Tom – day 2 of 7

Tom is still in full marauder mode, but he has a meeting this morning with a client so I have a reprieve. Tom in a dark suit and white shirt! YUM! Oh baby, that look on him is downright rude! I was positively panting when he came to say goodbye. He laughed and slapped my ass and said, ‘Be good until I get home, then you can help me take it off.’

I grinned, ‘Okay, I’m in!’ I said as I kissed him. I watched as he walked out of the house. Damn! Tom in a suit is a fine sight to see, but Tom naked is a whole different feast for my eyes and one I never tire of seeing. I was getting turned on just thinking about it. I despair of my own body sometimes, I’m aching in muscles I didn’t even know I had due to the Marauder chasing me round all day yesterday and here I am looking for more of the same! A lot more…

At one point yesterday, I thought I might actually be in danger of begging him to stop as he’d predicted. It didn’t happen, but it was a close run thing! He did get the tears though, that kind of erotic, feral onslaught is pretty much guaranteed to bring tears with it, and those tears are his pay off. They slow him down, he takes his time then, savouring the taste of my submission.

I asked him later about the tears aspect and he said, ‘It’s the only time you’re vulnerable and show it. I revel in the fact I’ve made you feel that way.’ I could hear the growl in his voice as his mind went back to the moment he had tasted my tears. I saw the same powerful lust appear in his eyes again as I had earlier.

I am fascinated with the many layers of this man. He is never one thing for very long, he is never one mood for very long. He is never, ever submissive himself anymore. Probably a good thing really, I’m a handful even on my most well behaved days!

Tom has taken over the role of disciplinarian in my life, Graham happily took a step sideways and relinquished his duties. It was a conversation that did not include me, but then, why would it? I need that structure in my life and as long as I get it, I’m all good with Tom taking care of it. As is he. He is in the process of updating my spanking implements to some that are big enough for his hand to hold comfortably. My hairbrush looks ridiculously small and ineffectual when his big hand closes around it.

He doesn’t really like using the cane. He worries he will be too harsh. I remind him of Graham’s brand of caning and I tried to reassure him that even though it hurts like blazes at the time, it cleanses me inside and makes me feel whole again. We’re still working on finding some middle ground with that. Right now he’s adamant that there will be no caning.

Regardless, we’ve had some very long and interesting conversations about my spanking needs and the upshot is, I will be spanked once a week for an hour (not all at once, hopefully) for maintenance and twice a week because he can and he knows it turns me on. If I do something that deserves a spanking, well, that’s quite a different story.

Due to Sam being at home with us for the majority of the time, spanking in the house has to wait until he goes out for a couple of hours. Tom is nothing if not resourceful. He has decided that the shed is perfect for delivering a punishment or maintenance spanking, and he has sound proofed the shed and cleared out all the old detritus to make room for a purpose built spanking bench with some Tom modifications that quite frankly do not bode well for my ass! No escape will be possible! Once those doors are closed, no one can hear a thing outside. I know because I put the stereo on full blast, stepped outside and locked the doors and I could barely hear it at all. It was booming loud enough to rattle windows!

People, this means my ass is toast!

My squealing, shouting, yelling, swearing and general howling while undergoing a spanking is going to go entirely un-noticed by my neighbours. In other words, Ms Ashton. Shame, she really would lock her doors and never come out again if she heard me taking a spanking from Tom!

I am being exceptionally well behaved at the moment because I have already had two extra spankings this week and my bottom is still hot and sore from the last one yesterday. But…I’m horny. It’s Tom’s fault, he was wearing that suit! I haven’t been able to get his image out of my mind all morning and now I am the one who is on a rampage looking for feral sex!

By the time Tom came home I was chock full of lust. Plain and simple, I needed fucking hard and fast right now or I might actually pop with frustration! I know I’ve grown into a highly sexual being since I started on this self discovery thing, but… even at my wildest I have never experienced feral lust the way I feel it right now.

Tom’s mood was distracted when he came in my office to let me know he was home. He leaned down and kissed the back of my neck and then stood back as I turned my chair to face him.

I looked up at him and could see the tension in his jaw. ‘Meeting not go well?’ I asked.

‘Not as well as I hoped, the damned woman spent more time trying to get into my pants than concentrating on the presentation. I actually feel fucking dirty.’ Wow he was upset, rightfully so too, he is a total professional when it comes to work. He barely even notices gender difference at all. I’ve seen him in action once or twice when he’s held meetings here. Deferential but firm and no nonsense. This woman must have been a piece of work!

I stood up and wrapped my arms around his waist and stood on tip toe to reach his jaw with my lips. Unless he bends there is no reaching his mouth! He bent and took the kiss I was offering. But… he didn’t bite. He didn’t let it grow and he extracted himself after a few moments.

‘I’m sorry Gem, I need to get hold of her boss before she has time to rubbish the presentation because I turned her down for a fuck.’ His eyes were cold, a rarity for brown eyes. I let go of him and sat down again.

‘Go sort it baby, I’ll still be here when you’re ready.’ I smiled at him and he bent down and kissed me once and then left.

I followed him and stood at the office door to hear his conversation with his client. He did not hold back. He gave him the full account of what had transpired between the man’s assistant and himself. I saw his shoulders relax a little as he went quiet and listened to whatever his client was saying at the other end. Obviously this was not ending well for the randy assistant! 5 minutes later Tom hung up the phone and sighed deeply.

I walked up behind him and placed my hands on his shoulders and massaged them through the material of his crisp white shirt. He leaned back and reached for me, pulling me around him and onto his lap.

‘All sorted?’ I probed as my fingers worked on his shirt buttons slowly.

‘Uh huh, she came in while I was talking to him, I think she’s got some trouble coming. Upshot is, I have sent Paul the presentation via email and he will assess it himself. So, no harm done.’ His fingers mimicked my own actions as they began undoing the buttons of my blouse.

I leaned down and sucked his nipple in between my teeth and nipped gently making him growl deep in his throat, my hands were working his belt buckle and zip, deftly removing obstacles on my way to what I was craving.

He caught my mouth with his and I could feel his smile against my lips. ‘You hungry baby?’ He murmured as I released him from his pants and caught his rigid cock in my hand and stroked it.

‘Uh huh… hungry…’ I muttered as my hand stroked the length of him and my finger circled the head collecting his pre-cum. I raised my finger to my mouth and slid my lips over it tasting him.

The phone rang. Tom laughed at my expression of frustration as he leaned around me and answered.

It was Paul again, Tom was laughing at something that he’d said, so I slid off his knee and settled myself between his legs. I slid my mouth down the full length of his cock and took it all the way to the back of my throat, slowly, slowly, I drew back to his throbbing tip. I locked eyes with him and saw primal lust gazing back at me, his big hand covered the back of my head and held it as he thrust his hips forward at the same time, I held on to his thighs, gripping them tightly as his cock filled my mouth to the back of my throat again, he tangled his fingers in my hair and tugged and pushed as he fucked my mouth with long firm strokes.

I had no control. It was all Tom and he was watching my face intently as he talked politely and professionally to his client. His voice betrayed nothing. His eyes exposed him. He was my marauder again and he was getting real close to filling my mouth with his seed. His thigh muscles tensed against my sharp nails and he thrust his hips up and buried his cock again and again deep into my waiting mouth. I sucked, hard, applying suction to his full shaft, I was desperate to make him cum and cum hard! I wanted all of him and I wasn’t stopping until I had him.

I worked my hand inside his pants and cupped his balls, rolling them between my fingers and he jerked, his jaw tightened but his voice never changed. I ran my finger backwards along the throbbing ridge behind his sack to his ass, I pressed the tip of my finger just inside and he bucked up hard and began pumping my mouth with his cock hard and fast, a few moments later his head fell back as he tensed every muscle and silently shot his hot seed straight down my throat, filling my mouth, I swallowed he gave me more, it spilled down my chin and he shot more. He continued to buck, and thrust and I maintained the pressure of my finger in his ass rubbing the sensitive skin, rolling his balls as he pumped and fucked my mouth until he was spent.

He hadn’t made a single sound and continued his conversation for a further 10 minutes. Me? He kept me on my knees with his hard cock still in my mouth as he pumped slowly in and out. I was in my own version of heaven and I was soaking wet and ready for when this damned conversation ended. I was riding my marauder all the way home to my own raging orgasm and nothing was getting in my way!

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

7 thoughts on “Tom – day 2 of 7

  1. Damn…this is fucking hot, Gem!
    The way you wrote this last scene seriously got my juices going. I find myself wanting to somehow crawl into my computer screen to get a taste of Tom’s dominance. Well done, my friend!

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