Curve Ball.


artwork by Vadim Stein

I have responsibilities that I never turn away from and they come first, last and always. Everything else goes on the back burner.

The boy was coming home. He had had 4 days away at his friend’s house and he was coming home to recharge, reconnect and get his laundry done!

Time to sit Tom down and explain the new household dynamic. We had spent the last 3 days pretty much naked the whole time. We were either involved in some serious spanking sessions or we were having the best sex I have ever had in my life. Tom assured me he felt the same way. We are in lust. But at 6 pm this evening it will all come to a screeching halt when the boy wheels through that door.

It was 7 am and I was once again sat naked on the sofa at the end of my bed, watching Tom. He fills my bed, like he fills everything else, he takes up all the space and fills it with himself, quietly.

I like that.

He makes no demands, but he will quietly negotiate his way around a situation so that there is no room left to wriggle and it feels perfectly normal and right to go along with it. He never steps on my toes, or tries to usurp my authority if I am disciplining him. But during the times when we are just together he will make full use of that time. I have never been with a man like this before. The give and take is awesome. The silent understanding he seems to have about the way I operate makes me sit back and watch him, makes me want to throw him a curve ball to see if he catches it without a fuss. So far, even when he disagreed with me, he capitulated and gave me rights over him he didn’t believe I should have.

Did I feel guilty for that? No. I was and still am of the opinion he had earned his punishment. His feelings on the subject were taken into account but later disregarded because he had broken the rules. It is very simple. He couldn’t claim ignorance. The rules were set before he entered into any agreement with me, they were set by Graham. They stood, regardless of anything that came afterwards.

Anyway, all that had been largely resolved throughout the whole of yesterday and most of last night. He had kept his promise too, I was completely wrung out and exhausted by his promise to make me cum more times than I ever had in my life all put together! And he did. He didn’t break the rules either, that man has serious control over his body, and once he’s decided something, then nothing is changing the outcome.

I like that.

Oh and yes, my bottom was toasted last night, a 30 minute hand spanking over his knee followed by a hairbrush spanking for kicking and scratching him while I tried to get away, followed by another hand spanking that turned into some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had! There were serious amounts of sex interspersed between spankings and I am truly exhausted and very much alive and on full throttle wanting more of the same thank you very much. In fact I will be demanding it in my best Ma’am tone. But only after we have had this very important conversation. I am throwing the curve ball and he has to catch it or everything will break.

He woke up.

‘Hey…’ He gruffed. He does, he gruffs, it’s a Tom thing. I don’t know how to explain it any better. His gruff is damned sexy and reaches inside me…

I smiled at him, ‘hey…’ I was still running around inside my own head. I had to keep my distance while we had this very important conversation.

He sat up and rested his arms on his drawn up knees. ‘Doesn’t your son come home today Gem?’

See what I mean? He just knows and just like that we are dealing.

I nodded. ‘6 pm.’ I said. I don’t know how to tackle this, without offending him, making him feel less important, not wanted, like he’s a toy to discard when I no longer wish to play. This is why I am crap at relationships. I don’t have the emotional endurance to tackle romantic issues. I prefer the lets fuck like rabbits, spank like demons and then leave kind of relationship. No expectations, just fun.

I knew he was waiting for me to elaborate. I didn’t I just sat there thinking. He slid out of bed and came over to crouch down in front of me. ‘Hey… what’s going on in that busy head of yours?’ He probed me. He was so damned gentle and caring, I could feel all my fears rising up and I was busy jumping on them quickly before they took hold.

I placed my hands on his chest to connect but also to keep him in place, can’t concentrate if he’s too close.

‘I need you to not be here when the Boy arrives home Tom. I …’ I spoke carefully and I confess I was afraid.

He smiled, it reached his eyes. ‘That goes without saying baby, I was about to suggest that I go over to see Graham at 5 pm and I will stay there until you text me and tell me to come back.’

I felt relief flood through me, I was officially in awe of this man and his natural ability to understand and just get me without all the fussing and fighting that usually goes along with it.

I nodded, ‘When I text you, bring Gray back with you. The Boy knows him well and if you arrive with him, Graham is vouching for you. The Boy will be comfortable with that. He doesn’t like meeting new people. He gets nervous around them.’

Tom nodded in agreement, completely at ease. He stroked my leg and lifted it, uncrossing it and spreading it wide. He positioned himself between my legs and kissed my thighs. ‘There’s a huge amount of hours between now and 5 pm baby…’ His breath whispered across my skin and I shivered.

I could feel the licks of excitement climbing inside me, this man’s touch… I can’t tell you in words how damned hot he makes me feel instantly. These words don’t do the feeling justice.

I reached out and touched his face, I ran my fingers through his hair and I leaned down and kissed him. He was beginning to take control and I blocked him. I tightened my hold on his hair and he got it. He remained in his position, no longer leading but following.

I like that.

I broke the kiss and pulled back from him. ‘Today is my day, you are mine to do with as I please, I am taking everything I need. I am going to use you for my own pleasure for as long as I can. You will not try and take over do I make myself clear Tom?’

It was there in his eyes, he was instantly submissive, this giant man was mine to command! ‘Yes Ma’am, I’m here to serve you and be used by you for your pleasure.’

I pulled back and pushed him away with my foot. Standing over him, I stared down into his eyes. ‘Fuck me, hard. I want to feel every inch of you inside me, pounding me, stretching me, filling me, make me cum hard and fast and keep me cumming.’ I turned around and bent over gripping the sofa cushions, I spread my legs wide and pussy glistened, wet and slick and ready for his engorged cock. I didn’t have to wait.

A moment later I was impaled on him, he gripped my hips and thrust hard and deep on his first stroke. His thighs slapped hard against the back of mine as he thrust his full length into my waiting heat. I groaned deeply, he set up a rhythm of strong fast strokes, he spanked my cheeks as he thrust and withdrew, his other hand came around the front and he slid his large fingers between my pussy lips and rubbed my clit until I was bucking up and driving him deeper inside me. My climax was building on a slow burn, I wanted this to last. I wanted the ride. I wanted the heat and delicious pain that comes from taking such a big man inside me roughly.

I wanted to feel alive.

From nowhere my climax rose up swiftly and broke over us both in waves that rocked me propelling me forward with it’s force. He gripped me and lifted me backwards against him, he held me tight against his chest. He held my hips and ground them down onto him, stretching me, lifting me, forcing me down on him, my orgasm rolled through me and soaked us both, followed swiftly by another. He turned and threw me on the bed raised my hips and continued to pound me from behind, I felt myself let go completely, I was liquid heat, everything that had cluttered my brain disappeared, my head became silent as I melted into the sensations he was creating in me. I lost myself and I felt tears slide down my face as I came again and again. He crooned words of encouragement in my ear as he leaned his full weight over me, covering me, surrounding me, impaling me, absorbing me in to his massive frame.

‘Come on baby, give me everything, there’s more… I know you have more… give it to me.’ I broke, floods of tears streamed down my face as my body rolled from one huge orgasm to another and then another. I shuddered, trembled, shook from head to foot with the force of them and Tom kept on pounding me, thighs slapping against my thighs, his hand gripping my bottom and squeezing hard, I howled and then groaned, and then came again. He rolled us so he was beneath me, I fell forward against his chest and he rose up and trapped me between his chest and his knees and he pushed me down the full length of him until my pussy was flush against his groin and then he held me still and kissed me, kissed the tears from my face, leaned me back and sucked a nipple into his mouth and nipped it between his teeth. I moaned, I was in ecstasy. He held me still. I could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing deep inside me and I began to clench my muscles around his thick shaft. Imitating his pulse, following his heart beat. We both climaxed. He roared as he thrust up once, hard, I felt his seed spill and fill me with heat, my own climax ripped through me and dragged a deep feral growl from my lips. I was spent.

I curled into his massive chest, still impaled on him and I disappeared inside his huge arms while he held me and kissed my neck, nipping at the sensitive skin, sending more tremors through me. I sighed.

‘You broke the rules again.’ I whispered.

‘Uh uh. Ban lifted last night at midnight baby, had a text from Gray yesterday.’ I could here the laughter nipping at the edge of his voice.

I smiled and curled in tighter, I slept. He watched, and waited for me.

He had caught the curve ball and we hadn’t broken.

I like that.

Artwork by Vadim Stein

  1. Y’know, I think every woman should experience a Tom at least once in their lives! He is the gift that keeps on giving and giving and… you get the picture.
    A very special man indeed. Glad you enjoyed the ride lol xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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