50 Shades of Red ~ The Influencer Spanking!

Jason walked in from a long day at work and stared at the pile of dirty laundry still waiting to go into the washing machine. He had done a load this morning and his share of the house work before leaving for work! This was Leisha’s share and it was still waiting, dishes were still sat in the sink waiting to be loaded into the dishwasher, the dishwasher was still full of clean dishes waiting to be emptied and put away. Last night’s wine glass and the empty bottle were still sitting on the side. The bed needed making and basically nothing had been done since he had left for work this morning!

Jason was not impressed. Why was it whenever he asked her to do something he was met with stonewalling and oh I’ll do it later babe! I’ve just got this post to put up on Instagram, I just need to spend some time on Tik Tok, Oh my GOD have you seen what Allie is wearing! I have to get a pair just like them! And so the list went on, the excuses, the prevarications, the absolute refusal to lift a finger around the house. The utter self absorption in her internet life. Their real life was farcical by comparison.

If you checked out her posts, she lived in a stunning apartment, neat as a pin, all glass and marble, fine food, fine wine, designer clothes, and the perfect accessory, a handsome and financially secure Fiancé. Him. Jason, who was knackered from trying to be top dog at work all day, fighting tooth and nail for every single moment of empty glory, trying desperately to hold onto his commissions from the sharks snapping at his feet, never mind move up the corporate ladder! He was in over his head and he knew it, but he couldn’t afford to stop running on the wheel in case he spun off and disappeared into oblivion. He knew all the trappings of his life would disappear into oblivion in a different direction if that day happened. In short, he was royally fucked if he did and utterly destroyed if he didn’t.

Things were going to have to change around here and they were going to change right now. He walked into the kitchen to where Leisha was sat parked at the kitchen counter taking copious amounts of photographs of a plate of food set on the breakfast bar. her long blond hair was perfectly ‘mussed’ to make it look like she didn’t really spend 3 hours a day working it to death to get it to look like that, her make up was ‘perfectly in line with the latest Kardashian edict’ her false breasts were standing proud and loud in a top barely able to contain them, her bubble butt was dutifully encased in yoga pants to show off every delectable curve and her tiny waist was naked to show just how tiny it was. In other words, She was primped to death and he for one was sick of it.

He wasn’t allowed to just touch her, he had to ask for permission to fuck her at a set time of her choosing, just in case she had an Instagram appearance due, or you tube vlog to put up, or any other kind of internet ‘thing’ she was doing, it all came before he did. Literally.

Leisha broke into his thoughts as she squealed in outrage at some imagined slight she had received on one of her posts. Someone had called her fake!

Well hell, they had that bang to rights! Jason couldn’t resist the smirk that rested on his face. Leisha was instantly furious with him and blamed him for all her woes. She turned her back on him and set about sending a barrage of abuse to the troll who had dared to call her out and she once again became oblivious to him.

As he stood watching her bubble butt bouncing perkily on the bar stool his cock stirred, he couldn’t remember the last time they’d had sex! Actually he could, It had to have been a month ago around his birthday if he remembered correctly. The memory made his cock twitch harder, in fairness, she had pushed the boat out for him, prepared a meal, (taken copious photos of it) bought in his favourite booze, (copious photos of this too) given him a lap dance and a blow job and all before 10 pm. Then she had dragged him off to the bedroom where she had stripped off and invited him to lie down so she could continue with her plans for him, he did and she instantly produced restraints for him. Like a lamb to slaughter he happily lay there and let her truss him up on the bed and do what she wanted with him. Fucking hell! He had never had so much damn fun in his entire life! It had been a fabulous night!

And then he remembered the gut wrenching feeling that washed over him as he read all about it on Instagram the following day, photos of him lying on the bed, his well spanked and caned arse on full show as he slept, with the caption, ‘the birthday boy just got his ass spanked! #Dominatrix #50shadesofRED #Owning it!’ Along with images of the restraints, lube bottle, condoms, and all the paraphernalia they had used in their sexy little game. He was beyond mortified. To make matters worse, his sex life had become an Instagram fail, it hardly had any hits, likes or comments and the comments it had received were all along the lines of enhancing his humiliation as much as possible. Not what Leisha had been hoping for at all! She was beyond pissed with him because he obviously wasn’t hot enough to stir up enough interest for people to like or follow her or comment nicely!

It had all been about making a scene, not for him, but for Instagram kudos. He had been the butt, literally, of the joke with their circle of friends and the ribbing was now getting old, he’d had enough and it was time to put an end to it.

‘Leisha, put the damn phone down, we need to have a talk.’ Jason’s tone of voice brooked no argument and Leisha turned and gave him a filthy look, but she did put her phone down for a second.

‘So what’s so important you have to interrupt my flow? You know I have to deal with trolls more often since your ass pic wrecked my Influencer status! I’m having to work twice as hard to fix the damage!’ Her mouth was set in a thin red line and her colour contact fake sea blue eyes glared at him.

Jason got straight into it. ‘Why haven’t you done the housework you were supposed to do? I did mine this morning before I went to work, I get home, the place is a pig sty! You need to start being more in our relationship than in this stupid online influencer thing you are obsessed with!’ Jason never raised his voice, he wasn’t a shouter, he delivered his statement with a quiet dignity and authority. It was lost on Leisha.

‘Oh here we go again, you should make a vlog about domestic bliss, you’re so hung up on it! So boring Jase, it’s no wonder your Instagram post was a complete fail. How am I supposed to show you as hot and sexy when all you do is moan about housework! Get over it, I’ll do it when I’m good and ready! Honestly, anyone would think you were the boss around here, but we both know that’s not true, don’t we!’ The last sentence was delivered with a sneer and a dismissal as she once again turned her back on him and picked up her phone.

Jason saw red! ‘My ass pics may have been a fail lady, but yours won’t be!’ He barked as he grabbed her by the waist and quite suddenly she found herself upended over his knee, her head and torso jammed under his arm and trapped against his side, ‘Jason! Put me down this instant! How dare you manhandle me like this!’ Leisha’s screeching fell on deaf ears as Jason pulled up a stool and perched his backside on the edge of it. She was no match for him physically so all her squirming and wriggling and kicking out was for nothing, he held her fast. He picked up his own phone and set it up on the bench facing her upturned bottom and he set it to record.

Gripping her tightly he hoisted her into a good position over his knee and he began to spank her hard over her yoga pants, the first spank landed and he watched as her cheek quivered and wobbled under his hand, he felt his cock begin to stir again, the second spank landed and she squealed as he once again watched her cheek jiggle under the pressure of his hand. Then he got into it, spanking hard and fast across both cheeks and thighs, until she was howling, yowling, begging and pleading with him to stop. She still hadn’t apologised, there was no way he was stopping until he had a full apology from her. For everything!

He grabbed the waistband of her yoga pants and yanked them down her thighs to her knees, trapping her legs between his he bared her rosy bottom to his view and he took a moment to stroke and squeeze the glowing twin globes, Leisha moaned and wriggled, ‘well bloody hell,’ he thought, ‘she’s enjoying this!’ He reached across to the kitchen utensils on the counter and pulled out a wide wooden spoon, that would do perfectly!

He pulled her back into position and let her have it across both cheeks with the spoon, the squeal that came out of her was ear piercing and he felt his cock grow stiff at the sound. He smacked, and spanked, paddled, and pounded her bubble butt and thighs until they were bright red and the heat coming off them was sizzling.

Leisha was sobbing and begging, hiccupping, and mumbling words of apology, ‘please stop Jason, please, I’m so sorry I was a bitch, I’m sorry I didn’t do the housework, please stop and I promise I will do the housework right this minute!’ She sobbed.

‘Apologise for humiliating me on Instagram to all our friends, I still don’t understand why you thought that would be okay for you to do!’ He kept up with the spanking, reverting back to his hand now, he liked feeling the hot throbbing cheeks under his palm, he liked the way they quivered when his palm connected, his cock liked it too. He was rock hard!

‘I did it because it’s what I like doing Jason, OW OW OW OW OW … I like to show our lives OOOh STOP PLEASE…. on Instagram, people want to be like us, OWWWWWW…..they have to know about all aspects of our lives if they are to copy us! OW OW OW…. I’m an influencer Jason, it’s what I do! I’m sorry you felt embarrassed. OH FUCK THAT REALLY HURT!! … I’ll ask your permission before posting anything about you again! I PROMISE!!!!’ She squealed and howled all the way through her apology. Tears were streaming down her face and her perfect makeup was smudged and ruined, black runs down her cheeks from her mascara completed the look. Her hair now resembled a bird’s nest and her enormous breasts had finally escaped their confines!

Jason finally stopped spanking her and stood her upright. Standing himself he looked her straight in the eye as he delivered his next order.

‘You will stand in the corner by the window with your nose touching the wall and your pants around your knees while you think about the way you have treated me, us, this relationship and the way you have flouted my privacy and dignity for a few likes and comments on the internet by people who you don’t even know. They are more important to you than I am Leisha and it stops today. Now, go to the corner and don’t come out until I say you can.’ His tone was firm and authoritative and Leisha stared at him in shock. She turned and shuffled across the room and stood with her bare bottom exposed to the window for all passers by to see as she positioned herself in the corner and pressed her nose against the wall.

Jason picked up his phone and played back the video clip, he spent the next ten minutes editing and cutting it to a suitable length and then he did something he had never done before, he posted it on his Instagram page, the caption read, ‘Guess who just got her ass spanked PROPERLY!#naughty influencer #The real 50 shades of RED #Hottest Ass Ever #OWNING IT!

Within minutes it blew up the internet, his video went viral along with his hashtag, ‘real 50 shades of red.’ He was an instant Instagram sensation! He watched as the numbers flew up and up and up of people liking, sharing, commenting, laughing at how she had got her just desserts, and praising him for taking her in hand.

Jason was grinning like a Cheshire Cat as he walked over to her corner, she was rubbing her bottom and still hiccupping quietly. ‘ No rubbing Leisha!’ He smacked her cheeks a few times to make his point and she hurriedly dropped her hands as she yelped at the new spanks.

He showed her his post and all of the comments and likes etc he was receiving, ‘I guess you were right about them wanting to know about all aspects of our life babe, your cherry red ass is an internet sensation! You’ve gone viral!’

Leisha took his phone from him and watched the video, her face paled visibly as she realised she was watching her own spanking, ‘HOW could you do this to me Jason? She screamed, shaking his phone at him.

Jason laughed and took his phone from her, ‘You did it first babe, remember? Besides, I thought it was what you like to do? They have to see it all to copy it…’

Leisha crossed her arms across her chest and turned her nose back into the corner in a huff.

Jason laughed loudly as he sat down on the sofa behind her and quietly gave his final order.

‘When I say corner time is done young lady, you will shuffle over here and take care of my erection in a proper fashion. No sloppy half hearted suck, a proper blow job. If you’re a very good girl, I won’t post the video on my feed.’ He waited for his words to sink in.

Leisha turned slowly, realisation was dawning on her face, she was no longer top dog in this relationship, she had been tamed. ‘Yes Sir.’ She said meekly and turned back to the wall and waited.

Jason looked at his watch, ‘corner time is over Leisha, come over here and take care of your Sir.’

Leisha turned and dropped her gaze, ‘Yes Sir,’ she muttered as she shuffled across the room and dropped to her knees between his spread legs.

Jason sighed contentedly, he liked the sound of her calling him Sir, that could stay. He was satisfied that things would now run more smoothly for him at home and then as her mouth sucked his cock deep inside, he stopped thinking completely…

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

6 thoughts on “50 Shades of Red ~ The Influencer Spanking!

  1. DAMN, girl!!! This is smokin’ hot!!! I love the “influencer” concept….this is a clear lesson to naughty internet posters/bloggers everywhere!!! He certainly is “top dog” in that relationship now!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Every time I see one of those internet posts put up by an ‘influencer’ I want to spank the living daylights out of their backsides for being so bloody superficial! 😛 This was the next best thing… and Jason enjoyed it! 😀

      Liked by 2 people

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