Part 15: Thorn’s Story.. Mind Blown…

He rolled her over onto her back and slid his hands under her, finding and cupping her buttocks, gently squeezing the gorgeous round globes of warm flesh as he pulled her down the length of the bed and onto the tip of his hard, throbbing cock. He heard her breath catch at the contact on her overheated skin, the belt he had licked her beautiful bottom with still laying along side her, a small moan and whimper escaped her lips. His mind blanked as he pushed against her soft wet opening, no thoughts, just raw feelings, heat, need, desire, red hot and insistent drove him to take her hard and fast, but he was desperate to make this last, she was not making it easy for him, his primal urges were swamping him as he listened to her whispered pleas to take her, fill her, ride her. He paused to regain control and then began thrusting slowly, watching her face as he filled her tight slick pussy inch by inch, her mouth forming a perfect O of surprise and then pain shot across her expression and he slowed his movements, allowing her the time to adjust. She mewled, tiny little sounds that twisted the desire in his gut, making him thrust forward again, his need obliterating his attempts to go slowly for her, he couldn’t help himself he just wanted to sink in to her and fuck her senseless. She raised her hips to drive him deeper, he groaned and thrust harder.

Quite suddenly he was yanked back into reality as his phone rang incessantly on the bedside table. ‘Fuck it!’ He swore loudly as he rolled over and snatched it up, glaring at the screen before he pressed answer.

‘This better be good Lee.’ He muttered by way of answering.

‘Um… you told me to ring you with the balances first thing?’ His Club Manager sounded confused and just a little startled at his boss’s grumpy mood.

Thorn rubbed his hand over his face and spared a glance at the other side of his bed, it was empty, of course it was! His gut twisted, another bloody dream. Jesus! He swore under his breath as the rigidity of his cock belied his lone state.

‘Shoot.’ He grumbled ungraciously.

An hour later and Thorn was heading out the door and down to his waiting car. His heavy mood growing darker by the minute.

‘Good Morning Mr Thorn.’ His driver greeted him cheerfully as he opened the back door of the car for him.

‘Morning John, station please, and could we do it in silence?’ Thorn sank into the depths of the luxurious interior of his town car and allowed his mind to rewind back to the source of his latest dream.

Laura! He couldn’t shake her from his mind, not even for a second. He had been aware of her attraction to him from day one, it was entirely mutual. The natural chemistry between them had spiralled into the heated sexual tension they now played with daily. He made sure of it. They had been playing word games for three long months now, mind sex, he loved the sensuality and eroticism of it. He knew the instant she became turned on, her eyes gave her away, heavy lidded, her mouth slightly open as she absorbed the images he fed her mind, he knew the moment she became so wet she could no longer ignore it, she would wriggle on her seat and readjust her position to ease the dull throbbing ache. He was achingly aware when she was so close to orgasm all he would have to do was reach across and touch her and she would welcome that touch in an instant for the relief she would gain from it.

But he hadn’t, he would back off and give her a small smile, she knew he had seen her, she knew he could if he wanted to, her cheeks would flush with embarrassment and need, she would turn her face away in shame at her blatantly wanton reactions to his words, but still she played along with him, coming back for more and more of the same.

Yesterday evening he had finally taken that last step and now he felt like the biggest jerk ever. It should not have happened, he should have controlled his greedy need to feel her on him, any part of her, but he had given in to his own hunger and now he flogged his mind incessantly for his weakness. He’d had no right to ask her to go down on her knees for him. But ask her he had and she had gone willingly, without even so much as a pause.

His mind had been blown as she’d allowed him to guide her to her knees before him, her eyes locking with his as her mouth closed around the head of his achingly hard cock. His fingers had snaked through her hair gripping the back of her head, he couldn’t let her pull away, they had come too far to stop, it had been the most erotically loaded moment of his life and he’d had more than his fair share of those to date. He ramped up the sexual tension with words, pouring hot images into her mind as she took him with her mouth, sinking him so deeply down her throat she had barely been able to breath. He had revelled in her submission to him in that moment. She had taken them to the brink of exposure before she had drawn his hot seed from him in a heated rush of twists and sucks and strokes that had his mind spinning off into his own abyss, and his hips thrusting hard and fast into her mouth. He had growled long and low at his release and she had been glorious in her worship, swallowing, licking, savouring his taste.

He had repeatedly relived every second of those minutes every single minute since. Even in sleep his mind had continued with the onslaught of her mouth on his cock. His dreams had taken him further still, but were so much crueller to him. His dreams took him to the brink of ecstasy before waking him at breaking point and dumping him unceremoniously back in the real world. He would not get involved with a married woman, no matter how tempting she was.

Reality would kick at his sub conscious. He was hard wired to avoid this kind of messy entanglement. She was married, albeit to the biggest asshole on the planet, but still married nonetheless! The real world shattered his dream, forcing him to look where Laura lived with her nameless, faceless, useless husband and Thorn hated that fact with a passion he could not explain nor did he wish to. His gut twisted tightly again and he clenched his jaw against the myriad of images he was trying to push away. He looked out the window and sighed heavily. He had to snap out of this obsession and he had to snap out of it fast. Not only that, he knew he owed her a sincere apology for yesterday. That in mind he had ordered a huge bouquet of flowers to be delivered to their carriage this morning ready for her arrival. All that aside, he acknowledged he could not give up their daily train visits, he was nowhere near ready for that altruistic state of mind.

John pulled in to the drop off point at the station and quickly climbed from the car and opened the back door. ‘Pick you up at Euston sir?’ He asked politely. Thorn alighted from the car and nodded distractedly as he walked briskly through the station doors. His train came in a few minutes later and he boarded the first class carriage.

The flowers were there, an enormous display of every kind of white bloom, threaded with the thinnest golden strands of ribbon through them and set against a background of deep green foliage, the purity of the white calling to him, it was how he saw her, he flinched at how much he wanted to be the one that added her layers of colour to her life, to her sexual exploration of who she was. He wanted it to be him she used to try something new, something forbidden, something dark. He wanted to draw her inexorably into his world and never let her leave. But she was married and he swore again. His payment for his greed yesterday was the torture he now felt at having to acknowledge she would never be his.

The train pulled out of the station and he was heading towards Laura who would be waiting at the next station. 10 minutes more and she would be stepping onto the train and he would drink her in, soak her up and live on his thoughts until this evening. He was in deep, deep trouble here and he knew it. He had no clue how to climb out of the pit of desire he had thrown himself into and he wondered if it would drive him to an untenable madness in the end. He didn’t care. He watched the countryside flash by as he counted down the minutes.

10 minutes later Laura appeared at the door to their carriage. They had developed a ritual whereby she would wait to be invited to join him. He smiled at her and issued the invite. ‘Joining me?’ he asked with a small smile and a raised eyebrow. Laura nodded and stepped in, closing the door quietly behind her. She avoided looking directly at him, instead she focused her gaze on the beautiful flowers. ‘Lucky person.’ She remarked as she removed her jacket and sat facing him. He felt her nerves jumping under the surface of her gentle smile and he worked to put her at ease.

‘They’re for you. Thorn said softly. ‘I owe you an apology for the way I treated you yesterday evening Laura. I was completely out of line. I’m sorry.’ Thorn sat tensely, waiting for her reaction, his face telling her everything she needed to know. His sincerity was written all over it. She smiled.

‘No apology necessary Thorn, I went willingly, remember?’ She gave him a naughty smile as she slid over to the table to look at the flowers. ‘Does this mean I won’t be receiving my spanking this morning?’ She remained wholly focused on the flowers, inhaling their mingling scents and gently fingering the soft white petals.

She missed his visceral reaction to her words, his eyes darkened perceptibly, his cock pressing hard against the soft material of his pants. Images flooded his mind of her stretched over his knees, her creamy bare bottom raised and waiting for that first spank to redden the pristine landscape. His palm itched, and he sighed deeply. He was royally fucked.

She reached over to pick the card out of the display, he noticed the change immediately. ‘Where are your wedding rings Laura?’ His heart pounding in his chest, his mind racing, he struggled to keep his voice calm.

Laura smiled, more to herself than to him. ‘On the hall table along with the house key and a goodbye note to Ian.’ She stated baldly. Her attention remained on the little white card, she took in the hand written words of apology from him and she placed the card in her purse and moved back to her seat facing him.

Thorn could not hide his shock at her bald statement. ‘You left him? Tell me what’s going on Laura, Please.’ The intensity in his tone was not lost on her.

She gave him a little smile, ‘Oh don’t worry Thorn, it has nothing to do with what happened between us. I had already moved out yesterday morning. I was only going back last night to tell him to his face. As it turned out, he insisted on creating a scene to earn himself an instant caning from me as soon as I walked through the door, he made me so angry I actually took the cane from him and whipped him with it until he was crying. He expected me to keep count… that was foolish.’ She shook her head at the memory of him squealing that she had gone over their agreed amount of strokes. ‘Anyway, I finished the caning, went upstairs, sobbed my heart out, took a shower, gave him his cage key and told him to go fuck himself, literally with a dildo if that was his bent. I was filing for divorce. I left shortly afterwards. I am staying at the Station Point Hotel for the time being until I can find suitable accommodation closer to work.’

‘You never mentioned any of this yesterday, why didn’t you tell me about it?’ He wasn’t demanding an answer, she knew he wasn’t, he was genuinely confused as to why she hadn’t told him. She had literally told him everything else and left no detail out either. It didn’t make any sense.

She shrugged, ‘I didn’t tell you yesterday morning because I was still processing it myself. I had barely absorbed the impact of my decision. I couldn’t articulate it then, and as you might recall my mouth was rather full for the majority of the journey yesterday evening.’ She looked straight at him then and smiled the naughtiest smile he had ever seen on a woman and his cock rose to full mast.

Relief flooding him he grinned back at her. ‘Ah Laura, your sass is going to be your downfall lady, that spanking is now very much back on the table.’ He leaned across and tugged her hand until she stood up, albeit slightly reluctantly. She really had thought she was getting out of the spanking this morning. He had seemed so angry with himself for his actions. Apparently that didn’t extend to public spankings!

Within moments he had drawn her down across his lap and begun spanking her over her skirt and panties warming her bottom for what was to come. She wriggled and mewled a few little noises of surprise but nothing to write home about. Without warning he stood her up and sliding her skirt up over her hips and pulling her panties down to her knees, he swiftly upended her across his lap once again. She shivered at the coolness of the air against her exposed cheeks and against the dreadful anticipation that caused her to tense her bottom even while it excited her.

‘Relax your bottom Laura, or this will really hurt.’ He sounded almost disinterested and she risked a glance over her shoulder to look at his face. He was lost in the moment, smiling a crooked half smile as he took his time savouring the delightful sight of her upturned bottom over his knee. He stroked her slightly rose coloured cheeks for a moment, enjoying the feel of her soft round globes under his fingers, cupping and squeezing her bottom as he stroked and patted her. She wriggled and he could feel her heart beat pounding against his thigh. Her breathing had shortened and her legs sprang open of their own accord.

‘Feet down on the floor Laura, spread them so you keep your bottom well raised in the centre, it will help you keep your balance. Lean across and grip the arm of the seat.’ He murmured his instructions as he continued to pet and pat, allowing his fingers to smooth their way along her pussy’s moist lips. She groaned and did as he bade, finding herself stretched to her limits with her bottom perfectly positioned over the centre of his knee and raised up beautifully because of her straight legged stance.

Without warning he began spanking her properly, hard sharp spanks that scattered across each cheek, warming it, sending little flurries of stinging sharpness across her bottom. She yelped at the sudden impact and then remembering where they were she bit her lip and moaned quietly. Her mind was spinning, she had never had such an erotic spanking, this was turning her on so damn much she might cum before he even got started properly. In her minds eye she could see the picture she was presenting to the closed door and to Thorn. If the guard was to choose that moment to walk in, he would get an eyeful of her reddened bottom and thighs and her glistening wet pussy spread wide open to his gaze dripping with the shameful evidence of her wanton state. She groaned as another shot of desire tore through her matching the exquisitely painful throbbing sensations blooming underneath the surface of her heated bottom.

Thorn increased the pressure of each spank now, eliciting answering yelps from her, he talked quietly and firmly in that deep sensual smooth voice that ran right through her to her core, about how she really needed to pay attention to timings, had she taken one minute longer yesterday the guard would have been upon them and she would have been forced to continue until she had finished her task but with an audience of one.

He spanked harder, watching as her cheeks began to turn a cherry red, smiling deeply as he paused to feel the heat rising from them, this was exactly what he needed to put his world right this morning. Laura wriggled and moaned as the spanks began to rain down fast and furiously with no let up across both cheeks. Thorn was paying close attention to the tops of her thighs and her sit spot too and the stinging was so painful she yelped and swore profusely. This brought about a volley of very hard spanks as he remonstrated with her about her language. Her bottom jiggled deeply with the force of each hard spank as it landed and she jumped and yelped, biting her lip to stop herself from swearing again, loudly.

These considerations for her surroundings and the safety of her bottom swiftly deserted her when he finger tip spanked her wet pussy lips and the sharp sting he left there had her howling in no time at all. Her pussy disagreed of course, it wanted more and began to throb unbearably. Laura began pleading with him to stop, she struggled against his vice grip across her waist. Desperate to stop the onslaught sending heat spiralling through her pussy, making her completely aware of how close she was to climaxing.
‘Stop Thorn, we’re coming into the station, please, Thorn, people can see, please stop, I promise I will pay closer attention to timing in future. I promise not to swear when you spank me! I PROMISE!!’ She squealed as he spanked even harder and faster.

Thorn grinned at her pleading, she had just confirmed they had a future.

His elation shocked him deeply. He was a confirmed bachelor, he didn’t need female entanglements.

He brushed his thoughts aside as he played with her mind. ‘Its the guard you should be concerned about, he will be arriving in less than 30 seconds. You’ve wriggled and struggled so much you have delayed the end of your spanking by two minutes.’ Laura ramped up her wriggling and kicking out, reaching behind her to try to stop the spanks as they rained down on her very sore bottom. Thorn chuckled at her obvious distress at the thoughts now running through her head as she continued to fight against his hold.

He laughed at her puny attempts to dislodge his grip and caught her hands and held them behind her back. She was utterly panic stricken, she tried desperately to stand but he caught her flailing arms easily and trapped her kicking legs between his own and continued to spank very hard for a few moments more until she was sobbing. ‘Silly girl,’ he whispered, ‘you’re no match for my strength. Submit gracefully and I might let you up.’

Just then the guard knocked on the door of their carriage and Laura promptly lay perfectly still, head down she whispered in a faltering voice, ‘I submit Thorn, truly I do…. please let me up. Please…Please don’t let him see me like this!’ She begged on a sob.

Thorn released her and she almost toppled off his lap in her haste to stand up. She struggled with her skirt, pushing it down quickly, her panties still around her ankles forgotten in her haste to cover her very red and sore bottom from the guard. She hurriedly sat down and then winced as the deep throbbing pounded her tender bottom even harder against the unforgiving firmness of the seat. Thorn leaned across and flicked the catch on the door and the guard entered.

‘Sorry to disturb you Mr Thorn, tickets please Sir, Good morning Miss.’ The guard smiled at Laura as he scanned the tickets with his machine. He allowed his gaze to roam over her, he took in her general disarray and flushed face, and surmised he had interrupted something hot and heavy between the two of them. He quickly dropped his gaze to the floor lest he be caught gawping at her. He saw her panties around her ankle and he grinned and handed the tickets back to Thorn. He couldn’t help himself, he pointed.

‘I think you may have dropped something Miss.’ He said ever so politely.

Laura glanced down at her feet and wanted to curl up and die when she saw her panties pooled around her ankles. Her humiliation was complete!

The guard made a sharp exit left, chuckling to himself as he carefully closed the door behind him.

Laura was instantly furious with Thorn. She quickly bent down and retrieved her panties aiming to push them into her purse. Thorn snatched them from her, grinning, ‘I’ll take those, you won’t be needing them today.’ he said chuckling at her humiliation as he pushed them into his jacket pocket.

‘Huh, whatever!’ she snapped. ‘I’m not speaking to you.’ she huffed, and when he merely chuckled at her hissy fit she unloaded her wrath on him. ‘You did that on purpose. You all but exposed my bottom and and and …’

‘Pussy?’ he filled in for her, laughing,

‘Yes!’ she spluttered, her face now as crimson as her backside. ‘My pussy… and to a complete stranger! How could you do that to me? How dare you do that to me!’ She demanded furiously.

Thorn was completely unmoved by her temper tantrum and cut her off mid rant. ‘I didn’t Laura.’ he said succinctly. ‘That never happened, only almost. If you had taken your spanking like a good girl, which you knew you were going to receive this morning anyway, none of the last few minutes would have happened. You would have had your spanking and had enough time to alter your clothing so nothing was amiss.’ He leaned across and smoothed the loose tendrils of hair from her flushed face. He paused and stroked her skin as he smiled gently at her.

‘Listen to me Sweetheart, I’m not a domineering bullying man like your husband was, but I am a dominant man and I will bring you to submission, any way I see fit. Its my way. I cannot and will not change that. If you see a future with me in it, then you should understand this hard fact too. I will dominate you sexually, I will dominate your mind and body, but I will not try to break you or mould you into someone you are not. You will be free to be yourself and learn about yourself. I can guide you, help you, show you the many different facets of your personality, sexual and otherwise. But ultimately you will submit to me. Can you do that? Can you see yourself bending to my will even when you wish to fight against it?’ He murmured, fascinated with the softness of her skin, lost in the passion filled blue eyes staring back at him, hungry for the taste of her lips under his.

Laura stared at him in awe, she was struggling to process what he was saying, her mind utterly focused on the feel of his fingers against her skin. She didn’t care what she agreed to do with him, this man could tell her to run naked through the streets at lunch time and she would probably do it without question. She nodded her agreement mutely.

His heart was racing, his head was spinning, he had gone from the depths of despair this morning to wanting to shout his happiness from the rooftops at this unexpected but delightful turn of events. Laura was his for the taking, and he confessed, if only to himself, he was hers.

Thorn leaned in and caught her lips with his own. ‘Good girl.’ He breathed the words against her mouth as he pulled her into his lap and deepened the kiss.

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

10 thoughts on “Part 15: Thorn’s Story.. Mind Blown…

  1. Mmmm, yes! I’m without emojis at the moment and not free to tribute but have an aching need to do so! The opening scene had me pushing the limits of my slacks – a man’s desire to sink deep is primal. His reflections on her dropping to her knees as she submitted so eagerly, so delicious! I like the humiliation play flowing through this at the end too for her and his eagerness to help her explore the fullness of her sexuality. This is going to be a hot journey (fire emojis galore!)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mmm… thank you Michael, you certainly know how to put a smile on this girl’s face! I think there may be a break away series with these two characters. They have so many directions I could take them in… πŸ’–πŸ’«πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

      Liked by 2 people

  2. This is probably just about the sexiest thing that I have ever read, “but I am a dominant man and I will bring you to submission, any way I see fit. Its my way. I cannot and will not change that. If you see a future with me in it, then you should understand this hard fact too. I will dominate you sexually, I will dominate your mind and body, but I will not try to break you or mould you into someone you are not.” Another excellent segment! And now I have read about a spanking on a train… I LOVE it!!! XOXO

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Dr. Naughty Nora! (I don’t think I shall ever tire of calling you that! I know how hard you’ve worked for it!)
      I did enjoy writing about a spanking on a train! It was fun imagining what might happen should the guard walk in unexpectedly!
      Thank you for the kind words re the quote in your comment! (Blushing here) lol
      It’s so good when I know I’ve hit just the right tone. πŸ˜€

      Liked by 2 people

  3. These scenes that I read, they are so well written that it really plays out like a movie before my eyes.
    A very sensual and erotic film.
    Now I need a cold shower. I can’t work like this in my office.
    Thank you Gemma.

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