Tom was acting up because it was time to pay for breaking the rules. His argument was that I had actively encouraged him to do so and it wasn’t fair of me to then pull the rug and say ‘uh uh you shouldn’t have done that. That’s prohibited!’ I did say he could take that up with me again, after his punishment had taken place. For now, my argument still stands, besides, I hold the cane therefore I win.

I explained in great detail that I see it as my mission to test his ability to keep to the only rule he has been given by Graham. How hard can that be? His whole reason for agreeing to discipline with Graham was because he is brilliantly lazy and flies by the seat of his pants too close to deadlines even for his own comfort. He needs to be more disciplined, more determined to succeed and less inclined to just wing it and hope for the best. Besides, it isn’t my responsibility to make sure he doesn’t break the rules, it’s his. That’s the whole point!

He’s failed in applying a more disciplined approach on a great many occasions over the past three days. Some he has been punished for already but there are now 6 occasions where he wilfully smashed that rule to smithereens and he thinks I should be complicit with him in not bringing it to Graham’s attention as I was the one who ‘made’ him break it.

I said ‘No chance.’ I want to keep the lovely skin of my bottom without severe cane blemishes that last for a month thank you. Self preservation and all that.

Hence his mega sulk.

I have yet to use my strict tone with him, I had hoped he would accept his punishment without the need for me to get too strict with him. I am new to this, so obviously I was hugely mistaken in thinking I could discipline him without my Ma’am persona fully in place. That’s okay, I like that persona a lot anyway. Especially after the power trip I experienced with him this morning. I am more than happy to go there again. And go there I did.

I stood at the end of the bed and watched him, lying there with his arm covering his eyes and his chin set in a stubborn lift, lips tight and he’s refusing to talk to me.

‘Thomas!’ His name came out like a whip lash and he instantly dropped his arm from his face. He glared at me.

I raised my eyebrow, Strict Ma’am was fully in play now. ‘Really Thomas? You think this behaviour is going to aid your backside in any way at all?’

He shrugged his massive shoulders once, but I could see it in his eyes, he was wavering. Damn, the power of a sharp tone!

‘I will only tell you one more time to get your arse over the end of this bed and assume the position. You are being caned, but it’s up to you whether the caning stops after 6 or continues for 16 because of your adolescent sulking fit! Now move!’ I demanded sternly.

He was immediately on his feet and heading for the foot of the bed. He and I are so similar in our regard for obeying authority, he could not resist one final act of defiance before he capitulated and took his punishment.

‘There will be pay back for this, I promise you. We are going to have that conversation about how I am now in default for breaking rules you made sure I would break.’ I could see his sulk still sitting in his eyes, I could feel it in every line of his body and I’ve gotta tell you people, I absolutely loved this! This version of Tom was by far and away my favourite to date! Complete submission would have gotten boring for me really quickly. Absolute refusal would have made it too much like he had all the control, but this in between thing he had created between us? Oh hell yes, I could go for this in a big way. I could feel myself growing moist and the curls of excitement began to flicker in my stomach.

‘Can I suggest you stop your mouth writing any more cheques that your arse can’t cash please?’ You cannot afford to piss me off any further Thomas, now bend over, stop behaving like a spoilt brat and start counting!’

His temper flared in his eyes, his lips disappeared into a thin line but he bent over and he assumed the position.

I wasted no time, he needed bringing back in line before I lost this battle of wills with him completely.

I stood to the side and brought the cane down once through the air to test it, I saw his buttocks clench and then release and I used the opportunity to put my first stroke across those cheeks. The cane whipped an instant red line straight across both cheeks and he jumped, yowled and swore all at the same time. I wasted no time, I brought the second stroke down directly above the first, he drew in a sharp intake of breath but made no other sound. He wasn’t counting, he knew I wanted him to count, he hadn’t started, maybe when he got past 16 strokes and I continued he would get with the plot.

I waited a moment until his bottom had bloomed with twin welts and then delivered the third. He braced his shoulders, no sound. The fourth I brought home across his sit spot. This time he howled, loudly and swore prolifically. I brought the 5th home across the top of his thighs, the 6th came in just below it and the 7th and 8th arrived across both cheeks again. I paused ‘when are you going to start counting Tom?’

He shouted EIGHT! at me and I laughed. ‘Oh no, you don’t get to jump to mid way Tom. We start counting out loud from 1. not 8. So, we shall take the next stroke as 1. Make it loud and clear or I will ignore it and start again. Clear?’

I brought the cane across his cheeks sharply. He swore loudly and shouted ‘Yes Ma’am, ONE!’
16 strokes later, he was sobbing and pleading for me to stop. He apologised for breaking the rules over and over and as each new stroke landed he got louder and louder. Tears came and he submitted to me completely. I laid the cane down on the bed by his side and ran my hands over the mass of searing hot welts left by my cane. I ran my finger nails over the surface and watched as the goosebumps chased across the surface. I heard him groan as I gripped his cheek and squeezed and then released and did the same to the other cheek. His pleading set up again, ‘Please Ma’am. No more please? I can’t control…’

‘Learn how to and fast Tom. You can not cum without Graham’s consent. If you do you are going to be in a world of pain. I raised my hand and spanked both cheeks simultaneously with a flurry of sharp spanks. I stopped when he dropped his head between his arms on the bed and I heard him sobbing. I patted his back once, ‘Corner time. Go and stand in the corner by the window and face the wall, hands on head. 10 minutes and then we shall carry out the final part of your punishment.’

He stood up and eyes downcast he made his way to the corner and did as instructed immediately. This was definitely submissive Tom.

He presented his bottom to me as he continued with his corner time. His backside and thighs were a mass of red welts and cane marks. He had taken his punishment well but only because he had been made to. I wanted to make sure he didn’t make the mistake of thinking he could do as he pleased while he was with me. We were definitely going to have to work on his submission more thoroughly.

‘Now Tom, because you decided you we’re going to throw a temper tantrum today, I have to teach you a very hard lesson. One that, after it, I hope you will remember and therefore not need teaching twice. Should that happen, it will be a very painful experience, I promise.’

‘Yes Ma’am’ he muttered. There was no beligerence left in his voice. He had submitted to me completely.

‘Turn around please.’ I instructed sharply.

He turned and faced me, his cock was standing to attention as normal and I grinned and licked my lips. His cock jumped and he groaned.

‘Oh don’t worry baby,’ I crooned as I stood before him, ‘I’m not putting you through that particular wringer yet. I have some choices for you to decide on. Okay?’

He was instantly wary. My tone was far too pleasant for it to be trusted.

Yes Ma’am. He said hesitantly.

‘Good. So, you have three choices for the rest of your punishment.

  1. Chilli heat rub all over your bottom and thighs and take 400 spanks of the hairbrush from the machine on top setting without a break.
  2. ginger fig inserted for 4 minutes and 100 spanks with the hairbrush from the machine.
  3. Chilli heat rub all over your caned bottom and thighs while I play with your cock and see whether you have improved your self discipline regarding not cumming.

Before you choose, think on this, if you choose #3 and you break the rules again, I will have no choice but to inform Graham and hand you back to him at the end of our first week with a list of how many times you broke it, and he will deliver your next punishment. The choice is yours Tom you have 2 minutes to make up your mind.’

I watched as his choices sank in. I saw something glint in his eyes as he made his choice and my pussy sprang to life instantly. Oh he was so not submissive Tom by a long mile! Damn, I really really liked this new Tom! A lot!

‘I’ll take number 3 please Ma’am.’ He said ever so politely.

‘Good boy!’ Yes! I didn’t want to spank him anymore, I wanted to play with him. 10 days, just 10 small days. I was taking everything I could from him. I’m greedy, I don’t care.

I stepped up behind him and ran my hands over his buttocks and thighs one more time before I applied chilli heat to them and then I waited. I heard the hiss of breath from him as the heat began to work its way into the sore skin of his welts and blisters and then I wiped my hands on the inside of his thighs and down the front of them with the remainder of the cream. This cream, it truly is evil, it packs the most powerful heat and feels like you just rubbed raw ginger all over your skin. It stings and burns and heats and builds on the pain you’re already feeling from the broken skin of the caning. The effects last for at least an hour before they start to calm down some.

You can relax your arms now’ I said as I crouched down in front of him and slid my lips over the tip of his turgid member. He brought his hands down and placed them on either side of my head as I slid him further into the heat of my mouth. His grip tightened, his leg muscles tensed and he groaned a deep guttural moan that ripped through me and made me so wet I was sure my juices must be running down my thighs. Damn but this man could turn me inside out in a second! I was enthralled by my own body’s reaction to him as much as I was with his reaction to me.

I sucked him, licked him, stroked him with my tongue, and plunged his thick cock in and out of my mouth for nearly 30 minutes. I mimicked the strokes he had shown me during his performance earlier and I was treated to a mouth full of pre-cum juices and his legs began to tremble. I raised my eyes to look at his face, my mouth full of his thick rigid cock, I locked my gaze with his and he was not submissive Tom. Not at all. The expression on his face was intensity personified, he held my head tightly and began to thrust his hips gently against the stroke of my mouth on his throbbing cock.

‘We’re going to be doing this a long time baby, I refuse to cum because I know how much you want to taste it. But I am going to fuck you blind for the rest of the day. I will not cum, but by Christ woman, you will. I am going to wring you out and hang you out to dry until you are limp and spent and mine to do with as I please.’ He whispered those words as he pushed harder into my waiting mouth, and I pulled back and applied suction. I watched as his eyes closed and he fought against his natural instincts to fill me with his cream.

I slid his cock out of my mouth and then began to stroke him with one hand as I crouched before him and slid my other hand between my thighs and my fingers slid between the silken folds of pussy’s lips and sank deep inside me.

He couldn’t take the visual impact as well as the physical impact and he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me slowly and painfully to my feet. I came. Hard. The painful tug had pushed me over the edge and my juices flowed over my fingers and my body collapsed trembling against his. He wrapped his arm around my waist and held me, I could feel the power surging through him, he bent me back over his arm and caught a nipple between his finger and thumb and pinched it hard until I gasped and felt myself going under as he turned the tables on me once again and used my own greedy needs against me. I felt myself being lifted bodily, I wrapped my legs around his hips as he gripped my buttocks tightly and thrust his engorged cock deep inside me. I pushed my arms under his and wrapped them around him and clutched hard to the solid mass of his back. My nails dug in deeply as he thrust inside me harder and harder…

‘YES… ‘ I cried as my climax built swiftly… I lifted my gaze to his and I saw beautiful, raw need looking back at me. But he didn’t cum…

He would win this battle of wills, I was helpless. My own body would betray me and I had never been happier for it to be so.

I think I may have finally met my match.

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So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

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