Part 10: Laura’s Story… Owning her Life…and her husband!

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Laura lay soaking in the lovely hot bubble bath Ian had run for her. She covered her breasts in bubbles and leaned back against the head rest relaxing properly for the first time today. A contented sigh escaped her lips as she allowed her mind to drift back to her early evening spanking session at work. Mr Crossley had gone completely off script mid way through the spanking story he had said he would be following, No matter though because the end result had still been the same.

Her bottom was hot and throbbing and sore and her pussy had been crying out for some immediate attention, it wasn’t to be, he had not allowed Ms Barton to carry out the end of the story at all and instead of that had instructed her to cane and crop Laura! Oh god that had hurt so much! Her hand stroked her bottom gently in remembered pain, ‘but mmm, it feels so good afterwards!’ She whispered to herself as she went over each moment, each new spank, swapping Ms Barton for Mr Crossley, gosh that had been a shock to her system. She had thought she had received a very thorough spanking from Ms Barton, but Mr Crossley unleashed a fire across her bottom with his heavy hard spank like she had never felt before!

And then of course the dreadful corner time, Laura shivered, she really didn’t like corner time, apart from the fact that she was stood there with her crimson bottom on full show to both her bosses, it also gave her too much time to think. She really felt her humiliation and shame prickle her skin the whole time she was stood there. Obviously that was what corner time was for, but she already felt bad for what she had done at work, she didn’t think it was necessary for Mr Crossley to drive the point home that way! Especially as he had most definitely stepped away from her really rather sexy spanking story in favour of a much harsher version of his own that involved a cane and a crop! Laura twisted to the side and allowed her fingers to roam her bottom in search of tell tale signs that she had been caned. She found a few ridges and she let her fingers trace them. A shiver of delight ran through her, her very first caning, and delivered by Ms Barton no less! Wow she was good with a cane. Laura just wished there had been a mirror or something so she could have watched Ms Barton cane her bottom!

Her imagination began filling in images that she herself had not been privy to during the caning and she imagined herself bending over, spreading her legs, her bottom bright red from her spanking with Mr Crossley, her wet pussy on display for all to witness her utter humiliation at her exposure, and then Ms Barton stepping up behind her with the cane. Laura felt her pussy react to the images she was creating in her mind and her fingers crept down over her mound and pressed between her pussy lips to find that gorgeous little button that gave her so much pleasure, a frisson of excitement coursed through her as her finger rubbed and smoothed over that little button, pressing gently then rubbing slowly as she imagined the sight of the very first cane stroke landing across her bare bottom. She remembered her squeal as the bite from that thin piece of wood gripped her buttocks and buried itself into her tender skin. She gasped as her pussy contracted and then imagined she saw Eileen prepare for the second stroke, she watched the silent communication between her two bosses, imagining Eileen raising the cane even higher with a nod from Mr Crossley and then hearing it whoosh through the air as it came down and landed just below the first stroke.

She heard her own howl and watched herself jump up and down on the spot, cupping her bottom with both her hands, tears streaming down her face as the sting settled into a deep throb under the skin and into her muscles. She remembered Mr Crossley ordering her to get back into position in a very stern voice, she saw herself comply and then the third stroke came in swiftly causing her to squeal and beg for it to stop! Laura worked her fingers along the sides of her throbbing clit and slid them down to her hungry pussy, she dipped them inside and moaned as her orgasm climbed slowly to the surface building in intensity as her mind replayed the final three strokes of the cane, watching them land on her bottom creating thin angry red welts in a neat little row across both cheeks. She was grateful that Eileen had kept the caning just to her bottom and not her thighs! Here fingers plunged deeper inside her pussy walls and she groaned as she contracted her muscles around them, slowly withdrawing them, she didn’t want this to happen too quickly, she wanted to savour every delicious sensation as she ‘saw’ her bottom receive it’s very first caning!

She desperately wanted to feel the cane again, but not that horrid crop, the crop just stung like blazes and didn’t leave any fuzzy warm feelings afterwards, the delivery of so many nasty little hard swats to her pussy and bottom and thighs had made her shriek, the delicate skin of her poor pussy lips felt quite swollen on the train ride home! Laura smoothed her fingers along the still swollen lips, rubbing her clit as she moved on to something she had almost forgotten about! The delicious sound of Ms Barton giving Mr Crossley a blow job behind her back while she was stuck with her nose in the corner! Obviously she couldn’t be sure, but damn those noises were unmistakable! Gosh she wished she had been able to watch that little show unfold! She sighed and then giggled to herself as she thought, ‘I wonder how long that’s been going on? Damn her bosses are a pair of dark horses!’

Well good luck to them, they were well suited, he may be in his sixties but he was still quite dashing in a distinguished strict kind of way! And Ms Barton, well… she was just a babe! Ms Barton had the most delectable lips and Laura often found herself daydreaming about feeling those lips on her skin, trailing hot kisses to all the parts that mattered. Laura continued her slow assault on her pussy and clit, never allowing her orgasm to crest, always slowing when it became insistent, soothing her little nub and cupping her mound with a little squeeze to pull back on the surges of excitement as they grew.

She sighed happily, her mind drifting now to this evening and Ian and his new found chastity! She smiled as she remembered how she had ordered his cock cage in a temper after the debacle at Christmas but she had never had the nerve to bring it home until today! It had been sat in her desk drawer for months! If this morning had taught her anything at all, it was that Ian could be led around by his cock. Literally. He would do anything to be able to use his prized possession. He was obsessed with it. He had been so crestfallen when she had denied him his orgasm, she’d wondered on and off all day if he had played with his cock and whether he had cum. She was desperate to get home and check his pants. She wasn’t surprised to see evidence of his mess in his pants, he was nothing if not predictable! Testing his reactions to her instructions had become fun for her then, he just kept falling into line especially after his spanking with the paddle. She had been so shocked yesterday that he was a secret spanko but even more shocked that he was so submissive! Today that revelation felt like a whole different lifetime ago. Her natural dominant instincts were on the loose and there was no putting them back. But it did cause her some confusion.

Why did she need the spankings from Eileen if she was a dominant herself? She examined why she wanted it, and Laura was nothing if not honest with herself. She was excited by it. Being brought to task, bent over her boss’s knee and her bottom exposed, feeling Eileen’s hand on her bottom, feeling that first spank turn into many, many spanks. Making her tears run and her pussy swell with heat turned her on beyond belief, but it didn’t make her feel submissive. Not like the submission she had endured throughout her marriage. She capitulated for her boss because it turned her on to do so. She enjoyed it immensely! It was all her sexual fantasies come to life and she was loving every second of it!

She began to stroke herself again as she thought about becoming the dominant wife. Her orgasm began to rise quickly at the thoughts running through her head. She really did enjoy dominating him! He appeared to thoroughly enjoy every experience she had given him so far too, with the possible exception of the cage, it was true to say that he was disappointed with that sudden addition to their evening play! Regardless, he would soon see the benefits of wearing it, he was wearing it for her. To please her, to make her feel loved and adored where only her needs were at the forefront of his mind. She wanted his submission and the cage would greatly assist in that.

She had done a lot of research on the subject of FLR’s. She had become fascinated with it very early on. Perhaps this was who she was really supposed to be? It felt right, it felt more right than in any other time of her life or the phases she had gone through. This felt like a second skin wrapping itself over her, building up her self confidence, allowing her the freedom to be the sexual creature she knew she was underneath all the primness.

Her domination of him, his sudden surrender to her, it felt like a gift. It was one she was yet to trust. He had flipped far too easily for her to feel comfortable! She could see that he was desperate to fall into this new adventure with her. He had muttered so many small words telling her he needed this. How relieved he was that she was happy to assume the control, she wanted to believe he meant it, but was he just viewing it as sex games? There were other things he had said this evening that were pricking her skin like a million little needles! She scowled as she remembered his earlier admission about why it took him so long to get home from work each evening! He had been behaving like a single man every damn night!

He had been lying to her on a daily basis! He had been taking an hour with the lads for a drink before coming home, while all but ordering her to be in the house within an hour of leaving work! Add to that the fact that he had been secretly tracking her phone as well and her blood boiled at the audacity of him. Who the hell was he to think he had the right to own her like that? It wasn’t a wife Ian wanted, it was a housemaid service with sex provided once a week on the side! She fumed inwardly, her earlier contentment slipping away as her irritation grew. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She would not allow this to undo all her lovely sensations! She brought her thoughts back to her solution to the problems they were having and she smiled widely as she realised that all that bad behaviour from him was about to change, the boot was now happily on the other foot, and as much as she loved her husband, and she did love him of that there was no doubt, he needed to be taught a very hard lesson.

Her mood mercurial, her earlier sexy feelings disappearing rapidly, she listed the issues in her mind with Ian’s behaviour. A major problem area was the way they had sex. He didn’t give her any build up, there was no sexy kissing, or touching before hand, certainly no romance! No loving whispers of how she turned him on. No foreplay of any kind really. Laura was just expected to turn up in the bedroom on Friday night and get on her knees and give him a blow job then lie back while he fucked her till he came! To be honest, she was always glad when it was over and she was especially glad that it only ever happened on a Friday night. Last night was a huge departure from their normal routine he had been amazing! Conversely that had made her furious with him for having held back on her all the way through their marriage! Her mood crystallised and sharpened perceptibly. It was time for him to learn that she needed to be pleasured first, last and always before his own pleasure was granted. If it was granted.

Ian was such a lazy man that he probably thought asking her to assume responsibility for them and step into the role of head of house would mean that all he had to do was sit back and relax completely! Instead he had accidently created the perfect situation for his cage to make an appearance. Her mind once again skittered back to the moment she had introduced the chastity device! Sliding that cage over his cock, dropping his balls through the ring and clicking that padlock shut! Oh my god! The power that had surged through her, her pussy had throbbed and contracted with excitement like she had never felt before. Not even when Ms Barton had gone down on her the other night! God it had made her horny as hell to watch his face as he realised his cock was locked up tight! Her juices had flooded her pussy and spilled out onto the tops of her thighs. Damn that had to be the hottest moment in their entire marriage so far! She had wanted to stroke herself to orgasm right in front of him, but that would have been a pleasure for Ian, and right now, she didn’t feel like pleasing him she was only thinking about pleasing herself.

Laura gasped as her orgasm began cresting and her fingers picked up the fast rhythm that would take her over the edge and into that delicious abyss. It crashed over her in huge waves as she remembered the stunned expression on his face as he stared at his now very little cock squashed into that small cage. Oh god, it was such a pleasure to see him so … small. His stature had shrunk along with his cock. His swagger and strut had all but disappeared. It was a beautiful thing!

Laura made the decision then that she was going to step out of her timid little wife role and step into this new role and embrace it fully. These feelings of wanting to take charge and dominate her husband had been growing in her for the longest time and they had really come to the fore once she started to watch the spanking videos of women spanking their husbands! That had triggered something deep in her psyche and left her thinking, if she could just be that way with Ian she was sure they could turn their marriage around! Right now she was exhausted with his bad behaviour! She had long since realised that Ian was rubbish with money, rubbish at finishing any task he started, he never did any chores around the house, claiming he worked hard all week to bring home a big pay check, apparently it didn’t matter that Laura’s own contribution was equal to his!

He was barely at home in the evenings, what with his 5 a side football nights twice a week and his darts team practise twice a week. He still somehow managed to use every cup and plate in the house leaving them wherever he had been sitting last, every towel in the cupboard was used and dumped wherever he had dried himself off, every shirt he owned would be on the floor of the bedroom by the end of a week, then he would complain about the state of the house and how she must try harder to keep it tidy for him, and these things were just the tip of the iceberg!

It all had to change, but most especially his obsession with his cock! It had gone beyond a joke for Laura, she was repeatedly asking him to stop fondling himself while sat watching TV, while sat at the dining table and even when they were out with friends, his hand would stray to his crotch and he would continually ‘adjust’ himself. She really didn’t know whether his behaviour was because he wanted to stroke and touch his cock or whether he thought other people would think he was so well endowed he had to keep rearranging himself! Whatever it was, she’d had enough!

Just the thought of the FLR discipline and guidelines program she had been working on all through her lunch break and coffee break for him was enough to send her fingers diving back inside her pussy, her thumb rubbed her clit as her fingers pumped and she squeezed her muscles tightly, her orgasm unfurled deep inside and tore through her body making her groan loudly as she came in great shuddering waves! Laura sighed happily, everything was finally coming together and was working out just perfectly! She gave her pussy one last little adoring pat before she stood up gracefully, water sloshed over the side of the bath as she raised her leg and placed her foot on the side, reaching down she washed between her thighs, letting her fingers wander where they might as she smoothed baby oil over her wet skin trapping the moisture against it. Her tummy began to curl with excitement again as her pussy began twitching at the continued attention she was giving it. She needed a real good fucking that much was obvious! But she didn’t want Ian’s cock, she had found something in the sex shop this evening that would be so much nicer than Ian’s fat cock! She’d just had to have it, well actually, there were a number of things and well, she just couldn’t leave them behind! she couldn’t believe how much money she had dared to spend on her own pleasure but spend it she had! Remembering her other purchases were still in the box downstairs, she rang the little bell she had instructed Ian to leave at the side of the bath.

He appeared in the bathroom doorway almost immediately, still semi naked with just his shirt front trying to cover his dignity. It wasn’t working, he looked slightly ridiculous and she scowled at him for blocking her view of his caged cock.

‘Can I do something for you love?’ He asked oh so politely.

‘Yes darling you can,’ she said sweetly, ‘you can take that shirt off and put on something more suitable for your new position in the household.’ she pointed at his shirt as she continued with the instruction. ‘I think my frilly apron should do it, you know the one? Hanging on the back of the kitchen door, your mother bought it me for Christmas last year, the one with all the pink frills and love hearts all over it. You remember don’t you? Ugly useless little thing, but that doesn’t matter. I know how much you liked it! When you’ve done that, you can bring me my parcel from the sofa and put it on the bed for me please.’ She smiled a little half smile at him and watched his face closely as he began to realise what she was telling him to do.

His face was a picture, ‘you want me to dress up like a woman?’ he stammered out, shocked to the core.

Laura laughed at his sudden squawk! ‘Oh dear, how dramatic! No darling, not at all, but it’s the only apron we own so until I buy you something more suitable it will have to do. Be a good boy and go and put it on and stop pulling your face or I will have to bend you over and spank you again!’ Laura shooed him out of the bathroom to go and complete his task. Once he had gone she allowed herself to giggle a little bit at his discomfort, he more than deserved this little taste of humiliation and Laura felt justified in giving it to him. She remembered Christmas day when she had opened the present from his mother and pulled that monstrosity out of the parcel. Ian had laughed his head off and insisted she must go and put it on immediately. He liked the idea of having a 50’s housewife wearing a postage stamp sized apron ready to serve his every need!

Laura had been quietly upset all day because of the way he had continually sneaked up on her and groped her from behind, begging her to wear just the apron and nothing else, for whatever reason, seeing her in that damned thing really turned him on, that coupled with the copious amounts of booze he had already consumed adding hugely to the problem. He was a sullen drunk when he didn’t get his own way! In a desperate attempt to save Christmas Day festivities she had agreed to wearing the apron sans clothing to keep the peace, but of course Ian being Ian he’d had to take it a step further. He kept pressing his erection against her bottom rutting against her, begging her over and over to let him fuck her ass while she prepared the Christmas dinner! Obviously she had refused, his cock was fat, it wasn’t very long but what it lacked in length it made up for in girth and he hurt her when he fucked her pussy, lord knows what kind of pain he would have caused her ass! She wanted to try anal sex, but not with Ian, and definitely not when he was drunk that much was for sure!

She remembered the temper tantrum he had thrown when she had rejected his advances of an ass fucking, and they had spent the rest of the day in different rooms in the house not speaking at all. Laura had eventually given in and wearing just the apron, she had gone into the lounge and sucked his cock for him. He had been less than gracious about it though, saying it wasn’t the best blow job he’d ever had but at least she had tried! Laura was stung by his words but didn’t retaliate. She just nodded and said she would try harder next time. After that things were back on an even keel and she had spread her legs for him later that evening like a good wife should, he had grunted and groaned, pawed at her breasts, grabbing her ass too tightly as he fucked his way to his second orgasm. He had pulled out at the last minute and his cum shot all over her belly, some splashing up onto her chin. He knew she hated him doing that.

Finally satisfied, Ian had grunted something unintelligible, rolled off her turned over and promptly fell asleep.

Laura had lain there for a little while afterwards wiping herself with a wad of tissues feeling angrier than she could ever remember being before! This situation was getting out of control, she couldn’t take much more of it. Eventually she had crawled out of bed and took herself off to the bathroom to clean herself up properly. Rather than go back to bed and run the risk of disturbing his drunken slumber, she wandered downstairs naked and sat at her PC watching her favourite spanking porn videos for a few hours, she allowed her fingers to drift down to her pussy and smoothed them through her juices, rubbing lightly over her clit, stroking herself until she came silently, her body shuddering as a nameless, faceless woman on her screen, spanked her husband’s ass until it was beet red and he was sobbing his heart out and begging for forgiveness. That was the first time she had seen a cock cage. When the man had stood up after his spanking, he had been made to stand in the corner but facing his wife, his cock was bulging inside its cage and he must have been in a world of discomfort, his wife had wandered over to him and lifted his caged cock and tugged at it lightly, the expression on his face had caused Laura to have the best orgasm of her life that night and she had sent out a prayer to the universe that she too would be able to cage her husband like that one day!

Who knew? She giggled as she slid her fingers over her breasts and smoothed the body oil into her skin. Her nipples hardened and jutted out, rubbing against her fingers, begging to be squeezed and she nipped and twisted them sending delicious shivers arrowing straight down to her pussy. She sighed happily as she applied more oil to her bottom which was still delightfully throbbing even though the soreness had gone now. She just wanted to savour all the different sensations and get lost in them but Ian broke into her reverie as he appeared in the doorway wearing the offending apron and nothing else. His face was bright red with embarrassment and he looked angry and hurt. His caged cock looked tiny peeking out from under the little frilly apron and Laura grinned at him in delight!

She stepped out of the bath as she looked Ian over from head to foot. She had not missed his sour expression, but then, she had expected that. He was after all a creature of habit. ‘Oh do rearrange your face darling, it’s not like I want to bend you over and fuck your ass now is it?’ Her tone was mildly waspish and Ian had the good grace to look slightly ashamed. He had apologised over and over for the tensions he had caused on Christmas day, but he knew deep down Laura had not forgiven him. His current state of dress was a large indicator that she had not forgiven nor forgotten his behaviour. He lowered his eyes in remembered shame at his actions. She was justified in making him squirm like this. He had done a lot worse to her.

Laura watched his thought processes play across his face and she smiled at his discomfort as she raised the towel and slowly began to pat herself dry. Ian’s eyes hungrily roamed her dripping wet slick body and the front of the apron began to bob up and down. Laura pointed at it and laughed!

‘Oh Ian, that looks so funny, your squashed cock is trying to get hard and keeps bouncing the apron!’ She giggled hysterically as his face became blood red with embarrassment. ‘Tell me how it feels love, how does your cock feel, squashed up in that cage trying to get hard? Does it hurt?’ She asked curiously as she reached down and cupped the cage in her hand, tugging it gently the way she had watched the woman do in the spanking video.

He watched her every move as he tried to answer her question as honestly as possible. ‘It doesn’t hurt… well, I mean… it’s not really a pain, it’s more uncomfortable than anything and then I make it stop trying to grow and it goes soft again.’ His voice sounded whiney on that last admission.

That was obviously alien to him, the making himself go soft thing. Good! She thought, and then said, ‘Oh you shouldn’t try to stop it, you can let it get hard, I want you to have the full experience of wearing the cage darling! I want to know every detail too. You can make notes, especially when you wear it for work tomorrow! All that testosterone flying about, you are bound to be sporting a semi hard on at least. Especially since you owned up to masturbating 4 times a day, that has to be twice a day at work at least!’ Laura grinned happily at his crestfallen expression.

‘Did you put my parcel on the bed like I asked?’ She questioned him as she patted his cage and then dropping the towel at his feet she padded naked out of the bathroom and headed to their bedroom. ‘Yes love.’ He answered timidly as he watched her heavily bruised and well spanked bottom sway down the hall. His cock twitched hard and he groaned inwardly. This was going to get old really fast.

‘What would you like me to do now Laura?’ He called after her as she disappeared into the bedroom.

‘Oh, you can come in here and learn about some new things I shall be doing from now on! When I’m finished you can clean the bathroom and then you can come to bed where I will let you give me an orgasm with just your tongue. How does that sound sweetheart?’ Laura’s voice sounded so gentle and sweet, exactly how she always sounded, her smiling face so open and earnest, yet the words she was delivering were like hundreds of needles being poked in his skin all at the same time. She was turning him into a fucking housewife! His face darkened with anger and he snorted in disgust! He had NOT signed up to do fucking house work and he was taking back control right now.

Laura leaned against the door frame of the bedroom and watched him work himself up into real temper, he looked like a bull ready to charge. She was ready for him though and her next words cut him off at the knees.

Very calmly and quietly she said, ‘Ian, we either do this my way or you will be living alone inside of a week. We are at the end my darling, or rather I am. Last night and today has shown us the potential that our marriage has but only barely. The only way forward is if we make our union an FLR. We tried it your way, it doesn’t work. We either do it my way, or we get divorced. It’s your choice. You may go and sit downstairs and have a think about what I’ve just said, or you can come in here and watch me pleasure myself while you think on your decision, just understand that we shall discuss everything fully when you have had time to research FLR. we shall draw up a set of rules that we can both work with, it isn’t all about the bedroom Ian. The whole marriage needs a good over haul. Just know this, there is no going back to what we were. That Laura has left the building for good.’ She turned on her heel and headed into the bedroom.

Ian stared after her open mouthed, shocked to the core. He’d had no idea she was so unhappy! Certainly there were problems, but all marriages had problems! Never in his wildest had he imagined she might ask for a divorce! He couldn’t lose her! He just couldn’t! He quickly covered the distance to the bedroom and stood just inside the doorway.

‘Where would you like me Laura?’ His tone was subdued and respectful and Laura knew she had just won a major battle. She was gracious in her victory. She didn’t need to rub salt in the wound and gloat.

‘You can lie down across the foot of the bed, you’ll have the best view from there.’ She watched as he draped himself along the end of the bed and then she grinned like a teenager as she pulled her new toys out of the box.

‘I found these in the sex shop where I bought our new paddle this afternoon, I had to ask the girl how to use some of them, but she was very good at describing what they all do, and she made sure to tell me I need lots of lubrication and not just the natural kind, so could you be an absolute darling and help lube up my bottom for me?’ Laura produced two butt plugs one small, one medium sized, a bottle of anal lube and a clit stimulator. Her eyes had lit up and her cheeks were flushed, he could see she was turned on just from revealing her new toys! She had never looked like that for him! Why the fuck had she bought herself two butt plugs?? Fucking hell! She had bitched enormously about not wanting anal sex with him! He was instantly affronted by her behaviour!

Laura watched his thoughts play across his face and she pointed a finger at him. ‘Ian!’ She spoke sharply, ‘ Given the usual way you fuck me would really hurt my ass, you will get nowhere near it with your cock! You go at me like a bull in a china shop and I get no pleasure whatsoever from having sex with you. We are going to correct that, and your first lesson begins tonight. You may assist by lubing me up or you can go and sit in the corner and watch from over there. Your choice!’ She held out the bottle of anal lube to him and he took it from her. Her words had left him reeling and embarrassed and ashamed of himself. She had called his performance in the bedroom into question and he was suddenly seeing every shag they had ever had through her eyes. Not once had he ever heard her moan with pleasure, except last night and this morning. But even he could see that there had been some seriously extenuating circumstances that had led to that!

He reached out and took the bottle of lube from her and she positioned herself on her hands and knees and spread her legs wide so her tight little ring was perfectly displayed. Ian took a deep breath and tried to control his cock as it desperately attempted to bust its way out of the cage, he squeezed out some lube onto his fingers all the while reciting football stats in his head, anything to distract him from what he was about to do! He paused… he didn’t want to get in trouble here, did she want him to put his finger in her ass? He decided he better ask.

‘How do you want me to apply the lube love? With my fingers or what?’

Laura looked over her shoulder at him, ‘Of course with your finger! How else will you get it in there? But be gentle! The lady at the shop said it might hurt at first so don’t go too fast okay?!’ She turned her face away from him and waited. She didn’t have to wait long, a moment later she felt the pressure of Ian’s finger pressing against her tight little sphincter and she moaned and wriggled a little bit.

‘You need to relax love, it’s closed up tight. I can’t get my finger in…’ he murmured still applying gentle pressure to the rim.

‘Oh for goodness sake Ian, just keep pushing gently, I’m ready for it.’ She snapped. He did as he was told and pushed his finger and kept pushing until it slid inside her ring and kept on going. She moaned and pushed back onto his finger. ‘Put some more lube in, just squirt it straight in from the bottle and work it in with your fingers.’ She ordered.

Ian squirted a large amount of lube onto his finger as he pulled it out and then pushed two fingers in on the lube. She bucked and moaned and then began to push back against his hand again, his poor cock was dancing inside the damned cage, it was so hard he thought he might end up with deep grooves in it the way it looked right now! His mind was all over the place, he was fucking his wife’s ass with his fingers for the first time ever and his cock was out of the game! He was devastated and overly excited all at the same time. ‘Put the butt plug in for me now, I want to see what it feels like, she demanded in a muffled voice, her face was pushed against the duvet and she was busy rocking on his fingers for all she was worth. Ian picked up the plug and lubed it up generously, he slowly removed his fingers and then gently pushed the tip of the plug into her waiting hole. He kept pushing and pulling back opening her hole up a bit more each time with the bulb width. He gave one final push and the whole thing slid in with a pop and her hole closed tightly around the neck of the butt plug. Laura squealed and bucked and Ian immediately went to remove it. ‘Does that hurt too much love? Shall I take it out? We can practise with my fingers tonight if you want until you get more comfortable with it?’ Ian was ever hopeful, this was blowing his mind and his cock all at the same time. He had never felt so timid or turned on in his entire life!

Laura moaned and squeezed against the intrusion of the plug, but she kept it in. ‘Leave it in darling, I just need to get used to the feel of it in there for a few minutes. I might let you put your fingers back in in a little while. Just pull it back and push it back in a few times. Fuck my ass with it Ian, but not too rough!’

He got the message loud and clear, gently does it! He was sporting the biggest grin on his face as he sat cross legged behind her gorgeous bottom and he fucked her ass gently with that plug until she was moaning and rutting her hips, pushing back on it and loving every second of it. Suddenly she began to tremble, ‘Oh my god Ian, go faster, fuck my ass with it NOW!’ she screamed and he pushed and pulled faster and faster until she screamed in ecstasy as a huge orgasm raged through her. Her tight little hole gripped the neck of the plug as her body shuddered over and over and she squealed and moaned with the strength of her orgasm!

Ian waited until she stilled and he slowly removed the plug and dropped it into a little bag to be cleaned. He leaned forward and stroked her beautiful bottom and murmured words of encouragement to her as she slowly came back down to earth. Without missing a beat and still panting, she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide, ‘Pass me that pussy and clit stimulator Ian, and lube it up for me please darling. Not too much lube though, and use the other bottle, the normal stuff not the anal stuff. The lady at the shop said that too much lube can dull the sensations!’ She murmured, as her fingers began working her clit, rubbing it, petting it, Ian was transfixed by this gorgeous sexy woman who was writhing on the bed in climatic ecstasy and he picked up the stimulator lubed it up sparingly and leaning forward he pushed it into position inside her pussy, positioning the suction cup over her clit he pressed the power button and he sat back and watched. Laura lifted her head up of the pillow, its not very powerful, is that all it does? She looked disappointed. Ian quickly pressed a few buttons on the side of the little machine and suddenly her eyes went wide and her mouth formed a perfect O as the suction cup sucked her clit inside it and sent her pussy into meltdown with the vibrations from the wand inside her!

‘OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!’ She screamed, ‘Oh god, I fucking love this!!! Jesus, this feels like when Ms Barton was sucking my pussy the other night only with full vibration too! Oh …my… godddddd…’ she screamed, ‘I think I’m gonna cum already!!’ and with that she squealed and bucked and lifted her bottom up of the bed as her body spun into the biggest orgasm of her life and all Ian could do was watch and learn.

He watched in wonder as his sweet little wife turn into the horniest woman on the planet, he spared his cock a little glance. He had tried to ignore it since the cage had gone on it but looking down now at his forlorn cock trapped in its cage, pressing tightly against the bars that held it, he was sad that Laura had felt that his chastity was the only way for them to go forward. He laid down between her thighs and he planted sweet kisses all the way up the inside of her legs reaching the top of her thighs and then came down the other side. She moaned and writhed and encouraged him to do more of the same, ‘slide your fingers into my ass Ian, I want to feel full in both holes. Fuck me gently though, don’t hurt me.’

Ian was devastated. How much had he hurt her in the past that she felt she had to keep reminding him now? Fucking hell Ian, you are a complete moron and you don’t deserve her! He slid his fingers in her bottom gently and slowly fucked her tight little hole while the stimulator fucked the rest of her. She came over and over again until finally she was exhausted and she told him to stop and pull the stimulator out. He did as he was told and then he scrambled from the bed and headed to the bathroom for a hot cloth to clean her up with.

Laura lay legs spread wide arms flung out to the sides, breathing heavily. FUCK that was amazing and Ian had been absolutely perfect! This was the best night of her life! Ian came back into the room with the hot cloth and he gently washed her pussy and then her ass until she was clean of all the excess lube. He laid down beside her and stroked her face gently and he did something he had never done before, he apologised.

‘I love you Laura, that was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had, thank you for letting me share it with you. I’m so sorry I’ve hurt you baby, I really am. I never even thought about it before, but you kept warning me to be gentle tonight and I’m such an idiot it took you saying that 3 times before I realised that I must have hurt you every time we had sex. I am so very sorry love.’

Laura had a river of tears streaming down her face as she listened to him talk. A great sigh of relief escaped her lips as he finished speaking. They were going to be alright. They could make this work. It would just take time and patience, she had both.

‘I love you too Ian, we can do this love, we just have to find the right way to do it. Tomorrow we’ll sit down and work out all the details and you can do some research on female led relationships so you know what kind of things to expect. But we can make it work love, I promise you.’

She let out a giant yawn and promptly fell fast asleep beside him.

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

14 thoughts on “Part 10: Laura’s Story… Owning her Life…and her husband!

    1. I noticed that some of my more ‘saucy’ pics had disappeared from my media folder. I don’t know whether I did it before I was ill or whether I have been silently censored, so I thought I might not just go and put a bomb under it and refrained from asking them directly. I shall just use milder images for the time being! To be fair, this post probably would have gotten me banned because of the chastity cage if I had shown a man wearing it. Cos… like… we are none of us able to cope with such naughty images… πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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      1. Yep…penis pics are a big no no, unfortunately. Ugh. I do remember when you had to delete a bunch of pictures. I’m guessing it happens then as I’m pretty sure the WP police makes you delete the photos yourself. If they have to do it, they just delete the whole blog. It really is a shame…saucy pictures make our stories just that much better πŸ™‚

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      2. I couldn’t agree more, they lend a timely visual to enhance and delight the reader! Oh well, I guess that’s the price we pay for using a mainstream platform. There are always rules to follow… some just aren’t worth breaking in the long run. Thanks for reminding me about deleting some pics, its a relief to know it was me and not WP police! I still have a blog!! WHOOP!! Bonus!
        I’ll be good for a little while… πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹

        Liked by 2 people

      3. LOL… I know we could always move are blogs over to Blogger…but I really enjoy the WordPress feed. And, there are probably pros and cons to using more graphic images….some probably would like to see them, and some readers may not. I’m happy where I am for now πŸ™‚

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      4. I tried blogger, but I’m like you, I like the WordPress set up and feed too. It just feels more personal. The images are what they are, but ultimately it’s the story that matters 😊xx

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  1. Ian is having to completely re-learn his place in their household! I love how he had to insert the anal plug…but that he didn’t get to have any of the enjoyment…and that he realized WHY he was in that predicament. Another GREAT segment, my sexy friend!!! XOXO

    Liked by 2 people

    1. well, I figured he really did need at least one redeeming quality otherwise it would be pointless for Laura to bother trying to save their marriage! From my own personal viewpoint, even though these guys only live inside my head, I would have kicked him out a long time ago. He didn’t deserve to stay married!
      Sometimes, writing these characters takes me down roads of serious introspection about my own life and wants and needs, could I cage my lover? Nope! Not even for fun! Could I be with an Ian? Never in this lifetime! Could I be a Laura? I think I’m more a Ms Barton kinda girl to be honest!! πŸ˜›
      See, introspection! I get to find out what I do and don’t like just by making the stories up! Love it! Plus as a bonus, you all get to read a sexy kink and spanking story!
      Glad you enjoyed it Nora! 😘😘😘

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