Dimash Qudaibergen: ‘Sinful Passion’ and introducing Igor Krutoy.

Sinful Passion was performed by Dimash at the Slavic Bazaar in 2018. The song was written and performed originally by Kazak band ‘A Studio’ who played on stage with him during this performance.
At 4.17 minutes into the video, Dimash vocalises a mourning chant for the recently deceased lead singer of the band A studio as a mark of respect. His exceptionally fast yodel is mind blowing! What comes after that section is truly astounding! His final vocalisation begins at 4.43 minutes and he finally takes a breath at 5.08. The whole section is sung on one breath and involves a sliding scale up that soars and then comes down in a series of runs, still on the same breath before finally taking a breath at 5.09 and brings the song to a close. That one section on that one breath lasted a whopping 27 seconds!
I was left speechless.

It is at the end of this performance that the renowned Russian music composer Igor Krutoy appears for the first time in Dimash’s career. He gives Dimash a standing ovation and is the first to get to his feet and applaud.

Shortly thereafter, Igor would present ‘Love of Tired Swans’, specifically written and composed for Dimash. Igor Krutoy had fallen under the spell of this young man’s extraordinary talent and now treats him as his priority. He has written some utterly stunning pieces for Dimash since ‘Tired Swans’ but for now, just sit back and enjoy the beginning of a powerful union of musical genius at work. This particular song reaches inside my soul and makes it cry. I feel wiped out, but curiously utterly content each time I listen to it.

Dimash’s ability to vocalise the instrumental sections of each song is stunning. The first time I heard him do it properly in Sinful Passion I had my back turned just listening while I worked on a mosaic, I thought it was an electric guitar riff running up! I turned around to actually watch the performance and rewound it to try and find the guitarist who had pulled off that note! I was more shocked when I realised it was Dimash and he sounded just like an electric guitar!

Mind officially blown!

Igor Krutoy and Dimash Qudaibergen performing ‘The Love of Tired Swans’

Once again, Dimash takes us on a journey of discovery with his voice. He delivers a bass baritone whisper like it’s his speaking voice, drifting gently into a low soprano and then his mid-soprano range steps in and takes us soaring with him through every key change and octave climb. His dramatic performance is spell binding to the very last note.

Igor’s face as he accompanies him at the piano is curiously blank except for one moment where he actually cracks and shows his love of the sounds Dimash voice is producing. His own performance is flawless. Less really is more. Igor has collaborated with artists both in contemporary music and classical, such as Anna Netrebko, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Aida Garifullina, Andrea Bocelli, Lara Fabian, Alla Pugacheva and Irina Allegrova and now Dimash Qudaibergen!

Hope you enjoy this little trip into Dimash world again!

2 thoughts on “Dimash Qudaibergen: ‘Sinful Passion’ and introducing Igor Krutoy.

  1. WOW! Both songs are so powerful and unique from one another. The mourning chant in the first song took my breath away. You are really giving me an education into the world of Dimash! Thank you for sharing, Gemma! XOXO


  2. I remember the very first time I heard him sing that mourning chant, it came so out of the blue, I was sitting here shocked and thought, he’s doing WHAT now?? it’s classed as a superfast yodel and is quite often heard as a mourning wail in middle eastern cultures. It is particularly difficult to do and yet he appears to just smoothly walk through it with such ease. He truly is a world apart from any other artist I have ever heard! So glad you are enjoying the trip Nora! 😀 xxx


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