The Random Punishment Selector Spanking!

~Random Punishment Selector~

This was my first attempt at a set punishment from the program. See the first two punishments? They were fine, 320 and 390 was about 10 minutes a piece with the machine set on max. and I was all good with that. The third one, 430 with the belt slapper, let me just tell you about that nasty little implement. It’s lethal! Stings like nothing else and leaves pitted marks and welts on your bottom for hours afterwards! So not quite as ‘all good with that’ as the first two punishments. But still feeling it, and I was already building up some excitement and dread for what was coming.

Now, the fourth punishment, OMG! 1500 swats with the hairbrush? Really? Jeez, I want pain not absolute torture! That is the equivalent of roughly 45 minutes with the machine on max power! F*@K!

Punishment Certificate
This certificate dictates that Gemma, for the reason of being a very bad girl will receive the following punishment.

Four sets of spankings.
Set One: 320 swats with a butter paddle and Gemma bent over
Set Two: 390 swats with a Jokari paddle and Gemma laying on the bed
Set Three: 430 swats with a belt slapper and Gemma laying on the bed
Set Four: 1500 swats with a wooden hairbrush and Gemma bent over.
These spankings will be carried out with Gemma’s bottom bare.

Signed: AnimeOTK
Brilliant program, I need to calm it down some though FFS! My bottom will have no skin left!

No matter, I was going for it! I needed a spanking and the random punishment selector had provided a format for one. It felt good not really having any control over what would be used or how many spanks I would take. More like being spanked than spanking myself. I set up the machine and got myself ready for a really hard spanking.

I have a new checkered mini skirt that I wanted to try out for a spanking scene so I set my bedroom up with the necessary implements and I stripped naked. Over the years I have worked out that wearing a bra is basically a complete waste of time and my puppies refuse to stay inside their restraint anyway so of late I have dispensed with the article completely when preparing for a spanking, preferring to bounce freely and on full show should there be an unsuspecting window cleaner about his business. I never draw the curtains, I don’t see why I should.

I pulled on a pair of stockings and attached them to my suspender belt, I dispensed with the need for panties too, no point they were coming off again in a matter of minutes and I didn’t have the luxury of time to linger over dressing, not if I was going to get the full spanking done!  I slipped my feet into my 4″ black stilettos and stood and inspected my bottom framed by the suspenders in the mirror. It was very creamy and nicely rounded and just begging to be spanked! The spanking from a few days before hadn’t even left a mark! I’ve never had a caning before where there wasn’t still some evidence a few days later that it had happened! Just goes to show how hard Graham actually caned me in the past! I miss Graham! I love the way my mind works when I’m setting up for a spanking. I get flashbacks from previous sessions and before I have completed my set up routine I am moist and my tummy is curling with anticipation and dread in equal measure.

Evil little butter paddle

I was in the zone now, the frisson of excitement curled through my belly and down to my pussy making her throb in anticipation. I was already moist and I could smell my sex, the scent was filling my senses and making me even more turned on than I was already. I slipped into my mini skirt and once again inspected my image in the mirror. There is something very sexy indeed about a woman only half dressed with her naked breasts and taught hard nipples on show. I tweaked them hard and flicked them a little just to be sure they were singing the same tune as my pussy. 

The mineral oil was sitting on the dresser waiting for me, and I applied liberal amounts to my cheeks and thighs and then a good covering for the butter paddle. I placed two pillows on the edge of the side of the bed facing the window and I positioned myself over the high mound. This made my bottom raise up very high and I slid the mini skirt up and rested it above my hips and tucked the hem into the back of my suspender belt. I was ready for a hard, fast spanking with a very painful paddle. 

I prepared my bottom with a warm up hand spanking for 5 minutes to each cheek and thighs and then I positioned myself in front of the butter paddle and switched the machine on. CRACK! The first smack landed then a second later the next one came in and set up a sting across both cheeks, I moaned deeply as the first flush of blood raised up and bloomed underneath the tender skin. CRACK it landed flush against my cheek again and this time it gripped my bottom and stuck to the mineral oil for a second before releasing it. It felt like I had been bitten and I moaned even more deeply. The machine arm was swinging again, and I adjusted my position so this time it landed against my thighs, it is such a small paddle but it packs a real wallop and it caught my thighs full on and I moved and jumped as the next one landed and nipped at my pussy lips as it scorched my skin with a stinging blow. I yelped and rolled my hips and waited a second or two to release the throbbing that was already beginning to build in my bottom. My pussy was already throbbing delightfully anyway and my bottom needed time to catch up.

Before long the machine was paddling my bottom furiously and eliciting yelps and howls and moans and wails with each smack of that paddle. My thighs were throbbing and stinging, my cheeks were turning a beautiful deep red and I continued to hold the position and reset the machine for a further 5 minutes on max power.  Ten minutes in total but the paddling had produced a wonderfully hot and stinging throbbing bottom and thighs. I was happy with the blush that covered my twin globes.

I gave myself 5 minutes corner time to allow the throbbing to really settle in, the next part of the spanking was with the Jokari Paddle and it was too big to go in the machine arm, so I was going to be swinging it myself which made this spanking section a counted one. 390 spanks. I figured 10 more wasn’t going to kill me so I rounded it up to an even 400. 200 each cheek.

I moved to the side of the bed this time, which positioned me right in front of the window and the open curtains. I get a little thrill out of the idea that anyone walking along the top of the road could see into my bedroom as they walk by. My house sits on an incline and the bedroom is actually kind of level with the road way. Buses go past every couple of hours and it’s occupants could get an eyeful if they happen to glance at my house. I don’t care. My tummy is curling with anticipation again and my pussy is throbbing happily away, the heat covering my bottom is lovely and the deep throbbing has really taken hold. I bend over the bed, tuck my skirt in at the back again and raise the jokari paddle. It lands with a real Crack across both cheeks and stings as it grips the twin surfaces. I quickly deliver ten strokes and count out loud as I go. I swap hands and deliver 10 more. My bottom is stinging painfully now, and I have begun to grimace as the spanks land with unerring accuracy across both cheeks. After the first 100 spanks I have started to hop about a little and wriggle under the onslaught, I aim for my thighs with the next sets of 10 each side and damn that hurts! My thighs had settled right down from the earlier spanking and this 20 was a shock for them. They are throbbing hottly and I wince as I deliver 20 more to the same areas. At the 200 mark I am beginning to wish I had rounded the number down. That final 10 might actually break my bottom. I am now in a world of pain as I continue to rain down spanks on both cheeks and thighs in equal measure and the sting and bite increases with each stroke until my thighs feel like they are on fire and I have twin hard spots on my cheeks which are now a lovely shade of deep, deep red. I continue with the spanking until I reach the 400th spank and I collapse on the bed, panting heavily and groaning at the heat emanating from my bottom and thighs. As usual, pussy has now gone to sleep. She only likes the heavy throbbing feeling, not the, ‘you’ve had your ass bitten everywhere’ kind of pain!

I stand up and walk to the corner of the room for 5 minutes corner time, more to rest my arms than anything else, no way can my bottom feel any worse than it does already! I was wrong of course, it can, and it does as a very heavy throbbing sets off in a tight band all across my bottom and my thighs! I just want to sit in a bath full of cold ice water right now to cool of my burning hot cheeks!

I finish the corner time and check the instructions from Anime and groan out loud when I read 430 strokes of the belt slapper, Gemma laying on the bed. I position the spanking machine so that it can spank me while I lay down on the bed and I attach the belt slapper. I am dreading this part, 430 strokes equates to about 12 minutes on the machine and I dutifully set the first 5 minutes and position myself as I switch it on.

Now, this position is a new one for me with the machine, I have always bent over the end of the bed which by default tightens my bottom and thighs. Lying down means my cheeks are plump and soft and when that nasty little slapper lands it gets a good deep spank biting into my cheeks. I howled and then HOWLED again as the slapper went about it’s work of turning my bottom purple, I wriggle up the bed a little to get a different spot on my cheeks and some to cover my thighs and OMG I must be absolutely barking mad to have even thought of moving! The belt slapper has now become my arch nemesis and I am being slapped everywhere because I’m jumping and rolling my hips trying to find a spot that won’t hurt as much. Finally the first 5 minutes are over and I lie prone on the bed sobbing. My bottom feels like it is on fire and I don’t think I can take another 7 minutes of this. I finally stand up and go and stand in the corner for 10 minutes. I am so sore I don’t know where to put myself to relieve the pain. Pussy has long since gone to sleep so no distraction there again. I can see my reflection in the mirror to the side of me and my thighs and cheeks are positively glowing bright red! A stirring of arousal arrows down to my groin as I gently stroke my cheeks and watch my hand smooth over the blistered heated skin. I get lost in the image for a little while until the arousal has turned into a heavenly throbbing in my pussy and I can cope again. 7 minutes left on the clock so I had better get on. I reposition myself on the bed and reset the machine for 5 minutes. This time, I don’t lie flat, I raise my knees slightly and crouch on the bed so that my cheeks are pulled taught. I may as well try every position! I switch the machine on and wait for the first slap to land. It does but I think my cheeks are still numb from the first onslaught and the next 5 minutes are about topping up on that numbness. I can still feel it, but it doesn’t hurt the way it did. I turn the dial again for the final 2 minutes and maintain my position. My fingers are cupping my pussy to keep the throb alive and well and I am feeling amazing!

Finally the belt slapper section of the punishment is over and I stand up and retrieve the slapper from the machine and replace it with the dreadful hairbrush. I am almost like an automaton at this point. I’m going through the motions without a real thought in my head for what I am doing or what is to come. What is to come is 45 minutes of a hairbrush spanking on maximum power with only a 5 minute corner time break in the middle.

I take my earlier position and spray mineral oil over my cheeks and thighs and they immediately begin to sting and burn like crazy. I am howling before I have even had the first of the hairbrush strokes!

What the hell did I do that for? The hairbrush lands as I wonder about my lack of sanity. I squeal as the wood connects with my cheek and sticks to the oil biting deeply before lifting off and coming back for another go. I set up my swaying motion so that both cheeks receive equal spanks and my thighs too. In honesty, the belt slapper had done its work and although my bottom was very, very sore and hot and throbbing the spanks from the hairbrush were not as severe as the first one that landed. I didn’t take the break in the middle, I continued with the whole 45 minutes and called myself every stupid name under the sun for putting in too high a multiplier for the hairbrush spanking on the Anime punishment selector.

I had learned a very severe lesson, or rather my bottom and thighs had.

I was happy though. The last time I had a spanking like this, Graham had been delivering it! The only thing missing was the tears. It didn’t make me cry. I did manage to make myself very happy immediately afterwards though and not just once. I lay prone on my bed waiting to come down from the last amazing orgasm. I had 20 minutes to pull myself together before my normal life took over again.

Finally I sat up and climbed off the bed and stood in front of the full length mirror. I lifted my skirt and looked at my glistening pussy in the mirror, I ran my fingers through the slick wet folds and soothed my very sensitive clit for a moment and savoured the deep throb that was still present, then I turned and looked over my shoulder at my throbbing deep red bottom and thighs and I smiled.

All images courtesy of the Internet except the butter paddle and the jokari paddles. They belong to me.

Published by gemstrong63

I'm embarking on a journey of discovery into the world of self spanking, spanking and being disciplined! Step inside and join me on my rollercoaster ride of self-spanking and self-discipline. I get taken in directions I never expected to, I get bruised and satisfied, shocked but delighted, spanked by myself, spanked by my window cleaner and his wife, spanked by my neighbour, spanked with a spanking machine and that's just for starters. Be aware. I take a side step out of the diary to give you a window into my real life for a little while, it may help to explain why I need the painful pleasure I seek. Don't be afraid to come in and have a read, It is all consensual and I love sharing my experiences with you.

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