Karla’s Journal ~ His Mistake.

Warning: Contains explicit sexual acts and scenes of violence.

Kevin banged on Karla and Cheri’s cell door shocking the two women awake. He swung the door wide and stepped inside. ‘Come on you two, up, out of bed and dressed, you’ve both been called for a session in Dr. Peel’s office. He wants to see how you’re adjusting to cell sharing again.’

Karla peered at the clock screwed into the wall above her head, 5.30am? What the hell? Cell sharing? it had been one night so far!

She glared at Kevin as he yanked back the covers and exposed their naked bodies to his lustful gaze. Cheri gasped and made a grab for the cover, Karla stopped her and whispered, ‘Get out of bed baby girl, go get yourself dressed no point in fighting this. Just do as he says.’

Cheri nodded, her lips pouty but silent as she did as she was told. She stretched her legs and made to swing them both off the bed at the same time, but Kevin grabbed her right ankle as she swung past him causing her legs to scissor and expose her pouting sex to him.

He laughed and leaned down towards her mound, inhaling her scent and pinning her with a dark, hungry stare. Cheri whimpered and shrank back against Karla.

‘What are you doing Kevin?’ Karla demanded, her hand coming down to cover Cheri’s sex as she spoke. Kevin shot her a warning look, ‘You don’t ask questions Karla, you’re not in control here, I am. You two will do as I say or you will be separated, make no mistake about that. Now, move your hand, I want to have a good look at the pretty little pussy I will be fucking in a few minutes. Fuck off and get dressed Karla, now. Cheri can wait here with me.’

Cheri looked terrified, Karla was instantly furious, no way was he going to use Cheri, she would get the doc to sort Kevin out when they got to the office. She slid around Cheri and climbed off the bed. Kevin swatted her ass hard as she passed him and retrieved clean clothing. She listened closely as he whispered to Cheri.

‘I am gonna have a wonderful time fucking this tight little pink pussy, Cheri, Karla may get you off girl, but you need a real cock inside you stretching you so wide, you’ll never forget it.’ Kevin’s hand was between Cheri’s thighs, Cheri gasped loudly and looked up at the camera and Kevin laughed at her. ‘Stupid bitch, I’m on duty monitors, they are looped for the next hour from here to the Doc’s office, no one is watching, I’m taking my due, I’ve earned it.’

Karla felt silent fat tears slide down her cheeks as his fingers sank 3 deep into her gorgeous girl’s exposed pussy and he rocked them inside her, banging the tips of his fingers against her g-spot, Karla watched helplessly as Cheri’s eyes widened and her pupils dilated as he fucked her girlfriend into a frenzy. Her hips were lifting to allow easier access and Kevin looked over his shoulder at Karla and gave her a nasty cold smile. He was proving his point and there was nothing she could do about it except stand there and watch.

Cheri was whimpering, eyes closed tightly, her face a picture in ecstasy, as he rocked her on his fingers continuing his assault on her now soaking pussy. She bit her lip to stop from crying out as an orgasm gripped her and her face crumpled, she lowered her gaze as she came hard all over his hand. He had fucked her without Karla’s permission and Cheri had gotten off on it. Karla knew nothing could have stopped this from happening but she didn’t like it, Cheri was hers!

Kevin grinned at Cheri, ‘see dirty girl, you want my cock, look how good it was with my fingers. Get dressed now, and don’t keep me waiting.’ With that he stood upright and as she drew her legs together he stepped away from the bed.

Five minutes later the two women were cuffed and chained and were being led down the corridors to the Doc’s office. Cheri kept her head down and refused to give Karla eye contact at all.

‘Cheri, baby, look at me, Karla whispered, ‘it’s okay, you didn’t do anything bad, he did. Look at me girl.’

Cheri lifted her head and gazed sadly at Karla, ‘He made my pussy feel really good Karla, I’m a fucking slut who can’t keep her legs shut is all, I’m a dirty girl.’ Her shame twisted Karla’s gut into knots.

Karla felt her rage rip through her and her mind splintered back to events from her past that had created the same rage inside her. The many times her husband had loaned her out to his friends to do as they wished with her, the days when he would pick up a random stranger on the street and bring him back to fuck her while she was chained to the wall, the many times he would just use her himself and leave her immediately afterwards without ever a word being spoken. The list was endless and each and every degrading humiliation he had piled upon her had further stretched her mind to breaking point and was now coming back to haunt her.

It would not happen again. Her eyes bore holes into Kevin’s large back. This would end today, she didn’t need him. She might have to sacrifice her sweet little Cheri to him one more time, but it would be the last time he would take anything from Karla. Anything at all. Time to call in her own favours with the good doctor.

The trio arrived at Dr.Peel’s office shortly before 6.am. Kevin producing his master key to allow them access to the inner sanctum of the office. Cyn’s desk was spotlessly clean and tidy and everywhere looked pristine. It felt deserted and Karla felt a trickle of foreboding run through her as Kevin left them both in their chains and cuffs and led them across the office to Dr. Peel’s door.

He once again used his master key and opened the door swinging it wide. He shortened the chain around his wrist and dragged both women into the office before reaching behind them to slam the door shut. The beauty of Dr. Peel’s office and corridor was that there were no cameras. No one knew they were here except the three of them. Kevin was grinning widely. Karla gripped Cheri’s hand tightly in her own, as she realised Kevin had his own plans this morning and it didn’t include Dr. Peel.

She could feel her mind splintering at the danger she was in once again, her gut was telling her she needed to do something, her eyes were darting around the room taking in all possible weapons, her eyes landing on the Doctor’s ornate handled paper knife, usually locked away in a drawer whenever Karla was present in the office. He made a show of placing it on a velvet cloth in the centre drawer of his desk and locking the drawer with a tiny key as she arrived for their sessions. She knew it took pride of place on his desk the rest of the time because it was his most prized possession. His mother had gifted it to him when he had become a shrink, it had been his Grandfather’s, he was inordinately proud of it.

Today he had handed her a dagger. Well who would have thought the good Doctor could prove to be so useful? Karla lowered her gaze and focused her attention on Kevin.

Kevin was stripping out of his scrubs as the two women stood huddled together, Cheri was visibly trembling and Karla was imitating her. It was best if he thought he had complete control over them both.

Karla leaned down and whispered to Cheri. ‘Whatever he wants, just close your eyes and give it to him for me, okay? Don’t fight it, we can’t win that way. You are not a bad girl, he is a bad man. Okay baby?’

Cheri nodded a tiny bob of her head as Kevin turned and pulled her from Karla’s grasp.

Yanking the front of Cheri’s jump suit open he roughly groped her breasts as he held on tightly to the chains between the two women forcing Karla to watch him maul her girl. Cheri mewled in pain at his rough handling and tried to pull away. ‘Please Kevin, I’ll be such a good dirty girl for you sir, just unchain me and I can get naked for you.’ She turned huge blue eyes up to his lust filled ones and he grinned at her.

‘A good dirty girl eh, hear that Karla? Your little princess needs a big cock, she’s begging me for it.’ Kevin was loving putting Karla in her place. This was turning out so much better than he could have imagined. Cheri was completely up for him fucking her senseless. He unlocked Cheri’s cuffs but kept her attached to Karla’s ankle cuffs. He could keep control of them both that way.

Karla schooled her face before she spoke. ‘Well, sounds like she’s going to get everything she wants then Kev, we both know you’re the man for the job but her jumpsuit isn’t going anywhere with these chains on.’ She pulled at the chains fastened around their waists as she continued speaking, ‘if you unfasten me from her I can go and sit in the doc’s chair and watch while you two have your fun, the dirty little cock slut is all yours, and I will get naked and be ready and waiting for you to fuck me over the desk just how you like it when you finish with that dirty girl.’ Karla turned limpid brown eyes up to Kevin’s cruel cold blue ones, she displayed her submission to him with her demeanor, lowering her eyes to the floor when he stared her down.

Kevin’s head filled with lust and with trembling fingers he unlocked the rest of the chains to release Karla from Cheri’s side. He knelt and unlocked her ankle restraints and Karla like the good girl she was walked over to the doctor’s chair and sat down. Swinging on the seat she watched as he stripped Cheri down to naked in a second.

‘Bend her over that chair and fuck her hard,’ Karla spurred him on, ‘the dirty girl likes it rough and deep, give it to her good Kev.’ Karla poured dirty filthy carnal images into Kevin’s mind with her words and without a second’s thought he dragged Cheri over to the chair.

Kevin was lost inside his own fantasy now, he turned Cheri over the arm of the easy chair and in doing so turned his back on Karla. He thrust his huge cock inside a compliant Cheri and she groaned as he filled her insides instantly. OH FUCK!! YES!!! She screamed as he began ramming into her hard and fast his attention wholly on the tight little pussy he was watching stretch around his thick cock. ‘Fuck girl you’re so damned tight! You’re gonna be sore for a week after this!’

‘I don’t care! Just fuck me hard Kev! Oh God that feels so fucking good!’ Cheri was groaning and writhing against him as he thrust harder and deeper into her hot wet pussy. Her fingers went down between her legs and she rubbed her clit furiously as he continued to pound her insides.

Karla closed her eyes to the sight of her girl taking it from him, great swathes of jealousy ripped through her. Cheri wasn’t supposed to be enjoying this so fucking much!

She opened the front of her jumpsuit wide and allowed her big beautiful breasts to tumble out on show. Standing she walked across to straddle the back of Cheri’s hips and face Kevin as he pounded his huge cock into Cheri’s soaked pussy, the girl was groaning loudly, her juices were splashing Kevin’s groin as she came hard, spewing her juices all over him. Karla spanked Cheri’s ass red making her scream and squirm against Kevin as he pounded her pussy relentlessly and groaned at the new hot visual Karla was providing him with.

Karla leaned forward and shoved her breasts against his mouth, pulling his head down, pushing his face against her gorgeous full breasts as he fucked and pounded and groaned his way to a massive orgasm.

Karla gripped the back of his head and kept his face pressed down hard against her breast and choosing her moment perfectly, she thrust up hard between his ribs with the paper knife, piercing his chest, she rammed the blade in hilt deep as he pulled up from her chest, his face contorted with the painful force of his orgasm as a long low guttural groan escaped his mouth and he pumped his steady stream of cum deep inside Cheri, his shoulders slumped and his eyes took on a shocked surprised stare as Karla smiled at him waiting.

It was so quick and easy in the end that even Karla was surprised, the look of utter shock on Kevin’s face as he slid from her breast and out of Cheri’s bruised pussy, was a delicious sight she would cherish forever. In her mind’s eye she saw the face of every man who had ever abused and used her as Kevin slid to his knees. Karla raised her leg and placed a foot squarely in the centre of his chest and watched as his weight took his body backwards away from them both.

She turned and stroked Cheri’s back, ‘Stand up baby girl, cover yourself up, we need to get back to our room before he’s found.’

Cheri turned and gave Karla a blank stare, then she took in the scene behind her, her face shocked, her mouth open ready to scream, Karla pulled her to her and held her for a moment as she soothed her.

‘It was the only way baby, the only way, he would have kept taking you and hurting you, I couldn’t let him sweetheart. I did it for you. Now come on, get dressed, clean up your face we have to get back to our cell.’ Karla crooned against Cheri’s bowed blond head.

Cheri nodded, her fracturing mind clearly visible in her eyes, she bent easily to Karla’s will and followed the simple instruction, pulling her jumpsuit up mechanically, her eyes wide, pupils dilated as she stared at Karla in abject terror. ‘we are gonna be in so much trouble Karla, they are gonna know it was us. we can say he raped me, it was self defence’ Cheri’s voice was rising with hysteria, and Karla began to realise her baby girl was not going to cope with the reality of what had just happened nor would she stay quiet once the questions flew.

She pulled Cheri to her and soothed her again, stroking her hair she pressed her against her breasts. She felt the girl calming and relaxing into her, and she raised her hands once more, this time to her darling girl’s face as she gripped tightly and snapped swiftly breaking her neck. Cheri slid down the front of her and onto the floor in a crumpled heap.

Karla leaned over her and kissed her once on the lips before stripping her again and dragging her over to Kevin who lay prone to one side of the good doctor’s huge desk. She positioned Cheri on her stomach and dragged her arm back to recieve the freshly wiped knife in her hand closing her fingers around the ornate handle, She dragged Kevin and slumped his body over Cheri’s as she thrust the blade into Kevin’s chest over and over from behind in an upward motion until Cheri’s back and legs were coated in his blood. Karla lay down on the floor next to her and taking Kevin’s hands she forced them around Cheri’s neck from behind, mimicking the action she had performed a moment before, three times to be sure she had applied the correct amount of pressure he would have been capable of even as he slumped to the floor. Satisfied she had produced the makings of a double murder, she dragged Cheri’s limp and lifeless body up and positioned her over the end of the desk, she used Cheri’s arm to knock the contents of the desk all over the floor before she dragged Kevin’s body around and positioned him as he would have slumped from his wounds. Panting and breathless with her exertions she ran to the bathroom and retrieved cleaning supplies from under the sink there.

She scrubbed the blood from the wood flooring by the easy chair, and dropped every scrap of cleaning equipment she had used in a bright yellow contaminants sack marked for incineration. Then without a backward glance she walked to the Doc’s bathroom where she showered and changed her jumpsuit for the spare one he so thoughtfully provided for her when their games became messy and she had been covered in both men’s juices. She slid out of her jumpsuit and bagged it up in the yellow contaminants sack along with everything else. Dr. Peel had been so thoughtful in all of his arrangements for the three of them so that they were never found out. That system would prove useful today. Tying up the bag she opened the chute on the wall and dumped the bag in the hole. All evidence removed of her presence, it would go straight to incineration at 7am.

She took the spare cuffs and waist chain and reattached them to Kevin’s belt, she checked for anything that could indicate she had been there and finally satisfied she had cleaned up the scene she wiped the bathroom surfaces of her prints and hung the towel back on the heated rail. It would be dry again before anyone noticed it.

She knew that Kevin had looped the corridor cameras on the main corridors so that he wasn’t seen taking them to the docs office so she knew she had a small window of opportunity before the staff came on and shifts changed and his loop ended.

Less than three minutes later she was back in her cell, her cell door shut but not locked, Kevin would have seen no need to bother given he had cuffed her to the wall at the side of her bed. She attached her cuff to the restraint ring on the wall and the other to her wrist. Then she began to cry, great wracking sobs as she re-lived her last night with her darling baby girl Cheri in her arms.

Consoling herself, she muttered ‘It was for the best… no loose ends.’

Now all she had to do was wait… it wouldn’t be long.

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

24 thoughts on “Karla’s Journal ~ His Mistake.

    1. Well, Karla is considered not fit to stand trial by reason of insanity at the time of trial so she has been incarcerated in a mental facility. You have to wonder what she did to get there? Cold and calculating, she has an agenda and had to deal with the spanner thrown into the works by Kevin.
      It’s an interesting journey she’s taking us all on… hope it wasn’t too much… I took a long time to decide whether I should post this installment in its present state or tone it down a little. Toning it down would have meant that Karla’s full personality would not impact the reader in the same way. I confess, I have been nervous about the reader reaction to this installment. It’s changed the flavour of the whole story quite markedly.
      In other news Nora, you should check out the spanking you gave me on An update on Gemma’s world. πŸ˜› xx

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Trust your instincts as the creator, my friend. My comment was not intended as a criticism. Prior to this segment, we knew Karla was calculating and that she’d done something to land herself where she is…but I guess I was thinking she really didn’t belong there…so her murdering her girlfriend quite took me by surprise (and that my friend is a HUGE compliment to your writing!😊).

        Liked by 4 people

      2. Nooo I knew you weren’t criticising Nora, I was just musing more than anything, it’s good that I managed to surprise you with the twists she takes! I just wasn’t sure whether I had taken her down too dark a road too early, but I decided when I posted that the story can only be the way Karla tells it. She’s driving… πŸ˜› As always, thank you for the lovely compliments about my writing! πŸ’–

        Liked by 4 people

      1. I can honestly say most of this installment had been written in section pre DN fiasco but Cheri’s demise certainly came afterwards. I promise there were no DN’s harmed in the writing of Karla’s journal… yet

        Liked by 1 person

    1. but were you expecting the violence this early and to the level she exhibited? I’m just curious, it’s a writer dream to have so many diverse comments about a piece they’ve written. Especially a running storyline like this one. I never know what’s going to happen next until it’s actually written and on the screen in front of me! πŸ˜€ x

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Kevin was a player of the long game, he knew he would catch more bees with honey than he would flies with vinegar! Simply put he was kind to Karla, and that transferred into what you’ve been reading. Once Kevin had what he wanted in Karla, he then wanted more but with less effort on his part. That was his mistake. She has no regard for her own body, she did however love Cheri in her own way and Kevin taking her was a step too far. The way Kevin changed began around the time of the meltdown in the cell where she manipulates him into organising her day out with Dr.Peel. From then on, she owes him. Cheri gave him an opportunity to take something away from her. He was intent on putting Karla in her place. He should be the boss, but she controls everything. True colours came out and his rainbow got him killed.
        It’s a very twisty journey she’s taking us on, I have no idea at the moment how this will all play out, but I’m more excited about the direction things are taking than I was before!

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  1. OMG is Karla a sociopath with no real remorse or just a die hard narcissist with a mean vengeance streak? I can’t wait to see if she still gets her day out and what she will do to her husband in retaliation for his abuse?
    What a wicked turning.
    Well written.
    From the beginning of this chapter I had a sick feeling in my gut from Kevin’s actions.
    Poor Cheri!
    You have the makings of a good porno screenplay. I can’t wait to see how things resolve and what kind of ending Karla gets. How does her heroes journey end?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Poor Cheri indeed, damned if she did and damned if she didn’t. At least she went out on a high… as did Kevin! Bit of a shock for him though!
      Hmm, screenplay… I am a script writer and a playwright, so I can see how you have stepped from story installments to screenplay, I would prefer erotic rather than out and out porno though, so maybe I need to tone down the detailed sex descriptions and go for a more erotic approach, hint at the sex rather than expose everyone to it? Thoughts?
      I think Karla could easily be described as a sociopathic narcissist with psychopathic tendencies. Real nice girl… πŸ˜›

      Liked by 2 people

      1. For written erotica this is perfect. For an erotic thriller/suspense less description and maybe Hitchcock like character watching the action and we see their response while shadows of the acts project against a sidewall.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Poor Cheri, I kind of feel bad for Karla having to end Cheri that way, I’m sure the reason to sacrifice her for what she has planned will make total sense. I can’t wait!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Storm! It will make sense to Karla, whether it makes sense to everyone else remains to be seen πŸ˜› Lets face it she appears to have gone off Piste somewhat in the last installment, she may have derailed her day pass completely!πŸ’‹


  3. There is the Karla that I was expecting. The one who could and can turn her emotions on and off. The images of her past. Broken. Very short. Draws you in making you want to know more about her back story. How did she get there? What was all done to her? But this Karla who can see and read the scene in a second and make the decisions in a snap second that is who I knew was coming out. Cold and unfeeling are the truth of her. The love. The mushiness. The softness but a tool. Of course too I could be full of it. I love it Big Sis as always. It is developing amazingly. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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