Part 8. Eileen’s story: While her back is turned…

Eileen sat behind Mr Crossley’s huge leather desk and watched as he castigated the hapless Ms Aston for her shortcomings. She took in Laura’s bright red bottom and thighs beautifully displayed by the tucked up skirt and trimmed only by the tops of the black seamed stockings. She smiled as she allowed her fingers to brush against her own pussy as she noted the dampness glistening between Laura’s thighs. That girl really did love a good hard spanking and she had definitely received one this evening! Tucked up in the corner, Laura’s sniffles and hiccups reached Eileen’s ears and her pussy reacted to the sound with a contraction that made her gasp with it’s intensity. Damn, that young woman’s mewling sounds could turn her on in a heart beat!

Mr Crossley chose that moment to turn on his heel and approach the desk. Eileen couldn’t help but notice he was sporting a fine erection and he was doing nothing to hide it from her either! ‘Ooh, events are taking an interesting turn,’ she thought as she purposely kept her eyes glued on his crotch as he approached her and slowly she uncrossed her long stocking clad legs and stood to allow him to sit in his chair.

He chose to remain standing in front of her, his eyes settling on her erect nipples which could be seen clearly through the flimsy material of the blouse as they pressed against it. His lips curled in a predatory manner as he raised his eyes to hers. She blushed at the blatant lust she saw in his eyes and her tummy curled anew with excitement. Theirs was a non-verbal dance of heat and she was revelling in his reaction to her. She turned away from the heat in his gaze and bent over the desk to retrieve her transcript of the story, he stepped behind her to take in the view she was affording him of her semi naked bottom under her skirt. Her thong was soaked and it was evident from the juices that glistened just inside her thighs that she was hugely turned on. She took her time reaching for the story sheet and moaned quietly when she felt his hand cup her bottom and squeeze her hard. She turned to face him while keeping the contact of his hand on her behind, and saw he had his cock out and was stroking himself as he smoothed one hand over her behind and squeezed firmly.

Eileen leaned back against the desk and pushed her chest out, her breasts straining to be released, His fingers reached up almost of their own volition and flicked the buttons open slowly one by one, his eyes were drawn to her face again as she whispered to him, ‘would you like me to take care of that for you Charles?’ She looked pointedly at his cock and licked her lips as he continued to stroke himself. She smiled, he was not a small man by any standard and she was more than happy to take care of that huge cock. In fact she was desperate to! A dark smile passed across his lips as he nodded, his eyes locking with hers as she slid down between his thighs and positioned herself on her knees in front of him, she handed him her phone as she took his cock from his hand and sucked it all the way into her warm inviting mouth.

He took the phone smiling widely, focused it on her raised eyes and luscious lips as she slowly sucked his long cock from tip to base and back again, and he clicked, and clicked and clicked again. He saw Laura’s head begin to turn from her corner, and he barked, ‘Nose against the wall Ms Aston, or I shall whip your backside with the crop!’ Laura hastily turned her face and pressed her nose back against the wall. Eileen never missed a beat, her mouth sank down to the base of his shaft and sucked his cock hard all the way back to the tip. His hips rose to meet her withdrawing lips, his breathing faltered as her hands closed around him and she began to stroke him in a cork screw motion that sent his blood pounding to the tip of his cock, making it throb and grow even bigger stretching her mouth impossibly wide.

He threw the phone on the desk as he gripped her head and spread his legs wider to pull her closer. She bobbed up and down on his cock working it, worshipping it, his precum oozed from him and dribbled down her chin, she lapped and sucked and stroked and petted his cock and his mind turned to mush as she continued to suck him all the way to the back of her throat. He held her there, applying pressure to the back of her head with one hand until she was gagging on him, while snaking his other down to fill his hand with her soft round flesh, he twisted her nipple hard and she gasped as she worked him harder and faster, suddenly he pushed himself to his feet and releasing her nipple, he gripped her head with both hands as he began to fuck her mouth for all he was worth. He rode her mouth, pushing his cock as far down her throat as he could, retracting it, only to fill her again. She held his gaze the whole time he fucked her, it drove him on to fuck harder and faster, and she sucked and stroked and cupped his balls, stroking them, pulling them, wrapping her tongue around his shaft when he slowed for a moment, tracing the rigid vein at the back of his cock and then running her tongue along the underside of his engorged head. He twisted his hands in her hair tightly as his legs began to shake and he felt himself lose control and suddenly his cum was spraying her everywhere. it hit her cheek, her nose, dripping down into her mouth, her eyes were coated in the thick warm liquid and she quickly caught his pumping cock between her lips and sucked him dry of every last drop. She swallowed his creamy cum as she gazed up at him and then slowly sat back on her heels as he sank down into his chair, a look of utter disbelief on his face. He pulled her up so he could whisper in her ear and twist her nipple hard as he spoke, ‘That was fucking amazing Ms Barton and we shall be doing it again very shortly! Tidy up while I finish up with madam over there!’

Eileen smiled a sultry smile at his words, and licked her lips as she gasped quietly at the pain in her nipple as he squeezed it hard one last time before letting her go. He stood and reorganised his clothing, zipping his pants back up and straightening his tie, he leaned down and said in a low voice, ‘you are in a world of trouble Ms Barton, I am a hungry man.’ With that he strode away from her and approached Laura quietly.

Eileen wanted in on this part of the girl’s punishment so she hurriedly took a tissue and wiped her face of his cum and rearranged her own clothing. She listened intently to his conversation with Laura and as he positioned her for her caning Eileen stepped in. Poor Laura, none of the fun and all of the pain! Eileen was in no mood to dally over this final part of Laura’s punishment, she would have more than enough opportunity to taste Laura’s wares when she accepted the girl’s offer to spank both her and her husband, and she would be doing it very soon! But for this evening, she had other plans that included a very large cock that had not been properly used in a long time! Her strokes with the cane across Laura’s already hot, sore bottom were swift and sharp and Laura howled and sobbed and cried and pleaded which of course turned Eileen on even more. By the time she reached for the crop Laura was openly sobbing, great big fat tears dripping from her chin and her wails were delightfully full and rounded with each harsh swat of the crop. Such a nasty little implement that did not require a great deal of work to bring about a satisfactory reaction from the recipient. Laura was no exception to this rule and she danced on the spot and squealed as the crop tip caught her exposed pussy lips over and over again along with her thighs and bottom until every little bit of creamy skin had turned bright red and was hot to the touch. Eileen ran a cursory hand across the girl’s skin, and could not resist sliding her fingers between her pussy lips to gather her juices. She leaned around to Laura and held her dripping fingers out for Laura to clean and she dutifully sucked them clean between hiccups and sobs.

Mr Crossley declared Laura’s punishment at an end and dismissed her from the room. Laura wasted no time and made a swift exit to the relative safety of the staff rest room.

Mr Crossley laughed at the speed of her departure, ‘My goodness Ms Barton, I think the girl has wings on her feet! That is the swiftest exit I think I’ve ever seen!’

Eileen laughed with him as she bent to pick up the fallen cane and crop and turned to walk slowly to his desk. He sat back and watched her slow strut across the carpeted floor. Hips swaying, naked breasts dancing under the ill fitting blouse and he felt his cock react swiftly to her delectable body. ‘Come here Ms Barton and assume the position.’ He said as she arrived at his desk. Her eyes flew to his face and her own face flushed, it was evident she had forgotten about her own upcoming spanking and he laughed again! ‘I do hope you don’t think your little performance earlier has discharged the need for your own punishment Ms Barton, I said you need retraining and retraining you shall have. Assume the position, immediately!’ His tone brooked no argument and Eileen dutifully nodded and lowered herself across his thighs positioning herself so that her bottom was raised high in the centre and her stilettoed shoes barely skimmed the floor. She reached down and braced her hands flat on the floor as she whispered, ‘Yes Mr Crossley, of course Mr Crossley.’

Mr Crossley took his time raising her skirt, slowly, he pushed the pleated material up above her full, plump beautifully rounded cheeks. He tucked the skirt into it’s waistband, fully exposing her bottom to his view. His hand smoothed her cheeks, stroking her, patting her lightly, feeling her squirm a little on his lap. He chuckled a deep throated chuckle. This was very different from yesterday evening’s surprise spanking. Tonight he had planned exactly how this would be carried out and he savoured every second of the experience as it unfolded. He raised his hand and brought it down hard on her right cheek watching as her bottom quivered under the sudden assault. She yelped, more in surprise than pain and he spent a few seconds patting her lightly on both cheeks, feeling her jump mildly at each contact. Waiting until he knew she was expecting the next pat, he suddenly spanked her hard again, this time on the left cheek. She jumped and cried out, again more in surprise than pain. He resumed his patting and stroking and then without warning, he began spanking her in earnest, sharp hard spanks that landed swiftly on each cheek as he verbally remonstrated with her. ‘You re a very lucky woman Ms Barton, there aren’t many bosses who would agree to such a personal form of punishment. You’re actions yesterday evening should have seen you fired on the spot. You really will have to learn that I am the rule maker around here and you shall follow those rules. You do not make your own as you go along!’ As he said each word he accompanied it with a volley of hard heavy spanks that soon had her squealing and yelping, crying out that she was sorry for taking matters in her own hands and she would always defer to him in the future. Her cries fell on deaf ears as he got into his stride. He stopped spanking for a few moments to allow the heat to raise to the surface and bloom properly, he ran his fingers beneath the waistband of her thong and he peeled it down over her hot bottom and pushed it down to her ankles. He took a moment to trace the path of the G string and he ran his fingers down between her cheeks and slid them between her pussy lips. He smiled widely when he found she was dripping for him, her bottom pushed up and her legs sprang open to allow better access as he slid his long fingers through her juices and rubbed her clit. She moaned and wriggled against his probing fingers.

He pulled back and smoothed his dripping fingers over her heated globes and they glistened with her own wetness. He smiled as he once again landed a firm volley of spanks to each cheek and now attended to her thighs too. She positively howled at the onslaught of sharp spanks to her thighs and her legs scissored as she tried to raise herself up and wriggle away from the incessant sharp sting that was being delivered in quick time to her thighs and bottom. Real tears ran down her cheeks as she sobbed and sobbed as he spanked and spanked her until finally he rested a steady hot hand on her right burning throbbing cheek.

He patted her bottom as he murmured, ‘stand up and bend over the desk Ms Barton, spread your legs wide for me.’ Eileen sobbed and hastily pushed herself to a standing position, turning, she bent over the edge of his desk spreading her legs wide as instructed, excitement unfurling in her tummy at what she was sure was to come. She expected to feel his hard cock between her thighs then, it had been pressed up hard against her tummy for the past ten minutes! Instead she squealed in shock when the sharp sting of the cane landed across both her hot throbbing cheeks. She reared up, her breasts tumbling from her open blouse and she heard him grunt in approval. She then heard the click of her phone as he stood to one side of her taking photos of her exposed bottom and breasts, ‘Good girl, Ms Barton, you certainly know how to put on a display, hold your position, we are not done. He raised the cane and she heard it swish through the air before it buried itself firmly into her soft skin and she sucked in a harsh breath at the stinging hot pain as it ran all the way through her. ‘Oh my…’ she cried out, but before she could finish that sentence a third stroke arrived and then a fourth until she was mimicking Laura’s on the spot dance from earlier. Her bottom exploded in pain and she sobbed and begged for his forgiveness. ‘Please Mr Crossley, I promise I will be a model employee from now on, please stop now! It HURTS!!’

Mr Crossley was having none of it, he switched from the cane to the crop as he once again began remonstrating with her. ‘Of course it hurts Ms Barton, that is the whole purpose of this entire exercise. Now, be a good girl and accept the rest of your punishment without constantly jumping around!’

Eileen sobbed and hiccuped her way through a sharp cropping that seemed to last forever, especially when so many sharp slaps licked her plump pussy lips and stung her! Finally he rested the crop across her lower back just above her hips. ‘Maintain your position Ms Barton until I instruct you otherwise.’

She nodded, allowing her head to drop down and her forehead to rest on the desk beneath her. She sobbed quietly as he stroked her bottom and thighs and ran his fingers between her swollen pussy lips again. Her hips bucked and she groaned quietly as he played with her. She heard the clicks from her phone and her face coloured profusely at the sound, knowing the image she must make right now.

Mr Crossley stood back from her and looked at his handy work, he was very pleased with the end result. That was indeed a very well spanked bottom. Her pussy dripped juices and he ran a finger through them and gathered them up. He lifted his finger to his mouth and tasted her. His cock throbbed heavily in his pants and he released himself with his other hand. His rock hard cock sprang forward and he stood closely behind her resting it on her hot cheeks. She raised her head and dared a glance over her shoulder. He was waiting for her, watching her, ‘Eileen?’ he asked with a raised eyebrow, and she quickly nodded her head, ‘Oh yes please Charles…’ she murmured in response. It was all the approval he needed, he gripped her firmly by the hips and thrust his long hard throbbing cock deep into the depths of her soaked welcoming pussy and they both groaned loudly in unison.

He rocked her and pulled her back onto him until he was buried hilt deep inside her and she tightened her pussy walls around him as her orgasm immediately began to build. It was the hardest, hottest, fastest fuck he had ever had and he banged into her over and over again and she screamed in delight as her orgasm ripped through her. He reached forward and grabbed her hair pulling her up as he pounded her from behind, his balls slapping her mound hard as his cock filled her tight velvet hole and she convulsed around him, stroking him with her inner muscles until he was thrusting and groaning behind her, She could feel his legs trembling pressed against hers as he suddenly grunted heavily and filled her with streams of creamy cum, heating her insides, spewing from her as he continued to pump and pour himself into her forcing it out with each thrust. Eileen’s own orgasm exploded deep inside her again and she collapsed on the desk with the force of it as she shuddered and bucked under him. He lay atop her back and kissed her ear, smoothing her hair away from her flushed face whispering nonsensical words to her as they both calmed themselves and she responded by turning her head and capturing his lips with her own.

Eileen sighed contently as the stray thought ran through her head, tomorrow she would enjoy Ms Aston and her husband, but tonight she would enjoy Charles, over and over again!

Mr Crossley smiled and slowly righted himself and dropped down onto his chair. My god this woman was utterly fucking amazing and he couldn’t wait to have her again and again. Every night from now on she would be his to fuck and he would be hers to suck to her hearts content! He had never been happier in all of his 62 years. Eileen dropped down into his lap and she caught his mouth with her own. Tomorrow was after all another day…

Tonight had exceeded both their expectations and neither one was disappointed or in a hurry to bring it to an end.

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

10 thoughts on “Part 8. Eileen’s story: While her back is turned…

      1. thank you for the seriously hot comment! I am thoroughly enjoying creating this series, more than any of the others actually. There is so much scope with these four characters! πŸ”₯😈😘

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  1. This is, damn it, the best erotic story I’ve ever read. The whole scenario, the whole constellation and then the elegant execution of the punishment. Just incredibly good.
    Thank you Gemma.
    By the way, I am 64 years old now. I have two to three orgasms a day. I have never had precum. What is that?


  2. good god I am going to burst today! Between you and Nora I am all flustered at work…I’m such a masochist, I wish my boss would catch me reading this and follow suit. Wishful thinking lol

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