Karla’s Journal…She’s Home

Karla smiled at the two men as they released her from her chains and she climbed from the car. Jeff was still in a blissed out stupor from his first ever orgasm and would be little or no use to the Doc right now, but Johnny was easy to handle anyway. Karla waited patiently as Dr. Peel and Jeff climbed from the car and locked it.

The three of them crossed the road and walked up the drive of Karla’s old home. Dr Peel took in the rural beauty of where it was situated, it was stunning, it also meant that there were no nosy neighbours to report a sighting of her returning today! He began to relax as he realised that this would indeed be a secret visit that would go unnoticed by all.

Karla bent and removed her heels before breaking away from the two men and quickly ran across to the centre of the lawn where an ornate bird bath and water feature took centre stage. She bent and lifted a stone frog, standing she turned the frog upside down and removed the base with the push of a button. She retrieved her door key from the lock box and replacing the base, put the frog back on the floor.

Grinning widely she walked back to them and slipped her shoes back on, then continued up the path to the front door, she inserted the key and let out a small sigh of relief when it opened for her. He hadn’t had the locks changed. The trio stepped inside the hall and Karla immediately headed for the staircase.

‘Where are you going Karla? You need to wait for us.’ Dr Peel tried to assert his authority with his demand and Karla turned on the stairs and gave him a cold stare.

‘Where do you think I’m going? What is usually up on the second floor of a house Johnny? Bedrooms! In particular, my bedroom where my journals are hidden, I’m only going to retrieve them and see if there is anything else that belongs to me that I can take with me.’ Her voice was low and cold and Dr Peel backed down from his stance. ‘I don’t need you to assist me either, I have to do this alone, we both know you agreed to this. Don’t change the rules now Johnny. It would be a mistake.’

Dr Peel backed away from the stairs taking Jeff with him. ‘Best to just let her get on with it Jeff, she can’t go anywhere and the house is obviously empty.’

Jeff nodded and the two men sat on the bottom step and waited as Karla ran up the last few steps and disappeared on to the landing. She cautiously opened the bedroom door and stepped inside, turning the little lock behind her. There was evidence laying around that proved she was correct, he was back and the woman laying bound and spread eagled on the bed, naked, gagged and blindfolded with noise cancelling headphones covering her ears, was evidence he had moved on with his life without even a backward glance and had gone straight back to what he did best. Torture.

She knew this scene well, her mind tripped back to when he had done this to her on so many occasions. He had left her like this while he went to work. This woman had absolutely no idea Karla was even in the room.

Karla knew Philip would not be home. He never bothered with the headphones if he was at home. He had always wanted her to know when he was coming up the stairs to torture her. There was no point in her looking for him around the house. He had not changed his habits at all. She glared at the woman, she was a poor substitute for Philip but as Karla stood there frustrated at this turn of events a new plan formed in her mind. She smiled. Had the woman seen it, she would have been chilled to the bone at the look on Karla’s face.

She looked at the bedside clock, 1.30pm. He wouldn’t be home for another 3 hours. More than enough time for her to do what she wanted to do and leave before he came home.

She slipped out of her clothing and placed it on the floor by the bedroom door and then walked to the window seat and lifted the lid. All of his toys were stashed in this box and she knew exactly where to look for the items she needed. She dug down underneath all of the detritus of his game playing equipment and withdrew a pair of black stockings and a huge dildo. The woman laying spread eagled was just too much for Karla to resist. She would have his woman. She would use his woman the way he had used Karla.

She stepped up to the bed and sat on the side of it, running her fingers and her lips lightly over the woman’s stomach just the way Philip used to do. The woman stirred and moaned and instantly began pleading around the gag. Karla stood up and slapped her across the face, the pleading stopped. She was better trained than Karla had been.

She resumed her stroking of the woman’s skin and allowed her fingers to trail down to her wide open pussy, so good of him to leave her displayed like this, it would make her job so much easier.

She slid down her body and attached her mouth to the woman’s clit and sucked hard, the woman bucked her hips trying to raise up at the sudden and unexpected contact with her sex. Philip never went down on his women, he hated it, said it was disgusting to him and it lessened his authority in their eyes. They would suck him, he would not do it for them.

Karla went to work on her, lapping at her clit, sucking the little nub until it was erect under her tongue, flicking her tongue inside her pussy until the woman was moaning and trembling as her juices began to flow freely. Grinning widely, Karla ran her fingers through the glistening wet juices and spread them over the woman’s body wherever Karla had touched her or tasted her. She retrieved one of the stockings and slid it over her hand and picked up the dildo, resting it against the woman’s soaked pussy lips, she pressed, gently at first and watched, fascinated as the woman tried to twist away from the bulbous head of the dildo, she’d obviously sampled this one before. Karla was in her element now, she would make this woman orgasm like she never had with Philip.

She slapped the woman’s soft inner thighs hard and thrust the impossibly huge dildo deep inside her and left it to rest there, she went back to the toy chest and lifted the heavy duty nipple clamps, walked back to the bed and applied a clamp to each nipple and laughed as the woman screamed around the gag as they gripped her sensitive little nipples. This whining woman was a poor substitute for Karla. Philip must be struggling to keep up his regime with her. She squealed like a stuck pig!

Annoyed with the weakness being displayed by his woman, Karla began playing with the dildo hard and fast, then soft and slow, twisting it, pulling it all the way out just to thrust it in hard once again while pulling on the clamps the whole time, the woman was in the throws of a constant orgasm, Philip had her very well trained indeed!

Philip had to pay for what he had done to her, the woman would pay his price for him. She checked the woman’s left hand, yes there it was, Karla’s own engagement ring. The cheapskate hadn’t even bought this wife a new ring. Shame on him. A loud bang on the door snapped her back to reality causing her to drop the dildo. She had lost track of time and her reason for being here! She picked up the dildo and wiped it clean on the stocking.

Jeff was knocking again, ‘Karla honey, we need to go. Are you done in there?’

‘I’ll be right out .’ She said just loud enough for him to hear her.

Karla picked up the other stocking and tied it tightly around the woman’s neck before she cleaned up anything she may have touched, removed the stocking from her hand and opening the ankle restraint she slid it up the woman’s leg then fastened the restraint. She took a wet wipe from the draw and wiped every surface clean of her prints. The woman lay there tossing her head from side to side gurgling beneath the gag and Karla watched her become weaker and weaker. As the woman faded, Karla lifted the headset away from her ear and whispered, ‘I was his wife too darling, but I did it so much better.’ She slid the headset back in place and stood watching her struggle. She pulled the stocking tighter and waited. She didn’t get dressed until the woman had stopped moving and her chest had stopped trying to draw in breath.

‘There, it’s over now, at least you won’t be tortured any more sweetheart.’ Karla whispered to the dead woman as she checked her pulse and found none.

She smiled a deep satisfied smile as she dressed quickly, lifted the floorboard by the door, retrieved her journals and slipped out of the room as quietly as she had entered. She made sure she wiped the door handles as Jeff walked away.

Her work here was done. As they left the house, Karla once again removed her shoes and ran to the stone frog. She replaced the key in the lock box and put the frog back in its position.

Let Philip walk away from this one, she thought as she climbed into the back of the car.

‘Can we go for something to eat please Johnny? I’m starving!’ She smiled a lovely wide lipped smile at him in the rear view mirror, she watched him fall completely under her spell again.

We’ll eat when we get back inside the hospital, we’ll go to the canteen in there. You’ll be on camera then.’ Dr. Peel started the engine and indicated to pull out into the lane.

‘Okay, that sounds lovely.’ Karla turned her attention to Jeff. ‘Would you like another blow job while Johnny drives us back Jeff? That’s okay isn’t it Johnny? He so enjoyed his first one, he may as well make the most of the journey!’ Karla was buzzing on adrenalin and she needed to work some of it off.

Jeff had his pants around his knees and his cock in his hand before Dr. Peel had even pulled away from the road side. Karla giggled delightedly at his throbbing member as she lowered her mouth over the tip and sucked him in. He groaned and grabbed the back of her head with both hands.

She wrapped her tongue around his shaft as she wrapped her hands around its base and stroked the length of him. He was bucking up to her mouth instantly.

She lifted her head and grinned at him, ‘Don’t be in such a rush Jeff, relax and enjoy it a little before you go firing off again. There’s plenty more where this came from. I’ll make sure of it.’ She lowered her mouth over him and he groaned and gave himself up to the pleasures of Karla’s clever mouth and fingers. Each time he came close to shooting his load she stopped and waited until he had control again, soothing him, teaching him, until just a few moments before they were pulling into the carpark at the rear of the hospital, she allowed him to shoot his cream in a thick jet down her throat, coating her tongue, filling her mouth. She smiled up at him and swallowed the thick creamy cum, licking her lips to remove even a stray drop of his virgin nectar.

Having him inside her on the return journey from the hospital back to her incarceration would be her prize for a job well done.

And, she had her journals. Nobody would ever find her secrets now…

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

14 thoughts on “Karla’s Journal…She’s Home

  1. I wanna know what her secrets are! You need to stop posting here and write a book. I would not come up for air if I was to come across a full length novel. Although she can keep becoming more twisted and cunning more everything becoming serial. In all senses of words. I torn for I would miss reading about Karla while waiting but you have very good work going on here. Love you sis 🙂

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