control. Hmpgh. I loathe being on restriction! But it seems to bring him a lot of pleasure, having this Control over me, and that makes me feel happy. He really likes to get me all worked up on the phone, and then announce my restriction. He definitely has a wicked streak in him. But seriously… I would rather be caned….. XOXO

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh poor Nora! Seriously, offer to take 3 with the cane next time instead lol you never know he might go for it, but there again, with that kind of wicked streak, he could double down and you end up with restricted orgasms and the cane!
    On the bright side, the Dimash post should be safe enough for you to read and listen to lol XXX


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