Spankings are like Buses…Better late than never!

Better late than never

It’s true! I can spend weeks lost in the wilderness of a spank free zone, I know I can spank myself but truthfully, the delicious crawling excitement that spirals down from my brain to my pussy on spanking day, is waning. I have no one to answer to except myself.

Just not feeling it at the moment…

Meh… I can think of better ways to spend my time and I do, frequently, but with the curtains closed! It’s one thing to be caught in the act of a spanking, it’s quite another to be caught pleasuring oneself! Especially since the stash of brand new dildos came to light! My leisure time has taken on a new dimension, a very satisfying one at that.

Before Stuart turned up with his cane I hadn’t had a spanking of any kind for a good few weeks, the last spanking I had given myself had left me feeling a little underwhelmed and dissatisfied. I was on the verge of putting the spanking kit away for good and then the Vicar had happened. I know it wasn’t me who got the spanking, but I did enjoy humiliating that pious little man with his hairy bottom and table tennis bat!

Regardless, I had lost my craving for the sting so Stuart calling with his cane had sent me into a complete tail spin. That cane was the most evil, whippy, thinnest cane I have ever seen and I had no interest at all in feeling it across my bottom. I know I love a good caning to finish off a punishment but bloody hell, that thing looked lethal! I don’t mind admitting I was hugely relieved when it was delivered safely into Graham’s hands and locked away in his cabinet without trials being carried out.


Which brings me right back to where I left you all in my previous post.

Stuart was very cross with me for going commando style again. It really is a pet hate of his, knowing I won’t wear panties. I don’t know why, I’m not asking him why either, that would suggest he is important in my decision making regarding my attire, he isn’t. Nobody but me, peeps.

Obviously being at Graham’s house had certainly afforded Stuart a rare opportunity to carry out a spanking on the spot, Graham was always going to be happy to oblige in providing a venue and spanking implements. I should just think myself lucky he didn’t want in on the spanking!

So, I have had my bottom warmed up and I am now back over Stuart’s knee with my rosy coloured bare bottom raised high in the centre of his knees. My hands are touching the floor and my legs are crossed at the ankles to prevent me from kicking out. I can feel Stuart’s erection pressing against my side as he pulls me closer to him and anchors me by the waist with his free hand, I can feel my pussy responding to the proximity of what appears to be a rather magnificent specimen of manhood! I am utterly distracted by his arousal and I have all but forgotten why I am in this position.

Then the first wallop with that thin leather paddle lands and OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! Pain erupts like a lightning strike across both of my cheeks and I HOWL! What erection? There’s an erection somewhere? I have nothing else in my brain except that pain! I wriggle to get out of his hold, he tightens his grip around my waist and tells me to keep still or it will be harder next time. The next wallop lands and I squeal and swear, which brings about four heavier strokes with that nasty paddle at a much slower pace so that the bloom of the first strokes are now spreading across my cheeks and the heat has been raised tenfold. I need to remember he hates me swearing too!

DAMN! this thing hurts!

Oh man, I had forgotten how painful a spanking can be! My only saving grace as I see it is Stuart is a softy really, if I plead with him I am pretty sure he will end the spanking soon and let me go with a stern telling off. I know how to work him, I am calculating now how many spanks I can take before I can begin the negotiations, my plan turns to dust in a nanosecond as Graham enters the room and draws up a chair where I can see him and he can watch the entire spectacle of me being spanked. Humiliation much?

He has a gleam in his eye that looks suspiciously like he wants to get involved, I HOWL again as yet another four strokes find their way across my sit spot and thighs and the tears are forming now, but I refuse to allow them to fall. I can take this, I’ve had harder spankings!

Graham chuckles at my stubborn expression, he crosses his leg and speaks quietly to Stuart. ‘I think our little feral cat has a huge mutinous streak that needs to be taught a lesson Stu. She is nowhere near tear spilling, I have a sneaking suspicion she might actually be enjoying this?’

Stuart grunted his disapproval of the idea I might be having fun, and the thwacks came down harder and slower and were so much more painful because now he was putting more effort in because he had an audience to play to. My bottom and thighs were on fire, I was howling and sobbing and squealing but the tears would not fall! Fuck me, I could really have done with them making an appearance now, because this was so painful on my unspanked for weeks and weeks bottom and thighs!

Quite suddenly the spanking ended. The leather paddle was laid down on the sofa and I felt Stuart’s hands roaming over my fiery red bottom, he stroked my thighs, ran his fingers between my legs and felt the wetness of my pussy, he rubbed a little and withdrew his fingers to wipe them on my hot bottom. I heard him chuckle, a deepthroated fully aroused male chuckle that had my pussy singing in response. I lifted my head up and risked a glance at him but Graham had other ideas. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, ‘If you even so much as dare to blink right now, I shall take over the spanking while Stuart holds you in position. You know I don’t get distracted by the scent of your sex, darling.’

I put my head back down quickly. Oh boy, this was definitely new territory for me. How do I handle two of them? I do as I am told, that’s how!

Stuart was completely preoccupied with my bottom and pussy, he stroked and petted, pushed his fingers inside gently stroking me and I was squirming and groaning and oh fuck… I think if we had been alone things may have escalated and I would have found myself riding that magnificent member until we both came and hard! I was so fucking HOT for him right now I could literally scream! I pushed my bottom back against his fingers and he laughed at my efforts to have them fully inside me.

He withdrew them and then without any warning he hand spanked me so hard I was kicking out, legs flailing, tears flowing freely down my face, I was begging now, please I am so sorry, I promise to behave better in future, I promise I will wear panties, I promise, I promise, I promise!
I hate myself for it, the submissiveness I succumb to, the humiliation that begging brings with it, the smallness of my voice as I plead and beg for his forgiveness but at the same time I crave that feeling. I can’t get it any other way and that makes me even more angry with myself. I shouldn’t need this!

Graham has stood up now and he is leaving the room. Stuart is still spanking me but the spanks are slowing and becoming softer. He’s nearing the end and I can tell we are almost done. Finally he stops and lifts me up and sits me on his lap. He cuddles me and hands me some tissues Graham has so thoughtfully left out for just such an occasion!

He kisses me gently, he wipes my tears away, he murmurs senseless words in my ears and calms my traumatised brain with them. I have slowed my crying down to a few hiccuping sobs and I am cuddled into his huge chest feeling the most safe and secure I have ever felt in my entire life. That feeling fills me with fear, not the spanking, not the paddling, not the sexual exploration which is all out of my control and therefore excites me beyond belief. No, the only thing that frightens me is this, the closeness, the gentleness, the adoring way he holds me and soothes me while I calm down.

Graham appears at my side now and hands Stuart a big tub of Aloe cream to rub into my skin. I can’t let Stuart do it, I just can’t. That will break me completely. It’s too personal, it’s too loving, it’s too kind and caring. I bolt from his lap like I have been stung and I pick up my skirt from the floor, take the cream and excuse myself and escape to the sanctuary of the bathroom where I can tend my bottom in private and calm my stupid needy heart down and find some of my all but disappeared bolshy attitude.

I wish I didn’t enjoy it so damn much…

Spankings are like buses… better late than never, I suppose?

All photos are courtesy of the Internet

  1. This was a very hot read. My oh my woman. Submissive exploration with the spankings. You must be having fun and it is a great stress reliever. As always I am waiting for the next installation. And I understand submissive. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. It took me three weeks to get over the way this spanking made me feel. I even conformed to wearing underwear for a while! I really did have the worst submissive problem with Stuart. I think I learned more about me during my time with him and Graham than at any other point in my life to that date. I really, really worried that I had gone too far with my telling of this particular episode, but I feel that I need to be candid, if it happened, it happened and I’m not ashamed of the way I felt or the way I acted so I figured I needed to just tell it how it went down. Glad you found it a hot read though, at least I won’t be winning the ‘writing a bad sex scene’ award ๐Ÿ˜› xx

      Liked by 2 people

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