Will I never learn?

Truly, I must be an exhibitionist, and a masochistic exhibitionist at that! I know what made me do it the first time, but when I flashed my nosy neighbour the second time it was entirely on purpose because I was a little bit drunk, very frustrated, feeling very naughty and I’d had a hard week of being good to boot. I wanted… oh hell who knows what I wanted, I certainly don’t, but what I got was way more than I bargained for and a lot quicker than even I ever expected!

We all do it to a degree, when we see something or someone we want, we behave a little like peacocks fanning our tail feathers and putting on a display. I was definitely putting on a display of my tail but I had no feathers dressing it!

After my last severe painfully hot spanking I had been very, very good indeed. I had sorted the stats out, all three months and emailed them to the coach, who was pleasantly surprised with them and invited me over for a drink to discuss them and the progress of the club in general.

Of course I refused, I try never to play in my own backyard and I have been involved with the club for a long time. It wouldn’t do to tarnish the image I had built up there over the years. I thanked him kindly but gently refused claiming work pressures. He accepted but begged a rain check. He is a gorgeous, extremely fit and muscular man somewhere in his early 50’s and single to boot, who has a way of looking at you that makes you think he can see all your naughty little secrets! In truth he makes me feel surprisingly submissive whenever I am around him and in my current state of mind that really is a disaster waiting to happen. Have I mentioned I do not govern my mouth and anything can come out especially under the influence of a few glasses of wine?

At first, I was really proud of the stand I had taken. It was the right decision, it was too close to home, what would happen if things progressed, went wrong, what if I blurted out my utter fascination with spanking, my secret would be out and he could hold me hostage forever with the knowledge! No it just wouldn’t do to go down that route. Besides, my bottom was still recovering from the thrashing I had given it not to mention my thighs were still sporting some very colourful bruises that were showing beneath my thigh length skirts! If I was ever going to meet him I would definitely be wearing my shortest skirt, I consider my legs to be my best asset! Under the present circumstances that was never going to happen, I had been wear jeans all week and I was grumpy because of it! There is no easy access to soothing oneself when one is wearing jeans. I still felt like I was being punished and I was past my two day personal embargo on orgasms!

I poured myself a glass of wine and decided that even if I couldn’t go out and have some much needed fun, I could stay in and have some fun via an hour or two in the hot tub which was now proudly sitting pretty inside it’s new home, the revamped workshop now lovingly referred to as my Punishment and Pleasure Palace! (Only to me, no way was I ever going to explain that name to anyone else!) What I found in that workshop during the clear out, oh my god! Priceless, absolutely priceless! But that’s for later. I need to offload my major transgression of the week first.

I gathered my kindle, preloaded with naughty spanking stories, (hey, I have to get my punishment inspiration from somewhere,) I opened a fresh bottle of wine, I had my waterproof womanizer (a new acquisition, I heartily recommend every woman in the world get one!) and I stripped naked and grabbed a towelling robe and a fresh towel. I locked the house up and wandered down the garden to my hot tub.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, in order to see into my back garden over the 6 foot fencing, you would have to be stood on something, so I had no problem with the idea of standing inside my punishment and pleasure palace butt naked sipping a glass of wine while I checked the chemical balance for the hot tub. I have to leave the double doors open at the moment to allow the steam to dissipate, I will get a vent fitted eventually, but for now I was secure in the knowledge I was not visible to anyone outside unless they were peeping toms like my nosy neighbour.

I had spotted him in his garden as I came around the corner of the shed, so I knew he could see me, plus, I completely forgot that turning on the light against the blackness of the night, would effectively put me under a spotlight and on full display. No curtains to draw, it’s a posh shed for goodness sake with a bank of windows along the main wall. Never entered my head to cover them up. Besides, he shouldn’t be looking and I was getting a thrill from knowing he was looking and could see pretty much everything! At least I had made someone’s night for them!

Anyway, I put some music on the player, not too loud, it was after 9pm and it is exceptionally quiet and still where I live. Just loud enough for me to hear over the hot tub. I popped my kindle in its stand and topped up my glass of wine with my third of the evening. I set my womanizer going and I climbed in the hot tub and turned on the jets. Bliss! Pure unadulterated bliss! My womanizer was already hard at work on my clit and I had reached my first wonderful orgasm of the week! YAY go me!! I could feel the stress dissipating as I came! I know this is a spanking confessions blog, but these two activities have become forever entwined and cannot be separated no matter how hard I try. Spanking is a sexual delight for me and I embrace it wholeheartedly! I have never had so many orgasms in my life, or sore bottoms for that matter!

I was entirely engrossed in the story I was reading about a young lady who had moved into a rented house and her neighbour who was a lovely but plain looking man who you would normally file immediately in the friend zone. He had played the gallant neighbour who helped her hump all of her many belongings into the house and they had become friendly. I was just getting to the good part of the story where she texts him to say she is in dire straights and needs him to come around immediately, when a man appeared in the open doorway of my palace! I dropped my glass of wine in the hot tub and jumped up screaming. I’ve never screamed in my life before and I actually shocked myself at the decibels I could reach! My eyes flew around the shed looking for a weapon but I of course had removed every possibility for one on my grand clear out!

‘Who the fuck are you?’ I shouted! I was reaching for my robe as I shouted but he stepped inside the shed and got to it first. He lifted it from the hook and very calmly turned and handed it to me. Now he was inside I could see his face clearly, it was peeping tom from next door! Shit! This was the first time I had seen him since I had flashed him the other day and I know he saw me do it!

‘My name is Graham, and I live over there,’ he pointed to the house that was hidden behind 6 great fir trees that robbed all the light from my garden.

I was incensed, actually I was terrified but I don’t do flight I only do fight so I was raring! ‘Well Graham, if you live over there, what the fuck are you doing standing in my shed?’

‘I came to tell you…’

I turned my back to him while I climbed out of the hot tub, he may have seen my breasts but he wasn’t getting a good eyeful of my pussy! I clambered out and donned my robe, feeling more in control of the situation now I was suitably covered, I stepped right up to him and poked him in the chest with my finger.

‘I don’t care what you came to tell me, you can tell me from all the fucking way over the other side of the fence! Get out of my shed!’ I was pushing him as I spoke and he stepped backwards and out of the door way. I watched as laughter bubbled on his lips as he stared at me.

‘My god woman, you have no fear at all do you?’ he said in what could only be described as an amused tone. I don’t like to amuse anyone I’m not intent on amusing and his attitude incensed me further.

‘No I don’t, and I don’t care how big you are, If I aim a swift kick at your bollocks mate, you are going down! Now get the fuck off my property before I carry out my threat.’

‘Chill woman,’ he held his hands up in mock surrender and backed up to the edge of the decking. ‘I just came to tell you, you are completely on show over the fence, and I don’t think you’re aware of it. I did try to shout you, but the music and the hot tub… obviously you didn’t hear me. It’s the second time I’ve seen you, you see, and I thought you would want to know.’

I wasn’t buying his story, ‘Well if you weren’t behaving like a peeping tom, I wouldn’t have anything to worry about would I? My fences are 6ft high you have to stand on something to see over them!’ I was still pointing an irate finger at him!

He shrugged his big shoulders and smiled at me, ‘I’m 6ft 4, I can see pretty much everything without even standing on tiptoe. Look I haven’t come to cause you any upset and I know I startled you, but I assure you, my intention was just to inform you for future reference, not to scare you.’

My heart was pounding in my chest, my chest was heaving and I was so embarrassed at what he was saying the humiliation was eating me up.

‘So how come you saw me tonight? I’m inside the shed with the hot tub! That’s why I did it, I saw you peeping the other night when I flashed my boobs at you… I mean when I … I erm… oh nevermind… when I saw…’

‘Ah you flashed them on purpose did you?’ He was smiling now and I was definitely getting the feeling I was losing ground in this argument! He was too relaxed!

‘Look,’ I said moving away from the opening of the shed, ‘I may have reacted a little wildly to you turning up like this, but you scared the living shit out of me. I didn’t mean to flash you either time and I will make sure I get some cover for the windows tomorrow so that it doesn’t happen again, but can you leave now please? I feel at a complete disadvantage standing here in just a robe.’

He grinned now, ‘Aww, don’t worry about that lovey, I’m not interested in taking advantage of you, I swing the other way love. I’m gay. You’re perfectly safe with me I promise.’

I was actually disappointed. It shot through me like an arrow, something must have shown on my face because he smiled gently, ‘Don’t worry you’re not the first to make that mistake, you probably won’t be the last. Do you mind me asking your name now?’

‘Gemma,’ I muttered and held out a shaky hand to him.

‘Graham’ he said very properly once more.

I started to shiver and I looked around for my keys, I was going back in the house and putting an end to this evening!

I found them in the pocket of my robe and I pulled them out, before I could stop my mouth it opened of its own volition and said, ‘would you like to come up to the house for a glass of wine and a proper introduction?’

WTF was I tripping on? He could be a fucking murderer for all I knew but I didn’t care right then because he said, ‘that would be lovely, should I give you 15 minutes to lock up down here and get dressed? I’ll bring us a bottle with me if you like.’

I was so surprised I smiled happily at him as he walked up the path and disappeared from view up the side of the house. Oh well, inviting a gay man round wasn’t going to put me in any danger of being raped in my own home was it! What was the worst thing that could happen?

In my dreams maybe?

to be continued…

All images courtesy of the internet

3 thoughts on “Will I never learn?

    • Haha, I used to write thrillers for fun when I was married! I tend to prefer comedy and erotic true stories these days, but I do like the flavour of the idea! Perhaps I will dip my toe back into the water one day…

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