Top Hat & Tails (Part 7)

The Escape Room (Part 3.)

Her pussy lips stung where the whip had caught them. She was in a world of pain, covered in sweat, aching everywhere and still had 6 trunks to unlock and 8 tasks to get through… and only 25 minutes.28 seconds on the clock…and just how the hell had they gotten Thorn to agree to her being whipped? He had been making noises about whipping her for a good few weeks now, but he had held off because of the look of sheer panic on her face each time. He was going to be royally pissed with whoever had given that instruction to her tormentor. Her fingers traced the livid welts across her bottom and sit spot and a tremor of arousal ran through her. It stung like hell but bloody hell that pain when it settled in had been indescribably mind blowing. That had to be the best orgasm she had ever had! One thing was clear, she would welcome it with open arms if Thorn offered it up again! All her thoughts tumbled through her mind as she pulled herself together again.

She shook her head to clear it, ‘Come on Elle get your shit together, that orgasm cost you 15 minutes.’ She muttered to herself as she once again returned to the task at hand and hurried over to the newly opened fifth trunk. She reached in and picked up an electronic Tablet, the only thing in the chest. She pressed the button and the screen lit up. A game of Hangman filled the screen. The game was set up and ready for her to play. She checked the time, 24.15.

She looked at the dashes for the words, it was a question, _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

She read on with the instructions, if you find the answer before you ‘hang’ you will be given the code, if you fail and ‘hang’, the game will reset and you will have to start again, each reset will give you a harder puzzle to complete.

Elle began with vowels, A E I O U gave her _ _ e a_ e / _ a _/ I / _ a _ _ u _ _ a _ e?

Whoo hoo, this was going to be easier than she had thought, she stared at the words appearing before her, the O had cost her a line on the hangman, but she didn’t care. She looked at the keyboard and pressed L. It stood to reason that should be where she started, it was her initial after all!

_ l e a _e / _ a _ / I / _ a _ _ u_ _ a _ e?

First word was obviously Please. She input P.

Plea_e appeared on the screen, and she punched the air ‘ Yes!; she pressed S and hit two letters. Please/_a_ /I /_as_ u_ _ a _ e?

The second word was either may or can she went for N and it appeared, she input C and had her second word and still only one line on the hangman! Go Elle, she thought as she pushed faster, please can I …. She pressed D. another line appeared on the screen, her clit was throbbing, she ran her fingers gently over it, sending a frisson of excitement coursing through her. She didn’t care, she was nowhere near ready to cum, she had control over her body now. She checked the clock, 30 seconds to reapply the clamps. She grimaced at the idea, but picked them up and attached them, swearing as her super tender nubs complained bitterly at the sharp bites.

Suddenly a voice sounded over the intercom. ‘Please tighten each clamp one rotation and increase the pressure.’ Elle looked up to the bank of wood panels, ‘Bastard’ she shouted as she turned each peg one small rotation and increased the pressure to her poor nubs. She squealed and danced on the spot as the heavy throb shot through her and joined somewhere in the middle. Fuck this was not good!

‘Focus Elle!’ She muttered under her breath, she went back to the game, and she immediately saw the word, of course it was that simple, she input M it appeared, B it appeared, T appeared, and R. Masturbate.

‘Please can I masturbate?’ She shouted it out as she saw the words appear on the screen.

The intercom clicked and the clock stopped. ‘Oh fuck!’ she groaned.

‘This is Voyeur number 3. Your code is 9 8 7 6 go to the trunk and open it, take out the items you find and hold them up for us to see.’

Elle did as she was told, she opened the trunk and threw back the lid, she wrote her code down in her notes and then looked inside the trunk. Right now she was eternally grateful she had just sliced 15 minutes off her time by stealing that orgasm. She lifted a set of Ben Wa Balls and a stainless steel jeweled butt plug out of the trunk. A bottle of toy cleaner spray and a pack of disposable wipes were sat in the trunk. She groaned as she realised she was going to have to insert these items of torture in front of god knew how many perverted voyeurs, that thought disturbed her more than the thought of actually wearing them.

The Voyeur began speaking as she held up the butt plug and ben wa balls for them to see. ‘ Clean the items with the cleaner provided and then bend over and insert the plug first,’ he instructed. ‘Do not take all day about it, you have just 19 minutes and 20 seconds left, if you take too long we shall deduct a minute and 20 seconds from your time. Do it now. ‘

Elle muttered something under her breath as she walked carefully over to the spanking bench. The clamps were tighter now and everything was throbbing so much her body was in a constant state of arousal, the over stimulation of her clit was making her cranky. She cleaned the balls and the plug and wiped them dry then retrieved the bottle of lube and liberally coated the plug with it. She squirted a fair amount on her finger and lubed her ass too, no point in going half measures. If she was going in fast, it had to be slick. The butt was not small. She gulped and thought about the dildo she had not long since been ass fucked with and realised this was at least smaller than that! She bent over the end of the table and reaching behind her she positioned the tip of the plug against her tight hole. Her traitorous pussy spasmed and released yet more juices in anticipation of feeling the plug slide into her ass. She pushed and it slid in slowly, she kept the pressure up until she felt it pop and seat itself inside her ass. She moaned loudly as the fullness immediately sent her pussy into a frenzy of excitement. For goodness sake, what the hell was wrong with her? How much fucking did she need to take in front of these bastards before it was enough?

There was no escaping her thoughts though, her mind was doing an erotic dance with her, images tumbled through her of every time Thorn had inserted a plug in her ass and then fucked her pussy hard until she was screaming and begging for her orgasm. She rubbed her clit gently, sucking in a sharp breath at the pain from the clamp, ignoring it and continuing to stroke around her clit. It helped but only marginally. She had to calm her thoughts down or she would lose her control. She took a deep breath and let it out again slowly, clearing her mind of everything save her current tormentors voice.

The voyeur spoke again, ‘Lay down facing us please and insert the ben wa balls. They need to be in as far as you can get them. You shall have them in until the end of the game unless one of us instructs you to remove them. ‘

Elle took a deep breath and climbed on to the spanking bench, laying down on her back with the damned butt plug in was not the easiest thing in the world, but she managed it, she spread her legs wide and exposed her swollen wet pussy to all of them, her mind went into an erotic free fall, her exposure was complete, the thrill of the exhibitionism was so strong she had to fight with the rush of new hot sensations as they coursed through her body along with the adrenalin rush she was already experiencing. She didn’t care any longer, she was hot, horny and feral now, on the edge of orgasm thanks to the clamps and plug, the ben wa balls were just going to push her straight to the edge.

‘Insert the first ball,’ the voyeur instructed. The ball chimed as she picked it up, of course it was a chimer, those little bastards rang all the way through your body and vibrated against every single erogenous zone, setting up the most delicious torment imaginable. Especially when on an orgasm ban. She smiled ruefully to herself. Thorn had prepared her well, he had her use these at least twice a week for a good few hours at a time to train her not to cum unless he allowed it. The penalty for climax was a further ban of an even longer time. He had realised very early on, she was indeed a pain bunny and would take more from being spanked or caned than she was supposed to. He now held her orgasms to ransom frequently and she was such a good girl for him because of it. This was the first time she was actually glad of that training!

Her thoughts rambled through her head as the ball chimed its way up into the top section of her pussy, her walls gripped it, and she rolled her hips and sighed at the familiar vibrations coursing through her. Fuck it, she loved this!

‘Insert the second ball please. ‘ The voyeur’s voice grated along her nerves but she did as she was told. She inserted the second ball and pushed it until she could squeeze her walls around it and press it against the first one. Once again she rolled her hips and the vibrations flooded her pussy walls, her clit ached unbearably and she soothed the skin either side of it with two fingers.

‘Well done, you may now masturbate and edge for the remainder of your task as you requested. You have three minutes to complete. If you climax, you will immediately forfeit the game and will be locked in for a minimum of 4 hours, ours to do with as we wish. Do please fail… We would love to play really hard with you.’ The voyeur chuckled at Elle’s groan as he cut off the intercom connection.

She closed her eyes and ran her fingers along the sides of her clit, her pussy was clenching and releasing against the ben wa and the butt plug was causing her bottom to ache. She rolled and got onto her hands and knees her ass facing the windows so they could see what she was doing, and she stroked around the clamp, fucked her ass gently with the plug, rolled her hips to set off the chimes, her juices flowed freely but she didn’t cum. She couldn’t, she realised she had been so well trained by him that her body just knew not to do that thing. She grinned and began to enjoy the pleasurable ripples of sensation coursing through her body for a whole three minutes.

Finally a buzzer sounded and she released herself from the clamps and held her breath as the immense throbbing from the rush of blood back into her nipples and clit almost undid her resolve.

She hurried as quickly as she was able back to the trunk, there was a note inside it, she picked it up and it simply said, 7890. Nothing to do but input the code. Her next trunk revealed a further code, this was too easy she thought as she entered 2349.

The buzzer sounded again, ‘Voyeurs 4, 5, 6 here, you are in a world of trouble girl. We are going to fuck you so hard you will lose your mind not just the game. Stand in the centre of the room and put on your blindfold.’

To be continued….

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

11 thoughts on “Top Hat & Tails (Part 7)

  1. Ooooooh my goodness! I’d say poor girl but I do believe she is enjoying every minute of this delicious, exquisite torture. Another amazing segment, sexy Gemma. Your wild, kinky imagination continues to make me fall madly in lust with you! XOXO

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  2. She does seem to be enjoying herself doesn’t she lol I confess it’s turning out to be a lot of fun to write! It’s provoking all kinds of naughty activities here! I decided against password protecting it, this is a little like a digest version of the full story anyway. πŸ˜€ Watch this space it heats up enormously in the next segment!😈πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’‹

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      1. truly a bizarre happening with this comment, it went into my spam? The vagaries of WP are running wild it seems. I rescued you though, it just wouldn’t do to have Naughty Nora languishing in the spam bin! LOL πŸ˜˜πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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      2. Ha! Me!?! Sitting in a lonely spam bin….those naughty WordPress elves! I must have been leaving too many comments again. Apparently, if you leave more than a few comments in a session it thinks you might be a spammer. Thank you for rescuing me, sexy Gemma! And…I am soooooo looking forward to your next segment πŸ™‚

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  3. Elle is quit the naughty girl and, though I’m not being watched, I can definitely identify with her orgasm denial. I wasn’t trying to encourage you to extend my release the other….only savoring the knowledge that I was allowed to cum. πŸ˜› However, I will hold off as you desire πŸ†πŸ’§πŸ”₯πŸ’«πŸ˜˜ I love the visual of Elle with a nice-sized plug in her tight space and the memory of Mr. Thorn being inside her at the same time as she teased herself and pleased all the voyeurs… I can imagine those men stroking their hard cocks so wanting to slip inside her and fill her burning need πŸ†πŸ‘πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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    1. I know you weren’t trying to encourage me my gorgeous little cuck, but you dance for me so beautifully, I just can’t resist the temptation to tease and torment you. You know I adore playing with you! I was feeling very hot and naughty and you were on my radar. I don’t think I will make you wait until the 15th December, but… I do think you could do with just a little longer before you FINALLY get to cum for me. πŸ†πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’‹ Perhaps if you hadn’t used the capitals when you said FINALLY… I may have stayed with the original plan for your release 😈 What can I say, it makes me and my lover so hot to keep you in denial like this, waiting, aching, wanting, until I’m ready. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ He is benefiting greatly from the increased heat here, and It will make you appreciate your own performance and release so much more, but do remember I said you could ruin baby, πŸ†πŸ’§ I wouldn’t want you to miss out on one single frustrating experience, and of course you should always tell me how you felt before, during and after that event. πŸ˜ˆπŸ’ŽπŸ†πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸš«πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’žπŸ’«πŸ’‹πŸ’Ž

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    1. Haha Storm, I felt like Batman when I read your comment! Hmmm…. I wonder if I could incorporate batman in the story… LOL Next segment is going to be up by the end of the weekend, so not too long to wait! πŸ˜€


  4. This design is incredible! You certainly know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!


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