Part 9: Ian’s Story…More than he bargained for…

Ian had come home from work on time this evening, he had not chosen to take the train that would see him arrive home after Laura had prepared their evening meal like he usually did, he had not gone for an after work drink with his colleagues before going home, he had not dallied, he had caught the first available train as soon as he got out of work and so now he was home a good 40 minutes before her! He sat on the sofa in his shorts with his trousers around his knees, staring at the photographs Laura had sent him this afternoon. Damn she looked hot in those stockings and nothing else! He hoped she was coming home in them. He wanted to bend her over and fuck her senseless all night! He stroked his cock until it throbbed heavily in his hand and then he remembered her text. ‘Not allowed to cum…’ and he groaned loudly!

His cock jumped and twitched and he stopped stroking on a deep sigh. He wasn’t sure he liked this new regime that had suddenly sprung to life overnight in his boring mundane marriage! Laura had taken him at his word last night and she was no longer that married sex on a Friday night dull little wife, she was a damned hot and horny sex siren who had a dominant streak in her a mile wide. Her denying him his orgasms was a bit of a turn though. He hadn’t seen that coming! His bottom twitched as he thought about meekly climbing over her knee this morning and taking a spanking for ruining her fun. What the fuck was wrong with him? He should be the one spanking her, he was the man of the house, he should be the one doling out the orders, not his meek and mild little wife!

His natural instinct was to take back the control when she came home tonight. He couldn’t have her bossing him about like this! He wore his testosterone like a badge of honour at work and that naturally spilled over into his home life. Laura had always fallen into line, he would be damned if she didn’t tonight! It was his way or the highway! He began stroking his heavy cock again in defiance of her instructions. He would damn well cum if he wanted to! Besides, how would she know? He stroked harder and faster, pouring over the images of his wife. This was her fault, teasing him like that! She shouldn’t have sent such horny photos of herself and anyway, wasn’t she right now getting her ass spanked good and proper by that hot boss of hers? She would probably go girl on girl again and get a free orgasm out of it! Fuck! His cock jumped at the thought, he desperately wanted to see that! He stroked harder, pulling the foreskin back, running his finger over the tip of his bulbous head, closing the foreskin up and over it again just to repeat the action and begin all over again. He flicked to the photo of her with her fingers stroking her wet pussy while she bent over the chair and he felt his cum forcing it’s way up his shaft, just a little more… he pulled and stroked and jerked his solid fat cock and just as his cum rose to spurt out of his aching tip a random moment of clarity slid into his mind and floored him. ‘You jerk off Ian, your way of doing it nearly put you in the divorce courts!’

His erection died, it went limp in his hand and his cum dribbled out weakly and slid down the side of his cock. He groaned disgustedly and dropped his head into his hands. Finally the thoughts he had been pushing away all day hit home, one after another and he gave in to them.

He admitted to himself he was a jerk for the way he had jumped to conclusions about Laura’s lateness last night, he even admitted he was wrong for tracking her phone. He felt uncomfortable with himself as one realisation after another hit him like a tidal wave. He didn’t deserve her. He was damned lucky that she wanted to be with him after the way he had treated her throughout their marriage!

He shook his head in dismay at his own failings and decided there and then that Laura was best placed to run this marriage, not him. Look at how she had handled his ruining of her second orgasm this morning! If the boot had been on the other foot, he would have been stomping around the bedroom in a foul mood because she had dared to spoil his fun. Not Laura, no, Laura had decided to deal with the issue by spanking him good and proper, make him go down on her and give her a second orgasm and then gave him permission to masturbate for her. The fact that she didn’t allow him to finish, finally had a different meaning for him. She had let him know in a very subtle way, what he had made her feel like, and all of it done with the minimum of fuss. He was truly awed by just how fabulous his wife actually was and he decided that when she came home this evening he would do exactly the opposite of what he had been planning, he would do as he was told, whatever it was, and he would not demand an orgasm, in fact he would make sure that all her needs were looked after properly as a priority from this moment on.

He knew he could expect some serious spankings in his foreseeable future, but honestly? He knew he deserved them all and he finally admitted the biggest realisation to himself, he really wanted her to be in charge of them! He loved the entire evening last night, and this morning too, from him spanking her to admitting he wanted to be spanked, to bending over and having her paddle his behind with that damned spoon, then taking that spanking this morning! Everything had been such a huge turn on, he had felt humiliated and pathetic this morning but he knew that Laura didn’t see him that way, she just told him naughty boys got their asses spanked and he had better be good or else his would be permanently red! He remembered the rush of adrenalin that had coursed through him when she took control like that, he got so damned hard he thought he might embarrass himself by coming all over himself!

He put his cock back inside his shorts and pulled his trousers up. He kept the photo of her in the stockings as his background image on his phone. Fuck she is hot! he thought again as he stood and headed for the kitchen and for the first time in his married life he began to prepare the evening meal. He had even factored in the new time she would be home from work, given her new spanking punishment regime each evening!

30 minutes later, the food was warming on plates in the oven and he was de-corking a bottle of Laura’s favourite wine to go with the meal just as she walked in through the front door. He popped his head around the dining room door and smiled at her.

‘Hi darling, food’s ready and I’ve poured you a glass of your favourite wine!’ He said in his best I love you voice. Laura stopped removing her coat and turned to stare at him. She blinked once before she caught herself and said, ‘You bought food in? Why? We had takeaway last night and I’m home early enough so I can prepare a meal… why are you home anyway Ian? You aren’t due for another 30 minutes!’ Her questions ran from her in a river of words and bounced down the hall at him. He held his hands up and grinned, ‘No, I didn’t buy a takeaway, I cooked dinner myself, I’m home early because I caught the early train, I didn’t go for a drink with the lads after work, I came straight home.’ He smiled at her, fully expecting her to be thrilled at his new behaviour.

Laura’s face darkened and her lips thinned perceptibly, ‘I see,’ she said slowly, ‘so, let me get this straight, you could have been home at this time of night every evening for the entirety of our marriage but you chose to go for a drink with the lads before you came home? Why was I expected to come straight home Ian and not you?’ She stormed down the hallway towards him, her coat still hanging off one arm, her face set in a frown and Ian knew a real moment of fear. He had fucked up, big time, he needed to catch this before it grew out of all proportion!

‘I know, I’m sorry, I’ve been a complete jerk to you Laura, I know I’ve treated you disrespectfully for a lot of our marriage, but I realised today just how much of a jerk I’ve been and I want to make things right. I think you’re right to assume control of us love, you are so much better at it than I am. I know I need to learn how to put you first and make you my priority but I am more than willing to learn I promise.’

‘Oh you will learn Ian, of that you can be sure, and you should never have wanted to control me in the first place.’ She waved her arm around in an angry gesture, still struggling with her coat, she turned to him and suddenly blew out an exasperated sigh, ‘Just help me out of this blasted coat and we shall deal with your past behaviour issues later. What’s for dinner?’ Laura didn’t miss a beat, she calmed right down instantly and took a running stock of her situation. His behaviour this morning had given her an inkling that he was definitely responding well to her taking control, so this new Ian he was presenting her with tonight, she would happily take on! Inside Laura was beaming at this happy turn of events. She had wondered whether he would revert to normal after a day at work mixing with all that testosterone fuelled attitude from all the ‘blokes’ around him. This new attitude meant that her plans for the evening were right on track so she was very happy indeed!

Ian breathed a sigh of relief as he rushed to assist her out of her coat and he led her into the dining room where the table was set, her wine was poured and her seat was pulled out ready for her to just slide in. ‘We’re having lasagne, to be honest, it’s the only thing I know how to cook successfully that I never ruin.’ He admitted, an embarrassed flush creeping up his cheeks. Laura gave him a long look and shook her head ruefully. ‘Oh dear, I have rather spoilt you haven’t I! You have an awful lot to learn darling, and I have no intention of letting you take your time over it either. None of this is rocket science you know! Anyway, let’s eat, I’m starving!’ She dropped down into her seat and sucked in a sharp breath as her bottom throbbed heavily and complained at the sudden hard surface it was pressed against.

Ian heard her sharp intake and he raised a querying eyebrow, ‘was it a very painful spanking tonight Babe?’ He asked softly. She took a sip of her wine and nodded her head in answer to his question. He was getting nothing more until she had eaten.

Realising he was going to have to wait, he disappeared into the kitchen and came back with the two plates of food. The meal was quickly dispensed with and Laura stood up and retrieving her wine glass and the bottle, she kicked off her shoes and headed for the lounge and the comfortable soft sofa waiting for her! ‘Clear the table please darling and set the dishwasher going before you come in, and perhaps another bottle of wine, this one is almost gone.’ She said distractedly as she walked away. Ian stood and cleared the table, he was smiling to himself, he couldn’t quite believe how easily Laura had slipped into the role of head of house, she was very good at it. He tidied everything away and did as she asked and opened another bottle of wine.

Finally he was able to come and sit down beside her, he was desperate to hear about her day, but most especially about her spanking!

Laura glanced across at him and smiled as she adjusted her position on the sofa. Unfurling her legs from underneath her, she placed her feet flat on the floor and pressed her knees together, she raised her wine glass and drained it, placing the empty glass on the coffee table at the side of her. She turned her attention back to Ian. ‘Stand up and drop your pants darling man, I want to inspect your cock and see if you’ve been naughty.’ She smiled at his shocked expression, ‘what? you didn’t think that I would just accept your word that you haven’t been stroking your cock every chance you got over those photos, did you?’ She giggled at his forlorn expression, his guilt was written all over his face.

‘Oh Ian. I only gave you one thing to do darling, and you ignored my instructions didn’t you!’ Her tone had an undertone of steel running through it now and he got to his feet while trying to defend himself. ‘You did tell me I could stroke myself love, you just said I couldn’t have an orgasm and I didn’t, I promise.’ He sounded whiney even to his own ears so he stopped talking and hurriedly dropped his pants and underwear around his ankles. His cock sprang forward and bounced a little as he stepped towards her.

Laura reached forward and took his cock in her hand and pulled him closer to her. she reached down to his boxers and pulled them higher up so she could see them properly, and there it was, the tell tale sign of spent cum had stained the front of his shorts. Laura tutted and glared up at him, ‘Really Ian, I expected better from you! You lied to me! that is not a good way to start our new dynamic now is it?’

‘I … no… it’s not what you think… I was…’ he protested weakly. Laura smacked his thigh sharply with the tip of her fingers and he jumped back in surprise. ‘Oww!’ He moaned.

‘I have the evidence before me Ian, you have been masturbating, you have obviously cum and you have left the evidence of your orgasm in your pants. I don’t need anymore lies from you!’ She tugged his cock which was rigid in her hand and she began to stroke him as she looked up at him, ‘I suppose you would like me to give you a blow job wouldn’t you? she said changing her tone, she sent him completely off kilter with her question and face flushed he nodded, ‘yes please Laura, I would really like that.’

‘Hmm, I’m sure you would.’ Laura glared at him while she continued to stroke him from tip to base mimicking the way he had pumped his cock this morning, his precum was dripping over her hand and she smoothed it along the shaft and continued to jerk him off roughly.

He was too far gone to complain about her rough handling, in honesty he was quite enjoying the tight tugging sensation she was creating and he moaned and thrust his hips forward pushing against her fingers.

She tugged him closer still until he stood between her wide spread legs and his knees were pressed against the sofa. Looking up she brought her lips so close to his cock, she knew he would be watching. He was, his eyes were almost closed and his mouth was slack jawed with excitement. He was almost there.

She stopped stroking him abruptly and landed a light spank on the tip of his throbbing cock. ‘Well, only good boys get a blow job Ian, and you have already had your fun without me, so no blow job for you!’ He yelped and she giggled as he jumped back from her.

‘That hurt Laura! You don’t need to be so rough!’ He complained.

Stop whining Ian, I am very upset with you! Now, shuffle through to the hall and collect my parcel for me and bring it here. Do not adjust your pants I want to watch you shuffle.’ Her voice was a whiplash, cold and terse and it took him by surprise. He decided not to push her any further. He had lied to her and been caught out, of course she would be angry with him!

Yes Ma’am, he muttered as he rubbed his cock and stumbled across the lounge floor towards the hall. Laura jumped up behind him and slapped his behind sharply, ‘For goodness sake! Hands of that cock Ian, I own it now and you don’t get to touch it unless I expressly allow it. Do you understand?’

Ian turned to face her, his face a picture in horrified shock, ‘but…Laura… love… you know I need to wank at least 4 times a day!!’

Laura folded her arms across her chest and glared at him. ‘Hmm , Yes I knew you did it a lot but I didn’t know it was that much, no matter, I have a solution for that, bring me my parcel please Ian, now!’ With that she turned away from him and took her seat back on the sofa and raised her wine glass and refilled it.

He nodded dejectedly and turning he stumbled out of the room and down the hall to the stand and collected her box. He quickly returned to her side. He held the parcel out to her.

‘Just put it there’ Laura pointed to the seat at the side of her and he did as she asked hurriedly. His mind was spinning at the strictness she had come at him with. What the hell? Had she been taking lessons on how to be a ball breaker or something? He had never seen her like this! Conversely his cock twitched and he automatically reached down to give it a little pet. Laura reached out and spanked his backside hard. ‘Leave the darn thing alone Ian for goodness sake!’

He dropped his cock and stuttered an apology ‘I’m sorry, I wasn’t even aware…’

‘I’ve noticed,’ she murmured. She reached across to the box he had placed on the sofa and she opened it quickly, she reached in and pulled out a short handled wooden paddle and smacked it against her hand. ‘Perfect!’ She muttered, then she reached into the box again and pulled out a pump spray filled with liquid. Ian stood awkwardly gawking at her, he didn’t dare pull his pants up, he didn’t dare touch his cock he just stood there shirt front barely covering him, bare ass on show, arms by his sides and a crestfallen expression on his face. He had no idea what on earth was going on now, he was completely in the dark.

Laura looked up at him and smiled as she slid across to the centre of the sofa. ‘I think it’s time for your daily evening spanking. Assume the position please Ian, over my knee, there’s a good boy.’

What the fuck? Ian’s head was reeling, daily evening spanking? when did that get agreed? He faltered for a second and then remembering his promise to himself earlier, he did as he was told and lowered himself over her knees, if this was what she wanted then he was committed to doing whatever it took. She positioned him herself, adjusting his cock so that it became trapped between her thighs. She pushed his shirt tails up his back and waited while he got his balance. Hands pressed on the floor in front of him, tips of his toes touching the floor behind him. Bottom raised in the centre. He was ready and so was she, Laura patted his bottom all over lightly for a few minutes, stroking, patting, running her nails over the surface and watching the goose bumps shiver to the surface. He shifted slightly and she smacked him hard on his right cheek. ‘Hold your position Ian. Do not move!’ She instructed firmly.

She resumed her stroking and smoothing and patting until she was ready. She lifted her hand and delivered a quick volley of sharp spanks over both of his cheeks and thighs, he yelped and cried out, but she knew she wasn’t really hurting him. She ignored his whining and increased the heaviness of the spanks. ‘It seems you want to make a noise darling so I shall give you something that will make it meaningful!’ With that, she spanked as hard as she could for a full ten minutes until both his cheeks were glowing bright red and were hot to the touch! She took a moment then to smooth her hand over the surface of his bottom, it really was a lovely bottom to spank! She had always fancied the men with the cute bottoms in her spanking videos, there was just something about the shape of them that turned her on! She didn’t like the muscular bubble butts of the porn stars, she preferred the normal guys taking a spanking from their wives, you could just tell that was a situation that happened regularly! One of the good things about watching all those videos was she now had a good idea of how to take them forward with this new arrangement. She was excited about what was to come but she paced herself, first the spanking then her surprise for him!

Laura lifted the spray bottle and sprayed liberal amounts of mineral oil over the surface of Ian’s bottom, he jumped at the feel of the cold liquid running between his butt cheeks and he tried to lift up to see what she was doing. She slapped his thigh ‘head down, naughty boy!’ she ordered and he squeaked out an apology and lowered his head. He wasn’t really hurting that badly, it was a blessing that Laura had small hands, she would have to spank for days to cause him any real pain, he relaxed against her thighs and waited while she sprayed more of the liquid.

Finally she was ready, his bottom and thighs glistened with a thin sheen of oil and she grinned as she picked up the new wooden spanking paddle she had bought on the way home! Raising it quite high she brought it down, smack right in the centre of his right cheek and he howled as it gripped the oil and pulled as it released his skin! ‘OWWW! That really hurt Laura!’ He whined pitifully.

‘Good, good!’ Laura muttered, more to herself than Ian, ‘I did wonder if you were ever going to feel this spanking, this is obviously the way to go in the future, now stop whining and take your punishment!’ Laura draped her free arm across his waist and pulled him more tightly against her. Ian gasped, she was surprisingly strong! He felt his cock twitch and jump between her warm thighs and so did she.

She raised the paddle and began spanking each cheek and thigh in a rotation of four like she had done the previous evening with the spoon, ‘you really are led by your cock aren’t you Ian? I always thought you were so buttoned up and serious all the time!’ Spank, spank, spank, ‘but really you are constantly playing with your cock and saving nothing for me!’ She spanked and remonstrated, then spanked harder, and chastised, then spanked harder still, the paddle flew across his bottom and thighs, leaving the whole area dark red and very hot to the touch, the oil had done it’s job, it had created a perfect connection between his skin and the smooth wood and he felt the bite and sharp sting of every single stroke until he was wriggling and howling, sobbing and crying, begging and pleading with her to stop. He apologised profusely for having let his orgasm get away from him earlier, he promised through his blubbering that he would never do that again, he promised wholeheartedly that he would stop playing with his cock all the time if she would just please stop! Big fat tears were coursing down his red cheeks, his nose was running and he was openly sobbing. Finally as he squealed loudly from the last heavy volley of spanks Laura laid the paddle across his bottom.

‘All done Ian, but hold your position please.’ She said quietly and firmly. ‘I want to have a serious talk with you about your bad habits and I believe this is the best position for you to be in just in case I don’t like your answer or attitude.’ She smoothed her hand over his bottom and he jumped and tensed his butt cheeks in trepidation. She chuckled and patted his bottom, ‘it’s alright baby, your spanking is over for now as long as you behave in a respectful manner.’

Ian sobbed loudly but remained in position.

‘Have you ever heard the term FLR Ian?’ She asked softly as she stroked his bottom and massaged his cock between her thighs, he was grunting low in the back of his throat at the sudden attention to his cock and it took him a second to focus on her question. She smacked his bottom once, ‘Answer please,’ she said sternly and he yelped and whispered, ‘no I haven’t, what is it?’

She smiled widely as she continued, ‘Its the acronym for female led relationship, and you have just found yourself right smack bang in the middle of one. You told me earlier that you would like me to assume the responsibility for us, that will include discipline and sexual behaviour issues Ian, I have my own list of issues with your constant groping of your cock and your bullish attitude if I don’t feel like having sex so there are going to be a few changes to the way we do things. Do you agree with everything I’ve said so far darling?’

Ian lifted his head and tried to look up at her in his version of an adoring husband look, it was more like a grimace and Laura tried her best not to laugh out loud, he did look so forlorn! She really rather liked this feeling of power!

‘Yes, I agree with everything you just said darling, I just want to be a good husband to you and give you what you need to make you happy. I didn’t know that there was actually a real name for it. FLR… it sounds good!’ He said eagerly.

‘Fabulous, you may get up now because I am going to give you your first FLR gift from me.’ Ian didn’t need telling twice, he scrambled to his feet and stood in front of her, his cock rigid with excitement, his cheeks at both ends glowing bright red!

‘A gift?’ He asked cautiously, he had no idea what to expect from her anymore and she could see he was plainly confused.

‘Yes my darling, a gift.’ she replied distractedly as she lifted her glass of wine to her lips and took a small sip. ‘Kneel down in front of me, but keep your body upright so I can access your cock.’ She waved her hand in front of her so he knew where to kneel, then took another sip of her wine and smiled.

He grinned openly as he hurried to assume the position she wanted him in, he was rewarded with her leaning down and grasping his very hard cock in her left hand and stroking it vigorously the way he would do himself if he was masturbating while she held her glass with her right hand.

She worked his cock for a few minutes and then let go suddenly. ‘You may masturbate for me Ian, I would like you to cum so you had best get some paper towel to spurt on. We don’t want a mess on the carpet do we darling?’ She was thoroughly enjoying herself now and sat back crossing her stocking clad legs, which he of course noticed and couldn’t take his eyes off. ‘Hurry up Ian, paper towel or no orgasm.’ she murmured.

Ian jumped up and shuffled off to the kitchen coming back with a few pieces of paper towel and then resumed his position at her feet again. She smiled benignly at him and gave him permission to begin masturbating.

Ian worked his cock in long slow strokes, using Laura’s stocking clad legs as his fantasy image. He imagined her wrapping them around his head and pulling him in to suck her pussy while he stroked his cock. She broke across his thoughts, ‘do hurry up darling, you usually go much faster than this, I want to see you cum!’

Well hell, who was he to complain? He picked up pace and really put the effort in. It didn’t take him long, he was already exceptionally turned on, the friction of her stockinged thighs rubbing against his cock for the last 30 minutes had done their job. He was ready to fire his load in no time!

Grabbing the paper towel from the floor, his face screwed up with concentration, his whole body trembling with his imminent release, he grunted long and loud as his cum erupted from him in a long steady stream of creamy juices. He caught it all in the towel and continued to thrust and pump for a minute or two until he was sure he had caught all of it. Laura smiled and cheered for him when he came, and he glanced up at her face to see if she was being mean or if she really was pleased for him. He was very confused. He didn’t know who his wife was anymore, but he admitted to himself that he really liked this new Laura a lot!

Laura was smiling kindly at him, she was genuinely pleased he had come, she leaned forward and planted a huge kiss on his lips and gave him a hug. ‘I’m so glad you got so much out darling, it will make your new gift so much easier to fit.’

Ian looked at her quizzically. ‘fit? what is it?’

‘Yes darling,’ she said as she made him kneel upright once again so his cock was easily accessible. She leaned forward with a metal chastity cage in her hand that she deftly slid into position over his cock and attached the ball ring to his balls. ‘It’s a male chastity cage for your cock and balls!’ She declared happily! She finished the whole thing off with a tiny lock that she clicked into place. ‘There!’ she said gleefully, ‘Now what do you think of your gift? Isn’t it beautiful? Your cock looks so small in there!’

Ian looked down at his caged cock in shocked horror, then back to Laura’s face and back down at his cock squashed into the metal cage!

‘But… I … Laura, this is…’ He whined in the most pitiful voice.

‘A female led relationship Ian,’ Laura interjected succinctly. ‘I have decided that you play with your cock far too much. This little cage is to help you gain control over your base urges and give the poor thing a well earned rest. 4 times a day you said you masturbated! 4 times a day Ian, that’s an awful lot darling. You will thank me for this eventually I promise. Besides, the cage is the best way for you to learn a few things about self control and this little gadget will be the perfect way for you to learn without continual failure looming. Oh… and the best part is, I get to play a huge part in this too, I shall be your key holder, I have the only one there is so it’s entirely up to me when you can be let out of the cage and when you are allowed to have an orgasm. Don’t worry darling, we shall start slowly, lets say a few days and see how you’re getting along with it, but you will have to adjust to it, it is now a permanent fixture in our lives. Okay?’ Her whole face was beaming with delight!

‘Oh Laura, please darling is there another way we can do this? What do I do to pee?’ Ian begged her, he was almost in tears.

Laura scowled at him and scolded him sharply, ‘Oh do stop whining Ian, you brought this on yourself you know! Now, there is a lovely little information booklet that comes with it, you can sit and read up on your new best friend after you have run my bath for me, while I am bathing you can do some research on your new chastity cage. You will find oodles of information on the internet. It’s all very interesting darling, we are going to have such a lovely time once you get used to the idea.’

Laura stood and leaning down she ruffled Ian’s hair, ‘Now, be a darling and go and run my bath for me while I get undressed please. I am going to have a long hot soak in the bath, my bottom is very sore from earlier this evening. Mr Crossley really does spank very hard indeed!’

And just like that, Ian fell into line. She was holding the only key to his most prized possession. He would do exactly what she wanted from this point on. Life was not quite so rosy in the garden, but he was fully committed to working this out with Laura and if this was what she wanted, then he would just have to get used to it. He didn’t have much choice, he had asked for this and he had gotten a lot more than he had bargained for…

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So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

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  1. Well she sure taught him! Being the key holder to his pleasure will certainly have him falling into line quickly. You know, I’ve always wondered how people do this…people who switch. I think it would mess with my head so much…being in control in one moment, and submitting in the next. You have some experience with this Gemma…does it just come naturally to you or is it a struggle? Another great chapter XOXO

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    1. It’s a huge struggle Nora, or at least it was for me, it’s funny I was only talking about this yesterday with a friend. As you know, Tom switched down into submissive mode at the beginning of our relationship, when that all came out I thought he had just behaved that way to get in under the radar so to speak. I was so leery of men at the time, one with raging Dominant tendencies would have been shown the door instantly, but a submissive man, especially one who looked like he did and was built the way he was, well… I couldn’t refuse. Turns out Tom was not acting that first couple of weeks, periodically throughout our relationship he would have a craving to be dominated by me, he had a submissive streak in him a mile wide and he wanted to be held to account, he wanted the power taking off him and he wanted to submit. I switched and I could pull it off for a few weeks at a time but more than that and it became heavy for me. I needed a man I could lean on, who would be my equal, who could shoulder the weight of our world when I was too tired. I didn’t want a man who began to appear weak and malleable. I would quickly grow bored with the domination and it would make me unnecessarily spiteful or cruel and I don’t like feeling that way. I want the fight, I need it, I want to feel as though we are both working damned hard to be on top. We had that feral aspect more than we did either submissive or dominant alone. I suppose that’s why it worked for so long. I guess, if it was with anyone other than Tom I would have to say, no thanks, not interested. It was too much like hard work. I am in control of just about every aspect of my life, I want that wrestled away from me in the bedroom. I need to look up not down. πŸ˜€
      So I guess the short version of that explanation is no it’s not an easy switch for me, while I’m not a natural dominant nor am I submissive, I sit somewhere in the middle, but prefer to be the one made to submit. I admire any man who can pull that off. I am one stubborn… LOL I’m sure you get the picture! πŸ˜€ xxx

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      1. Thank you for this thoughtful reply, Gemma! That really helps me to better understand the dynamic that you and Tom had, and to better understand you. At times, I think I might get a rush out of being “in charge” but I just don’t think that I could do it long-term. Like you, I want control wrestled away from me. XOXO

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    2. Things may become clearer regarding Laura’s switch in part 10. Her natural instincts and thought processes are more on show, we get to see who she is deep down, that part of her she has kept buried because of who she is married to. This change will bring about a huge metamorphosis for Laura and she will step into her own life properly for the first time. Ian will be made to come to heel and serve her the way she has served him. Quid pro quo rather than revenge though, she loves him at the end of the day but now she’s finally beginning to love herself too. It’s going to make for an interesting read ( I hope!) πŸ˜› xxx

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      1. I can’t wait! I love how emotionally intelligent your stories are… I think that’s why I enjoy them so much. It’s not just about sex and spankings (there is plenty of that, thankfully!)…but your stories are often about the deep inner workings of people which are often quite complex. You are so talented, Gemma! XOXO

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  2. I am not sure what it was but this scene fell a little flat for me. I think it was how quickly Ian catapulted. You are right not much of a switch am I lol I can’t connect with Ian emotionally the same way I have with the other characters. Not sure why I do not like Ian. πŸ™‚ Your writing though is as always top notch. Laura is coming into her own and I quite am enjoying watching her unfurl like a butterfly. Also interested in the other two as well and their story.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How do people emotionally handle this? I am exploring what kinks I do and do not like, so when I read stuff like this, I try to picture myself in the scenario and it’s a easy way to tell if I could handle it or not and with this one, I found I am unable to emotionally deal with it, so am curious how people do it? I admire them for being able to, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Which side of it are you questioning Rue, the cage wearer or the key holder? If you are wondering about the cage wearer then the perfect blog to read will be Collared Michael when he gets it back up and running properly, he was sent to the naughty corner by WP picture police I think. Anyway, his blog is back but the content is not there yet. Michael lives with caged chastity and adores his Queen (wife), personally I think he may be the happiest man I’ve ever had the good fortune to talk to! He is very open about his chastity, so chatting to him about it will more than likely be welcomed by him. especially if you explain your thoughts on this. As for the key holder aspect, I have found myself in the position of being a key holder twice now, both were kind of out of the blue things for me and I wasn’t in a sexual relationship with either man. I enjoy the power exchange that takes place when you know that man is entirely reliant on you for his orgasms or lack thereof. I confess, it fascinates me how very submissive a man becomes as soon as you lock away his ability to touch himself whenever he wants. On both occasions, the connection between me and the caged man was not strong enough to continue for very long, I think 3 months was the longest spell.
      I need to be both mentally and physically connected to my man so I think that probably played a huge part in the drift. There wasn’t enough to hold my attention.
      I write about those things that have touched on my own life and turn them into fictional stories to entertain a curious mind. For myself, I would not want my partner caged. I enjoy sex too much. It seems counterproductive to put your partner into caged chastity when you want sex on a regular basis yourself and nothing else will do but him. πŸ™‚
      Emotionally I am able to distance myself quite markedly and treat those events as me offering those two men a different experience that they had wanted to try for themselves. It allowed them both to explore that aspect of their submissive behaviour and they were both grateful that I assisted them in the way I did. I still chat happily with the men, one has gone on to full on male chastity as a permanent state and the other has reverted back to life before the cage.
      Hope this helps a little Rue πŸ˜€ xx

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