Tom turns up the heat!

So June was turning into a major pain in the ass. I had received a number of demanding texts from her over the past few days, she was furious, especially in light of the fact that she had been blown off to give Tom house room, which she wasn’t buying into and she thought I was lying to her. Basically she thought I was rocking an empty house right now and she wanted in.

I dropped down onto the sofa next to Tom and blew out a frustrated sigh. He switched off the TV and gave me his full attention! (I know!! Who does that? I was getting sucked in to Tom’s world big time!)

‘Whats up?’ He asked.

I held up my phone and glared at it. ‘June is what’s up, she won’t take no for an answer!’ I grumbled.

‘Okay…who’s June and why won’t she accept no?’ He prodded gently.

I threw my phone down in disgust and changed position on the sofa to sit side on so I could look directly at him. I wanted to read his reaction properly to what I was going to tell him.

‘June is an old friend who very recently became my secondary disciplinarian for when Graham isn’t available. She also gets confused, like I do, about sexual spanking and punishment spanking. The last time she was here she didn’t let up all weekend and I was exhausted! I don’t want that with her, it’s too much. I just want her as my friend, I don’t particularly want her as my secondary disciplinarian either. Graham is enough to handle for anyone! She was supposed to be coming over this evening until tomorrow night but I don’t want her to come, I told her repeatedly that I have company but she thinks I’m making excuses to blow her off because I’m trying to get out of the punishment she’s issued for me calling time on our arrangement and I can’t make her see ….’

I stopped for a second to take a much needed breath and then went to dive in again.

‘Gem, slow down!’ The tone of his voice stopped me dead in my tracks! Where the fuck had my affable, submissive Tom gone?

I gulped back down the words that were going to spill out and I watched him warily. Was he going to flip?

‘Let me understand something first, you’ve had a sexual relationship with June but you’ve ended that side of it with her, but she still wants to continue the discipline side of your agreement and you don’t? Is that right?’ He didn’t look or sound like he was pissed with me, but I also hadn’t heard this tone of voice from him before either so what did I know?

I shrugged my shoulders and looked down at my hands. I nodded my agreement of his assessment of the situation. I wasn’t feeling remotely submissive but I was being very cautious. This was new territory and I had no idea where it was going.

He prodded me gently with his finger to make me look at him. ‘Just so we’re clear here, I have no problem at all with your partner choices, male or female. Not my place to sit in judgement. But, I do know this, you would go apeshit on my arse if I blew you off when I was due a punishment from you, regardless of the reason and I also think you’re out of order for using me as your excuse to get out of it. No wonder she’s pushing to come.’

Yeah see, his tone changed dramatically towards the end of that little speech and now he was pissed with me. I sighed, deeply.

I didn’t know what to say! I felt really small in that moment and I put my head down as I processed what I was feeling and also what he’d said.

‘Gemma! Look at me please.’ Tom snapped me back to reality instantly with his sharp command. I sat up straighter and looked him directly in the eye. The one thing I wasn’t feeling was fear. I knew I was safe with him. That was huge for me given my past.

‘You know if Graham was here you would be over his knee and taking a good hard spanking right now for messing June around, don’t you?’

Where was he going with this???

I nodded.

‘In words Gemma, words please.’ He demanded.

‘Yes, I know Graham would spank me right now for blowing June off.’ I snapped at him now, I was feeling very unsure of my ground.

‘You should also have made it clear to me that you had a previous engagement you couldn’t cancel before you agreed I could stay with you for the next two weeks! How do you think that makes me feel?’ He had hit the bloody nail on the head and it really smarted that he was actually right.

I was instantly defensive. ‘You begged me to come over. You were in a real fix if I recall, let’s face it, its only a couple hours ago we managed to fix the damn problem. I couldn’t have left you in that situation. How do you think I would have felt?’

‘You didn’t know me from Adam, Gemma. You would have been absolutely fine! You wanted, as did I, to get to grips with me, Leo upstarting like he did was a golden opportunity for me to come see you. Did you honestly think I couldn’t handle him, really?’ The look on his face was incredulous.

‘Look at the size of me Gem, it isn’t by accident I’m this big. You might bring out a submissive streak in me I didn’t know existed and to be fair, Graham frightens me into compliance but I respect him greatly for it. Not many men can do that. But make no mistake, the likes of manipulators like Leo? I would have dealt with him swiftly had he taken a step toward me. I’m not soft Gemma.’ Now he sounded put out.

‘So you lied to me to get me to take you in?’ Man I was pissed with him instantly! I hate manipulation!

He was quicker than me, ‘ Do not turn the tables and make this about me Gemma. No. I did not lie to you. I told you the truth in it’s entirety. I was extremely uncomfortable in the situation Leo had put me in and my preference for dealing with it was to remove myself, you were my immediate choice. I used the situation to open an opportunity to spend some time with you. I will not apologise for that.’

I was somewhat mollified by his answer and held my temper.

‘So the question now is what do you think should happen next?’ He was giving me a very stern look. I felt my bottom tingle and my pussy kicked in immediately! Oh FFS! What was going on here?

I got belligerent, fast! ‘If I knew what should happen next we wouldn’t even be having this conversation!’

It was one of those moments when you just know you changed the shape of everything but you’re not sure how or why!

‘Well then, I guess I will just have to show you what’s going to happen next.’ He reached for me and pulled me across his lap and began spanking me without a single word! After a dozen hard smacks with me kicking and screaming, and wriggling like mad, he sat me upright.

My face was flushed, my bottom was stinging (mildly) and I was speechless. That never happens! EVER!

‘I did not give you permission to spank me, how dare you?’ I spluttered eventually.

He laughed, ‘oh I dare Gemma, you are beyond hot in Ma’am mode and I am more than happy to submit to you but I have been wanting to get to grips with your bottom and spank it until it’s cherry red and glowing since I watched Graham paddle you. I experienced jealousy for the first time in my adult life! Besides, you admit freely you need two disciplinarians, and I happen to agree!’

‘Jealous?’ It was the only word I heard, I must have been in shock… I know there was a ton of questions I could have asked but I had none.

‘Yes, jealous, Graham had the privilege of spanking you, I didn’t. And then I figured it would never happen when you became joint disciplinarian of me with Graham. I wasn’t going to complain because at least you were going to get hands on with me. That’s what I wanted, and I was getting what I wanted.’ He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

My god, this man was so open and honest! He had no qualms about owning his manipulation of a bad situation and well, damn it, he had made it work for him and me too by default!

‘You want to spank me?’ I squeaked, I did. It came out as a squeak! I’m not proud of it. Alice and her fucking rabbit hole were looming large again! I was appalled at myself. Back bone? What back bone? My pussy had turned up the volume to 11 and I was completely side swiped by the turn of events. I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to keep on being Tom’s disciplinarian because spanking him had become so much more than that. It was the whole basis for who we were together. The sex was mind blowing and the role play was exhilarating and the spanking was delicious, his reactions were stunning and the sex was… did I mention the sex? Oh my god I did not want to break that! This could seriously break that. This was remove myself from the sofa, sit in the chair facing him, and have a very serious talk time. I did not want to destroy what we were building, because we were building ‘something’ and I really liked it.

I did all of the above in quick time and I hugged my knees to my chest.

‘Tell me precisely what you want to happen Tom, because we have been winging it until now and we both appeared to be happy with the status quo. Do you want to be spanked or be the spanker? Which is it?

Tom grinned at me and sat forward, ‘Why can’t it be both Gem? Why can’t I spank you from time to time when you are blatantly looking for one? It doesn’t take anything away from your position over me as disciplinarian. When you hit Ma’am mode I am completely at your will and happily so. Why can’t we have both?’ Damn he was making too much sense!

‘Well, because… well… I …’ Shit, everything he had just said sounded fabulous to my ears and my foggy brain but there was one rather major fly in the ointment.

‘I’m not submissive to you Tom. How can I be and keep my dignity in tact to be your Ma’am too?’ Yeah, I know, big red self destruct button has just risen up and begged to be pressed!

He was having none of it. ‘The fact that you aren’t submissive makes the deal that much more attractive for me. I want the challenge of taming you, bringing you into line.’ And just like that he was making sense again.

He pressed home his advantage. ‘Think about it Gem, how hard are you going to fight it? I would imagine you will be something akin to a hell cat and that I am more than happy to deal with, in fact the wilder the better! Damn that is a huge turn on.’ I still hadn’t spoken so he took a breath and brought that ship into dock!

‘I’ve been texting Gray back and forth the past few hours about all this and he went on about switching and top and bottom and other similar language that all sounds foreign to me but the upshot is, there are no hard and fast rules as long as we agree with each other about what our particular rules are and we stick to it. Besides, he has reliably informed me that you love being spanked and pointed out I have huge hands. Said it would be a shame to waste them.’

‘Graham? Graham has encouraged you to do this?’ Fuck me, I was being tag teamed again!

‘Yep. Said it sounded like a great idea to him. He thinks I might be just what you need and I don’t know about that but you sure as hell are what I need in my life right now.’

He was so sincere I felt a lump form in my throat! Damn I wasn’t going to say no, and that realisation scared the crap out of me but I didn’t care, I really like Tom.

I had one proviso.

‘Okay, I’m in, on one condition.’ I heard myself saying the words even though my brain was screaming ‘run for the hills!’ for once I ignored it and pushed forward.

Tom was grinning from ear to ear. ‘Yeah? Really? What’s the condition?’

‘The only time you get to spank me is when it’s sexual, or when I am desperate for it and it’s to be used as part of our foreplay, you will not spank me in any disciplinary matter. That’s Graham’s ground only. Do you agree?’ I held my breath, I was seriously restricting him here.

‘Hell yes I agree!’ He jumped up and lifted me out of the chair and into a bear hug and a huge kiss! When we came up for air he said, ‘Now give me your phone, I’m gonna ring this June woman and put her off from just turning up, I have plans for you this evening and she sure as hell isn’t invited!’

I really like this side of his personality. It’s strong! I like strong.

I also had a feeling my bottom was about to get roasted!

Damn Tom makes me horny….

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

9 thoughts on “Tom turns up the heat!

  1. Damn woman! You really need to write you some erotica. You would be so so rich. You could let your little sis retire and write poetry for the rest of her days. LOL or vise versa if the lotto win comes on my end. I live in awe of your freedom and finding what you were looking for. Your stories are amazing. Love you. πŸ™‚

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    1. HAHA Not sure I would know where to start with that, Move over 50 shades lol If that rubbish was worth air time then there is more than enough hope for me to get published. (She says, hoping) lol xxx Thank you for your wonderful comments you always make me feel happy with what I’ve written. xxx

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      1. OMG she wrote by formula. It was just a novelty as it brought erotica into main stream fiction as opposed to sitting hidden behind the curtain in the local porn shop. You so so could do much better than that rubbish. I have faith in you and your writing. PS am waiting for an email!!!!! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 3 people

      2. 50 shades was rubbish!!!!! Your story telling is pure magic that I can’t get enough of. I’m so glad you kept a diary and shared it here

        Liked by 2 people

      3. You two and Naughty Nora are now my official Cheerleaders! πŸ˜€ My confidence in my story telling has gone up tenfold since the three of you have been reading my stuff! πŸ˜€ xx

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